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San Francisco’s Summer of Love 2017

It was fifty years ago when free love, peace and acid ruled the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco.

In that year artists, activists, writers, and musicians were all gathering with hopes of creating a new social paradigm. With as many as 100,000 young people from all over the nation, they used nearby Golden Gate Park as their playground.

When you leave Haight Street and cross into the park, the first big grassy field you find is what they call Hippy Hill now, and every April 20th there is a massive free smokeout for hippies and cannabis lovers. This year’s was bigger and happier than most, as California recently legalized cannabis for personal use by adults.

A decade ago there was a huge festival in Golden Gate Park to celebrate the Summer of Love, Paul Kantner and the Jefferson Airplane showed up and a grand party was had by all, with doves being released at 4:20 pm, It’s A Beautiful Day performed “White Bird”, and the music was fab. This year the city denied a permit to allow another celebration there.

So what else can one do to honor that time in celebration?

In San Francisco there will be an untold number of art gallery showings of photographs and other memorabilia from that time, some excellent outdoor music festivals and concerts here and there.

Running from April 8, 2017 – August 20, 2017 at the de Young Museum is The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion, and Rock & Roll. Offering a collection of iconic rock posters, photographs, interactive music and light shows, costumes and textiles, ephemera, and avant-garde films this is something really groovy to behold. https://deyoung.famsf.org/summer-love-art-fashion-and-rock-roll

Haight Ashbury Street Fair (June 11, 2017) Since 1978, arts and crafts, food booths, three musical stages, a Family Area (Children’s Alley) and more. https://haightashburystreetfair.org/

There will be a Monterey Pop Festival celebrating 50 years since 1967 with a Three Day Music Festival Featuring Jack Johnson, Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band, Leon Bridges, Norah Jones, The Head and the Heart, Father John Misty, Regina and others. June 16 – 18, 2017 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds – Monterey, CA https://montereypopfestival50.com/

San Francisco Pride (June 24 and 25, 2017) over 200 parade contingents and exhibitors, and more than 20 community-run stages and venues, the San Francisco Pride Celebration and Parade is the largest gathering of the LGBT community and its allies in the nation. Celebrations begin on Saturday, June 24 in Civic Center Plaza. The parade, Sunday, June 25, runs from Beale Street along Market and ends at Market and 8th Streets. https://www.sfpride.org/schedule/

Kool and the Gang, Eric Burdon and the Animals, and WAR, will be performing at the Stern Grove Festival (June 25 through August 27, 2017). https://www.sterngrove.org/

The Marin County Fair (June 30 through July 4) will be once again the greenest fair on earth, this year’s theme, “Let the Funshine In” is a tribute to the Summer of Love. https://www.marinfair.org/2017

The Fillmore Jazz Festival (July 1 and 2, 2017) “is the largest free jazz festival on the West Coast, drawing over 100,000 visitors over the Independence Day weekend. From sunup to sundown, visitors can groove to the sounds of live music from multiple stages, browse the offerings of over 12 blocks of fine art and crafts and enjoy gourmet food and beverages.” https://www.fillmorejazzfestival.com/index.php

Jerry Day (August 6, 2017) is perhaps the most pertinent of the celebrations in San Francisco this year, celebrating Jerry Garcia, at The Jerry Garcia Amphitheater. https://www.jerryday.org/

The Outside Lands Music Festival (August 11 through 13, 2017) is a free outdoor scene in Golden Gate Park with music, food, wine, beer, art and comedy. https://www.sfoutsidelands.com/

Hardly Strictly Bluegrass (October 6 through 8, 2017) is another free festival winding up the summer season, with seven stages of musicians playing just about everything. https://www.hardlystrictlybluegrass.com/2016/schedule/

My hope is that San Francisco (and the Bay Area) always remains a safe haven of peace and love, where artists and thinkers can gather freely and creatively, especially through this summer.

the pope is not the only bastard in this

The Catholics for sure have a long history in native abuse, but listen up , the protestants are well versed as this is a protestant culture, in native abuse. Both groups burned witches and water ducked women to death for centuries. And forced Natives off their land, tortured them, and forcefully made them into dominant and submission Christian cultures as opposed to co exist, treat land air, water earth as the stewards. And each other for that matter, which echo many Native cultures to be stewards. I believe a lot of hippies reincarnated from native Americans because of the time period change, to bring more equality to all. And beings that the Abrahamic religions have genocide as their policy written from many justifications in the bible, and only about 3% of Natives still exist, we reincarnated where we could. If any one is interested go to SOAR, IDLE NO MORE, and join to help. I would like to see Hawaii join in with The US branches of Native Americans of the USA become one big SOAR IDLE NO MORE. When every tree is chopped down, and all the rivers , lakes and oceans polluted , only then will the Abrahamic cultures finally say, you can`t eat money. And if anyone is interested go to thehungersite.com and Care2.com and sign petitions. Great shopping for everyone on the hungersite. com. And the icing on the cake is it is all fair trade. There is also TheNonProfits .com for a huge list , (case sensitive) they are click to give , save the rainforest etc. etc. the sponsors pay when you click. Most good ol hippies will love these sites!
Bone appetite ya all!
by: tashina strongbow

I hate guns!

I am starting to become a hippy. This is because I feel the need in my soul for peace. Guns scare the hell out of me! While people of gun faith are defending their right to protect themselves with guns, I am fearing all of our rights to live here in America and be safe FROM GUNS!
by: Misty Collett

A Trip Through the Sixties – Women’s Liberation and Feminism

When I was in art college NYC in 1968-1972 one teacher commented on his lack of attention to my work that you are just going to get married and have babies anyway.. after motherhood AND 40 years as a design professional I can say with confidence, that that was not true. My daughters grew up  assuming equal opportunity in their work and equal efforts at housekeeping at home. My horror lies in the sharp rightward tack of this country politically, watching states institute vaginal probe laws I remember how my college roomate nearly died hemmoraging from a botched illeagal abortion. The family values, hard Christian Right want to put women firmly back in the kitchen, where God wants them. We must never let that happen.

TNeed Is Love!


vitamins to comsume


Could you kindly fill me in with information towards the type of vitamins or medication a hashis smoker must consume regularly to maintain a good healthy body and mind.

kind regards
by: zak

Lee Otis was a good man!!

I am 69 years young, born and raised in Houston. Carl Bernard Hampton chairman of People Party 2 which was located on tuam and dowling was not killed near TSU he was a killed by a sniper on 7/26/1970 in an alley across from the church next to wolfs dept store after being identified as someone said by ovide duncatell. I was at Lawrence gro on anita and dowling one block away when the gunfire started with my 8 month pregnant wife. get the facts straight mr. Jason before printing the story.
by: herbert johnson