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UN, Natives And Hippies Unite To Save The World

by Thomas Ivan Dahlheimer

This article is about my indigenous peoples’ rights activist accomplishments, initiatives and related – retribalization of the world – hippie countercultural, New Age mission.

A revival of the hippie movement of the 1960s is occurring today. Here I present evidence that shows that I am in the forefront of this hippie revival. I also show how the modern-day hippie movement, the indigenous peoples’ decolonization movement and the UN-led global ethic movement and are merging to become essentially one single movement.

The hippie expression of the New Age movement is attempting to unify the world’s religions and cultures to create, in effect, a one-world religion (i.e., a single spiritual philosophy) and global culture wherein all of humanity will live harmoniously together as one. The hippie movement represents a particular type of globalization. It is promoted in the lyrics of John Lennon’s song Imagine: I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will live as one.

A special United Nations event was recently held in celebration of ‘The Spirit of the United Nations.’ Open to all U.N. staff and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s), the program featured an opening ‘blessing song on behalf of indigenous peoples,’ an expression to ‘thanks to Mother Earth.’ And a special rendition of the former Beatle John Lennon’s song, ‘Imagine,’ was played to those gathered at this event.

The Hippie Spiritual Philosophy Of The 1960s

With the permission of Maharaji Mahesh Yogi, Ram Dass published the book Be Here Now. It has been described as the hippie countercultural bible. Moving Toward The One was a popular Be Here Now companion book. Its author is Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, a world-renowned Sufi master and mystic who died in 2004. Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, was another book that highly influenced the hippie spiritual revolution of the 1960s.

The New Spirituality

The world renowned Christian theologian, author and lecturer Peter R. Jones, wrote, in his article The New Spirituality – Dismantling and Reconstructing Reality: Indeed, the Sixties was a spiritual revolution that has now morphed into a worldview that promises to alter how we all believe and act in the planetary era. The New Age began to change when the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi introduced notions such as tran-scendental meditation, mantra, and karma into the mainstream through converts like the Beatles, Mike Love of the Beach Boys,..etc.. The spirituality of the hippie counterculture revolution of the 1960s has advanced over time. It is now the new spirituality of the United Nations led global ethic movement.

The world renowned theologian Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragan called the global ethic movement an eco-religion. He said it manifests itself as a new spirituality that supplants all religions, because the latter have been unable to preserve the ecosystem. The UN-led global ethic spiritual philosophy, in continuity with the hippie spiritual philosophy of the 1960s, unites the world’s religions by incorporating the good within them. This spiritual philosophy manifests as the United Nations eco-religion, or as the UN’s Earth-centered syncretic religion – the future one world religion.

My Activist Work

I am the founder and director of Rum River Name Change Organization. It was established to restore the sacred Dakota/Native name (Wakan) to a Minnesota river. Nationally and internationally renowned Indigenous activists have given their support for the effort to restore the sacred Dakota name to this river.

Indian Country Today Media Network, the world’s largest Indian news source, has published/posted letters and comments of mine. I correspond with, both, internationally renowned Indigenous activists and indigenous peoples’ rights activists, including leading hippie activists. These experiences, along with other signs, have influenced me to believe that I am at the forefront of the movement that is ushering in a new age and new world order.

Steven T. Newcomb is an Indian Country Today Media Network columnist and internationally renowned Indigenous activists. He is at the forefront of the indigenous peoples’ global decolonization movement. He works closely with the United Nations. We have contributed to each others’ work. Newcomb has helped me with some of my activist initiatives. He helped me draft a reconciliation resolution that was introduced to the Minnesota legislature. It includes a statement about the harm that the Doctrine of Christian Discovery brought upon Minnesota’s Indigenous peoples.

My article Independent Indigenous Sovereign Nations was first posted in Indigenous Peoples Literature. Then Paul Gorski, a nationally and internationally renowned multicultural educator and activist, posted it on his MultiCultural Pavilion digest forum. Then Amy Kasi, Program Manager for the National MultiCultural Institute, displayed a quote from the article and a link to it in the spotlight section of the institute’s October 2008 newsletter. In respect to my article, Amy Kasi wrote: I think it would be a valuable resource for anyone interested in not only indigenous peoples but also the history of the US and human rights violations in the US.

The creator and webmaster of an interactive website with over 225,000 registered members Skip Stone has a special section on his popular Hippy.com website, a section (or sister-site) named Coolove.org, where he, on the main page, has, for years, exclusively posted articles of mine. One is titled A Revival Of The 1960s Countercultural Revolution.

The world renowned visionary Daniel Quinn is promoting a revival of the 1960s countercultural revolution. His website receives 20,000 hit’s a day. On the back cover of his book Beyond Civilization a review statement reads, The retribalization of the world: what a extraordinary possibility!
When referring to lyrics by Bob Dyan, Quinn wrote: Why things didn’t end up changin. He also wrote: This time it’ll be different. An article of mine titled My Mission To Retribalize The World was recently posted on Quinn’s facebook site.

A paragraph in the article reads: In the late 1960s, one of the leaders of the revolution, Richard Carter, and I, along with some other members of the Mr. & Mrs. I. C. Rainbow family, my extended maternal kinship family, traveled, together, to Wahkon, Minnesota to potentially establish a Rainbow family, kinship tribal community. I am now trying again to accomplish the goal of the original plan, this time it will be different, the Rainbow family community will be established so that it can lead this peaceful revolution to victory.

During the 1983 Rainbow family reunion my uncle Don Rainbow, after talking with me about my mission to retribalize the world, which included (and still includes) my goal to tribalize the I. C. Rainbow family, he addressed the seventeen families gathered together at the reunion and said, a rainbow is a sign of God’s salvation plan and I believe that we may be used to glorify God more than any other family in the world.

I was of a somewhat New Age hippie expression of Catholicism for four decades. Three decades ago I met the internationally acclaimed spiritual theologian Reverend Matthew Fox. We met at the annual 1983 Tekakwitha Conference, an international Indigenous Catholic conference. He was its keynote speaker. I shared my hippie globalization mission with him. He liked it and asked me to stay in touch with him. Ten years ago he gave his support for the effort to change the name of the Rum River. An article of mine about my work and the Reverend Matthew Fox was recently posted on Fox’s facebook site.

Reverend Matthew Fox is no longer a Roman Catholic. He is now an Episcopalian priest who is one of the leaders of the United Religions Initiative (URI), an organization modeled after the UN and affiliated with it. The interfaith movement, including the URI, is poised to become the spiritual foundation of the United Nations’ emerging one world government – a Utopian world government, which will rest on the spiritual
foundations of a modern expression of the 1960s hippie countercultural, Earth-based syncretic religion.

I believe that Reverend Matthew Fox, one of the most visible proponents of the Creation Spirituality movement,is of the New Age spiritual philosophy and globalization mission.

About seven years ago I left the Roman Catholic Church and converted to the hippie spiritual philosophy and globalization mission. It is an expression of the New Age spiritual philosophy and globalization mission. Recent letters and articles of mine state that the hippie spiritual philosophy is the spiritual philosophy of my globalization mission.

A blog post by Steven Welch presents (in part) a picture of me and my Coolove.org article The Hippie New Age Christ And The Second Coming. The post is mostly about The Farm, the oldest and biggest intentional community. The Farm is a spiritually-based hippie community. The Farm’s principle founder and spiritual guide Stephen Gaskin is known as the world’s most revered hippie hero. Mr. Gaskin was a presidential candidate for the Green Party in 2000.

A statement in Welch’s blog post reads: If an evolved ethos and practice of intentional community and cooperation are integral to saving the world from humanity, then The Farm’s history ought to be required study for those who would pursue

A subculture group/tribe of people called the Rainbow Family have international, national and local gatherings. The gatherings are an expression of a Utopian impulse. They are temporary intentional communities – manifesting Native American traditions and hippie culture, having roots in the counterculture revolution of the 1960s. The Family’s goals include attaining world peace, promoting intentional communities – spreading love, peace, unity and an earth saving spirituality. Up to 30,000 people have attended
international gatherings, which have been held in many different countries.

A link to an article of mine that I wrote over a decade ago is displayed near the top of a list of Old Articles located on the home page of Skip Stone’s website Hippy.com. The title of the article is Creating A New Culture Based On Tribal Values. It presents information about my correspondents with Albert Bates, The Farm’s spokesperson and an internationally renowned hippie hero.

Stephen Gaskin wrote: The word wakan (holy) has a strong and universal concept and people around the world know something about it. The Farm has a worldview around the word wakan. This sacred Indigenous word is sometimes spelled wahkon.

Richard Carter met and spoke with Stephen Gaskin at Monday Night Class and when Gaskin and his group were getting ready to leave the San Francisco Bay Area and travel to Tennessee to establish their intentional community near Summertown. At the time, Richard Carter, his wife (Lois) and I traveled to Minnesota from the San Francisco Bay Area to potentially establish an intentional community or commune in Wahkon. I believe that we will be together again in Wahkon and that we will accomplish our original goal. I believe that the extended Mr. and Mrs. I.C. Rainbow family will come together in Wahkon and form into a kinship tribal community.

During the 1983 Tekakwitha Conference a missionary priest and one of the leaders of the conference Reverend Stan Maudlin said, during a group meeting led by Rev. Matthew Fox, there is a whole worldview behind the word wahkon. I went to the conference with a worldview around the word wahkon. During my meeting with Reverend Matthew Fox I told him about my worldview around the word wahkon. I believe that I have a mission to usher in a new age and new world order from Wahkon, Minnesota.

Stephen Gaskin wrote: The Farm is a demonstration project for a sustainable future – a non-violent eco-friendly cooperative community of pioneers ushering in a new age. I believe that the hope of the world is the successful promotion of my hippie mission, in conjunction with the promotion of The Farm and mission of Stephen Gaskin.

This article, including pictures and reference links, can be found at: https://www.towahkon.org/hippie.html

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Hippyland Updated!

We just moved Hippyland’s website to Hipplanet.com.  Please let us know if you notice any problems.  The domain Hippy.com was purchased by another party.

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A semi fictional encounter in Istanbul.

Arriving in Istanbul, a muslim city, at night, had been a shock. They hadn’t known where they were. There was nothing that resembled a bus station or a tourist information booth. Buses were loading and unloading in narrow streets, moustached Turkish men wearing cloth caps were piling in and out of old American cars. There were glimpses of minarets and Islamic architecture. The Turks were friendly enough. One, who spoke good English pointed them up a hill to a group of ‘Otelis’. They chose one called the Gulhane, the room had eight beds, the toilet was a hole in the floor, but they didn’t care.

Next morning they meet Goof from San Francisco. Ragged, bearded, just back from India. He is squatting cross-legged on one of the beds scraping pieces off a large block of very dark hash. He asks them if they have any skins. They have some blue Rizla as it happens.
‘Great. Real skins. I scored this in Kandahar. People call me Goof.’
‘You think it’s cool to smoke here?’
Simon isn’t sure. None of them wants to take any chances so they walked up an old cobbled road behind Hagia Sofia until they reach an open stretch where old cannons are lined up along the battlements overlooking the Bosphorus.
‘Man,’ says Goof inhaling deeply from the joint and passing it to Simon, ‘look at that man. That’s Asia over there. That’s where I was. Turkey is big man…took me a week to get through it. And Iran is even bigger. I hope you cats know what you’re getting into. The East will change the way you think.’
Arthur looks across the Bosphorus. Had Alexander felt any trepidation when he stood, perhaps in this very spot, looking across at his future empire? They sit on one of the cannons and Goof lights up another joint.
‘Dig the crazy cannon man. They use these things for hash pipes in Afghanistan.’ Seeing their quizzical looks he adds, ‘I’m not kidding. They have these massive clay pipes and they load them up with hash. Then they pass them round and everybody gets a pull. Those Afghan cats are really cool. You think you can smoke hash? Wait till you get one of those Afghan jellums. It’ll blow your heads off. Oh man look at the sky. Dig those clouds man! The great cosmic circus. We’re all part of it. And something is really happening now. Big changes coming man. Can’t you feel it? We are the agents of change man. This generation. It’s in us to change the world.’
‘I don’t know about that,’ says Simon, ‘that’s good hash though.’
‘Hey don’t bring me down man. OK I get it. You’re Limey intellectuals right. Arty types. Jerking my chain. But I know you guys. You’ve been brought up in nice little homes and had good educations…but you’re bored with it right. Now you want to walk on the wild side. You’re attracted to the random and the spontaneous types…you’re looking for kicks…like me.You know something’s wrong with the cosy material world but you can’t let it go. Am I right? Krishna and Kali…Yin and Yang. You need to read Kerouac man…he’s a writer…he knows what he’s doing…him and Ginsberg and those cats…’
‘Howl and On The Road you mean?’ says Simon. ‘It looks to me like they want to create an American myth. It doesn’t really work in England.’
‘Shit man Blake was English wasn’t he? Those guys…they have tapped the spirit man…turned it into words that sing.’
‘On The Road is OK’, says Simon, ‘ but there’s no plot. It’s as if he got really stoned and just typed it out in a couple of days.’
‘I’m not sure about that,’ says Arthur, ‘I think Kerouac had it all written in notebooks already but he needed to get a consistent tone.’
‘Jeez you guys,’ says Goof, ‘Why so fucking critical? Can’t you just go with the flow. Read Henry Miller. He’s the energy source.’
‘We met Henry Miller.’ Says Arthur.
‘You what!?!’
‘In Athens. Outside the American Express. He told us to fuck off.’
‘Too much!!’ Goof is rocking with laughter. ‘Henry Miller told you to fuck off! Too fucking much. That cat is a god to me man. He taught me how to live. Turned me on to the life force. It’s in the air man. And it’s free. But you have to open yourself to it. Just talking is no good. You remind me of all the fucking intellectuals in Berkeley. Coffee houses full of hipsters and beatniks or whatever the fuck they call themselves sitting around smoking weed and analyzing their lives. I got out. Ferlinghetti, City Lights Bookshop, poetry readings. Too intellectual for me man. Shit I’m horny. Hard to find a piece of tail in Muslim countries. Haven’t got laid since Delhi. India is wild man. Cows in the street. They got gurus and sadhus and wild holy men wandering around naked covered in ashes man. Weird stuff. But the people are great…the poor ones especially…they got nothing but they feed you man. Hey, if you get stuck you can always go to the Sikh temples…they let you sleep there and give you food…just dal…but it’s free man. Some crazy cats out there man…I met a German guy who’d spent 10 years in an ashram…reckoned he could drink through his cock. Hey…you think these Turkish chicks are hip man?’
Simon didn’t think so. Some of them certainly looked ready and willing but he thought anybody getting too close ran a good chance of getting castrated by angry Turks.
But Goof was off again…‘Kerouac’s right you know. There’s a revolution happening man…a revolution of the soul…you can feel it and this is just the beginning…I’ll make a prediction man…in a year or two there’ll be thousands of guys and chicks like you wandering off to India. Looking for…’
‘Looking for what Goof.’
‘Shit man I don’t know. Looking for God, looking for enlightenment. Looking for themselves. Maybe just looking for dope. Oblivion…who knows.’
‘Where are you going Goof?’
Arthur asked.
‘From here? I’m going to Greece…then hitching over to Spain I guess. Maybe down to Morocco. I want to stop hitchhiking for a while. It gets to be a drag…you know the worst thing about hitchhiking? You have to talk to all these people who pick you up…tell them some bullshit. You sort of feel like you have to entertain them…keep them awake. Or they start groping you. It can be a drag. But I love it man. Waking up in crazy places, miles and miles of desert then you hit a teahouse in a garden someplace in Afghanistan, sunset on the Ganges…it blows my mind. Don’t forget the water train from Zaidan in Persia. It goes once a week and you just get on and ride. It takes you right into Pakistan. Hey guys, I’m having a vision…dig the chicks.’

Two blonde girls dressed in anoraks and extensively patched jeans are approaching. Their names are Inga and Maj-Britt. They are from Malmo. Arthur thinks they look a little lost. They sit down on one of the cannons and things start to get confusing. Another joint is produced and everybody gets giggly. Goof goes into male display mode much to the amusement of the girls. Simon says something about trying to find the Grand Bazaar. Somebody, Jorge Luis Borges was it? once observed that the linear nature of language – wherein each word occupies its own instant in the reader’s mind – distorts the things we would make reference to. Fair enough, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying. The hash is strong. Arthur wanders off and finds his way into the Seraglio, an evocative word in itself, where he strolls through rooms full of dusty Turkish weapons and elaborate jewellery, the Sultan’s lavishly tiled throne room and the disappointingly silent and empty harem. There had been some vague agreement to meet back at the hotel for another smoke but when Arthur gets there he finds Simon alone, writing up the day’s events in his journal. They think Goof must have got sidetracked.
‘Doing those Swedish birds probably.’ Says Arthur wistfully.
‘You know, ’says Simon, ‘he could be the real thing…a genuine San Francisco hipster.’ They agreed there is something magical about the way he just appeared in their lives. The timing was impeccable. Whatever Goof is he doesn’t come back to his bed in the Gulhane that night. They find him next morning in the pudding shop eating a bowl of yoghurt and doodling in a notebook.
‘Oh man those Scandinavian chicks are something else man. I think I’m in love.’
‘Which one?’
‘Both of them of course. Don’t make me choose.’ Goof pushes the notebook over.
‘Look at that man. It’s what I do.’
The notebook is full of drawings, felt tip and coloured pencil…naked figures flying through swirls and patterns. It is easy to imagine Goof in teahouses, cheap hotels or stuck by the side of the road turning out all the images in his mind.
‘They’re remarkable.’ Says Simon. ‘You’re an artist.’
‘Oh, those are just notes. When I get back to San Fran I’m going to work them up into posters and album covers. Music. Concerts. That’s where it’s at man. But first I’m hitching to Stockholm. You got any bread man?’


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Hopi Prophecy WWIII

I would be grossly remiss if I failed to bring you the traditional (hereafter simply Hopi) Hopi message that
the world would transform radically by the end
of the Hopi/Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012.  I visited the Hopi in 1998-1999 in
Flagstaff, AZ.  Though they never talked about
their prophesy with me, I was confronted with their book at the first
onset, Hotevilla by Mails/Evehema.  In this book the spiritually
advanced traditional Hopi prophesy WWIII on page 35 in a glyph on a 1000
year old pictograph on a rock on the reservation.  For details on this
please Google Hopi Prophesy Rock.  See <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srYoI3LOzCY>  The Hopi accurately prophesied
WWI and II before they occurred and boldly told the US President at that
time (I think it was Taft) and were ignored.  It is wise not to ignore
the Hopi.  Their prophesies usually come true.

The point of the book, and the point that was so clear when I was in
Flagstaff, is that Western civilization has
created a real mess of native Hopi life.  The BIA, Peabody Coal and the
churches have done irreparable harm to the traditional, ceremonial way
of life of the traditional Hopi.  Now the Hopi are the nation’s
spiritual elders… when their ceremonial life is damaged, so goes the
nation.  They are afraid for themselves and for us.

The subtitle of Hotevilla is ‘microcosm of the world’ and what
they seem
to mean by that is that every community in the Global South has or will
experience this kind of maltreatment from the US military-industrial
complex.  War,
wage slavery, environmental racism (climate change, mining tailings,
pesti/herbicides, factory river/air pollution, illegal dumping, etc),
relocation of native people,
crippling debt via the IMF/World Bank, US support of (military)
dictatorships have all been felt by the Global South.  This is our
hallmark in the
developing world.  All because we can get away with it.  This is all in a
quest for profit.  You see, profit is like a spell cast over people,
because in essence, it causes slavery.  With profit, you get something,
for nothing.  If everyone were a wage earner, we would all gain more
based on skill alone.  Essentially, we would all be financially equal. 
What the Hopi are exposing, what they are declaring in that the emperor
wears no clothes, is that we can avoid WWIII through reason.  We
can recognize the dangers to humanity and the environment that business
and the military and churches cause, and make changes for a good world,
and not go through WWIII.

The Hopi allude to the interesting point that there is one thing we
thought of… the Chinese.  We have an odd behavior with them.  We are
shtuping them with wage slavery on one hand, and borrowing money we
don’t plan on paying back with the other.  To add fuel  to the fire, the
Chinese are schooled Marxists.  They are very familiar with the
machinations of neo-fascist capitalism.  And they have an army much
larger than ours.  They are hacking into our military, medical and
engineering secrets.  Plus, oil, water and mineral resources are being
scrambled for by hegemonies worldwide.  Add to that the global debt crisis.  On top of it all, they have some
of our nuclear weapons secrets.

The Hopi say that on Purification Day a ‘red army’ will cover the Earth
like red ants.  This is thought to mean that at a certain turning point
Russia, China and their allies (perhaps Latin American) will rout the
US and her allies and conquer the world, WWIII.  Whether this prophesy
is a deterrent to help us get our act together or if this is simply the
bitter truth, I do not know.  I suspect the former, knowing the Hopi,
but don’t rule out the latter, knowing the Republican Party and American
business.  In any event, we seem to be in real trouble here.  As time
continues and it seems more and more obvious that we will go to war with
China et al, be prepared.  Don’t go to war.  Negotiate.  Have talks and
negotiate.  We are all living on one small planet, and it is time that
we work together, brother with brother.  Common fellowship is inevitable
anyway, do it before we all perish.  If you wait until the last minute
and focus on fighting a war with the Chinese and Russians, I suspect it
will end in thermonuclear war.  The time to act is now, to relieve the
burdens of those that need our help the most in the developing world, of
those we have hurt the most.  That is what will save us, and humanity,
in my opinion and experience.

I picture to myself what
friends and family would say to me after the Chinese
invaded, asking why I didn’t do more to cry out, since I knew.  I have
been very vocal about this, and I recognize that a prophesy is difficult
to be sure about.  However, you can look at the facts.  The developing
world is slave to a relative few in this country and Europe, and powerful in Asia.  America is
in a funny position with China.  The environment is very, very tired.
 1.2 billion people globally are on the edge of starvation every day.  Clearly,
we are at a tipping point, and we have been for some time.  Perhaps
China is ready to cut the strings of the puppet master. 

It is an interesting thing to note that in spite of all of these
facts the Mayans, cousin to the Hopi, insist that we will transition to
world peace at the end of the calendar without world war.  Perhaps the
Occupy the World miracle and other movements of sustainability on a
personal level around the world are supporting the Mayan prophesy.  I
that is possible, but we have some hurdles to jump, and time is running
It is time to stand strong for peace and justice, the world over.  It
should be noted that the Hopi are a holy people, they are the nation’s
spiritual elders, and the last thing they want is to see WWIII.  They
have been protesting nuclear weapons and WWIII since WWII, and have been
to the UN (the house of mica) four times to make this protest official.

I have paranoid schizophrenia (medicated), and I want to share that fact
since this is a weighty topic with lots of responsibility…

is my opinion that ‘work’ is at the heart of this problem.  Here is a
four point program for our future, a mustard seed of wisdom:

Let’s begin a program of socialism for 2.5 months of the year or 2 days
per week for anyone who wants to volunteer for it (and thus benefit
from it in food, housing benefits, transportation, medicine, education,
etc) to
keep the trains running on time.  This socialist program can embrace
participatory economics, anarchist wisdom, native wisdom and socialist wisdom in economics, and even free
market wisdom in business.  The idea is to create an efficient, livable,
effective, wise and environmentally friendly global workplace for
taking care of our global needs.  Our socialist program needs to set the
laws for energy and transportation, such as high speed rail and
renewable energy.  Global needs need to set the precedent before wants.

2.  Gear colleges, universities and trade schools to help us unlock the
real dreams of our hearts for the rest of our work time, while guiding us
through counselors and native elders how to be of service to humanity
via our dreams, in
harmony with nature.  It doesn’t matter what we do, as long as we love
what we do, it is a service to others, and it is in harmony with
nature.  Native people will have this opportunity to continue their
native life unabated if they choose.
3.  Let’s develop a worldly zeitgeist regarding population control.  Our
planet is finite, and we need to limit the number of families we allow
to live here… the Earth can only take so much!
Understanding of the chakra system should be taught by ancient cultures
and traditions
such as Tibetans, Hopi, Hebrew and Hindu.  The reason for this is that
the chakras (through meditation, Reiki, Chi, Qi Gong, yoga, Wicca, etc)
unlock the inner voice, allowing you to understand right
from wrong from the spirit within. We all have chakras, they are simply
the nerve bundles and glands along our spine and in the palms and soles
of our feet.  Opening these chakras to the Spirit can be taught to
anyone.  One easy beginning lesson for this is called the Tai Chi energy
ball. Simply take a deep breath, relax, and gently bring your palms
together to within two inches from one another.  The polarity between
your palms is the energy of your chakras.  (please don’t open your
chakras too quickly as it can cause mental and/or physical illness.. it
takes a long time for your neurons to soften for the movement of
energy.  Take 6-12 months with a meditation teacher to open up your
chakras).  Also, love for one another and self is integral to any healthy society.

One day, when all people have an
understanding of their chakras, we will no longer need law.  We will all
know what to do, and we will live in paradise. 

In short, you
know you are politically successful when we, the people of the world,
are celebrating and we are in balance with nature.

I have some political questions to sum up, I would love a response:

Do US corporations benefit from 2 billion people living in severe
poverty in the
world?  If so, why?  Who is fighting against this, and how can we help
change this?  What is the CIA, DIA and NSA doing that is undermining the
freedoms of political groups of the developing world and why?  How can
we change that?  Why is America addicted to war?  What is the
psychological Nazi-like
American fever for war, and how can that be changed to peace?  Why are
Christians so pro-death; ie pro war, pro death
penalty, meat eating, anti gun control, anti environmental, etc. ?  Why
do white people in
America often denigrate people of different cultures and colors around
the world, to the
point that they don’t care about wage slavery conditions in China and
other developing world places that we benefit from in the market?  How
can this change?  Why isn’t this talked about in the news, or why aren’t
books written about wage slavery?  Why don’t we care about the
environment in the Global South, which we affect by global warming?  Why
are corporations so locked in to avoid using renewable resources,
and how can we look at profitable markets for solar, wind, geothermal
and high speed rail?  Why are we so clearly racist that we don’t care
about 4.5 billion people, in so many ways?

May all love and peace be with you.  

Seth Leonard

Here is some reference material to back up my claims:

All of the Hopi information can be found in Hotevilla: Hopi Shrine of the Covenant : Microcosm of the World
by Thomas E. Mails and Dan Evehema, and by Googling Hopi Prophesy Rock
to match page 35, the Hopi prophesy rock.  See also  Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
by John Perkins  US war on the developing
world has been documented in the papers for over a hundred years.  It is
interesting to note that the Hopi prophesied WWI and II before they
occurred, and reported this to the then President.  For this, they were
imprisoned.  There is a book called Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II–Updated Through 2003
by William Blum that describes constant war by the US since WWII toward the developing world. 

Wage slavery in the Global South is very, very hard to prove, but it is likely prevalent.  There is a good book on it called
Made in China: Women Factory Workers in a Global Workplace
by Ngai Pun.  See also The Story of Stuff: The Impact of Overconsumption on the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-And How We Can Make It Better
by Annie Leonard  See United Students Against Sweatshops:  https://usas.org/ 

For environmental racism, see Global Witness website:  https://www.globalwitness.org/  For relocation of native people, see Survival Interational:  https://www.survivalinternational.org/  IMF and World Bank cause poverty:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrynBzUpyag  US support of dictatorships (and many, many other oppressive issues):  https://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/

Here is some info on the PLA:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People%27s_Liberation_Army 
Their army is 3 million strong.  The fact that the Chinese have been
hacking into our professional computers has been in the news for over 10
years.  https://cyberarms.wordpress.com/2011/04/19/chinese-hackers-spear-phishing-for-us-military-secrets/  and  https://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread350381/pg1 There is a book that illustrates China’s obtaining our nuclear secrets,  Tiger Trap: America’s Secret Spy War with China
by David Wise. 

Peak Oil, Peak Water:



Debt to China and others:


Gobal Poverty:



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Journey for Justice Across America

Hello friendly earth people 🙂

I wanted to share a bicycle ride that was done this summer, by several very brave people, who had the guts and perserverence to get the job done..

Checkout out our web page www.j4j7.info
and myspace.

We are doing another ride April 8 2008, starting at Eddy Lepp’s ranch (in Lake County, California) and riding to Washington DC.

Our first journey took 82 days of hard work and the memories unforgetable. we took over 4400 pics and hours of video.

We hope to see hundreds of bicyclist thoughout the US in 08…

Hope folks will join in the event and make it the most productive to End this War on Drugs and stop the attacks on Medical patients.
if you want to help in any way let us know.

We are the Generation We have been waiting for Compassion in Action.

Peace and Love

kenny and j4j7 Crew

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Buddhist Words of REAL LOVE

“If the LOVE within your mind is lost and you see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education or material comfort you have, only suffering and confusion will ensue.”
– His Holiness the Dalai Lama from “The Little Book of Buddhism” –

The “near enemy” of LOVE, or a quality, which appears similar, but is more an opposite is: conditional love (selfish love).

“LOVE” in Buddhism refers to something quite different from the ordinary term of love which is usually about attachment, more or less successful relationships and sex; all of which are rarely without self-interest. Instead, in Buddhism it refers to de-attachment and the unselfish interest in others’ welfare.

How Buddhism presents and develops its concept of “LOVE” or Respect and Concern for ALL that lives…

The Buddha preached and maintained that ALL life in the Universe is a product of natural evolution, EACH LITTLE THING therein in the diverse eco-systems possessing its own Right to Exist. This thinking blossomed out in Buddhism’s greatest contribution to mankind, namely the concept of mettà [Skt. maitrã ] or UNIVERSAL LOVING KINDNESS. One LOVES EVERY OTHER THING IN THE UNIVERSE in a direct relationship of one to another, without a mediator or creator. We are, after all, in the world we live in, a part of a complete network. In spite of our differences, we are integrated into a WHOLE and each one of us LOVES to be LOVED. Therefore harmony and healthy relationships of one to another are considered a must, which necessarily leads to a smooth running order in the Universe.

In “LOVE”, ALL have to become EQUAL, and where Honest Equality prevails LOVE MUST KNOW NO BARRIERS, as known or unknown, friendly or otherwise. Not even as I and another. The amount of LOVE one is required to give to others cannot in any way be less than what one wishes and expects others to bestow upon oneself.

UNIVERSAL LOVING KINDNESS [or UNIVERSAL ACCEPTANCE of FRIENDSHIP with EVERYTHING THAT LIVES] practiced in this manner contributes to the much-needed Buddhist virtue of ego-destruction or ridding oneself of the menacing notion of I, Me, Mine.

Let NONE in the world we live in suffer for want of LOVE. And let NONE suffer because we do not TRULY practice LOVE towards ALL that live, like ourselves. Let us not forget our callous disrespect for the lives of other beings and the pain we thereby bring upon them.

How would Buddha LOVE? By seeing EVERY SINGLE BEING, human and otherwise, as fundamentally like himself, and thus able to treat them and LOVE them in the way he would be treated. We call this INFINITELY BENEVOLENT, SELFLESS LOVE, Bodhicitta or the Awakened Heart, the Very Spirit of Enlightenment.

When will that ever be,
When I can compare All infinite components of which I am made,
Those within me, with those without,
Like trees and grass and creepers that trail?

Seeing them ALL EQUAL, well and true!

When will such vision, mine ever be?

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Make Capitalism History?

Two hundred thousand hands are raised to the sky, not for Heavenly salvation, but for Earthly justice; linked together in great chains that stretch as far as the eye can see and bond friends and strangers alike. It’s four in the afternoon, summer 2005, and I’m up to my knees in mud and who knows what else, standing in a field in the middle of the rolling Somerset hills. An aging farmer takes to what is perhaps the biggest stage in the world, accompanied by none other than the former Boomtown Rats front man turned international anti-poverty campaigner. And as Bob Geldof urges the masses crowded before Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage to march with him on Gleneagles to ‘make poverty history’, there is a feeling of hope amongst us all; a feeling that perhaps we really can do it, that perhaps this isn’t all some naïve dream.

Less than a year later, the Make Poverty History campaign has wound itself up. And now that the dust has settled and the mud has dried, we must ask ourselves some searching questions. Its disbanding should not, of course, be seen as a failure in itself, regardless of the wisdom of the decision. Make Poverty History was always intended to be a campaign specifically focussed on 2005: the twentieth anniversary of Live Aid and, crucially, the year that Britain held the presidencies of both the EU and the G8. And the star that burns shortest, burns brightest. Or at least that seems to be their reasoning behind it. But did they burn brightly, or did they crash and burn?

Certainly the campaign met with some limited successes in achieving debt relief for the poorest countries and an increase in aid. However it failed miserably in arguably its most important long-term goal: trade justice. Fundamentally it failed to make poverty history. But is this so surprising? Charitable initiatives can only go so far. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a strong supporter of the campaign, in fact I’m wearing a white band around my wrist as I write. And that’s not to say that charity is worthless, and that we should all sit around waiting for the revolution. In a world where thousands die of starvation every day, I find it hard to understand those who denounce charity. If the problem of poverty can be likened to a brain tumour, then charity is a pain killer. But as vital as this may be, it cannot cure the disease; it can only help to alleviate its effects.

Make Poverty History was, of course, a multifaceted campaign and to its credit it did seek to go beyond charity orientated fundraising and calls for increased aid in looking to the long-term causes of poverty. However the unwillingness of the leaders of the world’s richest countries to commit to the necessary reforms highlights a significant point. We cannot expect global capitalism to paper over its ugliest cracks. Despite efforts to soften the blow to the world’s poor, through fair-trade campaigns, charity, development programmes and the like, poverty can never be made history within the present economic system.

Poverty is an essential component of globalised capitalism. The ills of sweatshop labour, for example, are well documented. Sweatshops are perhaps the starkest symbol of the callous inhumanity of unchecked market forces. Indeed the organisation No Sweat describes them as “modern, global capitalism stripped bare.” These brutal workplaces are, however, also the best demonstration of a Marxist critique of capitalism. When a single pair of Nike trainers are sold in the West for more than the average monthly wage of the workers who produce them, it is not hard to see how the system is exploitative. But workers in the developing world have little choice. Sweatshop or starvation. Nor is the lot of poor farmers much better, locked into unfair trade relations and paid only a fraction of the value of their produce whilst, at the same time, having to compete with subsidised Western goods dumped into their economies.

Capitalism does not simply create and sustain poverty through such exploitation, but also depends on it. With the establishment of minimum wages, health and safety regulations and welfare provision funded by higher rates of taxation in the West, companies can no longer depend on cheap and expendable labour in their parent countries. The developing world provides them with armies of the desperate and the poor, who are unprotected by such Western benefits because these countries need the foreign investment and know that the companies can threaten them with relocation. Capitalism relies on poverty to keep developing countries and their populations in such dependant positions, where Western corporations are best placed to make the greatest profit.

The poverty of the developing world allows for the prosperity of the developed. If everyone is middle class these days, that’s because production has been exported, but the exploitation of workers is stronger than ever. It is in the interests of the rich nations and of capitalism itself to keep the developing world in poverty, and the rules of the game are stacked against the poor precisely because of this. Make Poverty History succeeded in highlighting many of the most crucial issues that face the world today, but within the present economic system their efforts were doomed to failure. Perhaps the only way we can ever truly make poverty history, is to make capitalism history.

Salman Shaheen

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I -Love- the American Dream

I -Love- the American Dream

by Shirai

Bow down to the Puppet on his thrown

Little known are those behind,

raging eyes not alone!

Cover yourself in our delusion

Smile for a while, turn off the mind

when you see confusion

Turn on the TV

We’ll tell you how we want

your sight to see.

bow down to the Puppet on his thrown

Little known are truth behind

those who have to atone,

for daring to destroy the Empire!

Sink yourself in darkness,

Let them guide you by a noose,

but a moment loose, and they kick the bucket

Snap it and make a ruckus,

but it’s all right, really

Feel me sinking deeper in you

My greed, my desire,

my fire burns you and takes you under

sleep soundly to never know

what storms rage around you!

All my doing!

This is your freedom,

Tie yourself to chains of hate, ignorance, desire,


Money solves all problems.

Crush yourself to submission, it’s your mission

To glorify, beam with pride of the American Dream

No question whether if it had been lied.

This is your freedom,

Raised to praise the Kings to whatever they may bring,

Dare to discover a lie! We cover it away with another

Turn on you, your sister, your brother!

This is your freedom!!!


This is your freedom!!!

Your Empire thrives among the lives of the sheep,

the sheep , the sheep, sow what you reap!

Kill! Kill! Time for another thrill!

Yes! Oh Yes! American Dream!

Kill! Kill! Time for another thrill!

Who is next, our dear guest,

You are the target,

Forgotten on Friday,

Onto the next!

But shhh, hush to you,

And see

Nothing is what it seems to be.

Lies, whispering in the wind.

The machine turn and turns

On its rotten power.

Devour more and more,

Take another sip of ignorance,

Until questioning has ceased

Be assured your King, your Puppet

Will be pleased.

Let us think for you,

Trust us and see.

Trust us and see.

Trust us and see.

Yeah, right…

Yeah…. right… !



This is your freedom,

oh yes, yes

your freedom


Because this is your FREEDOM!

Your ever-appraised AMERICAN DREAM!

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