The following is a list of places where there exists a sizable hippy population, where there is tolerance towards hippies, where hippies are free to pursue their lifestyle with community support.  Whether you're looking to visit or relocate, you can be sure there'll be places to stay, interesting things to see and do, and lots of other hippies in these places.  Please note, most of these were reader contributions! If you know of any other places to add to this list please write to us.

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Industry, Maine - "Plenty of old hippies, die hard hippies, new hippies and a bunch of drunk ones too you. Ever hear of Hempstock? That's in the town right next to us. Then Harvestfest isn't too far away either."

Ogunquit, Maine - Ogunquit is an artsy/funky town 66 miled north of Boston. We have a thriving alternative community (Approx 25% are gay). Lots of coffee shops, gay bars and gay guesthouses. 

Starks, Maine - "Home of the annual HEMPSTOCK. More than 30 bands will play through-out the weekend of August 14th...many local bands.......There were no reported arrests last year !!!! And everyone is Hippie like up there in Maine anyway..." 


Mount Rainier, Maryland -  "A funky little town near DC that literally hasn't changed since the 60's. Or if it has, the resemblance has gotten even closer. Since there's a major African American presence it has a somewhat Rastafarian ambiance. Check out the Glut Food Co-op (started by Marxists in 1969), the Eye Opener coffee shop (owned by a Deadhead) and the used furniture / alternative health stores. Possibly the cheapest place you can live between the mountains and the Chesapeake, if you're a hippie." 

Ocean City, Maryland - You don't need a car. You can ride the bus all day, on & off, for a dollar, and during the summer it runs all nite long. Everything you need is in walkin distance. There is a great boardwalk where you can buy all sorts of things, play games, ride rides, get piercings, hair wraps, & henna tattos. It is very diverse, all sorts of stores, and they have good sales. Lots of hemp & beach bum clothing. It's easy to find a job. You legally have to get a permit now, but there are people playing their guitars at nite along the boardwalk. The cops go in spurts about how they treat people. I've never had a problem, & I've only seen them warn others about the 
permit. It is definitly somewhere to check out. There is only one campground, but I think that's where I'll be this summer.

Takoma Park, DC/Maryland - "Takoma Park is known as the Berkeley of the East. Competitors, we're more modest than that, please challenge us to greatness. DC is famous for being the most politically liberal big city, but then it's also famous for being the nexus of the Counter-Counter-Culture (it's actually hip to be drug free here, though you can do just about anything in public and still get elected to high office), so you may be wondering, where do hippies fit in? As it happens, Takoma Park is not the sad, commercialized, isolated enclave of hipness that you find in most big cities. It is at the geographic heart of a wreath of easygoing, progressive, really racially integrated, communities. Which is why we've escaped gentrification and "hip"-ization & remain a low-key, 70's style small town. White-bread hipsters with racial jones beware. 
Hippiedom here is not about commercial lifestyle. It's part of the culture. Nobody moves here for the shopping or arts, but very large percentages of the populations are vegetarians, recyclers, renters, non-car owners, members of the two co-ops. We cheer on the annual Reel mower Brigade in their efforts to ban gas lawnmowers. To benefit our large illegal alien population, who can vote, we have a tradition of hiring police chiefs committed to not cooperating with the IMF. Bizarrely, we're also a mecca for evangelicals and libertarians who share a similar political zeal and fondness for natural food - one of the organic co-ops is the world's largest Christian book store, and the other is staffed by ex-Maoists. There aren't many tensions in the community, though. Our favorite mayor was a ninety yr. old Socialist. Anyhow, we used to have two wild roosters, but one got run over. You can hear the other one crowing behind the boarding houses downtown, between the House of Musical Traditions and the Metaphysical Chapel, on the spring solstice when the Foggy Bottom Morris Men gather to dance the sun up. 
Definitely a community for longtime residents & hippies-at-heart; fair-weather hippies will get bored and move to some overrated part of DC. We've already got too many yuppies, most of whom were still hippies before they moved here and got a job teaching at the Jane Goodall Institute or Nuclear Environmental Research group or something similar in town, so I guess they're okay." 


Amherst, Massachuesetts - "Home to the annual "Extravaganja" festival, Amherst residents are about to vote on a decriminalization of marijuana referendum. Amherst boasts a huge student population -- from Amherst College, Hampshire College, and UMass-- and is less than 10 minutes from Northampton, another hippy haven. Great concerts and shows, wonderful cheap restaurants, and an extremely liberal community."

UPDATE: Just wanted you to know that us residents in amherst ma have voted on the decrimilization of marijuana and won.....!

Northampton, Massachuesetts - "Great place for hippies and hippie-types. Tolerant largely gay community welcomes "alternative people". Love the place! Lots of hippie shops and restaurants too!!"

West Newbury and Newburyport, Massachuesetts - "are filled with tons of young hippies. In Newburyport there are a lot of cool little coffee houses located on an old 1800 waterfront. Many places to toke up and everything is always readily available. People such as Toots and the Maytalls, Livingston Taylor (James' bro) and David Grisman have performed in this small town." 


Ann Arbor, Michigan - "There is a Hash Bash every year there and so many hippies come. Ann Arbor is a great place." 

Grand Rapids, Michigan -  is a cool place to be. Here resides Another Shakedown Street, Purple East, Little Bohiemia, Raven Nest, Spirit Dreams, Scavenger Hunt, Flashbacks, and tons of other shops, restaurants. There is a large percentage of hippies in different parts of the cities. Easttown is one of them and the NW side of GR. No be-ins, but its nice.

Saugatuck, Michigan - "This is truly a hip community, located along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, surrounded by picturesque sand dunes. Saugatuck is the epicenter of many western Michigan coastal communities offering a very laid-back chilled atmosphere, and amongst the population you will find an immense multitude of artists and a majority of open-minded people. The downtown is very eclectic, with many far-out shops, including the popular Shakedown Street, offering a variety of Grateful Dead and hippy-related merchandise. Coffee shops are also quite abundant here. There's also a lot of very cool natural attractions, such as Mt. Baldhead and Oval Beach. The entire scene here reeks of peace. I must say that this town is the ultimate chill-spot." 


Cape Girardeau, Missouri - very cool riverfront nights, locals are kind, small communes everywhere very green year round, local music scene is huge.

Columbia, Missouri - Downtown Peace Park and Peace Nook 

St. Louis, Missouri - "There is a substantial hippie community that exists on St. Louis' South Side around the area of South Grand Avenue. There is also another older, but growing hippie enclave in a close-in suburb of St. Louis. Known as the University City Loop along 10 blocks of Delmar Boulevard, the area is hopping with hippie-run shops and vendor stands." 

Another Opinion: Bullshit.I lived there for 10 yrs on and off and ya I meet some cool people (every place has em) but The Dirty BASTARDS tryed to give me 30 yrs for cultivation. 14 little plants, less than 5 grams. I'm a 3 time loser, but I hadn't been locked up in 17 yrs.  I just thought since You people were trying to guide people to where the Kynd Folks are St.Louis and or Missouri ain't it. The Law there are about the Money and Crooked, definitly stay out of Jefferson County south of St.Louis

Westport, Missouri - "Missouri has more then two hippy hangouts (gasp!). Westport's a very cool place. It has head shops, VW buses, and lots of drugs." 


Missoula, Montana - " a hip place with many hippies. Its population is small so everything is laid back. It's very similar to Eugene Oregon, but without the rain. There are a lot of hippy stores and vegetarian restaurants. The town lies over a pretty river and is next to a large mountain so many people hike, bike, hunt shrooms and river raft. Missoula is also the home of Plunker, one of the founders of the Rainbow Nation." 


Lincoln, Nebraska - is so full of hippies, hippie families, and hippie hangouts that you cannot roam the steets without running into one of us! Highly recommended to any relocating hippies.

Omaha, Nebraska - " a pretty phun li'l town. Pretty good family. There are NO CLUBS there, so those annoying clubkids are not even present (woo-hoo!). They'll introduce you to a real rave, which everyone should experience. Omaha also has the oldmarket which is downtown and a fun place to hang out day and night with a park to the east, the Big Slides (extreme amounts of child-like fun) on the north, the abandoned warehouses are also right near where the parties rage at night. Lots of grassroots organizations are sprouting up. Definitely worth checking out if you're traveling through to Boulder or somewhere." 


Las Vegas, Nevada - Yes, even the neon tribute to tinseled affluence is a hippie hangout. The area adjacent to UNLV is "loaded" with shops, pubs and music stores. A Las Vegas staple: "Legends" caters to the deadhead crowd, as well as the "Hard Rock Hotel", a must see while in Las Vegas. A major head shop, Tobacco Road, is always worth a visit. Finally, the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort hosts a blues festival in the summer which is great up at 7,500 feet. 

New Mexico

Las Cruces, New Mexico - In southern new mexico, very different fron the northern part of the state, very easy going without the worries of inflated costs of living. We are surrounded by the organ mountains and within a hours drive of the lincoln andd the gila mountains as well as white sands national monument .  A large sized co-op is available along with herb shops and many friendly faces. las Cruces is a very kind place to live without the annoyance of trust fund artists like Santa Fe!

Madrid, New Mexico - is way laid back and nothin but hippies live there its budifull there. 

Silver City, New Mexico - is a small hippy mecca. They have loads of herbal stores in the city with "classes" on locating and identifying local herbs. Their co-op bulletin board is loaded with new age info. They have drum circles and a number of communes within 25 miles of the city, some better than others. Don't forget to ask about the hot springs. 

Taos, New Mexico - "I went to Taos, New Mexico last summer and found the place swarming with beautiful people. There are a few communes right outside of town... where Easy Rider was filmed. Lots of freaks around and so much to learn from each other... ecstacy. A bit touristy, but not yet too corrupt with society." 

New York

Fulton County, New York - Located 40 min. west of Albany, many hippies in the area which is at the base of the Adirondack mountains.  Hemp fests, music fests, and some down to earth people have been a part of recent Fulton county history.  Check out Johnstown, Gloversville, Ephratah, or Caroga Lake.  Dank Budz 2 b found!! :)

Ithaca, New York - "...has one of the largest hippie populations in New York State. It has natural beauty and is crawling with old and new hippies. It's home to many communes, head shops, natural groceries, drum circles, and kind bud. Ithaca has a sizeable college population."

Naples, New York - kind of new age upscale town... I  usually have an out of body experience when i smell all the grapes and nature at its best. 

New Paltz, New York - Home to State University of NY at New Paltz, this small town has a sizable hippy community as well as students. The young feeling is a refreshing change from upstate NY's older crowd. "There are just as many real hippies there as there are in Woodstock, N.Y. I know this because I am a long hair dreded hippy that lives near by both of these locations. The good thing about New Paltz is that it isn't nearly as hyped up as Woodstock. This provides for a nice relaxing atmosphere." 

Tonawanda, New York - "There is a lot of hippies in Tonawanda NY. We have protested so many times and when we used to be the Lumber Capital of the world, we made them stop cutting the trees down, and we saved a lot of trees." 

Another view: What tonawanda, ny a hippie haven?.... cut the crap... a town build mostly with post era ww2 mentality... closed factories,  strip malls, no coffee shops and poor air quality.... jsut because you may have smoked a little here dosent make it nirvana... 

Trumansburg, New York, 20 mins. from Ithaca.It's home to the annual hippie fingerlakes Grassroots music fest! Iit's also home of the Rongovian Embassy Bar and Restaurant which is always happy to host Dead cover bands and any other kind scene.

Woodstock, New York- Not the actual location of the famous festival (that is Bethel, N.Y.), and a bit of a tourist trap, but yes, lots of hippies live here. 

North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina - " undoubtedly one of the kindest places on the East Coast. Nice nuggets, a lively and experimental music scene, and the overall friendly atmosphere make this town a must for nomadic freaky friends! I'll see you when I roll through town." 

"One thing i have noticed over the past few years is that the hippies have gotten richer. a lot are weekend hippies now!  there are a lot of unique and awesome people here, and then again there are a lot of rich people too..."

Boone, North Carolina -  Nestled in the blue ridge parkway, it is a quiet mountain town full of peace, love and hemp.  A wonderful place for hippies to go.not only do they have great nugs there but they also get some off the wall trip.its also very peaceful and u dont have to worry bout the police. :)

Cooleemee, North Carolina -  is a small town but we have a gathering place called the bull hole which is a dam.. people gather and relax and free their mind ....lots of weed smoking here...lots of hippies here that have grown up here and stay  all their is a great town come and visit.

Wayensville, North Carolina - I have never been to a place such as this. They literally worship 60's music. Such as, Jonis Joplin,Lynard Skynard,The Steve Miller Band and others. It is probably a 60's town also and needs to be placed in your map of hippie places. The people have long hair,dress in flares and hippie clothing. 


Yellow Springs, Ohio- (east of Dayton) pop. 10,000 "Home of the Ivy League Antioch College, head shops, hemp and Earth Friendly clothing and jewelry stores, several music stores (one specializing in hand made drums) and several specialty gift stores. One of Dayton's biggest hippie hangouts."

Columbus, Ohio - pop. 2,500,000. High Street @ Ohio State University (Largest University in the US, 70,000 students) dozens of head shops, 100's of specialty stores including 50 record and tape stores (tons of used) dozens of hemp clothing stores. 

UPDATE: Many of the head shops are being forced closed because the campus area is becoming "revitalized" (read: influx of money, respectability, and high price residences and stores).   Also, the Police Department issued a warning to Columbus citizens and business that Phish was a "cult" and to avoid serving those that were in town for the concert.  Columbus is fast becoming an anti-hippy haven. 

Waynesville, Ohio - "Near Fairborn. The Renaissance Festival. Hippies everywhere you look and lots of stuff about medieval times.... you can buy clothes and different things. It's a great place to meet people and everyone shares everything." 


Just about Any city in Oregon West of the Cascade Mountians is a Hippy Haven. Oregon is the only state where hippies enjoy a majority at the voting booths come election time. There's a saying going around "Hippies dont die. They just move to Oregon. During the past few years hippies have been moving to Oregon in droves because there's employment for hippies here, and we hippies can go full out in our glad rags in public veiw with out being accosted, laughed at or put down. Oregon is a true hippy Haven. Under an oz. of pot isnt illegal here. It's only a civil fine that would cost you $500.

The Cascade Range is full of small towns that have been the last refuge of the hippies since the 70ies. All of these little towns are lawless.And have a long stading hippie tradition. Towns Like
Alpine, Deadwood (Where the Rainbow Families Alpha Farm is), Falls city, Summit, Berkenfield (Near Portland), Harlan (Behind the Native American Sacred Mountain Marys Peak) Nashville (Where all the Bands just have to stop). Just grab a Map and you can find an old hippie settlement any where in the coast range.

UPDATE:  Beware, we now have zero tolerance laws concerning the possession of smoking  "greenery." MANY EX-HIPPIE COPS!  All the good spots are not on your list  to live check out Tiller, Trail, Shady Cove, Prospect, Ashland.  Lots of trees, good people, and fun in the sun or snow!

Ashland, Oregon - 20 minutes over the northern Calif. border. Ashland is a collage town with
lots of shopping, parks, theater, art and of course outdoor activites. Camping, fishing, winter skiing, water skiing. Lots of free places to parking lot camp or in the great outdoors. Tons of Hippies, young and old.

The hill and valley environs of Ashland Oregon speaks to the hippie mind with an eastern slope of lush greens created by flowing water contrast by rolling oak cover hills to the West. Under the cover of a celestial sky. Like a garden in the sun, Ashland has long born the fruit of many artists and seekers. Give time to Ashland and you will experience a living museum of the movement that predates that of the Haight.

Ashland is hands down the most magical, incredible and delicious country in oregon (just my humble opinion of course!). lithia park is a trippers delight, filled with duck ponds, a human sized rat wheels to play on, trees of every family and a gazillion and a half hiking trails for you and your pals to discover! on any given day you will see little billows of smoke arise and big, wandering eyes enthralled in all natures majesty. i cant say enough about this wonderful place filled with beauty, spirit and the best vibe you can possibly imagine! if you do take a road trip on over, you must check out evo's downtown. its hip beyond belief, not that every place in ashland is not, but it is a hippie lovers delight! peace to you all, and i hope your paths will someday lead you to this breath of fresh air!

Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon - This wonderful getaway nestled in a very green, very magical forest deep in the Cascade range,  is a must for anyone passing thru. A hippie secret for decades, it's a great retreat, where you can treat yourself to the therapuetic springs or signup for one of their special events.  You should make reservations if you plan to stay overnight or get into one of their many programs. 

Corvallis, Oregon - Corvallis, Oregon has a lot of hippies.  There are so many coffee shops and bookstores to see them at.  The waterfront is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy if you are a hippy. 

Eugene, Oregon - Site of the Oregon Country Faire (each July) where each year hippies gather to celebrate their hippiness.  Home to the University of Oregon, many co-operatives, communes galore, a real cool Saturday Market, and eco-consciousness.

UPDATE: I  wanted to let you know that the Oregon Country Fair WAS a wonderful hippy flavor type hang-out once a year (or often if you know the old owners).  Well, the new owners are a little different now. They now let cops in undercover and not, onto private property to gather local revenue of happy-hippy trippers and such.  JUST AN FYI....wouldn't want any wonderful people to go with the impression that the old hippy extraordinaire still owned and operated the scene!!!

Grants Pass, Oregon - There are still active communes including an artists commune, the largest open air market in S. Oregon,  30% cottage industry for a variety of wares,  a good amount of organic farms, great music and meetings of the mind, a lot of eco-consciousness and a liberal attitude (we outwaited the right wingers and loggers).

Porland, Oregon - is a wonderful place that is very tolerant of hippie-types.  Plenty of great people, and home to some great places, such as the nationally famous Saturday Market, a great place to meet people and just chill on the waterfront. 

Ive been all around this country and Portland OR is the most beautiful city Ive ever seen....the people r welcoming know matter what u look like...and Hippies r more welcome than most...Saturday market draws some of the most unique people Ive ever met...but it is a great place for families as well...u can get almost any groovy hippy gear u want, as well as art from all over the world...waterfront is were most hippies hang out...ther r drum circles, smoking circles, its the best place to get rave flyers...and the vibe is very laid back.  There is majik here...anyone whos been here will agree with is so close to every part of nature here..the ocean, forests, 
mounts...Oregonians love & live with mother nature & not on her. so come one come all hippies to OR...its the most fullfilling place to end up! 

Theres a place in PA. called New Hope.  There are a whole lot of hippies there lots of shops.  A it's on a river and theres a smaller one within it.  Many many shops alot of artwork, nice places to eat (Places you can eat lunch outside by the river and exotic flavour ice creams). 

new hope is. home to many hippies and artists, and in general open-minded people. it's very pretty, with waterways throughout the town. lots of cool stores - hemp, body piercing & tattoos, hippie clothes, excellent restaurants, and great ice cream on the waterfront - green tea flavor is unreal! a great place to hang out for the day. 

Philadelphia area (i.e. suburbs, n.j., d.e.) has quite a sizeable hippie population, but as it is a massive area, you won't usually see too many at one time. during the summer, we all come out of the cracks to enjoy drum circles at the art museum, although they were invaded last summer by stupid nitrous kids and got busted all the time by the cops. also, in the end of august the philadelphia folk festival takes place about an hour outside the city, and man is it beautiful. so many beautiful, wonderfully friendly people, crafts, food vendors, incredible music like dar williams, the wrigley sister, and tempest. you can go swimming in a creek a short walk from the campground! also a nice paved trail to walk down. it's a family feeling since only about 5 or 6,000 go every year. definitely worth going to!!!!

South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina -   is a very hippie friendly communnity with a couple small communes in james island and king street downtown offers the kindest of nugs and greatest of brothas and sistahs.  It is the coolest, most layed back town, with the nicest people. Downtown Charleston has stores such as Loose Lucy's, Exchange Factor Five, Black Mineral Market and Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream.  Within the college, College Lodge (dorm) was featured in "High 
Times Magazine" as one of the most drug affiliated dorms in the U.S.

The Market in downtown Charleston, S.C. is an absolutely groovy place to be when it comes to hippies.  Downtown Charleston also includes other great stores such as Granny's Goodies and the Exchange Factor.  there are lots of good music stores in the area such as Manifest Disks and Tapes and for used Cd's the Exchange Factor is the place to be.  the best restraunts in the area are Papillion (kinda expensive and upscale italian, but the best pizza buffet for lunch - whole wheat pizza cooked in a stone oven), Andoleni's Pizza (cheap good thin crust pizza), Moose Mountain (my favorite coffee shop), and my mom's cooking (will fatten any skinny hippie up).  there is lots of live music at night until two, when all the bars close down.  grab a free times from the Exchange Factor or anywhere Downtown, they usually have all the listings.  also, just walking around downtown is great itself.  there are lots of great art galleries to stick your head into.

Hilton Head, South Carolina - Everybody on this li'l tourist island is flowing. There's a small, but vivid hippie population, who tend to gather at Looce Lucy's or Black Market Minerals in Coligny Plaza, and The Hemp Seed off Sea Pines Circle. Unless you're at the high school, nobody is a hassler. It's good as far as South Carolina goes, I'd say haul your asses down here for a little peace on the beach.

Spartanburg, South Carolina - It's a medium size city in Upstate SC. I grew up on the east side with tons of hippies. Our parents were the original flower children and for the most part raised us in true hippie fashion. There isnt a lot for teenagers to do in SPartanburg, but we make do. One of our favorite places to hang out is Pill Hill, a park near the high school. Anyways Spartanburg is a nice city, kind of boring, but definitely full of hippies. 


The Farm, Summertown, Tennessee - This commune founded by hippies including Stephen Gaskin, has pioneered the hippie communal lifestyle.  Check out their website for more info!  For a good history of The Farm see the Vegetarian Times story.


Austin, Texas - "the second largest vegetarian population in the nation....along with some great scenery here in the hill country. People should check it out. My older brother lives there, and works as a chef. Almost every night we get 2 or 3 bucks from each of his roommates, head up to Central Market and get tons of fresh fruit, vegetables, etc. - and have a giant veggie-kabob for dinner. It feeds everyone and also provides for a great way to get together at night in the backyard and just hang out. Barton Creek Park is another great hangout - it's a linear park that follows Barton Creek - along the cliff walls there are several caves for exploring... just a totally surreal environment. Everyone in Austin just seems so mellow and content, i wish i could live there - but for now I'll just be happy with visiting...." 

Denton, Texas - I recently moved here for school and was VERY pleased to find that there is a huge music scene here where a lot of fun-loving hippie types gather to have a good time. Everyone here that I have met are just great any hippie would feel at home 

Hey, there are more than Mormons in Utah!  Check out Moab sometime, you'll find plenty of hippies there!

Sure there are Mormons in Utah, but hey!! Sugarhouse is like a little hippie commune! Every Sunday people of all ages to go Liberty Park for the drum circle. People sell homemade smoking accesories, hippie clothes and hemp jewelry!

Springdale, Utah - At the entrance to Zion National Park is full of artists and other deadhead type shops, coffee bars and eclectic galleries. A true gem in southern Utah with the backdrop of Zion's multicolored cliffs and canyons. 

Anywhere in Vermont There aren't that many hippies but there is weed everywhere!!! And a lot of other drugs. What else is there to do up here?

Burlington, Vermont - "on Church Street is the coolest place to be. There's varieties of people including hippies, mostly new hippies. There's also a restaurant type place off Church Street called Necters, which is where all the bands eat when they come to play down the street at Club Toast. Necters serves the most addicting gravy fries you will ever eat. Bands such as Phish, Belizbeha, and tons of others eat there. There's also really cool places to shop, and there's a green which is the hippies grassy knoll." 

Woodbury, Vermont - is the Underground hippie love hole. tree upon tree of dripping nature. I think it sedates all the hippies to stay home and smile. but their here. oh, their here.  Such a happy little community.


Floyd, Virginia - "Having grown up in the Blue Ridge, I am fortunate enough to have been thoroughly familiarized with the hippie pilgrimage that has taken place since the early 70's.....and they're all still heading to Floyd county. I believe there must be upwards of 10 intentional communities up on the beautiful plateau where Floyd County is situated and the numbers are ever growing. The nice thing, too, is that the population is fairly consistent, that is to say that it's not really too transient. People go there and they tend to stay. It's amazingly beautiful, and I'm so glad that it's just right outside my back door." 


"There is a large hippie community in Northeast Washington especially around the small town of Republic and Northern Stevens county." 

Bellingham, Washington -"This beautiful place is an island of hip folk in the Northwest." 

Olympia, Washington - "Old and young hippies hanging out among the earth and animal friendly paradise in the Northwest. Veggie restaurants abound." 

Orcas Island, Washington - "In the San Juan Islands. It's an old hippy commune where many hippies still go. It's a campsite so if you're looking for vacation, it's definitely the place." 

Seattle, Washington - "I moved here two years ago from LA and find this town to be the most hip place on the west coast. From Fremont to Belltown, from Pike Place to Capital Hill, Seattle is what's happening." 

West Virginia
Morgantown, West Virginia - "Downtown on High Street and surrounding areas are two REALLY good head shops...The Den and Cool Ridge, several coffee shops, including The Blue Moose (the best bohemian coffee shop}. There's also a really good bead shop, comic shops, bike shops, and bunches of restaurants. In West Va. anywhere long hair is the norm, (I even worked at Monkey Wards w/shoulder-length hair) and there are lots of long-haired self-sufficient types living in the woods with sweat lodges, drumming parties, outhouses, log homes, herb gardens, and co-ops." 


Ashland, Wisconsin - It's in a small town of about 8,000 people.  There's an Environmental Liberal Arts college there called Northland College.  There's also a vegan coffeehouse called The BlackCat that is totally vegan and it's like the best environment for poetry and reading, or homework even-plus great organic food.  Right next door there's a natural food co-op.  All the college students are way nice and there are no cliques.  It's like one huge family there.  They also had a quasi/bluegrass/comedic/folk/rock/funk band there called the Sheeptones (but they broke up).  They sung about environmental issues and I'm sure that they left a lasting impression.  They even got a cd out.  They have this community program with "Sunshine Bikes."  It's to stop pollution and all and give people a better taste of community and sharing.  It's a great place that has changed my life and it could for others!

Madison, Wisconsin - "A beautiful downtown, with a beautiful university right on the lake, lots of housing co-ops, and really friendly and nice people. People from Wisconsin tend to be slightly dingy, and Madison is considered to be the craziest town in the state (it's also the state capital) - but it's the right kind of crazy, in my opinion. The only drawback is that it gets a little cold there in winter." 

"Madison is a VERY groovy place, and state street is chock full of head shops/coffee shops/every shop that deviates from the norm that you can think of......there is even a Nepali restaurant that I loved....also loads of interesting people throughout the town. I 
couldn't believe how many street performers I saw, there were devil-sticks flying everywhere and lone saxophonists filling up the empty alleyways, soothing your mind like a mental Halls cough drop." 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - this town isnt full of hippies but its very laid back with great weeds...the east side of milwaukee on the lakefront tho is an area, mabye 5 or 6 square miles, of total hippyness...stree preformers are here, some rad head shops and the most awesome parties this side of madison, 
wi...and if you are not a dumb ass you can find a phat victorian house, like 4 stories, with real cheap rent...

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