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Welcome to the Hip Planet Portal. This site will take you wherever you want to go in the Hip Universe. All our Hip Sites are linked together, offering you a completely unique, alternative experience on the Net.

From our original Hippyland website, we have grown into a large network of sites including the Hip Forums, the Hip Market and the Hip Travel Guides. Our community has also grown, with over 290,000 registered members participating and supporting our sites. For more info about each site, look further down this page.

What makes these sites so popular? Well first we’ve designed each site to be highly interactive, allowing you to post your own ideas, images/photos, comments, reviews, stories and more. We also offer a range of FREE services including Free Image Hosting. But most importantly in these challenging times, we allow FREE SPEECH on our sites, without censorship.

So feel free to explore all our sites have to offer, and be sure to register and join our community, it’s FREE too!

The Hip Forums

Visit one of the largest alternative social networks on the planet, Hip Forums.  Hip Forums has grown to more than 220,000 registered members who post on such vibrant topics as Love and Sex, Psychedelics, Philosophy and Religion, Activism, Politics and Marijuana. With galleries, blogs and much more to keep you in-touch, entertained and aware of what is going on in the Hip Universe.

Visit Hippyland!

Cool Shit Hippyland
Hippyland is the largest hippie site on the Net! We have over 290,000 members registered so it’s a big community of like-minded kynd people. Hippyland is also the place to research hippies, the Hippie Movement of the 60s, participate in polls about current events, read book & music reviews.

Some of our more popular features are:

Hip Travel Guide

Your Planet Got the travel bug? Check out the Hip Travel Guide for great tips for such hip destinations as Amsterdam, Paris, Morocco, London & the UK, and Spain.

Each site contains restaurant, shop and hotel reviews, an Event Calendar, stories about the sights, people, history, visitor tips, maps and much more!

You can get great Internet discounts on thousands of hotels around the world thru our websites.

All our travel sites are interactive! You can post your own reviews, events or stories on each site, or comment on the reviews of others. You
can print out our maps and stories to take with you, or email them to your friends!