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What does Whole Foods have in common with Safeway and Walmart groceries?

It sells excitotoxins such as glutamate (MSG, monosodium glutamate) that is hidden using many different ‘trick’ words under ‘ingredients’. “Excitotoxicity is the pathological process by which nerve cells are damaged or killed by excessive stimulation by neurotransmitters such as glutamate…by glutamatergic storm”. (Wikipedia)

Everyone has heard about headaches as a result of ingesting MSG, but it turns out MSG is far more dangerous than just the occasional headache. Glutamate has a central role in obesity, heart disease, cancer, autism, neurodegenerative diseases, infertility, diabetes, depression and other mood & learning disorders—all of which have reached epidemic proportions. This is because the major excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain is glutamate (in very tiny, precisely controlled amounts!) and pouring large quantities of MSG into the body causes havoc by overwhelming and exciting the nerve cells to death. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lets food companies hide MSG under all sorts of disguised words so most of us are eating this stuff at every meal without being aware of it.

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The Quack who wrote, “The Quack Behind the MSG Scare”

By Harrell Guy Graham

MSG Molecular Structure

Every age has its minions who try and protect the status quo. And the 21st Century has a lot of status quo that is begging (and paying!) for these minions to arise and act as propagandists and apologists. The article titled “The Quack Behind the MSG Scare is Still Stoking Fear for Profit”, by Ian Birnbaum, is misinformed. The actual quack is the author himself, but of course he doesn’t understand that. The article was published on the theoutline.com which disseminates propaganda beneficial to the food, drug and chemical companies.

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Neil Young Video: “Resist the Powers that Be”

Neil Young has released a new video, titled “Children of Destiny” that urges Americans to unite and “resist the powers that be.”  This new song is Neil’s response to the current political vibe in the US, and juxtaposes typical patriotic images of the American flag waving with scenes of war and protest.  Neil’s voice is unusually subdued for him, as he worries about the future of the country and the world.

Backing Neil on Children of Destiny are a 56 piece orchestra, and rockers Promise of the Real including Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas.

The video is visually and lyrically moving with lines like;

“when money matters most/and war is good for gain”

“The children hide/somewhere inside/while the bombs fall in the rain.”

Neil has been a political activist ever since his days with Buffalo Springfield and the song “For What it’s Worth”, to “Ohio” with Crosby Stills and Nash, to his “Living With War” album released in 2006. Neil’s last album “Peace Trail” released in December is another political statement.



Disjointed: Kathy Bates Opens a Cannabis Dispensary

Kathy Bates and Chuck Lorre team up to get high in a comedy series for television due this August.

Twenty episodes have been ordered by the online entertainment company Netflix.

The American Horror Story veteran and star of other frightening film roles plays a lifelong advocate for legalization, who is finally living her dream as the owner of an L.A.-area cannabis dispensary.

Charlie Sheen and Kathy Bates on Two and a Half Men.

It seems Ruth has been a lifelong advocate for the legalization of marijuana, and she finally realizes her dream when she opens up Ruth’s Alternative Caring, a cannabis dispensary. Of course, Ruth partakes in a bit of the product herself.

Kathy Bates serves up her own head
Kathy Bates serving up her own head in homage to one of her many roles on American Horror Story.

Show creator Chuck Lorre (along with David Javerbaum who wrote for the “Daily Show” and “Colbert Report”) is sure to entertain the stoner in all of us with such show titles as Helium Dream, Donna Weed, Schrodinger’s Pot, Blue Dream, Eve’s Bush and 4/20 Fantasy.

Surrealistic Summer Solstice, San Francisco 2017

The Surrealistic Summer Solstice will be held June 21 in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in front of the Conservatory of Flowers. JFK Drive will be closed that day to accommodate the vendors. Dusk to midnight. Free, but tickets are already gone.

Hippie Hill, San Francisco
Hippie Hill 1967 – photo courtesy San Francisco Chronicle

Good news for some, but there is sour grapes brewing in the City of Love by the Bay.
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San Francisco’s Summer of Love 2017

It was fifty years ago when free love, peace and acid ruled the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

In that year artists, activists, writers, and musicians were all gathering with hopes of creating a new social paradigm. With as many as 100,000 young people from all over the nation, they used nearby Golden Gate Park as their playground.

When you leave Haight Street and cross into the park, the first big grassy field you find is what they call Hippy Hill now, and every April 20th there is a massive free smokeout for hippies and cannabis lovers. This year’s was bigger and happier than most, as California recently legalized cannabis for personal use by adults.

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1967 The Summer Of Love

Having been there, and done that, I have a few memories of the time known as the Summer of Love.

From the far distant future, 50 years later, it seems music was the most important thing to me then.

My mind was also exploring that year, it being the psychedelic era. My artistic creations of the time were mostly paisley patterns in wild colors and three dimensions with found objects. My poetry was pretty tripped out also. I had tried pot the year before and was known to nip more than a bit of table wine at dinner. In school I created a stir when asked to write a story for English class on any subject. I wrote a long piece about what I had read about people using LSD and the profound changes it had on their lives. That got me sent to the counselor and a rather severe scolding from Mom.

My defense was that the New York Times had reported Paul McCartney stating on May 1st that all four members of the Beatles have “dropped acid”.

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The Solar Living Institute in Hopland, California

Solar Panels and Windmill at Solar Living Center

Solar Panels and Windmill at Solar Living Center

The Solar Living Center in Hopland, California is a fun place to explore the realities and possibilities of living off the grid, and living well.

“Promoting sustainable living through inspirational environmental education.” – John Schaeffer

John Schaeffer had recently graduated from UC Berkeley in 1978 when he started the first Real Goods store in Willits, CA. They sold the first retail solar panels in the United States.

John Schaeffer

John Schaeffer

Over the years the company grew, and he reinvested in his dream of back to the land living with the purchase in 1994 of a 12-acre property for the SLC in Hopland, CA, which grew into the Solar Living Institute (SLI) with educational workshops and solar training.

Now the place is thriving with many visitors every day to the bucolic setting along Highway 101 in Northern California’s Mendocino County. A new Observation Bee Hive has been installed in the Real Goods store and a pollinator garden was also created to help save bees from colony collapse disorder. Continue reading

Burning Man, Black Rock City, Nevada

There is no better place to love your brothers and sisters and mother Earth than in Black Rock City. The world’s largest Leave No Trace community is friendly and kind and welcoming to all walks of life. No one will ever turn you away when you need to take a load off in the shade or get out of the dust. A huge portion of the population carry litter bags to help keep the city clean and they do it while looking fabulous and smiling. All citizens of Black Rock City are participants, there are no tourists or spectators. The cities entire lifeline is volunteerism and gifting.

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Baja California, Mexico

Hi Fellow Hipsters,

This is Virgin again of Ocean Beach-San Diego, CA, formerly of Santa Cruz, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and the Central California Coast (see my postings for these places).  As a San Diegan for the last four years I can tell you that Baja California is magical and one of the best-kept secrets of hippie-oriented San Diegans.  This is a brief list of some of my personal hippie-friendly highlights:

Tijuana:  For Mexican spiritual flavor, check out my Ocean Beach-San Diego posting for places to check on Day of the Dead and the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There’s a groovy cafe that’s my FAVORITE secret spot in TJ so I’m not going to announce details.  If you want real homegrown Mexican bohemian flavor, do some poking around to find this cafe on the beach that welcomes jamming musicians all evening on Sundays.  Trust me it’ll be worth it.

Rosarito:  Off the coast is awesome scuba diving at the Islas Coronadas, where you’ll also find pelican and sea lion rookeries.  You can access these islands from dive outfits at Mission Beach, San Diego.

During the summer on the night of a full moon, find your way to the beach in the north part of Rosarito for “lunadas,” which are small all-night parties by chill young Tijuanenses.

La Fonda:  Do a Mapquest to find this little outpost between Rosarito and Ensenada that’s popular with Gringo surfers for its consistently good, uncrowded, longboard-friendly waves.

Guadalupe Valley:  Just before you get down to Ensenada, turn off to drive east on Highway 3 to get to this area, which is Mexico’s largest wine-producing area.  I won’t give the details of this away, but if you do some poking around near the L.A. Cetto winery you can find your way to a very chill Kumeyaay Indian village called San Antonio Necua and nearby waterfalls and hot springs (not recommended during rainy months or for folks who don’t have a four-wheel drive).

Erendira:  Between Santo Tomas and San Vicente on Highway 1 there’ll be an off-ramp at Km 78 for a potholed 12-mile road to the coast.  In this little non-descript town is a very hippie-friendly hostel called Coyote Cal’s.  Check out their website coyotecals.com.  But be forewarned about a very bitter controlfreak ex-hippie who runs the place, and do your best to avoid this dude.  Despite his bad vibes the cliente is generally cool.

Bahia de Los Angeles (a.k.a. “L.A. Bay”):  Try to ignore the late-night loud Gringo sportfishing drunks and Mexican rednecks with their early morning ATVs and loud late-night Norteno music; this place is awesome for natural scenery:  a spectacular sea water inlet replete with great shallow-water snorkeling, early morning feeding dolphins, huge marine mammals, and surrounded by stark desert landscapes.  If you come here in mid-October you can swim with and touch harmless whale sharks, which max out at 55 feet.  You can also land at nearby little islands where you can snorkel with playful sea lions and harbor seals.  Totally awesome.

Laguna Manuela:  This is a tiny unmarked fishing and lobstering hamlet just a few miles north of Guerrero Negro.  In good conscience I can’t give you specific advice about this (which concerns U.S. laws that apply to Americans everywhere in the world), but if you happen to be in Laguna Manuela from early January to early February I strongly recommend you rent the services of a fisherman to take you out in the water to check out amazing specimens of HUGE marine creatures traveling through the bay this time of the year.  Believe me you won’t regret it.

Enjoy!  Or should I say, !Que lo pases bien!

Peace, Virgin

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