Hip Site Page
Those sites listed below have been selected by the staff of Hippyland as having some of the finest content on the Net.  They are very interesting, have good graphics and high production values.  But most importantly they are either by or for hippies, or have valuable content for hippies to view.  Surf these sites and enjoy!

Meat Stinks!, PETA's anti-meat site.  If you've ever wondered what goes on in factory farms this site will show you with pictures and factsheets. The section on Vegetarian Living includes recipes, Q&A, even a vegetarian starter kit! Get active on this issue, even if you still eat meat.
Norml is the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.  They've been in the news lately due to their latest ad campaign which includes billboards which say  "Honk if you inhale!" This "in your face" campaign is meant to spark public debate on the draconian U.S. marijuana laws.  Please visit their site, where you can check the law in your own state, and support this latest effort to bring sanity to U.S. drug policy. 
The Lycaeum. This amazing site is a virtual encyclopedia of information about drugs. With a searchable database and built-in links to other sites, it takes just seconds to find what you're looking for.  One groovy feature is the personal reports from those psychedelic explorers doing the latest drugs.  Other great features are Know before you go, and The Lycaeum is the best source on the net. 
Wavy Gravy.  Who is Wavy Gravy? Perhaps the embodiment of the hippy spirit, that's all! A man who cares enough to devote his life to helping others. He's been master of ceremony at two Woodstocks, a Merry Prankster, a clown, and even an ice cream flavor.  Find out more about this remarkable man, who has been called "The Clown Prince of the Counter Culture." by High Times, and the projects he's involved with at his website

Cannabis Culture.  This site will keep you informed on issues relating to marijuana with their news, reference library, search engine, bookstore and back issues of Cannabis Canada. Oh, and they have great bud photos.
MP3.com.  Technology continues to advance providing us better and cheaper ways to communicate.  MP3.com takes advantage of the latest mpeg recording techniques by offering over 18,000 music files for download.  The quality of this music is excellent, and any musician can submit files and sell their CDs on the site.  Hippyland believes this will revolutionize the music publishing industry.  Now the people can decide what makes the Top 10!
The Libertarian Party.  Whether it's ending the War on Drugs, abolishing income tax, or stopping Internet censorship, the Libertarians represent an alternative to the status quo.  Check out their site and see if you agree with their positions.
The Timothy Leary Site.  This is the place to go to find out more about this great psychedelic guru. Researcher, author, pundit, fugitive, purveyor of mind expanding insights, he turned on, tuned in and a whole generation dropped IT with Tim. 
The Psychedelic '60s, Literary Tradition and Social Change, sponsored by the University of Virginia's library.  It's a good overview of the hippie phenomenon from a literary perpective.  References to books about the period include choice sample pages.  Check it out, then go to our bookstore to see if they're still in print! 
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension.  Tune into the message of your DNA.  Find out about the future evolution of man with thoughts from Timothy Leary and Terence McKenna to Gaian theory.  This site is lush with images and ideas to keep you pondering the meaning of it all. 
Frontline's Busted - America's War on Marijuana  This exposé of America's dirty war against marijuana users is must reading.  The site covers the major issues with contributions from medical, legal, user and grower perspectives. 

Greenpeace From atmospheric pollution to nuclear proliferation to genetic engineering, Greenpeace keeps us informed about the abuses being heaped upon our planet by the greedy, the powerful and the ignorant.  We cannot afford to look the other way any more.  Greenpeace is doing what it can to inform, respond, and prevent further degredation to our beautiful planet.  But they need your support!  This excellent site is updated daily with news reports from around the world, including Greenpeace's own newsmaking activites.
Erowid. This site is a must for everyone seeking knowledge.  The vaults of Erowid contain the esoteric wisdom of the ages from Ayahuasca to Yoga.  this lush website also sells books and videos on the same subjects.  A must for those who seek the eternal answers.
EnviroLink.  Everyday is Earthday at EnviroLink.  Home of the outstanding One World Magazine, this beautiful site covers the world Ecology scene with environmental news, art, links and a wonderful search engine. A great site for research, to stay informed or just to visit the planet.
Lonely Planet.  The company that publishes those indispensible travel guides for the independent (hippy) traveler, also has this fine website with lots of important information about the world's hip destinations, traveler's updates and choice links.
Disinformation - Are they lying to you? Or are you just paranoid? Find out here.This well organized site is a must surf for the thinking hippie.  Conspiracies, cults, counter-culture and censorship are just some of the intriguing subjects which get their due here.  Find out what's really going on behind the scenes via hundreds of rated links and a great search engine.