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Skip’s Corner

Unionize The Workers of the World!

Workers of the world, unite!

The corporate masters intend that eventually Americans need only be paid what a worker in a sweatshop in China is paid.  

To them there is no difference where it is made, only what is paid.  Profit is primary.

But what if instead of destroying the American way of life, reducing pay and benefits to workers, America insists that all workers, no matter where, are paid equivalent wages and benefits as Americans, including the right to unionize.

To enforce this, no products can be sold in America if the wages and benefits of the workers are less than those in America.  All such imports refused.

In addition to enforce equal wages globally, dozens of world-wide unions fight for equal wages for equal work, or they take over the factories/businesses and turn them into collectives.

The recent uprisings in the Middle East are political and economic in origin.  Unions are the ONLY THING that can provide the protections the workers require in this predatory capitalist world.

And if the unions are so big, they would have ultimate political clout on a global scale.  They could amass resources to counter any government, corporation or economic entity.

Then truly, power would be in the hands of the people.

But the unions themselves must be 100% democratic, not mafia money pots.

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A Real Solution to the Economic Crisis

I have a real solution to the economic crisis.

China needs to invest $1 trillion in U.S. Real Estate, commercial and residential. China has the dollar currency reserves and Treasuries to do it easily. China can work with the US on an agreement that will guarantee a $1 trillion Chinese investment in the US economy. As the Chinese redeem their treasuries the money goes straight into US real estate.

The Real Estate market will immediately stabilize on the news, and start to rebound as the Chinese cash in their treasuries and invest dollars in the US.

For the Chinese this is a big win because they will get in at the bottom of the market, and can ride it up for great profit. Once they start buying other parties will want in and the Real Estate market will improve dramatically.

This will prevent more foreclosures as property values increase again. The influx of dollars back to the US will improve the entire economy, ease credit and strengthen the dollar. Then the Chinese will continue to back the dollar by buying more debt.

Then American consumers will again be able to buy more Chinese products, putting more Chinese back to work.

This would undo the root cause of the economic crisis and restore stability and confidence to the economic system. Plus it would be a huge face-saving act by the Chinese, excellent propaganda too.

The Chinese can do what America alone cannot. And isn’t that our real problem? We are trying to solve what is now a global problem mostly on our own.

Copyright Skip Stone

Posted by: skip
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Support the Troops?

I believe it is very important that peaceful people NOT encourage or give any support to America’s paid mercenaries.

I don’t mean just the guys at Blackwater, cause every American who today signs up for military service isn’t doing it for love of their country or fear for our future. They are doing it for MONEY plain and simple. That and the promised education and benefits. Selfish greed, not patriotism is what really motivates these people.

We should all be asking ourselves why it is that young people in this country feel they have so few options available for their future that becoming a mercenary seems such a viable (or deadly) option.

Is it because the system has failed them? Because not getting into college and being unemployed or working at Walmart or McDonalds is the only future our society can offer?

They now pay soldiers very good money, esp. if they end up on endless tours of Iraq (war zone pay). These soldiers put their lives on the line for MONEY. Just like every terrorist out there. Yes, terrorists get paid too. It’s the same motivation, and politics really has little to do with it.

They get bonuses for signing up to Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, etc., just like American soldiers get signing bonuses. Terrorists get money for every confirmed kill. They give money to suicide bombers families. It’s all about fucking money.

With these terrorists, they often have NO other choice to keep their families alive given the daily conditions they must live under.

But with American mercenaries they DO have a choice, many in fact. They aren’t so poor and hungry that killing makes sense for survival. Perhaps they feel this is the only way they can live the American Dream of two SUVs, and a big house in the suburbs.

But as long as there are soldiers, and those paid to kill, there will be wars. And by encouraging, supporting and putting these guys on some sorta hero pedestal, we perpetuate the illusion that they are fighting for us, when in reality they are just paid mercenaries killing for money. That is how they should be treated. They SHOULD be reviled, not hailed.

I’ve once again come around to the point we were at during the height of the Vietnam War. Once again I can understand why hippies and other war protesters would spit on soldiers.

We are so blinded by the light of patriotism and nationalism, that we fail to see that by sending more boys off to war, we dig ourselves deeper and deeper into a hole.

By GLORIFYING these merceneries, we set in motion the gears that will send another whole generation to war, and ensure that our country will continue to be viewed as a selfish aggressor on the world stage.

While I could never bring myself to spit on a soldier, I understand the sentiment. It is not a personal act, but a symbolic one. And the sentiment behind it, is desperately needed if our country is ever again to be at peace.

We must come to view soldiers the way we view war. They are part of the same system, a system which has learned NOTHING during my whole lifetime.

We must not encourage these young people to go war. We must not glorify paid mercenaries. We must demand that our gov’t provide young people equally lucrative, peaceful opportunities for those who need them. That is something worth fighting for, not an education, not a big bonus or the GI bill.

Is it right to have to KILL to get an education?
Is it right to have to KILL to get a decent job?
Is it right to have to KILL to have a good future?

This whole idea of supporting the troops is INSANE!

It’s nothing more than propaganda to keep the war machine humming without too much resistance from the homefront.

What does supporting the troops mean? Obviously I don’t send money to them. I don’t send them cookies. I don’t write them letters. What ARE we supposed to do to support these mercenaries, and why do we need to support these trained, paid killers at all?

The idea of supporting the troops is a mental set that our gov’t has imposed upon us to keep us from protesting the war. It’s difficult for those who have wanted to protest the war to do it when there is so much pressure to support the troops.

What we should be doing, is remember that these are PAID mercenaries, who’ve chosen this path. We need not support or even sympathize with them. They want money and are willing to KILL for it. In civil society we call these people criminals, murderers or psychopaths. Why do we glorify the mercenaries who do the same?

We must come to the point of CONDEMNING those who become mercenaries. They should be pariahs, as indeed they were treated as such upon returning from the Vietnam war.

But wait a minute… There was a big difference there. There were lots of mercenaries during the Vietnam war for sure. But by far most soldiers were drafted. They didn’t have a choice. Many of them were in college trying to better themselves peacefully, and torn away from their studies, they were turned into killing machines for NO GOOD REASON.

And let’s not forget that this war in Iraq was started for NO GOOD REASON either. At first many of the soldiers were in the Nat’l guard or reserve. But now the new ones signing up are pure mercenaries.

As long as young, impressionable kids think it’s great to be a soldier, who think they’ll get even more attention and respect by being soldier, the cycle will continue.

As long as we continue to respect and support mercenaries, they will continue to attract more aimless kids into the military and private armies.

When we cease to respect and support them, more and more kids will realize that being a soldier isn’t automatically gonna make you a hero. Perhaps when the spitting on soldiers starts again (if it ever was widespread – I doubt it), these kids will think twice about becoming paid mercenaries.

So in reality it is OUR attitude towards the soldiers and the military that either perpetuates endless wars or finally brings us peace when there are no longer any kids willing to become mercenaries and cannon fodder…

We must spread another mindset about soldiers that sees them as the paid mercenaries they truly are, and treats them accordingly. Should we respect paid mercenaries? She would honor them, give them medals, make them into heroes, so that another generation of young kids decides they too want to be tin soldiers?

There will NEVER be peace so long as there are those who will kill and make war for money…

So you can’t claim you support our troops while doing absolutely nothing for them.

People must realize that to SUPPORT our TROOPS we MUST demand that they COME HOME NOW!

It’s not hard to believe that after 4 years of war, the vast majority of our troops want very badly to come home. More than they want the money, more than they want the glory.

Do it for them. Write your congressmen, tell them if they don’t bring the troops home now, you’re gonna send the congressman home, next election!

That is what I call supporting the troops!

(The Legend of Billy Jack)
words and music by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter
Copyright © 1969 by ABC / Dunhill Music, Inc.

Listen children to a story that was written long ago
’bout a kingdom on a mountain and the valley folk below.
On the mountain was a treasure buried deep beneath a stone,
and the valley people swore they’d have it for their very own.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of heaven, justify it in the end.
There won’t be any trumpets blowin’ come the judgment day
on the bloody morning after one tin soldier rides away.

So the people of the valley sent a message up the hill
asking for the buried treasure, tons of gold for which they’d kill.
Came an answer from the kingdom: With our brothers we will share
all the secrets of our mountain, all the riches buried there.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of heaven, justify it in the end.
There won’t be any trumpets blowin’ come the judgment day
on the bloody morning after one tin soldier rides away.

Now the valley cried with anger; mount your horses, draw your sword,
and they killed the mountain people, so they won their just reward.
Now they stood beside the treasure on the mountain, dark and red,
turned the stone and looked beneath it. Peace on earth was all it said.

Go ahead and hate your neighbor, go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of heaven, justify it in the end.
There won’t be any trumpets blowin’ come the judgment day
on the bloody morning after one tin soldier rides away.

Posted by: skip
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Hippyland’s 10 Year Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have gone by since we started

Hippyland back in 1996. Things have changed dramatically since then.

We were still in the Internet boom, and it seemed like the Internet was

going to change the world almost overnight.

It was this enormous potential of the Internet to democratize the flow

of information and empower anyone with a computer that made me decide

to sell my computer business and invest the proceeds into an Internet


I created my first website as a personal statement about my decision to

reject the prevailing business mindset and a rediscovery of those

values that I cherished during my younger days.

Back in the 70s I was a peaceful pot-smoking vegan, working in hippie

cooperatives in the Pacific Northwest. We might not have been able to

change the whole world, but we could certainly remodel our day-to-day

lives to reflect our priorities.

In that spirit I felt I could once again reorder my life to conform

with my own rebirth and freedom from the stressful business world. To

create my new website, I first listed those things I felt a renewed

spark to write about. Things I really felt strongly about, including

peace, love, spirituality, the environment, cannabis, what really went

down in the 1960s, psychedelics, vegetarianism, etc.

Reviewing that list, I had a sudden realization that I was STILL a

hippie after all these years, and so I decided to create Hippy.com as a

place to store my thoughts on these subjects. I never expected it to

succeed as it has. In fact I thought only a few old hippies would find

it and enjoy discussing the good ol’ freak daze.

It quickly became apparent that not only were LOTS of people searching

for this information, but most of them were young people who weren’t

alive during the 60s. Students, long-haired teenagers and even preteen

wannabe hippies were flooding the site with questions about the

original Hippie Movement. Like me, many wanted to rekindle the spirit

and get it going again.

To answer all those questions, and to set the record straight, I felt

compelled to write a book on the subject. I noticed the media had

rewritten the history of the 1960s to blame everything wrong with

society on hippies and liberals – and they still do! So Hippies from A

to Z was published and sold out (it’s available online here for free!).

Now, after 10 years we can look back and see that we have INDEED

succeeded in restoring the hippie mindset to our consumer driven

society, even to the point of freeing the word hippie from it’s media

imposed derogatory definition. We even helped put the words hip and cool back into the public vernacular as those words were very uncool in the business obsessed 90s.

And more importantly we have succeeded in uniting hippies from around

the world and activating their lives with the hope that we hippies can

change the world together!

With the planet facing its most difficult challenges, severe crises

that affect everyone, we all must spread our love and enlightenment to

the masses. We have a virtual movement online and a real movement

happening again in the world’s streets. As we come together this

summer, let’s send peaceful waves of love to the universe. We CAN

still make a difference!

Peace & Love to ALL!
Skip Stone
July 1, 2006

P.S. Coming Soon! The 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, San Francisco, 2007! Be there or be square!

Posted by: skip
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Bush’s War on Freedom of the Press!

I knew there was a huge conspiracy by Bush & Karl Rove to control the media, but now it’s finally being revealed as the most UNAMERICAN, Unpatriotic war on journalism ever launched in the US. It put’s Hitler’s propaganda machine to shame.

And it’s criminal because attacks on the media have taken the form of outright murder by the Bush Administration (attacks on Al-Jazeera in Baghdad & Kabul).

Recent revelations have shown how the media has been completely compromised over the truth about the Iraq war.

Critics of Bush have also come under constant assault by right wing media, orchestrated by no less than Karl Rove himself.

Read the REAL story here.

Posted by: skip
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Time to Nationalize American Oil Companies!

With gasoline prices now well over $3 a gallon, and no relief in sight. I believe it’s time for the US government to nationalize the biggest American oil companies. They are making record profits at the expense of every American.

Did you know that in Venezuela gasoline is only 13 cents a gallon? Chavez has kept the price low because that is what is best for the people of his country.

In the US we have no such relief, and no such leader. Bush favors the oil companies and is quite happy about the price and profits they’re getting. His attempt to investigate them will just be a cover up.

Did you know that 69% of Americans now report moderate to severe hardship as a result of gas and heating oil prices rising to current levels?

Did you know that Citgo oil company is offering home heating oil at 40% discount to Americans who can’t afford to pay the full price? Did you know that Citgo is NOT an American company but in fact is owned by the Venezuelan government?

What does it say about our own government who offers ZERO relief to consumers who can’t pay these outrageous prices? A foreign owned oil company can do what American oil companies & the US government can’t even do for it’s own people!

Chavez is currently considering nationalizing the oil in Venezuela, and I see no reason why the US shouldn’t do the same.

All this time that oil prices have been rising, the US gov’t has been actively keeping the prices high by continuing to fill it’s reserves with this overpriced oil. Just now Bush is having to finally taken action, due no doubt to republicans facing re-election pressuring him to do something.

But with oilmen in control of not just American oil, but America itself, it seems the only effective action would be to nationalize the oil companies.

America would benefit in so many ways! First the huge profits that have been accumulating could be used to offset the expense of the Iraq war, which was nothing more than an attempt to sieze oil for American oil companies. Why should we have to pay while the oil companies reap record profits?

Once completely nationalized, oil prices could be set at a much more reasonable price, and fixed there. That would tend to stablize world oil prices as potential profits get recycled into discounts to consumers.

The time is now to take control of our oil companies. The Russians realized this just before their oil assets got sold off. They re-nationalized their oil. Chavez will be next. How long before America wakes up and realizes that unless we do this, one day we will be the ones who can’t afford to pay the price, as oil goes to those countries that can.

Posted by: skip
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Who Will Blow the Whistle on Bush & Cheney?

Bush’s presidency has been marked by an unprecedented amount of secrecy and stealth. Yet as the presidential elections loom ever closer, one can’t help but wonder who will be the big whistle blower on the President, vice president and staff?

Other than Paul O’Neill a former cabinet member, not one member of Bush’s staff or in the administration has felt safe enough (probably in fear of their lives) to come forward and reveal all the misdeeds and coverups of this administration.

As it stands Bush & his cronies have been able to stifle just about every negative remark from within their own ranks. This too is pretty much unprecedented for a whole term in office for any president.

We ALL know about Bush and how he is constantly kept OUT OF TOUCH with reality, getting all his info from his advisors, who also are the ones who set all the policies for the US without Bush’s input anyway.

What a CLOSED circle the US administration has become with NO outside input of ideas or intelligence other than those politically or economically motivated.

When will someone wise up that it is truly in the national, nay the International interest of humanity to reveal the truth about the Bush administration to save us another 4 years of hell and war, death and destruction, more raping of our planet and disregard for human rights?

Whomever comes forward with enough evidence to indict Bush or Cheney will be America’s next BIG HERO. Does anyone in the US government have the guts? Or are they all such sheep they can’t see they’re being led by a pack of wolves?

Posted by: skip
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Let’s Spy on the Spies!

All this fuss over the spying at the UN got me thinking again about transparency in government. Look at how everyone either lies about or doesn’t disclose what is obvious to everyone in diplomatic circles, that bugging is a fact of life for politicians.

Yet, why is that bugging is limited to spy agencies? And why are such open institutions like the UN being spied upon anyway? Especially when it claims to be completely transparent?

Isn’t it strange that the WARMAKERS spy on the PEACEMAKERS? What if we were to turn this all around? What would we have?

Why not allow THE PEOPLE to spy or ‘LISTEN-IN’ to the conversations their ELECTED leaders are having? These politicians are YOUR employees, and as we all know employers all too often spy on employees these days, why is it different for politicians (who also seem to be immune to random drug testing!)

So why not have at least audio and video devices turned on every minute that our leaders are acting on behalf of WE THE PEOPLE. How is it that with today’s technological prowess we are denied the right to know what is REALLY GOING ON with our government, especially when they seem to be more than willing to spill American blood on foreign soil for oil.

How is it that our servants have become our masters? Spying upon us when it suits them, yet denying us the right to spy on them. What makes them so MORALLY SUPERIOR, that they don’t even have to follow the same rules that are supposed to apply to all Americans? Why have we granted them such power? And isn’t it time we took that power of supervising our employees back?

Even the top leaders should be transparent and bugged! That would not only restore trust in our leadership but accountability and responsibility would be impossible to avoid.

And that situation can only benefit WE THE PEOPLE in the face of corporate dominance of our politicians and corrupt political processes.

The only defence they can muster to this call for complete openness is national security.

I believe in personal accountability by our leaders, and I’m certain not just national security, but WORLD SECURITY will be even more ensured when THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING every move, every discussion, every decision, every backroom deal.

I think this kind of REALITY show is what the world needs right now. And if we don’t like the show our leaders put on, WE VOTE THEM OFF! That’s the democracy lesson THE PEOPLE are learning from the media. So let’s take advantage of that now and ‘capitalize’ on the popularity of survival reality shows. Think how popular THAT show would be!

But we must demand the right to SEE IT AND HEAR IT ALL! Otherwise we are personally disengaged from the REAL POLITIK, and our society can never truly be democratic.

The WORLD’S SURVIVAL is being jeopardized by political decisions that affect PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD. Those people in foreign countries who are victimized by American and Anglo Imperialism have no say or vote, which is really unfair and an imbalance of power, one which the UN is mandated to address.

So let’s all spy on the spies, and spy on our leaders who LIE and Deceive us about the reasons they go to war and coverup their lies over and over.

Aren’t you sick of it yet?

Demand change. Demand transparency in democracy. Demand accountability.

Let’s REALLY LISTEN to what our leaders are saying – 24/7 if need be…

Big Brother is HERE, and he is THE PEOPLE!

Posted by: skip
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Conservatives Struck With Fear! Hippy Menace Alert!

American conservatives are running with fear, losing credibility on every front. Even a war on terror can’t keep Americans supporting Bush much longer. Especially now that the war in Israel has gone beyond any hope of peace, and the invasion of Iraq is imminent, no talk of sensible alternatives to war will be tolerated by the American right.

The young are no longer silent about this war that is serioiusly lacking in moral objectivity. The rising tide of protest is just beginning. It’s peaceful and will stay that way until the government can no longer allow dissent. That point will be reached when students and workers strike against the war. Then it will get ugly as it always does when the government wants to teach the people a lesson. It’s in the stars, it’s in the cards, it’s in the bible, for god’s sake.

They’re so fearful of what’s going to happen they’re going to bring it about out of shear stupidity. I’m right everyone else is wrong is the attitude that will isolate America, AND it’s people in the eyes of the world. It’s already happening.

So fearful are they, they come here to this site to defend their ideas that might makes right and why talk when you can bomb? Will the U.S. go to war with Iraq without even sitting down to talk about it with the Iraqis? You betcha!

Too much at stake now. Bush’s popularity for one. Gotta have a war to take everyone’s attention away from the still sinking economy, the looming budget deficit (now $100 billion in the red & Bush is asking for 750 BILLION more!), the approaching ecotastrophe, the lack of any foreign policy. The entire world is very much aware how completely nearsighted and self-centered America has become.

Whatever sympathy and goodwill the US was due after 9/11 has been more than used up by Bush’s unilateral decisions that are affecting many other countries (and millions of people) without their consent.

But worse yet is what appears to be an attempt to undermine democratically elected governments around the world with fascist corporate governments. It’s happened in the US, Italy, they just tried in Venezuela, a fascist upset last week in France, right wing growing in Austria and Germany, this isn’t just isolated incidents, this is a coordinated attempt to undermine democracy and freedom.

They’re using FEAR of terrorism to terrorize their own people into giving up their freedoms. People will make unreasonable compromises when they are in fear of the unknown. Bush has done an amazing job of maximizing people’s fears at just the right time. Just like the Nazi propaganda machine did to get law after law passed to persecute minorities thru fear tactics.

If you want to know what the alternative to war is, it’s called peace. And too many people have already forgotten that. To achieve peace you MUST change your policies towards the rest of the world. You can’t treat other people as if Americans are the ONLY truly deserving humans on the planet. And the way you treat your OWN dissenters will only get you more dissenters until revolution is inevitable. I really hope America learned the lessons of the sixties, if not we will relive them soon…

Posted by: skip
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Human Species, Prognosis: Terminal

I hereby submit to you the idea, that the human race, as we know it, will soon be extinct.

To prove this theory, I will use concepts from human psychology to show how we are all facing the death of our species in the same way we would face our own deaths or those of a loved one. We each are going through the various stages of the grief process: denial, anger, guilt, depression, acceptance and resolution.

Most people, are rather apathetic when presented with incontrovertable evidence that humans are disrupting the planet’s ecology, and precipitating a planet wide catastrophe, through pollution of the land, water and air. The fact that we’re killing off other species at a rate almost 1,000 times faster than before, and that soon our own species will be threatened with extinction, is often met with skepticism if not complete denial.

That is, when people first learn these facts of life (and death), they refuse to believe they are true. They deny their validity, question the motives of the messengers, find some isolated scientific report to dispute the findings, and of course say that their government says otherwise, so it must not be true.

When you present more evidence which discredits the rogue scientist (who is usually being paid to make such statements) and shows how the government is covering up such information for political or economic reasons, you’re often faced with the anger of those who accuse you of trying to undermine the government or capitalism itself (and which no doubt threatens their lifestyles and value systems).

This anger distracts from the message itself by turning the messenger into the issue. Yes, once upon a time they beheaded the person who brought bad tidings. Now they try to discredit him instead of dealing with the message. Like that would somehow make the truth disappear (from their conscience perhaps). But unfortunately that never works. And for some people that leads to the next stage in the process…

Once a person finally realizes the truth, that humans are fucking up big time, and may have now blown the future of their species’ DNA, they then enter a new stage that brings about a 180 degree change of attitude. Many people never get to this point because it requires a bit of maturity and owning up to your own responsibility. This stage has profound effects on the individual.

I call it eco-guilt. And we all get to that stage when we understand that humanity is really damaging the planet by its activities and that it’s not somebody else’s problem, it’s yours too. We feel guilty because now we know we have contributed to this in many ways. Much of our lifestyle, and wasteful attitudes are responsible, if only indirectly, for this situation.

It focuses our attention upon what we as invididuals and as part of the larger society do everyday, that makes the situation so dire. And we cannot help but be struck with guilt as we examine our behaviors and the assumptions we’ve always made that lie behind them. This is a learning process, and the facts when put together form a big picture of ecosystem abuse that has been allowed to spiral out of control.

Those suffering from eco-guilt often become radical in their thinking. Many decide to oppose those who are destroying the planet, and are willing to go to extremes in order to save one small part of it. Others will radically alter their lifestyles to conform to a vision of a less destructive life, one in balance. They become vegetarian, or join a commune or support organizations that are fighting to save this or that.

But many who have done this for many years or even decades, eventually become despondent at the lack of progress, the inability to achieve even modest goals in preserving or restoring the environment. Others feel that not enough people really care, or are willing to put any effort into changing their own lifestyle much less into changing the policies of corporations or governments. So the lack of reponse, and powerful opposition to their views by others wears away at their willingness to continue the fight for eco-causes. Eventually this leads to the next stage, depression.

Once you realize that fighting against the inevitable is pretty much a lost cause, you lose hope in mankind itself. You feel a universal sadness of for everyone, not just yourself. No longer is life a bowl of cherries waiting to be consumed. Now it’s a bowl full of worms, that is all there is left to eat, and everyone is fighting over it!

The determination that the prognosis is terminal, is one with profound implications for those who finally realize it. I believe to reach this level you must already be a person of great compassion. You’ve not only seen through the maya of the masses, you’ve now been witness to the karma of a whole species, and much of the planet. And once you’ve taken it to that level, you accept the fact that it’s just part of the wheel of life and that humans like so many other life-forms have had their day in the sun, and will soon be gone. This is when you accept the inevitable and that there is nothing to be done that can change it. You accept everything, your species’ karma, your own role in it, and the fact that it can’t be changed.

This acceptance relieves a psychic burden on your soul and frees you to once again get on with your life and face the day-to-day experiences and challenges with less anger and more compassion. You see life and death as part of the endless cycle of which you’re a part. And now you can resolve to be a more conscious actor in the play and make the most of every moment on the planet’s stage to help others achieve a greater consciousness. Because life and consciousness will continue whether or not the human race does….

Posted by: skip
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