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Eyewitness Report
The 10th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup
November 24th-28th, 1997
Amsterdam, Holland
    Visiting Amsterdam is usually a very enlightening and high experience.  The High Times Cannabis Cup is the highest event of the year.  It's sort of a Cannabis Comdex - part trade show, part learning experience, and definitely a party!
  Imagine being with a sea of oppressed refugees, suddenly set free.  No longer powerless and at the mercy of draconian political systems, they are part of a growing tide of discontent from every part of the globe.  Finding their voice, uniting as one, a glimmer of hope appears that the tide is turning towards a sane and more tolerant time.  A vision of the future where a miraculous plant that can heal, clothe, feed, and raise the awareness of the human race will be accepted as a gift to all.
    This is the real message of the Cannabis Cup.  The contest to see who wins the awards for the best buds or hashish is merely a pretext for all involved to celebrate and promote this wonderous plant.  Photo: A few of the celebrity judges including Ras Menilik, Steven Hager (producer of the Cannabis Cup) and Paul Krassner pose for a photo op.
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