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Hippie Archives

Articles and other material about Hippies from the 60s and 70s.

Cannabis in Alchemical Literature

Cannabis in Alchemical Literature: Green Lion, Philosopher’s Stone Three things suffice for the work: a white smoke, which is water; a green Lion, which is the ore of Hermes, and a fetid water… The stone, known from the chapters of books, is white smoke and water. Michael Maier Atalanta Fugiens Of this self-same body, which […] Continue reading

Stokely Charmichael’s Revolutionary Speech at Oakland Auditorium (1968)

STOKELY CARMICHAEL, American Revolutionary This is a complete transcript of Stokely Carmichael’s speech at the Oakland Auditorium February 17, 1968. The occasion was a benefit birthday party for Huey P. Newton, Minister of Defense of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. Newton is awaiting trial on charges of killing a white Oakland policeman. The speech […] Continue reading

Negro ‘Paranoia’ (1968)

NEGRO ‘PARANOIA’ (1968) White Racism Said to Push Blacks to the Brink By JOHN LEO White racism forces the American Negro to lead a life of cultural paranoia and often pushes him over the brink into true paranoid schizophrenia, a black psychiatrist said here yesterday. Paranoia, a withdrawal from reality with delusions of persecution, is […] Continue reading

The African American Past and the American Present (1968)

The African American Past and the American Present (1968) By Vincent Harding NEGRO history suffers the same fate in the overall American story as the individual Negro’s integration Into American society. That is, small but prominent doses of Negro History can be dropped into the national saga, but these black drops should never be numerous […] Continue reading