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Below are the most popular hippie people, hippy art, hippie music, hippie events and organizations. Thanks to everyone who voted!
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Category Winner! Votes Percent Comment
Activist Abbie Hoffman
Activist, author, philosopher, Abbie will be remembered as the most outspoken voice of the hippie movement.
Album Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles 1967 94 21% This breakthough concept album helped us all explore our inner-selves.
Angst Song Piece of My Heart - Janis Joplin 74 22% Janis always gave her all, and on this song she really kicks ass!
Artist Andy Warhol 139 42% Warhol's inspired visions usually satirized American media and values.
Author Timothy Leary 88 21% The master probably consumed more LSD than anyone else, and had the insights to prove it.
Drug Song Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix 90 25% Just listening to this song will get you high.
Event Woodstock Music Festival 266 60% Yes, the ultimate hippy event. Were you there?
Group Grateful Dead 117 30% No group ever related to their fans like the Dead. 
Song All You Need is Love--The Beatles 98 26% This song is a hippie anthem.
Internet Site Hippiedom Page 77 28% Despite our request not to include Hippyland, four of our pages lead the list! Thanks y'all!
Locale Haight-Ashbury, California 128 35% This mecca continues to attract hippies and tourists.  The place where it all began.
Love Song Sugar Magnolia-The Grateful Dead 66 18% The Dead again! She's got everything I need!
Musician Jerry Garcia 87 22% Jerry may be gone, but he will be remembered by generations of hippies yet to come.
Organization Greenpeace 134 38% This organization at the forefront of the ecology movement is a model of activism.
Philosopher John Lennon 112 31% He preached love, and wrote some of the best songs ever. John is still more popular than Jesus (see vote tally!).
Protest Song Imagine-John Lennon 75 21% Imagine a world just like the song....
Publication High Times Magazine 96 29% High Times continues to spread the gospel of cannabis to a stoned and straight world.