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Best Way to Ingest Mushrooms?

I’m planning a shroom event……..
My question…….I CAN’T STAND the taste of those mushrooms, what is the
best way to ingest them???
I’ve heard in teas, also that milk products elimate the taste of the shroom.

Please explain to me the best way to process them?


My favorite way is to make honey from the fresh ‘shrooms. Just stick them in a jar of honey. After a few days the psilocybin leeches out into the honey and you can sweeten your tea with it. This way you can control your dose very carefully and you lose the intense mushroom flavor.

Other ideas are using them in soup, milkshakes, and omletes. In Holland they sell mushroom tea bags in the Smart shops. But as I’ve mentioned before, I don’t do mushrooms any more. They contain other toxins that can cause a lot of discomfort to some people.

-The Old Hippy

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