The following is a list of places where there exists a sizable hippy population, where there is tolerance towards hippies, where hippies are free to pursue their lifestyle with community support.  Whether you're looking to visit or relocate, you can be sure there'll be places to stay, interesting things to see and do, and lots of other hippies in these places.  Please note, most of these were reader contributions! If you know of any other places to add to this list please write to us.

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CambodiaHOT NEW HIPPIE DESTINATION!!! Unlike neighboring Laos & Vietnam, Cambodia has pretty easy to deal with visa formalities. It also seems to attract all sorts of interesting types, & seems to not attract the typical tourist types responsible for ruining Thailand for example. Its also a fairly relaxed place while being a bit crazy at times. They say its a lot like Thailand  used to be. The ruins at Angor are incredible like nothing else I have ever seen.  In addition, although international pressure is changing a few things, grass is all over the place. There was over a kilo in a cabinet in my guest house that was left by people leaving the country, & it is sometimes brought to your table free of charge in some travelers restaurants, so you will smoke it of course & buy more food!  The civil war is over too now.

Thailand - A beautiful, friendly, tolerant country (it is full of Buddhists after all). Unfortunately economic development and unbridled tourism has deformed this country. Check out Ko Samui or Ko Phanghan for a real getaway. Stay away from Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Chaing Mai too has changed for the worse. The hill tribes of the north are worth a visit though. 

Bali, Indonesia - The beauty of this island is surpassed only by the beauty of the people and their Hindu/animistic culture. A mecca for hippies! Ubud is a great place to base. Give Kuta Beach a wide berth unless you like surfing, shopping and getting hounded. 

India - A hundred lifetimes is not enough to absorb the culture, the land and the people of this amazing country. Many a seeker has found nirvana here. Goa is one of many places where hippies congregate. Other groovy places are Kerala State in the south, full of canals, Rajastan, deserts and forts, Benares if you want to get holy, the foothills of the Himalayas to get high on the mountains and charas. 

The Himalayas - "There are hippies everywhere, man! Well, in India anyway. I was there from January to June and they seem to be most concentrated in the Himalayas. You can find people high on all sorts of drugs, including the awesome sight of the mountains covered in snow (it was my first time in the snow, by the way and my somewhat awkward attempts at walking up and down the slopes generated a few laughs from the stoned ones). I was told that being in India is like being stoned without having to smoke anything. It is true! If you're a real hippy you won't want to go to Goa, find your own piece of hippy heaven like I did, (unless you really MUST go to Goa!). My advice for hippies is GO NOW!"

Japan - Shimo-Kitazawa, Tokyo - "This is a great little hippy part of Tokyo, no cars, lots of nice shops and restaurants, home of Tokyo's first hemp shop and hemp restaurant, also did you know that it is legal to sell mushrooms in Japan? Just look outside the station here! Hokkaido is Japans North Island and is a nature paradise. It also has lots of wild hemp growing, some of which is quite smokable apparently. Japan Alps - during the summer it hosts lots of outdoor festivals and rave parties. These are real hippy congregations - people you don't see too often in Japan they suddenly appear. Where do they live?!"


Vancouver, Victoria and Nelson, Canada - "(A.K.A. hippytown in the boonies)? Vancouver is the founding city of Greenpeace, and our mainstream neighbours to the south (of course not including you marvelous and open-minded brothers + sisters) call us Columbia of the north! AND WE'VE LEGALIZED HEMP TOO!" 

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada - "It's right on the ocean, and I have never seen so many free spirited, beautiful people in my life. Everyone was so kind to everyone. Lots of free flowing clothes and flowers. You're always near a beach for a picnic, or just lounging. My guitar was quite welcome there. Tofino is not particularly friendly since the locals are inundated with the mass influx of tourists every year, so they have become somewhat immune to outsiders." 

Kitchener Ontario Canada - "Hippies roam the streets of Kitchener and especially Cambridge. We are up there along with the freaks and jocks, geeks and the boring ones. Hippies are the best, with our butterfly shirts and bell-bottoms, we have our own twists to the 60's fashions." 

In response another visitor wrote:
"Thought I'd add a note to what our obviously young friend above has said, the scene here is extremely diversified, there is much to do see and experience. I have jokingly referred to Kitchener for years as the Berkley of Canada. For some strange reason this little city is a drawing card for hippies. But don't show up expecting chaos and revolution in the air, because for the ten years I've lived here, most of what I've seen is behind the scenes, although the older hippie and deadhead community here threw some of the biggest bashes going." 

The Gulf Islands B.C. Canada - "particularly Gabriola, Hornby and Cortes. Enchanted, laid-back, new-age. Hornby Island does in fact have hippies. However, the island has become overcrowded and increasingly slick and commercial. Not so "groovy" now. Cortes Island, which is rather remote and is a pleasant looking place, was inundated by marine radiation dumps from government ships about 30 years ago before pollution regulations were enforced. Many people on this island have developed cancer as a result of this, including the majority of the local police department who regularly patrol the area. Under no conditions, would I ever choose to live there, as a hippy." 

Kaslo B.C, Canada -  there are so many free people, Me and a friend took a trip from creston to Kaslo along the way, kootenay bay , we visited a place ,religious, and the rumour is that its a hippy hang out with a temple, can't remember the name. this place was beautifull, right on the lake, we also went to the beach,owned by the same place they call it POWER LINE BEACH.cause of the power lines crossing the water. lots of free camping on this beach nice sand and rocks people playing music and singing , it was a cool place,, I recomend this place for the out door type hippy,,,.

Joussard, Alberta, Canada, Location of the NORTH COUNTRY FAIR. "Each summer on June 20-23 (sometimes on the 19th, depending which one falls on Friday) there is a Summer Solstice Celebration held in this little northern Alberta town. Hippies and free spirits alike come from all over to enjoy this wonderful enlightening experience of live music, new age work-shops, dancing and of course the artisan market. Situated beside the Lesser Slave Lake, there are many great places to camp on and off the fair site. It's like taking a step back in time, if only for one memorable weekend a year, to see beautiful people join together and celebrate the longest day of the year. This year is the 20th celebration of the North Country Fair and it will surely be a huge gathering of the free." 

Ness Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada - (situated in the beautiful Boreal forest.) This is a beautiful place where time means nothing. There is a folk festival there every summer. Basically you just hang out all day with wonderful people and besides the hippie generation there is the kids-of-the-hippies-who are-now-too-old-to-party-properly-so-now-we-have-to-generation. (that would be me.) There are 3 different places to camp out. One is for the music people and it is near main stage. The other is for the party people and it is further along. Finally there there is a "quiet field" where they hope most people will be considerate enough to quiet down for the people who don't want too mush noise. IT's perfect and i love it! 

Sherbrooke and Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada - "the townships are also the most English place in Quebec. Many old and younger hippies live out in the country here. There's also been a few sizeable communes, one of them mysteriously gone leaving all their stuff behind." 

Montreal and Quebec, Canada - "also have huge countercultural activity. If you're looking for cheap drugs you've come to the right place. Rent is super cheap, but jobs may not be available." 
"Just want to add a note about Montreal. This is a city with a lot of Spirit. It's a place where freedom and individuality are cherished. Where people can still get by doing their art & music. Where hundreds of drummers and dancers meet on the mountain to celebrate regularly. Where you can always find a good veggie meal, and share a spliff on the street with a friend. Many Rainbow Family folks here too." 

Edmonton, Alberta - The city is not as well known as a hippie haven as Lotusland (Vancouver, B.C.) because Edmonton is in Canada's most conservative province.  There is a hippy community in the Whyte Avenue or Old Strathcona area, however.  The "Two Guys With Pipes" store is a popular destination for hemp enthusiasts. Lots of mellowing out during the Fringe Festival every summer.

Central America
Mexico - Long an escape for the gringos, still an interesting country to visit from Baha to the Yucatan, lots of places to explore and hang out. 

Maruata, Mexico - "On the coast of Michoacan, Maruata has been a mecca for some time now. The big Parties are Christmas and Easter. No hotels, only camping. Lots of drums and other music. The locals are Nahuatl Indians, and extremely friendly. Best beach on the West Coast of Mexico. Good herb for around five dollars an ounce, plus the occasional peyote surprise. Please bring sheets of blotter acid, there's always a terrible shortage. Things are a bit weird since the gathering of '95-'96 but there's always room for a few more freaks." 
Zipolite, Mexico - "I was there maybe 3 years ago and it was the best most beautiful hippy place ever. Hammocks on the beach $1 a night. Grass can be ordered and delivered from ones hammock. Food is great too. Strong waves - watch it! Nice sunsets." 

Palenque, Mexico - Where the mushrooms are grown! Small town full of all kinds of people, about half are hippy foreigners that come to escape frothe rush and live amongst others who
share their lifestyle.

Costa Rica - "is a way cool place. There are many kind nature spirits there. Hey, every time someone greets you they say "Pura Vida" (pure life). Just that line shows you that the country is totally at peace." 

"What can I say except for that this is the ultimate haven for anyone who has grasped peace and knows how to live life to the fullest.....Pura Vida (pure life) is not only the universal greeting, but it's a great substitute for "cool". (My bus driver Rodrigo used it that way). The people are very hip here. Incredible atmosphere......and the food is the best I've ever had!"

Quito, Ecuador - i would venture to say that ecuador is the hippie mecca of south america. lots of heads are drawn here because of the beautiful ecosystems, environmental opportunities, it's very, very cheap, and people for the most part embrace gringos. people might stare at you, but it's not because they dissaprove; most people outside of cities have never seen a hippie! quito is phat because there are heads all over, and there are lots of really cool restaurants, coffee shops,
stores, etc. super cheap, handmade indigenous clothing (like the brightly colored sweaters you see lots of hippies wearing) and wares are available in the city, and the massive outdoor market of otavalo is a 40 minute drive. if you're ever in quito, one place you absolutely should go to is called aladin. this is a middle-eastern hang out run by a few really nice, english speaking middle-easterners. they import most of their wares, such as intricately designed ash trays, delicate utensils and dishes, 3-foot hookahs, and heavy, elaborately made chess sets (you just might feel like you're in iran or something!). you can have a cup of tea & snack at one of the couches, play a game of chess at the tables, or smoke a hookah of many varieties of flavored tobacco out on
their patio. delicious food, incredible ambiance; it's one of the coolest places i've been!

Guatemala - Lots of hippies live in communities here. Mayans are very cool people, but check with the State Department for warnings, as occasionally there is political violence in certain areas.

Tikal, Guatemala - A very important hippy ancient Maya site. Stay on the island when in Flores. The town is a bit rough. Tikal is beautiful, make sure you go out into the jungles where you can see so many monkeys! The grass is top quality there too. But sometimes climbing those pyramids can be a bit of a scary experience, especially when remembering that they were built extra steep just so when you were thrown down the steps you weren't going to stop till you hit the bottom!" 

Down Under!

Australia - Many communes in the bush, some small hippie communities. Australians now spend more money on marijuana than on wine, and almost as much as BEER! How things have changed down under!

Byron Bay, Australia - The "Hippie Capital" of Australia is a place called Byron Bay (look it up!) which is situated at the top of New South Wales, near Brisbane. Byron Bay and surrounding towns like Nimbin, Mullumbimby, and Lismore are absolute havens for the alternative, new-age folk. 

Another Opinion: Byron Bay is not the Hippie Capital of Australia. It's actually Nimbin. Nimbin is 100% hippie. You hardly have to be there 1 minute and someone offers you some pot. The standard vehicle in Nimbin is the Combie Van. Some other hippie inhabited places in the area are Woodenbong and Humpybong (I think they speak for themselves).

New Zealand - Reports of hippies here and there. Kiwis are known for their friendliness and hospitality. Hippies can be found in the Coromandel, which is a peninsula just kind of across from Auckland. In Nelson at the top of the south island there are little communities of hippies scattered about. 

Waiheke Island, New Zealand - a 35 minute ferry ride from the nations largest city of Auckland. (1.1 million people). With a population of about 5000, Waiheke Island is very popular with those who want to live closer to nature. 


Amsterdam, Holland -  THE hippy center of Europe. Marijuana sold legally in more than 400 coffeeshops, a long history of tolerance, beautiful old city, great vibes everywhere, and yes the friendly Dutch speak English. Hippie Heaven! Lots of headshops, smartshops, rave venues, hip fashions, museums and concerts. The Vondelpark has been a gathering place for hippies since the 60s. Please see our Hip Guide to Amsterdam at for lots more info.

Belgium - "I moved from Brussels to the little town of Mesnil Eglise (yes, Belgium) and see from the 75 habitants half of them are old and new tekno-hippies. From the solar energy professor to artists and bio food producers all invite friends to spend the summer in the woods of the Ardennes. This makes a lot of people smokin' and roamin' the 3 streets of the village... The melting pot with the original farmers worked well out during the last 25 years." 

Prague, Czech Republic - "The capital of Czech republic is also a capital of hippie life-forms here in Czech and also for a quite a lot of them from other countries. Mary Jane is not legal, but there are a lot of small clubs, organizing the festivals, concerts, theatre and a lot of other actions, where the MJ smoke is tolerated. It has a kind of legality as by our law you can smoke it, but can not grow it, trade it etc." 

The Greek Islands - European hippies flock to dozens of islands in the summer. Hot spots are Ios, Santorini, and Crete. "Other really hot places in the Greek Islands are Paros and AntiParos. The two islands are half an hour from one another. I live in Greece so I know the really cool places. There you can find a lot of Hippies, ( French, English and Greek usually...)." 

Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark - "is a free-city and the ultimate hippie haven in Europe, after Amsterdam, of course. In Kristiania you can smoke dope as much as you please and the city is very beautiful with many attractions and a lot of young people... among the hippies most popular rock band Gasolin. For more info, check out "

Glastonbury, England - It's such a groovy place. Awesome stores, groovy little restaurants, cool attractions like the Torr and Chalice Well, great places to experience a trip! the people in glastonbury are totally cool... they're all about free speech and love and they're all real friendly. Lot's of activists and Pagans there too. A really hip place in general

Helsinki, Finland - "There is a small hippie-community here too... Not a big one, but a GREAT one... As said here before, there's a lot going on in Kaisaniemi Park, but also in Koff Park, where at night you can hear the congas and really get (high) into the spirit of Helsinki. Just in the neighbourhood where I live, Kallio, there are loads of hippie parties, smoky living rooms and little peaceful parks. Of course, because of the cold winters, there's really no life after summer... but I highly recommend Finland from May to Septemberů"

"If you want to have really psychedelic vibrations in Finland, please visit in Kaisaniemi´s Park in Helsinki. Lots of nice people, well, only in summertime, sadly. Bring your own shaman drum and enjoy... But be careful, the cops are not very friendly here." 

"There is a huge hippy movement here started about 2 years ago. There are only 5 million people in Finland and 18% of the youth are on drugs, mostly ganja. I am very proud of the hippy movement here. You can spot the hippies here. If you dress like them they more than likely will offer you a joint!!"

Geneva, Switzerland - "It's a real hip city... Pot is almost legal here now, the town's full of somehow-illegal-but-tolerated places where you can sit, listen to some really cool music while rolling a nice one and have a beer for a couple of coins... Hey, it's a great place! And it ain't THAT expensive. Less than Paris! The best is in summer, at the end of July. There's a huge open air festival which really looks like a small Woodstock...Same spirit (almost) and lots and lots of friendly people who are just there for the music, the spirit and the party... It lasts for a week. It's the PALEO festival and I think you guys should get to know it!" 

Spain - Spain is the European country that is closest to Morocco, with more than 1500 years of cannabis and hash smoking history. "Here are a couple of places in Spain that you NEED to visit:
Altea (in the province of Alicante)- Paradise! A beautiful little Mediterranean town where everyone's as free as he wants to get.... Don't miss "Franky`s Place", in Benidorm (just 5 miles away), a little 20 year old semi-underground bar where you can find the "relax" and good music, having a peaceful smoke.

Ibiza (Mediterranean Island, 75 N. miles out of Spanish Coast) This is THE place. Ibiza is the big party scene. Lots of young beautiful people, music, beaches, etc."

Galicia, Spain - Situated in the North of Spain. Just above Portugal. Met a Celtic road travellar/ Shaman from this part. This is one of the rare places left in Spain where Shamanism is still manifesting with a strong Celtic glow. He told me of beautiful mountains where, when the moon is full, the energy flows from the call of Angels above. A purity. A personal touch to anyone looking for the goodness in magic.

Tenerife, Canary Islands. A magical blend of starlight nights, mountains, and sea. Trust me, lying under the stars will make no other starry sky seem quite as black and as speckled with stars as this vision. White washed houses trail the mountainous paths where the winding roads travel high on cliff edges. The vegetation here is so green.apparently anything grows on this land, after all, it's known for it's Spring climate all year round ( Gotta taste the warm rain and smell the moist ground.delight! )There's an upcoming mix of African and Spanish culture due to its geographical location. Whether you're in the North ( the place to be for natural beauty ), down South ( where the parties kick off hard ), or up in the mountains of the Teide  ( watch out for those scorpions! ).I guarantee immense energy to align even the most stressed of people. The beaches stretch with volcanic black sand that soak up the sun for the ultimate tan. The clouds linger around the villages on mountain tops.a mist like in heaven.Don't forget to catch "Rastro" market in Santa Cruz for good deals on Shaman drums, guitars.etc. Quite a good number of camping sites. A friendly environment where people feel a freedom to talk. It's great feeling the vibes of some of the travellars who so often come back-packing in search for this peaceful vibration. A must.

Portugal - during the summer this place is the bomb, you have music festivals all over the place from july to september or you can go down to the south part of the country, algarve, where you can find beautiful beachs, mountains and a lot of really cool people from all over europe especially in lagos or in the little island of tafira. Anyway it´s a dam good place to any hippie to came and visit were you can drink a beer for $1 or $2, and you can roll a nice joint without no one saying anything, just don´t do it in front of the cops.


The Caribbean - The laidback island lifestyle attracts many hippies. Warm weather, beaches and life in the slow lane finds hippies in the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Martin, the Grenadines, Jamaica and other tropical ports. 

Bulls Bay, Jamaica..... "love--guavajelly "

Dahab, Egypt - "Dahab is a small Bedouin village located at the East Coast of the Sinai desert. Since the 70's, it's full of hippie and vagabond types. The atmosphere of the place is really nice and laidback with great music like ambient techno, reggae, 60s rock playing every where. There are several campgrounds where you can stay at rates around 1$ per night. In most restaurants you lay or sit on the floor on carpets and pillows, outdoors or indoors just by the Red Sea. There are great coral reefs a couple of meters from the shore, so many people come here for the diving. Other activities are desert excursions to oases or Mt. Sinai, wind surfing, cheap grass, desert parties, backgammon etc. Definitely a place to visit. Dahab is a very, very special place. Those who like Amsterdam should go to Dahab in winter (Christmas, New Year). Many Divers, Surfers, Trampers. Most of them smoke, even the policeman, Bedouin people and taxi drivers are stoned. The desert is great. Imagine riding on a camel and smoking good stuff. Then go in the water and enjoy the fish!" 

Nile River, Egypt - "Felucca (type of boat) on the river Nile can be a most pleasant experience. They fit up to 8, so make sure you are in with the right sort. The captain rolls the joints as its tough with Egyptian papers having no gum. He cooks good chow too. And you have never EVER seen a sunset like the one from a small little boat peacefully going up the Nile. We ordered our boat from the Bob Marley Hotel run by Mohammed Bob, he's a bit of a schemer but he's got plenty of ganja." 

Israel - "Many hippies live here in the Holy Land. The only westernized country where communes are part of the system." 

Morocco - Once part of the hippy trail from Marrakech to the Rif Mountains, Morocco is still an interesting place to visit. Hip, laid back, places are Chefchaouen and Essaouira. Morocco is cheap and the hashish is excellent. Be aware of the local customs and act appropriately. See the Hip Guide to Morocco,  for some first hand experiences and great photos! 

Turkey - Perhaps the hottest destination for Europeans these days (it's cheap!). This friendly country has much to offer, including great beaches, culture, and shopping. Again, toe the line - remember the movie "Midnight Express"! 

South Africa - "If you're looking for hippies South Africa has got them. Cape Town especially hosts a large hippy community, here we have the famous Green Market Square where hippies sell their creation from clothes to paintings. Every year from late June into early July thousands of people make their way to Grahmstown, a small town in the middle of nowhere, for the Grahmstown festival. Every hippy in the country winds up there sometime time during the 2-week festival. The festival is actually an arts festival where plays of all kinds (from miming to Shakespeare) can be seen, but along with the abundant actors come the hippies, hoping to make a profit off the large crowds of tourists and catch a few laughs at one of the many comedy plays. The entire town consists of two main streets and several theatre houses, what space is not being used for makeshift stages is a hippy market the size of a football field. All those who have been to one of the annual Grahmstown festivals agree on one thing; it gets better every year. As more and more people come and the hordes of hippies become uncountable the atmosphere seems to grow in a unique feeling of appreciation for the newfound peace in this unstable country. As I returned home to Cape Town after the latest festival I realized that I met more humane people from all over South Africa than I had in years of travel. It's an experience of a lifetime not to be missed." 

Rustlers Valley, South Africa - "This is a place where people come together in peace and celebrate life, arts and music. There is also a permanent community there. They have recently had a disaster. A fire destroyed most of their infrastructure, but they are rebuilding. To find out more info about this magical place visit their website" 

Almaty, Kazakstan - The former capital  - very beautiful city-garden,lots of nice heaven-like places, mountains, and good people. I can't promise they're true hippy, but they look like hippy, behave like hippy and call themselves hippy, so if that's what you're looking for you're welcome (well, you're welcome anyway of course). Often you can see them singing in the streets or hiking.

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