Hippies From 
A to Z
Their Sex, Drugs, Music
and Impact on Society from the Sixties to the Present.
by Skip Stone

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Brief Description
    Skip Stone is the Webmaster and Editor of the very successful Hippyland - Hippy.com, a thriving online community for today's counterculture.  For the last three years he has researched hippies and the hippy movement.  The result is his first book on the subject, Hippies From A to Z.  This book is a must for someone studying hippies and the movement, or anyone wanting to know more about them. 

    Part I is a comprehensive review of the events and achievements of the hippy movement. It includes a look at the unique fashions, liberated lifestyle, historic activism and vibrant philosophy of the hippies. There is a discussion of old and young hippies and a call for a new counterculture movement.

    Part II is a reference work with chapters about hippy music and books, a discussion of major hippy events including a detailed timeline, descriptions of hippy havens around the world, famous hippies, their friends and enemies, and an extensive glossary of hippy terms. This book answers all those questions you have about hippies, including who did what, when, and why. 

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Part I
The Way of the Hippy
Sex, Love & Hippies
Hippies and Drugs
Hippy Fashions & Lifestyles
Hippy Activism
The Astrology of the Hippy Movement
Hippy Philosophy and the Hippy Dream
The Old Hippies
The Young Hippies

Part II
Landmark Hippy Events
Hippy Timeline
Music With A Message
Hippy Havens
Hippy Names
Hippie Books and Videos
Hippies, their Friends and Enemies
Hippy Glossary


People today are still living off the table scraps of the sixties. 
They are still being passed around - the music and the ideas.
Bob Dylan (1992)

Few authors or researchers have adequately explained the phenomenon of the hippie movement of the 1960s. The ongoing fascination and attraction many have for this period and the hippy lifestyle indicates that it has a special appeal to those who cherish personal freedom.

I believe there's a little hippie in all of us. It's a latent part of the human spirit that manifests when conditions are right. In this book, I will explore those conditions and the resulting manifestations and try to make some sense of it all.

There is no denying, that after more than thirty years we are still intrigued by hippies and the 1960s. Look at the 90s revival which included two Woodstocks, the Austin Powers movies, the rebirth of colorful hippy fashions, and the increasing use of psychedelic plants and chemicals. 

Today we see a new movement of young hippies ready to take up where we left off. We have reached a turning point where we can look back at what happened, learn from our mistakes, reorganize ourselves, and with the help of this new, enthusiastic generation and modern technology re-ignite the movement.

Fortunately we are now able to get beyond the negative stereotype once foisted upon the "flower children" by the media and society. We must spread the word, because so much of the hippy philosophy is positive and loving, something sorely lacking in today's world. Many people find the hippie message of freedom, tolerance, love and peace a threat to the status quo. These individuals need to understand that we only want to improve the status quo for everyone. This book will show just how we did that back in the sixties.

Understanding the hippie phenomenon is the key to laying the groundwork for the new movement. As we examine various aspects of the hippy movement, keep in mind that the influence of these aspects is ongoing. Like a stone tossed into a pond, the big splash is followed by ripples that spread through society over time. It's my contention that the impact of the hippies was so great, that now, almost two generations later, we are still integrating it into our collective psyche.

The hippie meme* is so strong and deep that it is likely to continue manifesting its power for decades if not centuries. It's like Christianity, whose early adherents had to go underground after the reactionary forces tried to undermine and eradicate that movement, only to surface again and again, in distant lands where tolerance was more than a dream.

Like Christians, hippies will rise again and again, until the social structures that inhibit freedom crumble, and man learns to live in harmony with his fellow man and Mother Nature. These are the things we strive for and dedicate our lives and actions to achieve.

The first section of this book is an overview of the events, philosophy and lifestyles of the hippy movement. In the second section I've organized information about the hippies so it can be easily found. This book is meant to set the record straight about hippies, and to be a reference work for students and writers. But I hope it will also serve as a catalyst for others to explore further the influence of hippies upon society and help lay the foundation for the new hippy movements to come.

  *A meme is a contagious concept (like a virus) that spreads quickly causing people to change their behavior.

Selected Excerpts

The Way of the Hippy

"To be a hippie you must believe in peace as the way to resolve differences among peoples, ideologies and religions. The way to peace is through love and tolerance. Loving means accepting others as they are, giving them freedom to express themselves and not judging them based on appearances. This is the core of the hippie philosophy."

Sex, Love & Hippies

"The concept of Free Love as expressed by hippies meant you were free to love whomever you pleased, whenever you pleased, however you pleased. This encouraged spontaneous sexual activity and experimentation. Group sex, public sex, sex with minors, homosexuality, all the taboos went out the window. This doesn't mean that straight sex, between two adults, or monogamy was unknown, quite the contrary. Nevertheless, the open relationship became an accepted part of the hippy lifestyle. This meant that you might have a primary relationship with one person, but if another attracted you, you could explore that relationship without rancor or jealousy."

Hippies and Drugs

"In the 1960s the hippies, en masse, undertook the largest uncontrolled experiment with drug use in the history of mankind. In those days it wasn't unusual to be handed a pill, and swallow it with the only instruction "You'll dig it, it's groovy." You trusted your fellow hippy and you wanted to get high and have a new experience. This was freedom. This was rebellion. This was cool. We discovered that Pandora's stash box was full of drugs!"

Hippy Fashions & Lifestyles

"The Broadway musical "Hair!" was noted not only for it's wonderful music, but for the big nude scene. Going naked is one of the great freedoms that hippies discovered. Feeling the air and water on your exposed skin is both thrilling and invigorating. Puritan values and modesty be damned! Hippies weren't about to compromise. Nude beaches, nude sunbathing and swimming, nudist colonies, all proliferated thanks to hippies. Nudism puts us closer to nature. It erases our sexual hang-ups and fears, by dissolving the psychological link between nakedness and sex, thus letting us relax and enjoy the beauty of the human body."

Hippy Activism

"Thanks to the Internet, our government has new methods to pry into our personal lives. They now can and do intercept any communication transmitted over the web that they choose. They scan websites for pornography, drugs and other things they disapprove. They have agents monitoring chatrooms and postings. They look for keywords. Once they've found a suspect they read his/her incoming and outgoing e-mail. Then they do the same to those people that person has contact with, and so on. And they cry that this isn't enough! They want more power over what is said and done on the Internet. Our government thinks they should be controlling everything, everywhere."

The Astrology of the Hippy Movement

"The deeper, more subtle, changes that the Hippy Movement generated are still being integrated into our social and political structures as well as our collective psyche. It appears that the confluence of planetary influences, combined with a rebellious open-minded generation, a range of innovative ideas, new powerful psychedelic chemicals, and increasing social pressures to conform, succeed, and fight an unwinnable war served to spark individually and collectively a far reaching transformation, unlike any seen before."

Hippy Philosophy and the Hippy Dream

"Hippies are the most open-minded folks when it comes to religion. We study many of the world's religions and take what makes sense and enhances personal freedom and reject the dogma. So our philosophy is a melange of the teachings of Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Krishna, Gandhi, even some latter-day saints like Lennon, Leary and Morrison. Some hippies choose a particular religion or guru to follow, while others blaze their own path, following the Tao wherever it takes them like a true Dharma bum."

The Old Hippies

"Want to remember that feeling you had before, when you felt you could change the world? Maybe it's time for you to reassess your life, your goals, your programming. What really matters? Not just to you and yours, but to us and ours. Your responsibility doesn't end with your family. That's the cop-out that transformed the hippies into yuppies. It's taken quite a bit of maturity for these yuppies, especially the very successful ones to realize that success is hollow if you haven't really done something for the common good." 

The Young Hippies

"Yet these young hippies continue to go out among their cohorts spreading the simple message of love and peace. Unfortunately, many feel alone. In small towns they often stand out like a Peter Max poster in a funeral home. They long for acceptance. Once they discover other hippies their age that they can talk to (often on the Internet), they find the courage to face the intolerance of their home towns."

Landmark Hippy Events
(This section describes 10 historically important hippie events, 
along with a timeline of hundreds of events!)

Gathering of the Tribes - The First Human Be-In, San Francisco, January 1967.  "This was a highly charged, symbolic event that brought together the political, spiritual, literary, musical and shamanic leaders of a generation. At the time it seemed like a good thing to do. Just get together and experience the vibes. Looking back we can see that it was a chance for us to view our numbers, to feel our power, to communicate our love, and to outline the agenda for a movement. That was the subtext. Allen Ginsberg said we should use our "flower power" peacefully. Timothy Leary said we should "turn-on, tune-in and drop-out" of the social program. Jerry Rubin encouraged us to get active on the political stage. Ram Dass urged us to "Be Here Now" and find enlightenment in the moment. The musicians made us dance and reminded us that life should be joyful." 

Music With A Message
(This section contains reviews of over 60 artists/groups, 40 hit songs and over 100 albums)

Carlos Santana and company managed to define a whole genre back in the early '70s. His great performance at Woodstock made him a legend. And today he's back on the charts with a new hit. Santana's pioneering funky, latin, soul, rock sound is unmistakable. Carlos' mesmerizing lead guitar playing is your ticket to nirvana. It's nearly impossible to sit through this music. Dance, sister dance! 
Hit Song: Black Magic Woman - (1970) The Best of Santana This song was their greatest hit. We couldn't stop dancing while Carlos Santana's scorching riffs burned into our brains. There have been many imitators, but no band ever did it better. 
Recommended CD: Abraxas - (1970) "Black Magic Woman", "Oye Como Va" and "Hope You're Feeling Better" are just some of the great cuts on this album. Carlos Santana's guitar work is electric and the beat is sensual. This mix of rockin' salsa is outstanding. 
Recommended CD: The Best of Santana. This new release showcases the bands forays into Latin/Jazz/Rock fusion. The early hits like "Oye Como Va" and "Black Magic Woman" are highlighted making this a great introduction to the band's tight funky sound.

Hippy Havens
(This section has more than 100 listings from around the world)

"Homer, Alaska - Located on the southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula it's FULL of people living as they wish. Some in school buses, some in cabins, many w/o running water, electricity or with all the amenities, but the hearts are full. There are people living off the grid and the entire town is geared toward spirituality. The town of Homer has been called for many years, 'the cosmic hamlet by the sea'. Check out available web sites...although most of those are geared toward tourists. Do the bay...you will find many interesting people living a conscious, purposeful life."

Hippie Books and Videos
(Includes reviews of more than 100 books and videos)

"The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. This is Wolfe's book about Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters and how LSD invaded America's consciousness, peaking during the Summer of Love. A tribute to Kesey, the Pranksters (including Neal Cassady, Ken Babbs, Mountain Girl and Wavy Gravy), and the whole psychedelic generation. Good insight into how the torch was passed from the Beats to the hippies. It also contrasts Kesey's "up front," experiential movement versus Timothy Leary's experimental, insightful approach to the LSD trip."

Hippies, their Friends and Enemies
(Includes short bios on over 80 people)

"Burroughs, William S. : This Beat author wrote autobiographical books like "Junky" and "Queer" about his life as a drug addict, murderer and homosexual. His controversial, cut-up style "Naked Lunch" is his most famous work. Burroughs' thing was personal freedom. To him this meant breaking all the rules, which he did whenever he could. Burroughs' talent is undeniable. Despite (or because of?) being a junkie, he was able to convey what it's like to be living on the dark edge of reality. His intake of all sorts of drugs obviously inspired some people to experiment. Many beats and hippies can relate to Burroughs' life situation as a social outcast from mainstream American society (remember much of this happened in the 50's). Burroughs wrote about those things that no other writer of his time (except Allen Ginsberg) would consider suitable subjects. Indeed the publishing and subsequent banning of Naked Lunch turned into a landmark case for free speech in America. Burroughs influenced many around him including other authors and musicians."

Hippy Glossary
(More than 400 terms are defined here)

"LSD or LSD25: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. Also called Acid. A rye ergot derivative. First synthesized and absorbed inadvertently by Albert Hoffman of Sandoz Labs, Switzerland in 1938. Extremely hallucinogenic in minute doses, measured in micrograms. Effects can last up to 24 hours depending upon dose. Used in psychotherapy in the 50s and 60s. Researched at Harvard by Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert. Both left Harvard and Leary continued as high priest of the LSD movement. In the 60s acid became the popular way to "trip". An LSD trip is not to be taken lightly. It is a profound soul shaking experience that expands one's perceptions and broadens one's mind. Reactions to LSD, which include physiological and behavioral changes, anxiety, and hallucinations, are influenced by the amount of the drug taken and the user's personality and expectations."

"People today are still living off the table scraps of the 
sixties", with this quote from Bob Dylan, Skip Stone 
opens his introduction to his new book: "Hippies from 
A to Z". 

"I highly recommend it. 
I was impressed with the collection of quotes (from 
Kerouak, Leary, and Orwell to the Buddha, Martin Luther 
King and many, many more) that Skip assembled for this 
book. ("You create your own reality." - Seth (Seth Speaks), 
and "War does not determine who is right - only who is 
left." - Bertrand Russel, are just two of my favorites...)

It is a well compiled, humorous, knowledgeable collection 
of facts about those wonderful years we (those of us who 
lived them) all remember so fondly. Not only the drugs, 
but the philosophy, the ideas, the books, fashion and events, 
the music and the people that made it all happen. 

A great source of valuable information that immensly helps 
anybody researching this very important time in history, to 
understand why we are where we are today." 
John Flores, the Haight Ashbury Free Press

What a fantastic book !!!!!  A million THANK YOU"S for writing it . From
the moment I starting to read it I could not put it down . I have not read
another book that has even come close to yours. Reading it was like
you were inside my head and wrote everything that I have felt in the past
as well as my belief is coming in the near future with the Hippy ideology.
I have e-mailed all my close hip friends and told them to buy your book as 
soon as possible . It is truly a must read book for all hippies both young
and old . Your wake up call to the old hippies was truly inspiring . Like
you said , many have forgotten the path to the garden . I was proud to 
embrace the hippy ideals back then in the sixties/seventies and even 
more so today . 
Skip Stone, the author of Hippies From A to Z has spent a
considerable effort to bring you a taste and a better 
understanding of a time, past. His effort has culminated into
the definitive (re)source of information on a time, a culture
and the people of the hippy generation.

In the first part of the book, Skip covers the movement via the 
following headings - the way of the hippy, sex, drugs, fashions,
lifestyles, activism and many more topics. Frequently, quotes,
lyrics, clips, etc.. gently break up the the body of the book. 
These breaks all seem to relate to the content of the story as
you read. 

The second part of the book is a detailed reference of the time,
(a very nice time line) the musicians and the music, hippy 
havens, famous hippies, friends, enemies and a very complete
hippy glossary. This is a wonderful collection of information
about this cool time in history.

The events and personalities and how they influenced the
following generations, come to life in this book. Hippies From
A to Z is a must have reference for that exciting time in our

Vincent P. Gearhart - Moderator/Editor, Keep On Truckin' Re-Visited Newsletter

"As a 21-year-old college student, born in 1978, several years after the height of the hippie movement, my life has been drastically affected by the changes hippies have made on society.  I decided to study the movement in a sociological perspective for a class I attend at the University of Texas in Austin.  Having little insight of the movement, I searched through many sources to find accurate information. 

Upon discovering Hippies from A-Z by Skip Stone I immediately became paralyzed before the pages.  I would sit for hours reading historical accounts of that great era in which people cared enough to make a change.  The book let me travel to events that not only impacted the 60’s era but also the future of America. 

Hippies from A - Z is a complete, please, let me stress the word complete, account of the events of the hippie movement; everything I wanted to know was captured in those pages.  Stone’s book is written in a manner that is fun and clear to understand.  I used this book both for reference purposes and enjoyment reading.  It is unexplainable in simple words alone how valuable Hippies from A - Z became in my pursuit for educational purposes. 

As a result of reading the book, I have become more knowledgeable about the movement, events and people that were involved.  If you possess any interest in the hippy movement flip through the pages and read about the areas that interest you.  Skip Stone does a terrific job in arranging the book so that each section stands alone, yet is interconnected with the theme of the book.  As an author and a believer in Hippy ideology, Stone writes about the movement in an objective manner.  He describes the views of others and the actions and results of the movement, which are discussed not entirely in a positive way. 

Through my understanding of the Movement, my ideology has slightly changed. I have become a bit more open-minded and in living in the bureaucratic world, especially of a university, I now notice many injustices that still exist.  Hippies from A-Z  in describing the icons and ideals of the era, has inspired to follow the legends that changed the world forever. 

Never in my lifetime have I been referred to as a “reader”.  I do not enjoy reading for pleasure, however despite the fact that I am enrolled in a full load of school work, with a great deal of reading involved, I read Hippies from A - Z cover to cover, which truly is impressive!  Searching and studying the sources of information out there, listen to someone who is a veteran in finding resource material, save yourself time and boredom, read the book.  I promise it will be worthwhile."
- Staci - College Student

"I really enjoyed the book. I LOVE the quotes that are interspersed throughout the chapters. They make the reading easy and break things up a bit. Those pieces of insight and wisdom bring other fresh and interesting voices to the story, along with yours. Often I knew the person, or the quote, which brought a familiar and good feeling to what I was reading. A really great job with the quotes you chose!

I learned a lot of things I hadn't previously known (or remembered).  Since I happen to be of the age between the "old hippy" and the "young hippy", I remember some of it, but not really that many details. I just consulted the glossary and I guess, by your definition, I was a teeny bopper! 

I liked your description of what it is like being on LSD... (It was really good for someone who hasn't had the experience.)  I never read about the astrological relationship to the period in that kind of detail before. Oh yes, and the timeline, very good. One of the things I really liked was the expression of all the different things that were going on at a particular time. It really brings events into a greater perspective for me (the political events in association with the social and cultural evolution of the hippie movement in association with the emergence of the ecological movement ...).

Hippy Names, cute. Glossary, very useful. Great line up of musicians.  I like the hippy havens and look forward to reading more of that section for cool places to travel to. (By the way, O.B. has more wonderful hippy places in addition to "The Black". A wonderful herb store, a crystal store, a metaphysical/ wiccan store and a great food co-op) 

I think it's very entertaining and educational.  I think you've got a great book going here. The cover is beautiful too." 

- Joli from San Diego

"Delightful - Informative - Provocative"
"This is the way I remember things as they took shape.  As I read this book I was entertained as well as reinforced in ideals that are as important now as in the 60's. "Hippies A to Z" is a wonderful timeline of the beautiful people and the counter-revolution. Browse the chapters and find your place, then reflect. You can go forward or back as it fits your groove. This book is a "happening thing!" "Skip, you really did your homework"
- Mad John , 48 year old Hippie from the 60's

Hippies from A to Z. It is awesome. I recieved a free copy for winning the essay contest, and it made my day when it came in the mail. I sat down with some hot chocolate and turned on a little jimi hendrix to get me in the sixites mood. Hippies from A to Z has the facts on everything that went on in the sixties and more. It is a comprehensive book on everything you could want to know about the sixties. My favourite parts were the timelines and the music with a message section. If you are travelling around and you want to relax in a town with a liberal attitude towards hippies, you can find those in the book as well. Another neat thing is the quotes. After every paragraph in the book there is a quote on the subject. (Sex, drugs ...whatever) All together it is a well researched book that is a useful guide to anyone interested in the sixties and hippies in general. This book is jam packed with useful information for anybody who gives a damn. I highly recomend it for anyone who is a regular to this website and particularly to this forum. three thumbs up for Hippies From A to Z!!!!
- Mad Rambler
I just finished reading your book. The one I wanted to write but couldn't have done a better job at
 if I had. Most Excellent! Things well said that needed to be said and read. I believe the hippie
movement has been in need of a better sense of identity  for a long time. Or perhaps not so much a
better sense of identity, but a better sense of community. Or maybe both. I donno. But your book was
just the mixture of information and inspiration that such a book needed to be and you-da-man!! 
Doug Thompson

"This book is easy to understand at least at my level of awareness. I feel it has continuity, it's well organized, and the quotes are especially nice to jar our memories in what hippies & others have said that helped people to ponder life's opportunities & our freedom of choice, along the way. I feel that Skip has strong opinions about many things and is willing to express his feelings boldly in the context of this book. I think that Hippies From A to Z has made a successful contribution to this time frame by relating the historical events & spiritual qualities of what the hippie movement was about and the activities surrounding that era."

-Richard from Las Vegas

"The book is pretty good, it shows everything you want to know about hippies, what they liked, what they did, their point in the use of the LSD, the different rock bands they heard to and why they felt identified with their songs. It's written in an "easy to understand" way. I used this book as a source in a research report about hippies. I didn´t needed any other source, because everything I needed to know was there. Everyone should buy it, its like having an encyclopedia about hippies."

-Chary a high school student from Ecuador

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