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Science Fiction
"I regard science fiction as the entry drug into the psychedelic world. If by nine, ten, eleven or twelve, you're reading science fiction, then you're probably lost to normality."
-Terence McKenna

The hippy generation was the first to grow up aware of the awesome power unleashed upon this planet by our scientists and politicians.  We learned the wonders of science had a downside too.  So science fiction became our guide to the endless possible scenarios that we could create for ourselves.
From mutant monsters to alien warnings to intergalactic expeditions to robotic civilizations, sci-fi explores what could be, how we would handle it and what that reveals about us.  It answers the most intriguing question; What if?  Hippies raised with the Star Trek meme know that there is a better future out there, we just have to make it happen.

Science Fiction Books

Science Fiction Movies
 Many science fiction movies echo hippie themes, and perhaps influenced the movement.
Science Fiction TV Shows