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Hippie Timeline

Hippy Timeline
Here are some of the more important events of the 1960s-1970s. They include the antecedents and descendants of the hippy movement, the civil rights, anti-war, women’s and environmental movements. The psychedelic and the protest movements were greatly enhanced by the revolution in music, so we’ve included some influential music milestones.

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January – Bob Dylan, age 19 plays at the Wha
in Greenwich Village and visits Woody Guthrie in the Hospital

Jan – Civil rights demonstrations in Atlanta

Feb 1 – Four black students start sit-in at whites
only lunch counter in Greensboro S. Carolina

Feb 13 – France becomes the fourth nuclear power

Mar 15 – Lunch-counter sit-ins spread to 15 cities
in 5 southern states

May 6 – Civil Rights Act of 1960 signed by Eisenhower

July – Sidney Cohen’s survey of 5,000 individuals
who had taken LSD 25,000 times concludes it is safe

Aug 9 – Timothy Leary, 39, tries psilocybin mushrooms
in Cuernavaca

Aug 10 – Antarctic Treaty creates peaceful scientific

Nov – JFK elected president.

Nov – Eisenhower warns the nation about
the Military-Industrial Complex and its power.

Nov 9 – Brian Epstein first sees the Beatles.

Dec – Birth Control Pills go on sale in
the US.


Jan 17 – Eisenhower warns of increasing power
of military-industrial complex

Feb 18 – Bertrand Russell, 89, leads march of
20,000 & sit-down of 5,000 anti-nuke outside U.K. Defense Ministry
and is jailed for 7 days

Mar – Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) takes psilocybin
as part of the Harvard Project

Mar 1 – John Kennedy initiates 17 billion dollar
nuclear missile program, increases military aid to Indochina & announces
creation of the Peace Corps

Apr 11 – Bob Dylan’s first billed performance
at Gerde’s Folk City

Apr 12 – Yuri Gagarin of the USSR is the first
man in space

Apr 25 – Bay of Pigs, Cuba U.S. planned invasion
is defeated by Castro

May 4 – Freedom Riders leave DC for a southern
tour to test integration in bus stations

May 28 – Amnesty International Founded

July – Ban The Bomb Demonstrations start worldwide

July 19 – First Telstar Satellite Live TV Transmission
across the Atlantic

Aug 13 – East German border guards begin construction
of Berlin Wall

Sept 15 – U.S. starts underground nuclear testing

Oct 6 – President Kennedy advises Americans to
build fallout shelters


Feb 16 – Boston SANE & fledgling SDS hold
first anti-nuclear march on Washington with 4000-8000 protesters

Apr 25 – U.S. resumes atmospheric nuclear testing
after 3 year moratorium

Sept – Timothy Leary founds International Foundation
for Internal Freedom (IFIF) to promote LSD research & publish The Psychedelic

Oct 22 – Cuban Missile Crisis – Soviet missile
bases in Cuba, Kennedy orders naval blockade.


Jan – Alabama Gov. Wallace’s Segregation Forever
speech at inauguration

Apr 3 – SCLC & volunteers stage sit-in in
Birmingham, Alabama

Apr 12 – Martin Luther King & Ralph Abernathy
go to jail in Birmingham

Jun 11 – JFK Proposes the Civil Rights Bill

Jun 12 – Civil rights leader Medgar Evers assassinated.

July – Timothy Leary hosts Freedom House
groups in Zihuatanejo, Mexico, Dominica & then Antigua

July – Newport Folk Festival July 26-28, includes
Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs and Pete Seeger

Aug 5 – First Nuclear Test Ban Treaty signed

Aug 28 – Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream
speech, Wash DC Civil Rights March 1963, 200,000 attend

Aug 30 – U.S. -Soviet Hotline installed

Sept – Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and other
Harvard alumni LSD researchers move to the Hitchcock’s estate in Millbrook,
New York.

Sept 24 – Nuclear Test Ban Treaty ratified by

Oct 10 – Nuclear Test Ban Treaty takes effect

Oct 13 – Beatles on TV at London Palladium.
15 million get to see them perform She Loves You and Twist and Shout.

Nov 22 – JFK Assassinated in Dallas, Texas, LBJ
sworn in

Nov 22 – Aldous Huxley dies while tripping on
LSD (intentionally!)

Nov 24 – LBJ escalates the Vietnam War

Nov 29 – Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand Released


Jan 8 – LBJ declares War on Poverty in State
of the Union address

Jan 11 – U.S. Surgeon General declares cigarettes
cause lung disease

Jan 30 – New military junta takes over in South

Feb 7 – Beatles arrive in New York to 10,000
screaming fans

Feb 9 – Beatles first appear on Ed Sullivan Show,
74 million people watch, the largest audience in the history of television.

Apr 23 – Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl

May – Bob Dylan’s first visit to England, meets
The Beatles & Rolling Stones; turns The Beatles on to marijuana.

July – Millbrook LSD sessions with Timothy Leary

July – Ken Kesey’s First Magic Bus Trip to NY

July 2 – LBJ signs US Civil Rights Act: public
facilities opened to all

July 18 – Race riot in Harlem, NY

July 23 – Senate passes $947 million antipoverty

Aug – Ken Kesey & his Merry Pranksters visit
Timothy Leary & Richard Alpert at Millbrook.

Aug – Beatles first U.S. tour: 25 North American

Aug 4 – Three missing civil rights workers found
dead in Mississippi

Aug 11 – Beatles’ A Hard Day’s Night movie released

Aug 20 – LBJ signs anti-poverty program

Aug 23 – Beatles Hollywood Bowl concert

Aug 28 – Race riots in Philadelphia

Aug 31 – LBJ signs food stamp bill

Oct 14 – Martin Luther King Jr. wins Nobel Peace

Dec 10 – Martin Luther King awarded Nobel Peace


Time Mag calls young people generation of conformists

Jan 4 – President Johnson outlines Great Society

Feb – Martin Luther King Jr. and 770 other protesters arrested in Selma,
Alabama for picketing county courthouse to end discrim voting rights

Feb 8 – U.S. starts bombing North Vietnam

Feb 18 – Sect. of Defense Robert McNamara calls for nationwide
network of bomb shelters

Feb 21 – Malcolm X shot and killed

Mar 3 – Owsley starts LSD factory, making large quantities of acid
available for the first time

Mar 6 – First American soldier officially sets foot on Vietnam battlefields

Mar 7 – Alabama state troopers attack 525 civil rights workers as they
prepare to march

Mar 8 – 3,500 Marines land to protect Da Nang air base

Mar 16 – Quaker Alice Herz, 82, immolates self in Detroit in protest
of the Vietnam war

Mar 16 – Police break-up demonstration of 600 in Montgomery, Alabama

Mar 17 – 1,600 people demonstrate at Montgomery, Alabama courthouse

Mar 21 – Martin Luther King Jr. leads march from Selma to Montgomery,
Alabama joined by 25,000 marchers

Mar 24 – SDS organizes first Vietnam War teach-in at Univ. of Michigan

3000 show up

Mar 25 – Civil rights worker shot and killed by KKK in Alabama

Mar 28 – Martin Luther King calls for boycott of Alabama on TV

Apr – 25,000 U.S. troops stationed in Vietnam

Apr 2 – Ken Kesey busted for marijuana first time

Apr 17 – SDS leads first anti-Vietwar march in Washington. 25,000 attend
including Phil Ochs, Joan Baez and Judy Collins

Jun 11 – Beatles awarded the MBE by the Queen

July 8 – Chicago school integration protests

July 10 – Rolling Stones’ I Can’t Get No Satisfaction #1

July 24 – Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone enters charts

July 25 – Dylan goes Rock at Newport Folk Festival

July 30 – LBJ signs Medicare bill

Aug – Ken Kesey meets Hunter Thompson who introduces the Hells Angels
to the Merry Pranksters; Alan Ginsberg & Richard Alpert are at the

Aug 11 – Major race riot (6 days) in Watts, leaves 35 dead

Aug 13 – Nat’l Guard enters Watts riots in L.A.

Aug 14 – Sonny and Cher release I Got You Babe

Aug 23 – Premiere of Beatles’ Help!

Aug 31 – Burning draft cards becomes illegal

Sept 5 – San Francisco writer Michael Fallon applies the term hippie
to the SF counterculture in an article about the Blue Unicorn coffeehouse
where LEMAR (Legalize Marijuana) & the Sexual Freedom League meet,
& hippie houses.

Sept 25 – “Eve of Destruction”, sang by Barry McGuire top of the charts

Oct 1 – Anti-pollution bill sets emission standards for cars

Oct 16 – 100,000 anti-war protesters nationwide in 80 cities

Nov – Unsafe at Any Speed about the automobile industry’s disregard
for safety, published by Ralph Nader.

Nov 22 – Bob Dylan marries Sarah Lowndes & moves to Woodstock,

Dec 25 – Timothy Leary busted for pot at the Mexican border


Jan 3 – The Psychedelic Shop head shop opens on Haight Street, S.F.

Jan 14 – March on Atlanta to protest ouster of Julian Bond

Jan 17 – B52 collides, drops 4 10-megaton H bombs on Spain, none explode,
cover-up follows

Jan 20 – Ken Kesey busted again with Mountain Girl on the roof.

Jan 21 – First light show, Grateful Dead, 10,000 people in S.F.

Feb 19 – Jefferson Airplane and Big Brother and the Holding Company
with Janis Joplin perform at the Fillmore

Mar 3 – GI Bill grants veterans rights to education, housing, health
and jobs

Mar 11 – Timothy Leary sentenced in Texas to 30 years for trying
to cross into Mexico with a small amount of marijuana

Mar 25 – Anti-Vietnam war protests in NY bring out 25,000 on 5th Ave.
Other protests in 7 US cities and 7 foreign cities.

Apr – FBI releases file on LSD, drug gets bad press

Apr – 30 Mississippi blacks build tent city under President Johnson’s
window to protest housing conditions in their state

Apr – Discotheques are the rage in NY and LA. Andy Warhol puts on light

Apr 7 – Sandoz stops supplying LSD to researchers

Apr 12 – NY Stock Exchange hit with anti-war leaflets

Apr 16 – Timothy Leary busted at Millbrook by G. Gordon Liddy &
FBI for possession of marijuana

May 15 – Antiwar demonstration in D.C., 10,000 attend

July 29 – Bob Dylan’s motorcycle accident

Aug 5 – Lennon says Beatles more popular than Jesus

Aug 18 – Red Guard begins to wipe out western influence in China

Sept – George Harrison goes to India for 6 weeks to study sitar with
Ravi Shankar.

Sept – Timothy Leary holds press conference at NY Advertising Club
announcing formation of a psychedelic religion – League for Spiritual Discovery
(Turn on, tune in, drop out) & starts nightly presentations at the
Village Theater.

Nov 5 – Walk for Love and Peace and Freedom: 10,000 + in New York City

Dec – Cream’s first album: Fresh Cream released. Eric Clapton,
Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker.


Jan 14 – Gathering of the Tribes, First Human Be-In, 20,000, S.F.

Jan 27 – US, USSR, UK sign treaty banning nuclear weapons in

Feb – 25,000 US troops sent to Cambodian border

Feb – Beatles release Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, Michelle,

Mar – Scientist report LSD causes chromosome damage (never validated).

Mar – The Berkeley Barb starts the smokable banana rumor (based upon
Donovan’s song Mellow Yellow)

Mar 3 – Alice B. Toklas dies

Mar 18 – First U.S. supertanker wreck. Torrey Canyon spills 90,000
tons of oil onto English shores

Mar 26 – Be-In at Central Park in NY. 10,000 attend

Apr 5 – Grayline starts hippie tours of Haight/Ashbury

Apr 10 – Vietnam Week starts. Draft card burnings and anti-draft

Apr 15 – Anti-Vietnam War protest. 400,000 march from Central Park
to UN. Speeches by Martin Luther King, Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Benjamin

May – Paul McCartney announces that all the Beatles have dropped acid.

May 19 – First U.S. air strike on Hanoi

May 20 – Flower Power Day in NYC 1967

Jun 2 – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album by the Beatles

Jun 16 – Monterey Pop Festival

Jun 21 – Summer Solstice Party in Golden Gate Park

Jun 25 – Beatles sing All You Need Is Love on TV 1967

Jun 30 – 448,400 US troops now in Vietnam

July – The Summer of Love in San Francisco

July – Summer of Rioting in the US. Blacks take to the streets
in Chicago, Brooklyn, Cleveland and Baltimore

July 1 – Sgt. Pepper hits #1

July 11 – Newark riots start long hot summer

July 24 – 43 Die in Detroit rioting, worst in U.S. history

July 26 – H. Rap Brown arrested for inciting a riot in Maryland

July 29 – Door’s Light My Fire and Procol Harem’s Whiter Shade of Pale
vie for #1

Aug 26 – Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced hits the charts

Aug 27 – Beatles in India with Maharishi informed of Brian Epstein’s

Sept – Richard Alpert meets Bhagwan Dass at the Blue Tibetan in Katmandu,
stays in India & follows him until he meets his guru.

Sept 15 – Donovan performs at the Hollywood Bowl

Oct 3 – Woody Guthrie dies

Oct 8 – Che Guevarra killed in Bolivia by US-trained troops

Oct 12 – Big Brother and the Holding Company’s Cheap Thrills with Janis
Joplin at top of LP charts.

Oct 20 – Seven KKK members convicted of conspiracy in 1964 murders
of three civil rights worker

Oct 21-22 – Anti-war protesters storm the Pentagon

Oct 21 – Diggers exorcise the Pentagon. 35,000 Demonstrate,
647 arrested

Oct 26 – Draft deferments eliminated for those who violate draft laws
or interfere with recruitment

Nov 14 – Air Quality Act provides $428 million to fight air pollution

Nov 20 – National Commission on Product Safety established

Dec – Beatles release Magical Mystery Tour

Dec – 486,000 American troops in Vietnam, of the 15,000 killed to date,
60% died in 1967.

Dec – Stop the Draft movement organized by 40 antiwar groups, nationwide
protests ensue.

Dec 5 – 1000 antiwar protesters try to close NYC induction center.
585 arrested including Allen Ginsberg and Dr. Benjamin Spock

Dec 5 – Beatles open Apple Shop in London

Dec 8 – Otis Redding records Dock of the Bay

Dec 10 – Otis Redding dies in plane crash

Dec 22 – Owsley busted, stops making acid

Dec 31 – Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Paul Krassner, Dick Gregory, &
friends pronounce themselves Yippies


Jan 16 – Youth International Party (Yippies) founded

Jan 18 – Eartha Kitt visiting LBJ at White House speaks out against
the war

Jan 22 – B-52 carrying H-bomb crashes in Greenland

Jan 23 – USS Pueblo seized by Korea

Jan 31 – Viet Cong launch Tet Offensive

Feb – Timothy Leary evicted from Millbrook house

Feb – Beatles go to India to visit Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at Rishikesh
on the Ganges river. Mia Farrow, Donovan follow.

Feb 8 – George Wallace announce candidacy for President on law and
order platform

Mar 12 – Eugene McCarthy wins 42% of New Hampshire vote in presidential

Mar 16 – My Lai massacre 200 – 500 Vietnamese villagers killed

Mar 16 – Robert F. Kennedy announces candidacy for President

Mar 31 – LBJ announces decision not to run again and offers partial
Vietnam bombing halt

Apr 4 – Martin Luther King shot and killed in Memphis

Apr – The week following Martin Luther King Jr.’s murder sees black
uprisings in 125 cities across the U.S.

Apr 6 – Oakland Police ambush Black Panthers. Eldridge Cleaver arrested
with a bullet-shattered leg. Bobby Hutton shot and killed.

Apr 8 – Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs established (DEA)

Apr 11 – LBJ signs civil rights bill banning housing discrimination

Apr 11 – Major call-up of reserves for duty in Vietnam

Apr 14 – Love-in at Malibu Canyon, Calif.

Apr 15 – Start of Spring Mobilization against the Vietnam war

Apr 23 – SDS lead students take over 5 buildings at Colombia Univ for
a week. 700 arrested

Apr 24 – 300 Black students occupy admin. building at Boston Univ.
demanding black studies and financial aid

Apr 25 – Paul Horn records in the Taj Mahal

Apr 29 – The rock musical HAIR opened on Broadway at the Biltmore Theater

May 10 – Vietnam peace talks begin in Paris

Jun 3 – Andy Warhol shot by woman

Jun 5 – Bobby Kennedy assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan moments after winning
California primary.

Jun 14 – Dr. Benjamin Spock convicted of conspiracy to abet draft evasion

July 1 – Nuclear nonproliferation treaty signed by 61 nations

Aug 1 – 541,000 U.S. Troops in Vietnam

August 3, 1968 – The first Newport Pop Festival in Costa Mesa, California to an audience of over 100,000 people. Performers include Steppenwolf, Jefferson Airplane, Sonny & Cher, Tiny Tim, the Byrds, Iron Butterfly, The Grateful Dead and Eric Burdon & the Animals.

Aug 8 – Nixon and Agnew nominated during Miami riots

Aug 20 – Soviets invade Czechoslovakia

August 25-29 – Democratic Convention in Chicago demonstrations
& police riot 10,000 +/- demonstrators vs. 11,000 Chicago police;
6,000 National Guard; 7,500 U.S. army troops; and 1,000 FBI, CIA &
other services agents (Humphrey nominated on platform supporting
the war)

Aug 28 – Humphrey and Muskie nominated amid violent antiwar protests
in Chicago. Bystanders and press also beaten by police

Oct 18 – John & Yoko Busted

Nov – First Whole Earth Catalog published by Stewart Brand.

Nov 5 – Nixon elected President, Spiro T. Agnew, VP

Nov 6 – Student Strike at SF State


Jan 28 – Santa Barbara, Ca. oil well blowout

Feb – Massive strike at U.C. Berkeley for ethnic studies

Feb 11 – 200 students smash computers with axes & set computer
center on fire during sit-in protesting prof’s racism at St. George Williams
College, Montreal

Feb 13 – 33 students arrested at admin bldg sit-in at Univ of Mass.

Feb 18 – Students seize building and boycott started at Howard

Feb 24 – Students occupy Admin bldg at Penn State

Feb 27 – Police charge student picket lines, club and arrest two Chicano
leaders at U.C. Berkeley

Feb 27 – Thousands rampage thru nine buildings at U of Wisconsin, Madison
over black enrollments

Mar 12 – Paul McCartney marries Linda Eastman

Mar 20 – John & Yoko fly to Gibraltar, get married then fly
to Amsterdam for one week lie-in for peace

Mar 20 – James Earl Ray sentenced to 99 years for murder of Martin
Luther King Jr.

Apr – 543,000 US troops now in Vietnam

Apr 4 – Smothers Brothers tv show canceled because it is too controversial

Apr 9 – 300 Harvard students led by SDS seize Univ Hall and evict eight

Apr 10 – Police called into Harvard, 37 injured, 200 arrested

Apr 11 – Start of 3 day student strike at Harvard

Apr 22 – Harvard faculty votes to create black studies program &

give students vote in selection of its faculty

Apr 22 – City College of NY closed after black & Puerto Rican students
lock selves inside asking higher minority enrollment

Apr 23 – Sirhan Sirhan sentenced to death for murder of Bobby Kennedy

Apr 24 – U.S. B-52s launch biggest attack on North Vietnam. Protests
in 40 cities

May 15 – Hippies in People’s Park in Berkeley attacked by police and
Nat’l Guard

July – Stephen Gaskin starts The Farm commune in Tennessee.

July 3 – Brian Jones of Rolling Stones dies

July 14 – Easy Rider premieres

July 20 – Men walk on the Moon

July 27 – Police raid on gay bar in Greenwich Village, NYC results
in Stonewall Uprising. 2000 protesters battle 400 police, start of Gay
Liberation Movement

Aug – Blind Faith forms, with Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker from Cream
and Steve Winwood from Traffic.

Aug 9 – Sharon Tate & LaBiancas found murdered by Charles Manson
& Crew

August 15 – 17 WOODSTOCK Festival 500,000 people gathered for three
days of music and peace that changed the world

Aug 24 – Movie ‘Alice’s Restaurant released with Arlo Guthrie

Aug 26 – FBI reports 98% increase in marijuana arrests from 1966 –

Sept 3 – Ho Chi Min, leader of North Vietnam, dies

Sept 24 – Chicago Eight trial begins. Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry
Rubin et. al charged with conspiracy to incite riots

Oct – Is Paul dead? Beatles controversy

Oct 8-11 – The Weatherman Days of Rage

Oct 15 – Peace Day. 500,000 protesters nationwide. First Vietnam Moratorium

Oct 21 – Jack Kerouac, beat author of On the Road dies.

Oct 30 – Supreme Court orders desegregation nationwide

Nov 15 – 500,000 + march in Wash. DC for peace. Largest antiwar rally
in U.S. history. Speakers: McCarthy, McGovern, Coretta King, Dick Gregory,
Leonard Bernstein. Singers: Arlo Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Peter, Paul, &
Mary, John Denver, Mitch Miller, touring cast of Hair


Nov 17 – First round of SALT talks in Helsinki

Nov 20 – 78 American Indians seize Alcatraz Island and demand its return

Nov 20 – DDT use banned in residential areas

Nov 24 – Lt. William Calley charged with murdering 102 So. Vietnamese
civilians at My Lai

Nov 25 – President Nixon orders all US germ warfare stockpiles destroyed

Dec – Over 100,000 US troops dead or injured in Vietnam.

Dec 1 – First draft lottery since W.W.II held in NYC

Dec 8 – Raid on Black Panther headquarters in LA – four hour shoot-out

Dec 24 – Rolling Stones Altamont concert erupts in violence, one
spectator killed


January 1 – Nixon signs National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

Feb – Timothy Leary sentenced to 10 years for Texas/Mex marijuana bust

Feb 4 – Riot in Isla Vista, Calif. protesting Chicago verdicts

Feb 4 – President Nixon proposes environmental cleanup – EPA

Feb 18 – Chicago Seven acquitted of conspiracy charges

Feb 19 – Chicago Seven Trial verdict: Dellinger, Davis, Hayden, Hoffman,
& Rubin found guilty of crossing state lines to incite riot

Feb 19 – Explosions in 3 office buildings in NY; and in Calif; Wash;
Maryland; Mich, possibly done by the Weathermen

Feb 25 – Isla Vista Riots, Santa Barbara Bank of America bombed

Feb 26 – U.S. Army discontinues surveillance of civilian demonstrations
and files of demonstrators

Mar 6 – Three Weathermen blow themselves up in Greenwich Village, NY

Apr 1 – Cigarette advertising banned on radio and TV

Apr 7 – Referring to student unrest, Ronald Reagan, Gov. of Calif:
If it takes a bloodbath, let’s get it over with.

Apr 10 – Paul McCartney announces breakup of Beatles

Apr 22 – First Earth Day. Millions participate

Apr 30 – Nixon sends troops into Cambodia

May 4 – Four College Students Killed by National Guard at Kent State
University, Ohio

May 5 – Nuclear nonproliferation treaty takes effect

May 8 – Construction workers attack antiwar demonstrators, Wall St.,

May 9 – 100,000 attend antiwar rally, Wash. D.C.

May 14 – Police kill two at Jackson State during violent student demonstrations

Jun 15 – Supreme Court OKs conscientious objector status on moral grounds

Jun 18 – U.S. voting age lowered to 18, now old enough to kill and
(see Mar 23, 1971?)

June 11 – Daniel Berrigan arrested by FBI for kidnapping/bombing conspiracy

Sept 12 – Timothy Leary escapes prison (San Luis Obispo) with help
from the Weather Underground, joins Eldridge Cleaver in Algiers.

Sept 18 – Jimi Hendrix dead at age 27

Oct 4 – Janis Joplin dies

Oct 13 – Angela Davis arrested on kidnapping, murder and conspiracy

Dec – Paul McCartney sues to dissolve Beatles.

Dec 2 – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) activated


Jan 7 – DDT use outlawed by U.S. Court of Appeals

Jan 12 – Rev. Philip Berrigan and 5 others indicted for conspiracy
to kidnap Henry Kissinger and bomb federal buildings

Jan 12 – Ralph Nader forms Earth Act group

Jan 25 – Charles Manson and followers found guilty of murder

Jan 25 – Supreme Court makes first decision against sexual discrimination
in hiring

Mar 1 – Bomb explodes in Capitol men’s room. Weather Underground claims
responsibility in retaliation for the Laos decision

Mar 1 – U.S. stops licensing commercial whale hunters

Mar 8 – Supreme Court rules that objection to a particular war is not
sufficient grounds for conscientious objection

Mar 23 – Congress votes to lower voting age to 18

Mar 29 – Lt. Calley convicted for My Lai massacre

Mar 29 – Charles Manson, et al sentenced to death after
longest trial in Calif. history

Apr 19 – Over 1000 Veterans demonstrate against the Vietnam
war in Wash D.C., throwing their medals over the Capitol fence

Apr 20 – School busing upheld to end segregation by Supreme Court

Apr 23 – Vietnam veterans return medals and ribbons in antiwar protest

Apr 24 – Over 350,000 Veterans march in Wash D.C. and SF to protest
war in Vietnam

Apr 26 – 50,000 demonstrators in Washington D.C. set up Algonquin
Peace City

May 3 – May Day antiwar protest, Wash. D.C.

May 11 – Indian occupation of Alcatraz ends after 19 months

Jun 13 – Pentagon Papers appear in NY Times

July 3 – Jim Morrison of The Doors dies in Paris

Nov – Nixon starts withdrawing troops from Vietnam.

Dec. – Greenpeace founded in Vancouver, Canada


Jan 25 – Shirley Chisholm first black woman to run for President

Feb – Life Magazine states: Today’s high school generation is interested
security, stability, & comfort.

Feb 24 – After 16 months in prison, Angela Davis is released

Mar – Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) passes Congress

Mar 22 – 13-member National Commission on Marijuana & Drug Abuse
recommends legalization of marijuana

Mar 22 – Equal Rights Amendment prohibiting sex discrimination passes

Mar 30 – North Vietnamese launch massive attack. Troops go south through
the DMZ into South Vietnam, U.S. resumes bombing

Apr 10 – Biological Warfare Treaty signed by U.S. and 120 nations

Apr 15 – President Nixon & Canada P.M. Pierre Trudeau sign pact
to clean up Great Lakes

May 2 – FBI director J. Edgar Hoover Dies

May 9 – President Nixon orders mining of N. Vietnam’s ports

May 15 – Gov. George Wallace shot during primary campaign in Maryland

May 18 – Margaret Kuhn start Gray Panthers to protest discrimination
against elderly

May 22 – Nixon makes first U.S. presidential trip to Moscow

May 26 – U.S. and USSR freeze nuclear weapons at current level

Jun 14 – EPA bans DDT in the USA

Jun 17 – Watergate Break-In

Jun 29 – Supreme Court rules state death penalties unconstitutional
– cruel and unusual punishment

July – First Rainbow Gathering in Colorado

July 1 – Gloria Steinem launches feminist magazine, Ms.

July 10 – Democratic Convention nominates George McGovern for president
of the United States

Aug 11 – Last U.S. military unit in Vietnam withdrawn

Aug 18 – Water Pollution Control Act passed by Congress over Nixon’s

Aug 21 – Republican National Convention nominates Nixon and Agnew again

Aug 23 – 1100 antiwar protest arrested outside Republican Nat’l Convention

Aug 28 – Consumer Product Safety Commision established

Sept 5 – Arabs kill Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics

Nov 13 – U.S. and 90 countries sign Int’l Oceanic Pollution pact

Dec 18 – Full scale bombing of N. Vietnam resumes


Jan 27 – Vietnam ceasefire agreement signed after 58,000 US casualties,
U.S. military draft ends

Jan 30 – McCord and Liddy found guilty of Watergate burglary &
wiretap attempt

Feb 28 – 250 American Indians (AIM) occupy Wounded Knee

Mar 29 – Last American troops withdrawn from Vietnam

Apr 16 – US bombs Laos

Apr 30 – Nixon accepts resignation of H.R. Haldeman & John Ehrlichman
& fires John Dean. Nixon denies knowledge of break-in or cover-up

July 20 – Senate subpoenas Watergate tapes

Aug 8 – Nixon Resigns amid Watergate scandal

Oct 10 – Spiro Agnew resigns

Oct 16 – Kissinger awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Oct 23 – Nixon Impeachment begins (note Aug 8!)

Nov – Congress passes Freedom of Information act.

Nov 7 – War Powers Act passed over Nixon’s veto – requires Congressional
approval for military actions over 60 days

Nov 9 – Six Watergate defendants sentenced


Feb 4 – Patty Hearst, 19, kidnapped by the SLA (Symbionese Liberation

Feb 12 – SLA demands that Randolph Hearst begin food distribution to

Apr 1 – Jane Fonda arrives in Vietnam on second visit

Apr 15 – Patricia Hearst participates in bank robbery with SLA members

May 17 – SLA shoot-out in LA

July 30 – Two articles of impeachment voted against President Nixon

Sept 4 – Nixon pardoned by President Ford

Sept 7 – CIA operation against Chile’s Marxist Govt. disclosed

Sept 16 – President Ford announces conditional pardon for draft evaders
and deserters

Nov 21 – Freedom of Information Act passed over President Ford’s veto

Dec 21 – NY Times reports on CIA illegal domestic activities during
Vietnam War


Apr 17 – Khmer Rouge takes over Cambodia

Apr 30 – Fall of Saigon North Vietnamese troops enter Saigon

Sept 18 – Patty Hearst caputured in SF

Nov 20 – CIA and FBI charged with illegal surveillance of US Citizens
and plotting to assassinate foreign leaders


Feb 12 – Production of Red Dye No. 2 banned


May 2 – 2000 members of Clamshell alliance occupy site of nuclear reactor
in Seabrook, NH, 1400 arrested

Jun 6 – Washington Post reports U.S. developing neutron bomb


Jun 15 – Tellico Dam project in Tennessee halted by snail darter per
Endangered Species Act

July 18 – American Indian Movement (AIM) leads march from Alcatraz
to Wash D.C. to protest legislation depriving Indian land rights


Feb 1 – Patty Hearst released from jail

Mar 28 – Three Mile Island Radiation Accident

Sept 23 – 200,000 in NYC for nuclear weapons protest


Dec 8 – John Lennon murdered outside his apartment entrance in NYC.


May 11 – Death of Bob Marley from brain cancer.


Apr 26 – Chernobyl Nuclear accident in Soviet Union.


Aug 9 – Jerry Garcia RIP 1995 @ 53


May 31 – Timothy Leary’s Dead or so it seems…


Apr 5 – Allen Ginsberg dies


Jan 5 – Sonny Bono dies in ski accident


Nov 30 – George Harrison Dead at 58

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