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Bad Trip Flashbacks

There are so many myths to psychadelics and i dont trust anyone at all with what they say since my trips have been entirely different than other peoples experiences but maybe you can help because of your age old wisdom!

i wanna talk about mushrooms (i know you dont do them anymore but you have done them and i need some reassurance) and the really bad trip i had on them. like it all started off great, the hardest i ever tripped in my life (i dont recommend mushroom tea unless you are prepared to be overtaken) but then turned into a tremor all of a sudden and i was scared to death and thought i was going insane and no one would be able to help me and/or i might die.

now this sucks when it happens but its ok when its over i mean you dont die on a bad trip but ! i have long term issues i need to talk about.

this might sound crazy but maybe a week after the bad trip i smoked pot and started having all these bad feelings like i had when i did the mushrooms but just went to my room and went to sleep and it made me nervous but i didnt worry too much about it. then a week later i smoked a sufficient amount of weed and i am damn sure that it wasnt a mind game it was like a mild trip on mushrooms and i started freaking out like having so called flashbacks (which i totally did not believe until now)

so i am definitely done with psychedelics for a while at the very least but even worse than now not being able to smoke weed is that now i am having these like mild panic attacks like in broad day light i will just get all paranoid and nervous for no reason at all and i am usually able to subside it but its still very uncomfortable.

i was just wondering what if anything can i do about this because whereas before ! it may just have been something someone said that set me off on a bad trip, now self inducement is causing all this and i am kinda lost with this. if you have any advice, have ever heard of such strange instances, please email me back, maybe just talking with an outside source will help. thanks, john

This kind of reaction is unusual, but not that rare. Flashbacks are real experiences in that you can get into almost the same headset as when you tripped. The chemical balance of the brain is something we still have much to learn about. Psychedelics upset this balance, by either causing more of certain chemicals to be released, or to prevent their accumulation. These are chemicals that are already in your brain. So you have the chemicals on hand all the time in your brain, whether you are tripping or not. So what can happen is something reminds your brain of what recently happened on your trip, and suddenly your brain starts doing the weird chemical thing it did when you are tripping. It’s not too different from when you hear a favorite song and it brings back the memories associated with that song. You can actually relive the feelings you had when you heard that song before. That’s a flashback.

So to fix your problem you need to do stop that song playing over and over. Sorta like that song you can’t get out of your head. I know one way is to play another song, but then that one could become the next one for your mind to obsess over.

It seems to me you probably have a lot of things you still haven’t worked out yet in your life. These things are nagging in your subconscious and seek release. This might inspire you to do more psychedelics to get to the bottom of it, but I implore you not to do anymore at all. For some people psychedelics are not good. People with underlying psychological problems find that psychedelics often exacerbate these problems. This may be the case with you. Anything from repressed memories to borderline psychosis can surface and cause far more problems. In addition, as I’ve mentioned before, some mushrooms contain quite a few toxins that can damage your body. So these factors combined can explain why some people don’t have pleasant experience.

The best thing I can suggest for the moment is that you try to anaylze what is happening to you and why. Why are you having such strong reactions long after the trip? I know that when I had some heavier trips I had to go completely straight for a period until I could sucessfully integrate the experience into my psyche. Pot would just give me flashbacks or prevent me from dealing with the internal issues that were trying to bubble up. That is what you should focus on. What is going on inside your head…

Now another thing you can do is get your body back in shape. Heavy trips often deplete essential nutrients from your body. I always recommend megadoses of B and C vitamins, and improving your diet to restore your body’s functioning to normal. Also exercise does wonders for getting your system back in equilibrium. Long walks or hikes in nature will work wonders for you. Do it! It worked for me.

I hope this helps!
May your path be clear.

-The Old Hippy

P.S. I don’t knock mushroom tea because it’s an easy way to control your dosage if you wait and sip a little at a time over the course of hours. If you drink several cups without waiting, then you’ll probably be in for a surprise, like the one you had.

Reader responses:

I just read your response to the person who had an unpleasant trip on
mushrooms, and is having anxiety-laden flashbacks of varying intensity from
using milder hallucinogens.

I went through a three-month long unrelenting anxiety flashback from taking
LSD beginning a week after I’d taken it for the third time, when LSD was
legal (1961).

What finally saved me from the anxiety was talking on the phone for five
minutes with a Chicago psychiatrist who was familiar with the drug’s effects
from giving it to terminal cancer patients and from taking it himself.
After asking me if I felt as though I might go out and not come back (lose
my mind), and getting a yes answer, he said, The next time you start to
feel that way, just lie down, get real comfortable, and say, ‘Fuck me’. I
felt anxiety free immediately and never was troubled by a flashback again,
despite my efforts to induce the flashback anxiety and despite my taking
several different psychedelics after that.

I later read the psychiatrist’s (Eric Kast, M.D.) monograph, entitled
Toward a Theory of Attenuation of Anxiety, in which he explained that
fighting the anxiety induced by LSD as the mind reorganizes and expands
itself under the drug’s influence only serves to increase the anxiety in a
vicious circle of anxiety, resistance, greater anxiety, more resistance,

Please share my experience and Kast’s monograph with the person who wrote to
you, so he can evaluate both for himself.
I’m keenly aware of what
this guy’s going through.

Heya! I was reading John’s story & it sounds just like what I’m goin’ through. I was at a festival & mixed too much. I started out with whipit’s, then acid, then mescalin, then I ate some rice krispy treats, then more acid (I ended up doin’ 65 whipits although I didn’t realize it til we counted the empty cartridges). After the second hit of acid, the music & lights stopped, so we laid down. I started melting. Into everything. Jim, the mattress, the earth, the universe. It was definitely the greatest trip. It was very spiritual until I realized I wasn’t breathing. I eeked out to Jim that I wasn’t breathing. He sat up & checked me(he’s amed student), sure enough, intermitent shallow, slow respiration at best. (he says that I let the whipits breathe for me too long, not to mention the change in gas exchange) He picked me up to help me put some sweats on & as soon as he let go of me, I fell back. He said I looked like I was dead. All I remember was feeling like I was drowning, & every so often, Jim would call to me & I would look up & see him like he was looking down a well at me, & I would try to swim back to him. He carried me to the car & drove me up to the camphouse where he had a nurse look at me (She wasn’t on duty, just my luck that she was there). She sat me down in a brightly lit room & between her & Jim kept me stimulated enough to stay awake through the night. When the sun came up, he drove me to his cousin’s house where he sat up & watched me sleep. He says that every once in a while I would stop breathing for a sec, then gasp & then settle asleep again. I wheezed for several weeks, & physical exersion brought on quick bouts of exhaustion. Since then, all my trips on anything have been identical. No change whatsoever (that night was a year & a half ago). I have anxiety attacks randomly with fears of dying or not breathing. I am very aware of my breathing & sometimes I feel a physical manifestation like I get a warm wave come over me, tingling, dizziness, etc. I am still able to smoke weed, & I can occasionally have a very mild trip, but they’re always the same, I don’t enjoy it the way I used to because they’re always the same & I’m always worried. I’ve sworn off whipits. I don’t want to give up tripping, I’ve had some great ones, but I have taken a break, for how long I guess it depends. I guess pass this on to John if you could, to let him know he’s not alone. His letter really struck me. I know exactly what he feels like. Thanks!

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Best Way to Ingest Mushrooms?

I’m planning a shroom event……..
My question…….I CAN’T STAND the taste of those mushrooms, what is the
best way to ingest them???
I’ve heard in teas, also that milk products elimate the taste of the shroom.

Please explain to me the best way to process them?


My favorite way is to make honey from the fresh ‘shrooms. Just stick them in a jar of honey. After a few days the psilocybin leeches out into the honey and you can sweeten your tea with it. This way you can control your dose very carefully and you lose the intense mushroom flavor.

Other ideas are using them in soup, milkshakes, and omletes. In Holland they sell mushroom tea bags in the Smart shops. But as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do mushrooms any more. They contain other toxins that can cause a lot of discomfort to some people.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Psychedelics, Marijuana and Depression

-All Praise the Old Hippy-

much respect for you, the shaman of the next generation. I have an EXTREME
fascination w/ psychedelics and have done acid and shrooms a good amount of
times. at first, when i was young, i had fun. now i always get caught in
that grey, quiet, depressive state where all feels absolutely HOPELESS. i
also have short bursts of this intense hopelessness feeling when sober
now (spilt-second flashback?). i smoke weed everyday and am caught up in the
should i be smokin’ everyday loop of depression. i guess my question is
this. I have a good amount of problems, is it realistic to try and deal w/
these problems w/ psychedelic use? or should i deal w/ the depression
through yoga and meditation? Should i quit weed while working on the self, or
at least cut down? Does marijuana perpetuate my depression? Will psychedelics
do more bad than good while you are depressed?

i am 20, and have probably
been depressed for about 5-6 years. i have social anxiety disorder and have
not responded to prozac, but haven’t been very proactive in dealing with my
problems. Any advice you can give me about depression that isn’t well known
would be very helpful. I’d also like to know if salvia is worth trying.
thank you very much.



Cannabis and psychedelic drugs are NOT anti-depressants, and should NOT be
used to solve emotional problems. And yes, they can make things worse. You
say you’ve been depressed for 5-6 years. Have you been smoking pot that
long? If so there might be a connection!

Everyday use of marijuana really gets you in a rut, and the more you use,
the deeper the rut. Get it? You can get so low you can’t even see above
the ditch you’ve dug. So why not stop? Any change of mind will probably be
a big improvement. Oh you might get a little more depressed for a couple of
days when you first stop, but then, THEN, you’ll start feeling more alive
than you have in a long time. This is the point at which you must be
careful. I’ve learned that when you start to feel good naturally, it’s
like getting high, but that often kicks in a I feel great, let’s get high
syndrome that starts you smoking again. That’s the hard one to get beyond.
But once you do, you may find yourself with more energy and more motivated
than usual. Then you must focus that energy on something fun and
productive. So plan out what you’re going to do when you get straight, and
psyche yourself to do it! Either go back to school, or get a new job, or
take that trip, whatever, just take advantage of your newfound zest. Then
you won’t need the crutch of drugs to define your daily life.

Yoga and meditation are excellent for improving your mental and physical
condition, which could be a large part of your depression.

If you can manage that, and learn how to keep yourself straight when you
need or want to be straight, then perhaps you can approach cannabis again as
a therapeutic or recreational drug, not as a dependency.

If you cannot manage the above prescription, then you really should seek
outside help (as you’ve just done by writing me!). Why be miserable, when
you should be enjoying life?

I highly recommend you DON’T use salvia until your depression is cleared up! It won’t help!

Wishing you Health & Happiness,
The Old Hippy


Posted by: skip
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Burned out on Psychedelics

Old Hippy,

I ate way too many mushrooms on Dec. 23rd and had a trip that was way, way, way too intense for me. On that night I let go even though I wasn’t quite ready. It was really scary and way too much. I just layed on a bed moaning and groaning and experiencing every emotion I know of magnified by 5000. Now it’s more than 3 months later and I am afraid of psychedelics.

In the past they have opened my mind and truly changed me for the good. Now I am scared of them. I am in a
psychedelic jam band and all the dudes in my band are always wanting me to trip and play with them but I am too scared. I want to be able to trip again but you know how it is… if I was to get high now I’d probably think to myself oh no, what if I have a bad trip and then it’d become a bad trip! How can I ease myself in to tripping again?
Thanks old hippy!
are great!

Sounds like a very heavy experience! I think you should cool it for awhile. Doing psychedelics for kicks is not happening. They’re not party drugs and they don’t get you high, as you now realize.

Everyone comes to the point you’re at if they do enough mushrooms or acid. It does turn into a burnout. Timothy Leary was one of the few people I know who could do it regularly (once a week since the 60s he claimed). But he carefully controlled his set and setting each time, and respected but never abused the drug.

My problem with mushrooms has to do with the toxins. All magic mushrooms have a number of toxins that increase with the dose. These can really intensify the experience negatively. Your body is trying to stop being poisoned. What could have been a deeply satisfying trip turns into almost a matter of life and death. I once nearly killed myself on Amanita mushrooms.

So now I stay away almost entirely from psychedelics. Once you’ve been there and confronted your ego’s failings, it ain’t much fun to go back there again and again. I believe there is a collective experience we all have when we do psychedelics. That is, the experience and the place we reach is the same. If you learn the lessons there’s no reason to repeat them.

People who take these drugs just to get high are really trying to escape from reality and instead come face to face with their own mortality (instead of their immortality!). This causes them great depression when they crash, and rather than come to terms with themselves they seek to escape again.

I can only justify tripping to explore one’s inner self. I know musicians like it because they’re able to express themselves more easily (or at least they think so). Remember the Dead, my favorite band to trip to! If you want to seek further then as I said cool it for awhile (as long as a few years!) and if you still feel you are missing something you could try it again. It’s just a doorway. You get to see past the illusion but then you must return. But be careful of your dosage. That is very important. Also set and setting. Be in a supportive environment with supportive people, just in case.

Happy trails….
the old hippy

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Bad Trips, Good Trips

I have never tried mushrooms, although i know that i want to. recently,
however, my friend had a bad trip. he said that it was the worst he
ever felt and that he became so depressed that he actually considered
killing himself. this is the first time i have ever heard of a bad trip
off of mushrooms. i am wondering if it is common or if this is some
freak occurrence?

The way psilocybin, the active ingredient in mushrooms affects the brain is similar to that of LSD, affecting neurotransmitters. This can lead to a number of psychological manifestations. Depression is more likely if the dose is large and the trip is deep. Contributing factors can be a tendency towards depression, or a bad mind set going into it. Perhaps your friend was thinking he was just going to get high, and wasn’t prepared to undergo an intense inward experience. The setting is also important since some places have good vibes (like nature), and others can elicite negative responses (like cities). Perhaps most important is having someone supportive, who isn’t doing mushrooms, around to monitor the situation and help out if necessary.

I’m surprised that people are doing these drugs (still) without realizing
how powerful they are. LSD, psilocybin (mushrooms), mescaline (peyote)
are all heavy hallucinogens whose dose is very hard to gauge.

Each of these drugs has the potential of giving the user one of the most intense
experiences of his/her life. They are not to be taken lightly, they are not
for kicks or to get high. Many people take these psychedelics for the first
time expecting a party. It may start that way, but often it turns into
Scream, or some other horror movie gets shown at their own private cinema of
the ego.

If you are prepared for this, knowing what might happen, and have the proper
set and setting then the chances of a good trip are maximized. What is a
good trip? I suppose it would be the one where the layers of the ego are
stripped away, and the now humbled tripper sees himself as an infinitesimal
speck in something so wonderful, that being just a speck, something alive
and aware, is far greater than anything he can imagine.

What a long strange trip,

The Old Hippy

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Mind Expansion Zone

We are on the verge of the new age, a whole new world.Mankind’s consciousness, our mutual awareness, is going to make a quantum leap. Everything will change. You will never be the same.All this will happen just as soon as you’re ready.
– Paul Williams(Das Energi) 1973 
My advice to people today is as follows: If you
take the game of life seriously, if you take your nervous system seriously,
if you take your sense organs seriously, if you take the energy process
seriously, you must turn on, tune in, and drop out.
– Timothy Leary
The Politics of Ecstacy
Comments or questions? Check out our Psychedelic Forum
To buy books about mind expansion, go to the Hip Planet’s Bookstore!
To find some great Mind Expanding Music go to Hip Planet’s Music Store!

Ready to blow your mind? Here are some head trips you can take….


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Psychedelic Shamanism

Psychedelic Shamanism

The Shamanic Tradition
Modern Shamans
Reference Works
Comments and suggestions


The Shamanic Tradition

Anthropological studies among primitive peoples reveal a consistent
pattern of Shamanism around the world and throughout history. This
is due to the universality of man’s quest for knowledge and the need to
explain things and events beyond our control. It seems human society
requires someone who voyages beyond this physical world into the mystical
realms on a quest for knowledge. These courageous individuals often
find the truth that underlies the illusion we accept as reality.
The awareness they bring back sheds light upon our petty mortal existence
and puts into perspective humanity’s hopes and failings. In these
primitive cultures, the Shaman is a powerful figure, often acting as
a balance to the tribal chief, who would often need to consult the shaman
for important decisions.

There’s always been a need for the shaman, but now more than ever, our
society is losing touch with our greater purpose. Unfortunately,
rather than embracing the shamanic message, our society seeks to suppress
it and those who would delve into those realms beyond social control.
Perhaps there is an intuition among the powerful that their power is based
upon maintaining a false illusion about the nature of reality. The
Shamanic Message shatters this illusion, and therefore is seen as a threat.
Mind control has become a very important tool to keep the masses productively
in the system. The Shamanic tradition releases those mental and cultural
bonds we acquire, allowing us to see our own true nature, freed from cultural

Despite political, moral and legal pressures, modern society has produced
a number of shamans who with the help of psychedelic substances (part of
the shamanic tradition) have broken through the social program and brought
back an important message for those of us with open minds. Many of
these Psychedelic Shamans have had to go public, using modern media, to
get the message out. The most vocal of these have been vilified by
the powers that be, in an attempt to squelch their message.

This webpage honors those brave enough to face public ridicule by openly
acknowledging their shamanic status and encouraging others to become shamans.
We must spread their message so everyone can be motivated to free their
minds. In the immortal words of Timothy Leary, we must turn on,
tune in and drop out. Only with greater awareness of our special
place in this enormous universe can we hope to save our species from the
inevitable result of unbridled materialistic greed.




Modern Shamans

Aldous Huxley – Its widely known that Huxley experimented with
psychedelics including mescaline and LSD. In fact he died tripping
on acid (intentionally). His great works of fiction include Brave New World
about test-tube babies, consumerism and Soma, the drug of choice.


Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell by Aldous Huxley. A classic of psychedelic literature. Based on Huxley’s experiences with mescaline and how it opened the doors. Yes, the Doors named their group after this book.


Timothy Leary – The high priest
of LSD, Leary is clearly the King of Shamans. His role as professor
at Harvard University soon took a back seat to his public persona once
he discovered for himself the powerful insights available through psychedelics.
Unable to restrain his enthusiasm, Harvard dismissed him, allowing Leary
to experiment with psychedelics under his own terms. Once freed of
clinical restraints, Leary determined which factors enhanced and promoted
good trips. Leary was quick to realize that the LSD trip was a
religious experience that transformed the tripper for life. He encouraged
clergy, scientists, artists and many others to experiment with LSD and
recorded their experiences. His legendary sessions in Millbrook,
N.Y. yielded much data, but more importantly pioneered the personal and
interpersonal psychedelic experience as never before.

Leary became the focus of public and private debate about the use of
drugs, leading to the criminalization of LSD and other psychedelics.
Leary himself became the target of governmental repression, with Richard
Nixon calling him the most dangerous man in America. Imprisoned,
escaped, on-the-lam, returned from exile, Leary remained unfazed in his
efforts to promote the psychedelic, shamanic experience. His numerous
books exhort the reader to discover for himself the mind expanding potential
of psychedelics.


Politics of Ecstasy
In this book, Timothy Leary, the high priest of LSD, promotes the right to expand one’s mind as he exhorts us to turn on, tune in and drop out! He questions the government’s growing power
to prevent individual experimentation with psychedelics. Includes the famous 1966 Playboy interview where he discusses LSD and sex.

Chaos and Cyberculture the LSD guru has a lot to say about society, culture,
technology and the human mind. This book offers up thirty years of
Leary’s experience and knowledge. A good retrospective and introduction
to his work.


John Lennon – While John Lennon might have considered himself
foremost an artist and musician, he nevertheless met the criteria of a
shaman in today’s society. His great influence among young people
was due to his expressive nature. His experiences with psychedelics,
particularly LSD, changed his view of the world and the way he expressed
himself through his music. Not only did he become more experimental
and inventive, but his lyrics took on an otherworldly nature. His
songs inspired countless thousands to open their minds and experiment with
psychedelics. Some of his tunes were actually composed and recorded
under the influence of LSD. John was a tireless promoter of the shamanic
message of peace, love and understanding. His message reached the
far corners of the planet.


Legend – The Very Best of John Lennon.
This recording includes
all his post Beatles hits. An excellent collection. Perhaps
a better choice than the John
Lennon Anthology.


Carlos Castaneda – Steeped in the shamanic tradition of the Nahuatl
indians of Mexico, Castaneda weaves a tale of initiation, revelation, power
and transcendence in his series of books. The story of how Carlos
meets and accepts his apprenticeship under the tutelage of brujo Don Juan
is a masterpiece. The endless debate about whether it’s a work of
fact or fiction is notwithstanding. The teachings underlying the work have
great merit, as they give meaning to existence and provide a path, the
warrior’s, for those souls brave enough to confront their own weaknesses
and transform themselves.


Separate Reality
Don Juan is Carlos’ guide into the world of the brujo,
the sorcerer. With Don Juan’s careful tutoring, Carlos is initially
given mind altering drugs to enable him to perceive the Separate Reality.
Naive Carlos is forever making a fool of himself, but Don Juan is patient
and has much to teach about the world beyond the veil.

These are just a couple more books in
Castaneda’s series about Don Juan
Tales of Power
The Fire From Within


Terence McKenna
At the time of this writing, Terence McKenna lies in a hospital bed awaiting
his final destiny. He is a man who, like Gordon Wasson, lived with
the natives and learned their shamanistic ways. Along with his brother,
they added much to our knowledge of ethnobotany, the native uses of psychedelic
plants. McKenna’s book, Food of the Gods, was a landmark in this


Food of the Gods : The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge : A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution – by Terence McKenna.
Terence McKenna was the guru of botanical psychoactives. His shamanic approach to plants and human consciousness enhances our connection to the world beyond the five senses. If you’re into expanding your awareness via plants this will help put it all in context.

True Hallucinations : Being an Account of the Author’s Extraordinary Adventures
in the Devil’s Paradise –
by Terence McKenna


Jim Morrison – Jim was an iconoclast who used his fame to get
his message across. A poet and philosopher, Jim felt it necessary
to push the envelope and society as far as you could to find freedom.
He knew that drugs were just Doors to other worlds where few explorers
ventured. His music, his lyrics and his passion took us to some dark places
in our personal and collective psyches. Like any good shaman, Jim’s
real talent was taking us along on his journeys into these forbidden realms
and opening our minds with his vivid perceptions.


Break on Through : The Life and Death of Jim Morrison. Biography of this poet, philosopher, iconoclast, musician.

The Best of the Doors – Jim Morrison still lives on as a rock icon.
His sensuous voice, defiant attitude and iconoclastic lyrics along with Ray Manzarek’s great keyboard work propelled the Doors to the top of the charts. This two disk set contains the Doors biggest hits including Light My Fire, Riders on the Storm and L.A. Woman.


Alexander & Ann Shulgin – This husband and wife team have explored the whole range of psychedelic drugs including some that few if any have tried. They are known as the parents of Ecstacy.


: A Chemical Love Story
by Alexander Shulgin.
Pihkal stands for Phenethylamines I Have Known and Loved. Indeed,
the Shulgins know of what they speak and they tell the story of psychedelics
and designer drugs including their child, Ecstacy. If you’re a talented
chemist you might appreciate the 179 recipes included. Tihkal is
their book about Triptamines.


Ken Kesey – In contrast to Timothy Leary’s experimental approach
to psychedelics, Kesey explored the experiential. Along with his
Merry Pranksters, Kesey felt that psychedelics were a new way to experience
the world. Inviting diverse friends from Allen Ginsberg to the Hell’s
Angels to his place in La Honda he was able to transform groups of people
via the communal trip. After turning on hundreds, he decided to
take his show on the road in a day-glo bus. Kesey and the Pranksters
went on a psychedelic cross country trip that inspired many including
the Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour) to try to duplicate. The famous
Acid-Test parties where LSD laced Kool-Aid was dispensed accompanied by
music (by such notables as the Grateful Dead) and light shows were modern
day correlates to the shamanic rituals of old.


Electric Kool Aid Acid Test
– Tom Wolfe
Tom Wolfe’s book about Ken Kesey and the Merry
Pranksters. One of the great books about how LSD invaded America’s consciousness,
peaking during the Summer of Love. A tribute to Kesey, the Pranksters (including
Neal Cassady, Ken Babbs, Mountain Girl and Wavy Gravy), and the whole psychedelic
generation. Good insight into how the torch was passed from the Beats to
the hippies. It also contrasts Kesey’s up front, experiential movement
versus Timothy Leary’s experimental, insightful approach to the LSD trip.





In addition to the books mentioned above,
here are some books that delve into psychedelics and shamanism.
The Cultivation, Preparation and Shamanic Use of Psychotropic
Plants – Jim DeKorne This books covers a wide range of psychedelic plants
including mushrooms, cacti, ayahuasca, syrian rue and many others.
Interesting stories about the use of psychotropics including encounters
with entities. Useful explanations on how to extract such substances
as DMT.

Little Book of Acid
– Cam Cloud

This small book covers the history of LSD
from Albert Hoffman and the Sandoz Laboratories to Owsley, Timothy Leary,
and delves into the psychedelic and cultural impact. Includes information
about natural alternatives including Hawaiian Woodrose and Morning Glory

Green Psychology:
Cultivating a Spiritual Connection with the Natural
World by Ralph, Ph.D. Metzner 1999. Dr. Metzner is well known for
his work at Harvard University with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert.
In this new book he discusses how humans have lost touch with the natural
world and how we can use the Shamanic teachings to regain the lost knowledge.

The Way of the Shaman
by Michael J. Harner A guidebook for those
on the Shamanic path and a primer for the curious. Harner explores
the shamanism in various cultures. Learn how to make the most of your shamanic

of the Northern Shaman, A Guide to Mind Altering Plants of the Northern
by Steve
Andrews describes in
clear, understandable terms the plants, their active constituents, the
dosages, and their effects on the human mind and body. Many photos and
illustrations are included. You will find information on the expected plants
such as Cannabis, Datura, and Peyote as well as the unexpected effects
of such common garden favorites as Buttercup, Sassafras and Water Lily.


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Drug Links


From Acid to Weed, here’s your gateway to high times on the internet. Find out about the latest
information, laws, protests, even where to buy marijuana.


Hippyland’s Drug Pages

Read Skip Stone’s Interview
with Ed Rosenthal
the cannabis growing guru!

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Drug War Charts – sort the truth from the lies!

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If we could sniff or swallow something that
would, for five or six hours each day, abolish our solitude as individuals,
atone us with our fellows in a glowing exaltation of affection and make
life in all its aspects seem not only worth living, but divinely beautiful
and significant, and if this heavenly, world-transfiguring drug were of
such a kind that we could wake up next morning with a clear head and an
undamaged constitution-then, it seems to me, all our problems (and not
merely the one small problem of discovering a novel pleasure) would be
wholly solved and earth would become paradise. -Aldous Huxley






If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon
be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.

–Thomas JeffersonThere is no conclusive evidence that the drug effects of marijuana are causally linked to the subsequent abuse of other illicit drugs.

The Institute of Medicine’s Report on Marijuana 1999

Here are some sites that are trying to change the repressive drug laws.

Drug Peace. The War on Drugs is a war on Americans and Freedom. The Drug Peace site seeks a truce in this war to allow vicitims a chance to negotiate and have their civil
and human rights restored. Please visit this site and sign the petition for a Drug War Truce. May there be peace in this land!


The Institute of Medicine’s Report
on Marijuana
1999 – Read the complete report online – The U.S. government
funded this report and is now ignoring the recommendations!
Drug War Charts – sort the truth from the lies!

Human Rights and the Drug War

Project Dare A Failure – 10 year study shows no effect!

The Drug Reform Coordination Network

DrugSense: Drug Policy Reform

MAP: The Media Awareness Project has a Drug News Index

Richmond Drug Awareness Program – UK site with lots of info

General Drug Info


Is Marijuana dangerous? – No, fascism is dangerous

Marijuana isn’t the gateway drug, alcohol is!
Which one did YOU try first? – The Old Hippy

– Just the facts about this wonder drug

Frontline’s Busted
– America’s War on Marijuana.
This exposé of America’s dirty war
against marijuana users is must reading. The site covers the major
issues with contributions from medical, legal, user and grower perspectives.
  • www.marijuana-uses.com
    – The Harvard Medical School is doing a study on marijuana and you can
    participate by sharing your experiences with this drug.
  • RxMarihuana.com:
    Marihuana-the Forbidden Medicine Harvard Medical School doctors information
  • Freddie Freak
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Please note: It is illegal to import or possess cannabis seeds in the U.S. and certain other countries. Always check your local laws before doing so.



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