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Conservatives Struck With Fear! Hippy Menace Alert!

American conservatives are running with fear, losing credibility on every front. Even a war on terror can’t keep Americans supporting Bush much longer. Especially now that the war in Israel has gone beyond any hope of peace, and the invasion of Iraq is imminent, no talk of sensible alternatives to war will be tolerated by the American right.

The young are no longer silent about this war that is serioiusly lacking in moral objectivity. The rising tide of protest is just beginning. It’s peaceful and will stay that way until the government can no longer allow dissent. That point will be reached when students and workers strike against the war. Then it will get ugly as it always does when the government wants to teach the people a lesson. It’s in the stars, it’s in the cards, it’s in the bible, for god’s sake.

They’re so fearful of what’s going to happen they’re going to bring it about out of shear stupidity. I’m right everyone else is wrong is the attitude that will isolate America, AND it’s people in the eyes of the world. It’s already happening.

So fearful are they, they come here to this site to defend their ideas that might makes right and why talk when you can bomb? Will the U.S. go to war with Iraq without even sitting down to talk about it with the Iraqis? You betcha!

Too much at stake now. Bush’s popularity for one. Gotta have a war to take everyone’s attention away from the still sinking economy, the looming budget deficit (now $100 billion in the red & Bush is asking for 750 BILLION more!), the approaching ecotastrophe, the lack of any foreign policy. The entire world is very much aware how completely nearsighted and self-centered America has become.

Whatever sympathy and goodwill the US was due after 9/11 has been more than used up by Bush’s unilateral decisions that are affecting many other countries (and millions of people) without their consent.

But worse yet is what appears to be an attempt to undermine democratically elected governments around the world with fascist corporate governments. It’s happened in the US, Italy, they just tried in Venezuela, a fascist upset last week in France, right wing growing in Austria and Germany, this isn’t just isolated incidents, this is a coordinated attempt to undermine democracy and freedom.

They’re using FEAR of terrorism to terrorize their own people into giving up their freedoms. People will make unreasonable compromises when they are in fear of the unknown. Bush has done an amazing job of maximizing people’s fears at just the right time. Just like the Nazi propaganda machine did to get law after law passed to persecute minorities thru fear tactics.

If you want to know what the alternative to war is, it’s called peace. And too many people have already forgotten that. To achieve peace you MUST change your policies towards the rest of the world. You can’t treat other people as if Americans are the ONLY truly deserving humans on the planet. And the way you treat your OWN dissenters will only get you more dissenters until revolution is inevitable. I really hope America learned the lessons of the sixties, if not we will relive them soon…

Posted by: skip
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