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the pope is not the only bastard in this

The Catholics for sure have a long history in native abuse, but listen up , the protestants are well versed as this is a protestant culture, in native abuse. Both groups burned witches and water ducked women to death for centuries. And forced Natives off their land, tortured them, and forcefully made them into dominant and submission Christian cultures as opposed to co exist, treat land air, water earth as the stewards. And each other for that matter, which echo many Native cultures to be stewards. I believe a lot of hippies reincarnated from native Americans because of the time period change, to bring more equality to all. And beings that the Abrahamic religions have genocide as their policy written from many justifications in the bible, and only about 3% of Natives still exist, we reincarnated where we could. If any one is interested go to SOAR, IDLE NO MORE, and join to help. I would like to see Hawaii join in with The US branches of Native Americans of the USA become one big SOAR IDLE NO MORE. When every tree is chopped down, and all the rivers , lakes and oceans polluted , only then will the Abrahamic cultures finally say, you can`t eat money. And if anyone is interested go to thehungersite.com and Care2.com and sign petitions. Great shopping for everyone on the hungersite. com. And the icing on the cake is it is all fair trade. There is also TheNonProfits .com for a huge list , (case sensitive) they are click to give , save the rainforest etc. etc. the sponsors pay when you click. Most good ol hippies will love these sites!
Bone appetite ya all!
by: tashina strongbow