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What’s The Worst Drug?

Hey old hippie!
First off I would like to say that Hippyland is awesome and I come here everyday to check out the information and chat with other hippies like me! Anyways… I was wondering what you thought was the worst drug. One that could really hurt someone. I am thinking of heroin but I am not sure. Maybe you could help me out with this question. Thanks. Peace

I’d have to say the worse drug today, is the one that enslaves the most people into a lifetime of addiction, whose addiction affects all those around them even to the point of killing family, friends or co-workers (who don’t do the drug), and terminates the addicts life in a slow agonizing death, or if they’re lucky it ends in a quick heart attack.

In the meantime the addict forks over money on almost a daily basis. First to those who produce, market and sell this drug (everywhere it seems), reaping billions of dollars in profits each year, first denying then ignoring completely the painful death they sell to so many innocent people. Then the legions of addicts must pay in their final years billions more to the medical establishment to try to cure them, then try to keep them alive, then finally to make their last days less painful.

This drug has been marketed to children and you can even see children using it outside schools. In fact it’s often very fashionable for kids to be seen using this most addictive of drugs (that’s right it IS the most addictive drug!). There’s also a lot of peer pressure from friends to use this horrible drug. So eventually kids give in and will become slaves to this drug the rest of their lives (which are shortened by decades in many cases).

Which drug am I describing? The actual drug’s name is nicotine, but you know it as tobacco. It is more addictive than heroin (don’t think so? most people who try heroin NEVER become addicted, but most people who try tobacco DO!). It’s a fact.

Believe me tobacco hurts EVERYONE who uses it! And over a billion people smoke, and most will one day die from their habit. Are you addicted to the worse drug on the planet?

There’s many more facts and figures available. Just search the net. I’m sure a little research will more than support my choice as the worse drug.

Posted by: Skip
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