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A Trip Thru The Sixties

Discover what went down back in the 1960s that shaped our world today!
Students protested, police rioted, women liberated, sex freed, blacks empowered, and war continued as usual…

A Trip Through the Sixties – Women’s Liberation and Feminism

  Women’s Liberation and Feminism “Women are an oppressed class. Our oppression is total, affecting every facet of our lives. We are exploited as sex objects, breeders, domestic servants, and cheap labor. We are considered inferior beings, whose only purpose is to enhance men’s lives. Our humanity is denied. Our prescribed behavior is enforced by […] Continue reading

A Trip Through the Sixties – The Student Rights Movement

The Student Rights Movement The most exciting things going on in America today are movements to change America…The futures and careers for which American students now prepare are for the most part intellectual and moral wastelands. This chrome-plated consumers paradise would have us grow up to be well-behaved children. – Mario Savio (Free Speech Movement […] Continue reading

A Trip Through the Sixties – How It All Began

How It All Began January, 1961 saw the inauguaration of a new president, John F. Kennedy. The youngest president ever, he brought a vibrant energy into the White House, and claimed to represent a new generation of Americans. His enthusiasm was contagious and his famous inaugural speech ended with ask not what your country can […] Continue reading