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Ask The Old Hippie

Thanks for the great response to Ask the Old Hippy. 
The Old Hippy regrets he an’t answer everyone’s questions.
The most recent questions and answers are below.

“Old hippies don’t die, they just lie low until the laughter stops and their time comes round again.” – Joseph Gallivan¬†

About Life, Death & Love

i love you old hippie. i love the way you help people out, young people who have become lost are need to find their way, or at least need a song to sing on the journey. i might be one of those people, i dont know. maybe i am just searching for answers? there are […] Continue reading

Is Cunt a Bad Word?

My college placed a huge sign in the common areas saying Cunt to publicize a book with the premise that if you say the word enough it will loses its power and no longer be derogatory. Obviously I support freedom of expression but I believe this word communicates hatred and minimization of women. What is […] Continue reading

Depressed about America

Hi old hippy im 17 and suffer from what i believe is manic depression. I have deep, prolonged depression that can last for months on end with only weeks or days to break the monotony. I refuse to seek any psychiatric or medicinal help because of the reason i feel that i suffer from this. […] Continue reading

Internet Romance or Freedom?

Hey Hippie, I am not a hippie kid, no, I am a middleaged hippie chick who happened upon your site by accident (or an act of the universe). Hippie I spent the last 18 years as a drafted (widowed) single mother. Now its my turn. Selling the house in the suburbs and heading for the […] Continue reading

Should I Marry A Pot Smoker?

Dear Old Hippy, I met my boyfriend in Costa Rica on a tropical biology course, and we have been dating long-distance for five months. We are both totally crazy about each other, and in fact when I was visiting him last week, he asked me to marry him! I said yes, and I am very […] Continue reading

Forcing Religion on Children

Hi Old Hippy! I would like to ask you what do you think about parents (and society, in general) forcing children or teenagers to submit to their religion? I was raised in a catholic country (Portugal) and attended a catholic school and I hated it! I don’t understand how people can be raised and basicly […] Continue reading

What’s The Worst Drug?

Hey old hippie! First off I would like to say that Hippyland is awesome and I come here everyday to check out the information and chat with other hippies like me! Anyways… I was wondering what you thought was the worst drug. One that could really hurt someone. I am thinking of heroin but I […] Continue reading

Bad Trip Flashbacks

There are so many myths to psychadelics and i dont trust anyone at all with what they say since my trips have been entirely different than other peoples experiences but maybe you can help because of your age old wisdom! i wanna talk about mushrooms (i know you dont do them anymore but you have […] Continue reading
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