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Santa Admits He's A Hippy!
Exclusive Hippyland Interview!

Hippyland:Is it true you're a hippy?
Santa: Yeah, but a real old one.  I go back a long way.  To Holland in fact.  The Dutch call me Sinterklaas.  Did you know the Dutch celebrate two Christmases?  They really know how to party.  (Santa smiles and winks) Somehow their version of Santa was adopted by Americans. 
Hippyland: But what makes you a hippy?
Santa: Well, don't I look like one?
Hippyland: Well, uh... let's see, you have long white hair and beard, a little like Jerry Garcia I guess.  You're wearing bright colorful clothes that most people wouldn't dare wear.  Big belt, big buckle, big black boots, nice granny glasses, a crazy hat, but how come no bell bottoms?
Santa: Ever try to wear those in the snow?
Hippyland: I see... What else makes you a hippy?
Santa: Well, I really only work part of the year, without getting paid, mind you.  I love to travel the world, though I don't really get out often.  I live in a commune with lots of other little people.
Hippyland: Elves.
Santa: Yeah, but we take in everyone, we're very tolerant.  We just hang out making toys, a real cottage industry.
Hippyland: Do you have any other Hippy habits.
Santa: I smoke a pipe.
Hippyland: I've been meaning to ask you, just what are you smoking there?
Santa: I told you.  I'm a hippy.... It's real hard to find around here, but the closest thing comes from Alaska.  Ah, nothing like that Matanuska Valley Thunder...
Hippyland: Oh... so that's why you're so jolly!  By the way, Why do you live at the North Pole?
Santa: It's the only place besides Holland where hippies don't get hassled.  We can be our-elves here!  Ho, ho, ho.
Hippyland: Aren't you tired of all the Christmas fuss?
Santa: I am getting older, and a bit slower delivering those presents.  And I can't seem to fit down the chimney like I used to.  But I sure like having that milk and cookies afterwards.  Best thing for the munchies you know.
Hippyland: What about Hippy values?  Which ones do you embrace?
Santa: Well, let's see, I guess along with the Christmas message of Peace, I bring good cheer and joy to children and families around the world. For environmental reasons I drive a sleigh pulled by reindeer that doesn't pollute.  We recycle everything at the North Pole and try to set an example of tolerance.  We don't discriminate when it comes to gift giving.  We really embrace the ideal of giving.  There's too much greed and materialism now.  If people would just give of themselves, that means their time and attention to those less fortunate, the world would be a far better place for all of us.
Hippyland: I guess you really ARE a Hippy.  So what would YOU like for Christmas?
Santa: I'd like to see Peace on Earth of course.  But if that's not possible this year, how about a few grow lamps and some good seeds?  Then I can promise everyone a "green" Christmas next year!