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Hip Quotes

Hip Quotes: J. M. Harrison

We Are All One. When we allow ourselves to become aware of this statement in its purest form, we open the doors to reveal the oneness of being. Using the process of conscious evolution we begin to recognise… Continue reading

Hip Quotes: Anon Ymous

“A peaceful one realizes where the river flows, Regardless of the speed, regardless of the deed. A peaceful one senses truth in the air without a flare, for the vision is always there. A peaceful one raises his hand when… Continue reading

Hip Quotes: Anon Ymous

“Oh, this blessing I rewind, when an itch enters my mind. For Health is inner wealth that breathes from within and then takes a breath of air when delusions ran away. Allow yourself to say what illness could never obey.… Continue reading

Hip Quotes: Anon Ymous

“Love is knowing another within yourself regardless. A warm wind never frowned upon any icicle based on shape or size. The wind was obliged to melt it.”

– Anon Ymous –

Category: Love

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Hip Quotes: Anon ymous

“Liberty is a virtue unlimited. Preserve this blessing always and humbly share. Oppression had its hour, lost its taste, for it was more bitter than sour. Liberty respects the boundaries that support thee. When she is faced with obstacles, she… Continue reading

Hip Quotes: Amy A. Bjork

“If it is a good teacher that provides the student with the knowledge necessary to live life to the fullest potential, it is a great teacher that will inspire the child to do so. ”

– Amy A. Bjork – self

Category: Sages

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Hip Quotes: Skip Stone

“The Internet has shattered all our illusionary boundaries including national borders, cultural taboos, and even political power structures.”

– Skip Stone –

Category: Freedom

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Hip Quotes: Shelley

The man

 Of virtuous soul commands not, nor obeys.

 Power, like a desolating pestilence,

 Pollutes whate’er it touches; and obedience,

 Bane of all genius, virtue, freedom, truth,

 Makes slaves of men, and, of the human frame,

 A mechanized automaton.… Continue reading
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