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What’s The Worst Drug?

Hey old hippie!
First off I would like to say that Hippyland is awesome and I come here everyday to check out the information and chat with other hippies like me! Anyways… I was wondering what you thought was the worst drug. One that could really hurt someone. I am thinking of heroin but I am not sure. Maybe you could help me out with this question. Thanks. Peace

I’d have to say the worse drug today, is the one that enslaves the most people into a lifetime of addiction, whose addiction affects all those around them even to the point of killing family, friends or co-workers (who don’t do the drug), and terminates the addicts life in a slow agonizing death, or if they’re lucky it ends in a quick heart attack.

In the meantime the addict forks over money on almost a daily basis. First to those who produce, market and sell this drug (everywhere it seems), reaping billions of dollars in profits each year, first denying then ignoring completely the painful death they sell to so many innocent people. Then the legions of addicts must pay in their final years billions more to the medical establishment to try to cure them, then try to keep them alive, then finally to make their last days less painful.

This drug has been marketed to children and you can even see children using it outside schools. In fact it’s often very fashionable for kids to be seen using this most addictive of drugs (that’s right it IS the most addictive drug!). There’s also a lot of peer pressure from friends to use this horrible drug. So eventually kids give in and will become slaves to this drug the rest of their lives (which are shortened by decades in many cases).

Which drug am I describing? The actual drug’s name is nicotine, but you know it as tobacco. It is more addictive than heroin (don’t think so? most people who try heroin NEVER become addicted, but most people who try tobacco DO!). It’s a fact.

Believe me tobacco hurts EVERYONE who uses it! And over a billion people smoke, and most will one day die from their habit. Are you addicted to the worse drug on the planet?

There’s many more facts and figures available. Just search the net. I’m sure a little research will more than support my choice as the worse drug.

Posted by: Skip
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Psychedelics, Marijuana and Depression

-All Praise the Old Hippy-

much respect for you, the shaman of the next generation. I have an EXTREME
fascination w/ psychedelics and have done acid and shrooms a good amount of
times. at first, when i was young, i had fun. now i always get caught in
that grey, quiet, depressive state where all feels absolutely HOPELESS. i
also have short bursts of this intense hopelessness feeling when sober
now (spilt-second flashback?). i smoke weed everyday and am caught up in the
should i be smokin’ everyday loop of depression. i guess my question is
this. I have a good amount of problems, is it realistic to try and deal w/
these problems w/ psychedelic use? or should i deal w/ the depression
through yoga and meditation? Should i quit weed while working on the self, or
at least cut down? Does marijuana perpetuate my depression? Will psychedelics
do more bad than good while you are depressed?

i am 20, and have probably
been depressed for about 5-6 years. i have social anxiety disorder and have
not responded to prozac, but haven’t been very proactive in dealing with my
problems. Any advice you can give me about depression that isn’t well known
would be very helpful. I’d also like to know if salvia is worth trying.
thank you very much.



Cannabis and psychedelic drugs are NOT anti-depressants, and should NOT be
used to solve emotional problems. And yes, they can make things worse. You
say you’ve been depressed for 5-6 years. Have you been smoking pot that
long? If so there might be a connection!

Everyday use of marijuana really gets you in a rut, and the more you use,
the deeper the rut. Get it? You can get so low you can’t even see above
the ditch you’ve dug. So why not stop? Any change of mind will probably be
a big improvement. Oh you might get a little more depressed for a couple of
days when you first stop, but then, THEN, you’ll start feeling more alive
than you have in a long time. This is the point at which you must be
careful. I’ve learned that when you start to feel good naturally, it’s
like getting high, but that often kicks in a I feel great, let’s get high
syndrome that starts you smoking again. That’s the hard one to get beyond.
But once you do, you may find yourself with more energy and more motivated
than usual. Then you must focus that energy on something fun and
productive. So plan out what you’re going to do when you get straight, and
psyche yourself to do it! Either go back to school, or get a new job, or
take that trip, whatever, just take advantage of your newfound zest. Then
you won’t need the crutch of drugs to define your daily life.

Yoga and meditation are excellent for improving your mental and physical
condition, which could be a large part of your depression.

If you can manage that, and learn how to keep yourself straight when you
need or want to be straight, then perhaps you can approach cannabis again as
a therapeutic or recreational drug, not as a dependency.

If you cannot manage the above prescription, then you really should seek
outside help (as you’ve just done by writing me!). Why be miserable, when
you should be enjoying life?

I highly recommend you DON’T use salvia until your depression is cleared up! It won’t help!

Wishing you Health & Happiness,
The Old Hippy


Posted by: skip
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Can you be a hippie without taking drugs?

Hi there Old Hippy!
About this drug thing… I wonder, when reading all the drug stuff at this page, do you think you
can’t be a hippie without taking the drugs? I mean, all the time I read stuff
about weed, mushrooms, acid and that stuff. I just don’t think that’s so

I consider myself a hippie, but I don’t do any drugs. Sure, drugs may be
effective when exploring you mind, but I’m sure there are better ways.
With, like, meditation or yoga you don’t risk being caught in a bad trip, you

However, I think it’s OK with others taking drugs, I mean, it’s a choice
you make. But I think being a hippie is more about caring for others, our
mother Earth and doing what you can to create a better world. Peace and Love…

With our LOVE we can save the world


You are absolutely right my friend! It isn’t necessary to do drugs to be a
hippy. Yes, meditation and the various forms of Yoga can bring about
self-awareness and enlightenment. The true hippy spirit is one of love,
peace, understanding and a deep respect for others and the planet. Mind
altering drugs are not essential to reaching these goals.

However, hippies acknowledge that the prevailing systems (economic,
political, religious, cultural, etc.) don’t really support these goals and
in fact keep us from realizing who we REALLY are and from a healthy
relationship with our fellow humans and mother earth. Hippies by definition
are opposed these systems. It takes a lot to break free of the mind control that
society has programmed for us since birth. For many people, it is not until they
try these drugs that they begin to realize the depth of their programming. Seeking to break free
from years of mind control they use these drugs to deprogram and reprogram
themselves into something new. It’s no wonder many hippies rename
once they assume their new identity.

Yoga and meditation can be successful ways to achieve the same thing, but
they take years of dedicated practice to reach their goals. Certain drugs
can have an even more dramatic effect in one day. The downside is that they
wear off and you come down! Yoga and meditation can keep you naturally high
for the rest of your life if you apply yourself. And since there is no
outside substance involved there is no chance of a bad trip. So it’s
really a matter of personal choice, as you say. There’s no point trying to
judge others. To each his own method.

And as for the Old Hippy, I don’t bring up this subject, everyone else does.
My mail has been full of drug questions since this column began (2 1/2 yrs
ago!). I’d much rather give everyone the straight dope than ignore their
pleas for information. I don’t try to promote these drugs. I just want
people to know what they’re getting into, so they can make informed choices.
I respect those who look before they leap!

-The Old Hippy


Posted by: skip
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Why use drugs?

Old Hippy,

I like the hippy ways, and even tho I am not a real hippy, I think that you promote a lot of good things. Most hippies are concerned with caring for Mother Earth, keeping the world a peaceful place, preserving forest lands, picking up litter, buying organic foods, and protecting the animals. All of the things that you promote are great, besides drug usage. If all hippies are concerned with being natural, and protecting all of Mother Earth’s creations, doesn’t that include us – human beings? Why use drugs and hurt your body and mind – Mother Earth’s greatest creation? How can you promote all of these good things but at the same time kill some others?

This is a good question. I’ve answered it before, but I’ll try again. You ask this question from a position of innocence. So let me ask you a few questions. How do you define drugs? Have you ever taken any? Is there a difference between illegal drugs, prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, alcohol and tobacco besides the legality? Are ALL drugs good or evil? Remember just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. It just means it’s illegal. For instance taking a prescription drug without having a prescription is technically illegal. Does that make the drug taken bad???

You’ve obviously heard the anti-drug message in school, on TV, from parents, friends etc. This is a good message, especially for children. Children don’t need to experiment with drugs. Many children are given drugs in school whether they want them or not! Ritalin is just one drug used to “control” students. This is the point. Some drugs are used to “control” when authorized and issued by the government, schools, even parents. Drugs that affect your mind can either control it or open it! The underlying goal of schools and the educational system is to create “good citizens. Good citizens are productive members of society. That is they work hard, pay taxes, and obey all laws without question.

If this were truly the “American Way”, we would still be a British Colony! No, America has always had freedoms denied to other countries. Freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedoms including Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The founders of our country refrained from trying to define this since further definition might limit these freedoms. Several of our founding fathers grew and smoked hemp! Now it is illegal, does that mean Washington and Jefferson were criminals?

You mention that you respect the hippy values concerning mother earth. Which would seem more “natural” to you, ingesting an organically grown plant in it’s native state, or something synthesized in a laboratory, mass produced in a factory, bottled under sanitary conditions, distributed around the world, and priced many times (sometimes hundreds of times) more than it cost to produce?

Now for the answers to the questions I posed before. The important difference between all drugs is whether they affect the mind and how. And yes, some drugs can kill. Alcohol is the most deadly drug we have in our society. Yet it’s perfectly acceptable! Marijuana on the other hand has no lethal dose. That means you can ingest all you possibly can with absolutely no risk of death! There has NEVER, EVER been a death attributed to overconsumption of marijuana.

Are All drugs good or evil? Of course this is a rhetorical question. Yet, you seem to believe all drugs are bad. Your anti-drug programming is so strong, you can’t distinguish between drugs. In more tolerant countries like Holland and Switzerland they have two categories of drugs. Soft drugs and hard drugs. They distinguish between these because the users are either recreational (soft) or addicted (hard). Soft drug use (marijuana, hashish) is tolerated, with no ill effects to users or the society. Hard drug (heroin, cocaine, speed) use makes people addicted and that means they have a problem with drugs. If they have a problem, the governments of both Holland and Switzerland want to help these people, not persecute them! They put their money into medical and social programs to help these people overcome their addictions or at least prevent them from being a burden on society by committing crimes to support their habit. This means that they even give these addicts their drugs!

We at Hippyland do not advocate the breaking of any laws! However we do insist that people know the facts! Marijuana is not a harmful drug. On the contrary, until it’s prohibition in the 1930s, marijuana extract was produced and distributed by 16 major drug companies in the U.S. to cure a wide range of maladies. It was a very popular product then, as it is now. Millions of Americans have smoked it and do so every day. They are all considered criminals and under the threat of imprisonment at any moment. Each year over 600,000 people are arrested for cannabis offenses. Many go to jail and have their house, cars, boats confiscated and never returned, even if they are found innocent! Once productive members of society thus become an expensive burden to society, requiring new jails to be constructed at an alarming rate. Did you know that the U.S. incarcerates a larger percentage of it’s population than any other country? About three times the percentage of the next country!

Recreationally accepted drugs (legal) in the U.S. are alcohol and tobacco. Attempts at prohibition have never succeeded. Likewise the $18 billion to be spent this year on the WAR ON AMERICANS, is not likely to do anything but put more innocent people in jail. Again, alcohol and tobacco have been PROVEN to cause hundreds of thousands of DEATHS each year. Why aren’t these drugs illegal? Why aren’t the users sent to jail? Why do we prosecute people who use far less dangerous drugs like marijuana? These are the questions you need to ask yourself, your teachers, your parents, your friends, your congressmen, and your President.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Is LSD A Killer Drug?

Dear old hippy,
I have been wondering for a long time is LSD really as dangerous as
everybody tells me?? Can you really die or something if you take a
normal trip of acid?? i´d really like to know that??
Love & Peace

Dear Sunflower,
No you can’t die from from it. Yet it is a very powerful drug. One problem is that you don’t know what you’re getting (unless someone you know has tried it and gives it the thumbs up.). Sounds to me like you need to investigate further before you decide to try it. Read one of the many books on the subject. It’s much too important to do on a whim.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Marijuana and PCP

Dear old Hippy,

I feel Marijuana is my spiritual food. I discovered Marijuana’s spiritual benefits in 1994 at age 22. It opened my mind up to deep ideas about the world, God, and love of the earth and humankind. All these ideas flowed with euphoria, as I grooved to great music, which MJ enhanced much greater! A couple of years ago I began to study books on different kind of drugs (their chemistry, effects, ect.). After studying PCP, I found that it can be laced into Marijuana, and this frightened me. Continuing to smoke MJ, I was able to control this fear thinking it was a one in a million chance it could happen to me (that my MJ would be laced with PCP).

About a year ago my fear worsened when my friend (who smokes quite often), told me he smoked a joint one night which dissociated him from his body and he saw angels, demons, and other terrifying things. even though he was told Be careful with this joint, when it was given to him, he smoked it with his friend anyway.

Lately, I have been afraid to try Marijuana thinking this may happen to me. Over the past few months I have tried meditation, and just positive thinking to try and stop this compulsive fear, yet it continues. I long to smoke again because I feel a strong spiritual need for it. If I did smoke a joint with a friend, and it was laced with PCP, after taking a hit or two (if it were laced) would I notice the difference, so I could stop smoking it right away? Would a few hits of a laced joint be enough to trigger a strong pcp trip where I would be dissociated, hallucinate, etc…? Is there a way I can continue to smoke grass (which is always black market obtained) and feel comfortable that I can detect PCP before I take to many hits.

Please help me
with any other advice you can give. This is a strong fear of mine. I have been using hypnosis to try and find the source of this deep fear, it compares to death were I am removed from my surroundings and my body (very scary). Yet, I can’t go on allowing this to rob me of  something that I feel is part of my religion (Marijuana). This may seem like a stupid question and it’s embarrassing to me, nevertheless, I feel compelled (after about 1 year of worrying over this) to finally get some advice.

With Peace,

You do have a problem, Billy. Your paranoia probably stems from the deep lying
guilt you have at breaking the law. This paranoia is completely irrational.
I have heard many reports of PCP laced marijuana, but I doubt this is a frequent occurence.
I’ve never encountered any. Few people would bother to lace a joint with PCP.
PCP is usually snorted like cocaine. How many people put cocaine in a joint??? It’s a waste. The
only thing usually mixed in a joint is tobacco and that usually happens in

What I don’t understand is if you’re so concerned why don’t you just roll
your own joints! If someone gives you one and you’re suspicious, you can
just tear it open, look at it and roll it up in a new paper. Is that so
hard? If you don’t know what to look for, PCP is a white powder. It would
fall away from the cannabis. Of course really good cannabis does have white
resin on it, but careful examination would reveal that this is sticky stuff
not powder.

PCP does take a little while to come on, so if you did smoke some you might
not know it before you finish the joint. PCP is a very potent drug. It has
been used as animal tranquilizer (like for horses and elephants – the big
ones). So very little can get you very high. I suppose that street dealers
might think about cutting some inferior grass with some PCP to make it do
something. I don’t recommend you buy any drugs from unknown street dealers.
That is a hard and fast rule we all learned back in the early 70s.

Another way for you to avoid this problem is smoke something that’s been
smoked before. What I mean is if a friend has some grass they’ve already
tried and it’s ok, what’s wrong with trying it yourself? In theory, nobody
would ever sell you something dangerous. In the case you mentioned the
person was warned. If someone warned me I’d want to know why. What is
different about this joint. If it’s just really strong stuff, I’d be real
happy to smoke it. If it’s been adulterated, I’d want to know with what,
and I’d probably avoid it.

This reminds me of the old Paraquat scare back in the 70’s. Rumors went
around that the marijuana coming from Mexico was sprayed with paraquat, a
defoliant made from dioxins which are linked to cancer. Everyone got so
paranoid about it, people actually stopped smoking. This coincided with the
health craze. Of course it was just the foes of decriminilization that
spread these rumors and then succeeded in getting marijuana laws tightened
again. If you just think about it, if the pot had been sprayed, it
certainly would have looked different, smelled different, and likely
wouldn’t have been harvested in the first place since it would have been

Another sure fire way to know what you’re smoking is to make friends with
someone who grows the stuff. Then you know what you’re getting. Many
people grow their own, too. Of course we don’t recommend you break the law
wherever you live. You really need to confront your fear as that is the
mind killer. If we live in fear we really aren’t living!

Good luck!
The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Electrical Banana?

hey i was wondering about some drug that people used
in the 60’s. it was part of a banana or something so if
you would let me know bout that then just e-mail me
back and let me know where to find it on the banana and
how to prepare it. thanks a lot man.
peace out man

No you can’t get high off banana peels, but it fooled many for awhile. This was back when Donovan’s Mellow Yellow was at the top of the charts (and drug experimentation was at the top of many a hippy’s chart).

The rumor, as I heard it then, was you take some banana peels, dry roast them in an oven, then scrape the inside of the peel and put it in a pipe and smoke it. Of course I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it, as it was just a joke.

The Old Hippy
E-lec-tri-cal Banana is gonna be a sudden craze. – Donovan

Posted by: skip
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Did Hendrix Use LSD?

What up my Old Hippy!!!
Well, I’m totally into Jimi Hendrix, you don’t even want to get me started there, I know everything about him. I own and read over 27 biographies on him, collect anything imaginable. Now I am also a huge fan of lysergic acid diethylamide, I also know a lot and I mainly do it for achieving philosophical knowledge. These two subjects I’m a genius at (don’t take it literally, I’m not tryin’ to be cocky, just expressing my great passion for these two favorites).

Now this is where my problem falls into place, many biographies I have read claim that Jimi in some point of his life had dropped acid, and some deny that. There is a quote stated by Jimi that he had not dropped acid. My frustration at this is immense, now we both know written records (biographies) are not always 100% true. Most people relate Jimi Hendrix with acid, I believe that he has not, because of the quote, but I’m not positively sure of this.

From your knowledge what do you think, has he, or has he not dropped acid, or is it that Jimi might have lied to the public because of the bad rep that LSD had started to receive toward the late 60’s? Your thought will be greatly appreciated, peace!!!!

You hit the nail on the head. There was such an anti-drug backlash at the end of the ’60s and into the 70s (thanks to Nixon & Company) that everyone who did drugs, especially those who espoused its use, had to save face in the media by issuing denials. Many were coerced into doing this usually by their lawyers due to pending cases against the artist. Even Timothy Leary had to squeal to avoid doing a life sentence (for less than half an oz. of marijuana and a bogus conspiracy charge). What people said in public and did in private were two separate issues, just like they are today.

No one really doubts Jimi Hendrix did acid. His ex-girlfriends have
said he turned them on to it. His divinely inspired playing exceeded the
ability of any straight, inexperienced person. I mean come on, look at his lyrics
purple haze running through my brain, his song and album Are You
Experienced? This was all common knowledge. Why do you think Hendrix
would wait until the American Inquisition began to denounce his own

To really understand the dynamic that prevailed during this period you
need only look at our circumstances today. Everyone, with few exceptions,
won’t admit any current drug use. The penalties are just too great. Ah,
the injustice of it all to be living in the most hypocritical times.

-The Old Hippy

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky! – J.H.

Posted by: skip
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Truth or DARE

Old Hippy,
I have 3 girls the oldest is 8. I have been smoking without fear for many years. Now, since they have introduced the Dare program where I live, I am paranoid of what they are teaching my kids. I’ve heard horror stories of them encouraging children to rat out their parents. I have always been careful, I don’t leave stash or pipes laying about. But the other night when they had gone to bed I smoked some then the next morning the oldest asked what that smell was-I lied and said it was my sage incense. Do I have reason to worry?

I agree with the programs teaching against white drugs and I certainly don’t advocate smoking until they are much older. But encouraging  kids to rat out their parents seems like the book 1984 and it pisses me off. I consider myself to be a responsible loving parent and I get enough crap in the south for being a pagan parent- now this. What does Dare teach?

Thanks and peace.

I suggest you look into the program more (they have a website, I believe –
full of propaganda of course). I’ve read studies that show that kids who
are in the DARE program are MORE likely to get involved with drugs (the
program DOES talk about many drugs, some of which most kids have never heard
about! doesn’t it?).

The important thing is that if you have any doubts about it, YOUR KIDS DON’T
HAVE GO! You can let the school know that you DON’T want your kids to
participate in the program. You could also organize other parents who feel
the same way. Of course then you and your kids are singled out, which can
be a problem in some communities, but at least YOU’RE taking a stand against
the brainwashing of your children (of course, that’s what school is for,
isn’t it?).

I know many parents who for various reasons, including this, have opted to
put their kids in private schools, or do home schooling. Do you want your
children to become programmed consumerist zombies? Do you care what kind of
ideas your children are being fed by the system (and their programmed
peers)? If so then you have options you should consider. There are
alternatives! Check them out!

I hope you can guide your children with truth instead of lies.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Too Stoned For Friend

I am probably one of the last people on earth who you would want to
answer to, because I am very adamant about my views on drugs. I don’t
like drugs! It’s as plain as that. I understand that people are going
to continue doing drugs and I cannot change that. I am 21 years old,
and I have done my share, but I have found life to be much less a burden
without getting wasted!

Here is my problem, I hope that you can find
it in your heart to find a solution for me. I had a friend (best
friend) who seems to be ditching me out for weed. She knows that I
don’t want to hang out with her if she is high, but she breaks plans
with me, and never wants to hang out with me because she’d rather smoke
weed. Does she actually think that a plant is more important than a

Why do stoners tend to ditch their friends to smoke weed? If
weed isn’t additive, then why do stoners become so depressed when they
can’t find weed? Why would anyone want to forsake who they actually are
for a phony personality which is brought on by a substance?

Good question! The problem is one of attitude and respect. Yes, many
stoners abuse the sacred herb and try to stay high most of the time. Yes,
they often get depressed for about two days after they stop (but it’s no
worse than caffeine users going without!). Perhaps this friend considers
you something of a downer when she’s high. If you dis her because she’s
high, that will certainly make her not want to spend time with you. If you
can’t accept what she does, and not make an issue of it, then perhaps you
shouldn’t see her anymore.

If you can accept her and her ways, then the best thing to do is drop by
and get her to go out with you into the real world. Gently remind her there
is more to do than getting stoned not by telling her, but by showing her
yourself. You see it’s fun to do many things high or straight, but the
problem with weed is that it makes you lethargic (lazy). I myself am guilty
of avoiding people and events when high. And I often regret missing out on
much of what’s happening just cause I couldn’t motivate myself to move! So
if you’re a true friend, help her to get out and enjoy life then perhaps she
won’t be a stay-at-home-stoner, and will indulge less when you’re around.
It would be a great favor for her if you did!

Let me know what happens!

The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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