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What to do with Moldy Marijuana

Hey, can you help me with a marijuana spoilage problem? I usually put little chunks of orange peel in with my weed to keep it moist. I had a 50 bag that I wanted to save for the next week, so I put more orange peel than usual and didn’t touch the bag for over a week. Now some of the buds (especially ones that touched the peels) have white fuzzy…mold? Is it safe to smoke it? (I heard some horrible stories about people who smoked moldy weed and got weird
growths in their lungs.) Can I kill the mold (put the stash in the freezer
for awhile maybe) and then still smoke the weed? I would so hate to throw away a whole 50 bag of the BEST pot, that I managed to SAVE…thanks so much.

I never suggest people put anything in with their marijuana. It’s just asking for trouble. And orange peels are usually coated with numerous chemicals to retard spoilage. Perhaps the peel you put in was organic, since it obviously didn’t have the usual antifungal chemicals they usually spray on such fruit. So it seems you put in a moist piece of organic fruit. Still not a good idea.

The best way to store cannabis is in dark container, preferrably glass, vacuum packed. Then store it in the fridge so it will last longer.

As far as smoking your pot, I’d remove the moldy parts very carefully. Then dry out the pot by leaving it exposed to the air in a warm dry place for a couple of days. Then follow my storage instructions above. Hopefully the mold won’t spread any further.

You can smoke moldy pot, but it tastes like shit. I doubt you’ll get any other side effects, but there’s no guarantee. Burning the mold will destroy the spores, which aren’t likely to like your lungs anyway. But you could have an allergy. Again you never know. So minimize the risk and only smoke the unmoldy pot.

And consider this a lesson…

The Old Hippy

The Old Hippy does not advocate breaking any laws. Know the law where you live!

Posted by: skip
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Psychedelics, Marijuana and Depression

-All Praise the Old Hippy-

much respect for you, the shaman of the next generation. I have an EXTREME
fascination w/ psychedelics and have done acid and shrooms a good amount of
times. at first, when i was young, i had fun. now i always get caught in
that grey, quiet, depressive state where all feels absolutely HOPELESS. i
also have short bursts of this intense hopelessness feeling when sober
now (spilt-second flashback?). i smoke weed everyday and am caught up in the
should i be smokin’ everyday loop of depression. i guess my question is
this. I have a good amount of problems, is it realistic to try and deal w/
these problems w/ psychedelic use? or should i deal w/ the depression
through yoga and meditation? Should i quit weed while working on the self, or
at least cut down? Does marijuana perpetuate my depression? Will psychedelics
do more bad than good while you are depressed?

i am 20, and have probably
been depressed for about 5-6 years. i have social anxiety disorder and have
not responded to prozac, but haven’t been very proactive in dealing with my
problems. Any advice you can give me about depression that isn’t well known
would be very helpful. I’d also like to know if salvia is worth trying.
thank you very much.



Cannabis and psychedelic drugs are NOT anti-depressants, and should NOT be
used to solve emotional problems. And yes, they can make things worse. You
say you’ve been depressed for 5-6 years. Have you been smoking pot that
long? If so there might be a connection!

Everyday use of marijuana really gets you in a rut, and the more you use,
the deeper the rut. Get it? You can get so low you can’t even see above
the ditch you’ve dug. So why not stop? Any change of mind will probably be
a big improvement. Oh you might get a little more depressed for a couple of
days when you first stop, but then, THEN, you’ll start feeling more alive
than you have in a long time. This is the point at which you must be
careful. I’ve learned that when you start to feel good naturally, it’s
like getting high, but that often kicks in a I feel great, let’s get high
syndrome that starts you smoking again. That’s the hard one to get beyond.
But once you do, you may find yourself with more energy and more motivated
than usual. Then you must focus that energy on something fun and
productive. So plan out what you’re going to do when you get straight, and
psyche yourself to do it! Either go back to school, or get a new job, or
take that trip, whatever, just take advantage of your newfound zest. Then
you won’t need the crutch of drugs to define your daily life.

Yoga and meditation are excellent for improving your mental and physical
condition, which could be a large part of your depression.

If you can manage that, and learn how to keep yourself straight when you
need or want to be straight, then perhaps you can approach cannabis again as
a therapeutic or recreational drug, not as a dependency.

If you cannot manage the above prescription, then you really should seek
outside help (as you’ve just done by writing me!). Why be miserable, when
you should be enjoying life?

I highly recommend you DON’T use salvia until your depression is cleared up! It won’t help!

Wishing you Health & Happiness,
The Old Hippy


Posted by: skip
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What’s the Difference Between Cannabis & Industrial Hemp?

I am doing a debate for my contemparary issues class on legalization of marijuana and industrial hemp. I have looked in books and on the web and have seen a few different statements about what hemp is. I have heard that it is a cousin plant of marijuana , or it is the fiber from the stem of the marijuana plant, and couple other things. So what is it really?

Hemp is a product (or many products) made from the fiber of the cannabis plant. The variety of cannabis grown for hemp is not the same grown for smoking. It is bred for it’s fiber capacity, not for it’s THC potency. Thus cannabis grown for hemp has a miniscule amount of THC and cannot be smoked to get you high (you’d just get a headache). So Cannabis has different subspecies with different characteristics, and the kind grown for hemp is a subspecies (which means it can still breed with the subspecies that produce lots of THC, but would likely ruin them for THC production).

Hope this helps,
The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Pot Panic Attacks

hey old hippy dude,
i’ve been smoking for bout 5years and now the some of the
time i smoke i get wierd! i start having acute social panic attacks!! and
cant talk! i mostly get like this when i’m uncomfortable round certain
people! what is this caused by?? have you ever heard of such a thing??

Yes, panic attacks are common in that at one time or another pot smokers
will experience the symptoms. Usually when the pot is much better than
usual or if it’s a been awhile since you’ve toked, you’ll increase your
chance of having a panic attack. It can also be manifest as a generalized
paranoia, not necessarily due to a specific fear. This can also be due to
nervousness, stress, unusual situations, strange people.

When you feel a panic attack coming on, a good idea is to isolate
yourself, pick out some soothing music and just groove. In other words find
a calming distraction (a walk in the woods, meditation, yoga), or just take
long slow breaths and watch your breathing. Just focus on that and keep it
slow and even and you’ll calm down very quickly.

A really cool thing to learn is how to calm yourself, and refresh
yourself through some form of yoga or meditation. Once you get proficient
you can then use whenever you feel out of balance and it will restore your
balance and overall health and attitude. It is the best prevention there
And since you pointed out that certain people make you uncomfortable you
can avoid those situations and be with people you enjoy.

Hope this helps!
-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Too Stoned For Friend

I am probably one of the last people on earth who you would want to
answer to, because I am very adamant about my views on drugs. I don’t
like drugs! It’s as plain as that. I understand that people are going
to continue doing drugs and I cannot change that. I am 21 years old,
and I have done my share, but I have found life to be much less a burden
without getting wasted!

Here is my problem, I hope that you can find
it in your heart to find a solution for me. I had a friend (best
friend) who seems to be ditching me out for weed. She knows that I
don’t want to hang out with her if she is high, but she breaks plans
with me, and never wants to hang out with me because she’d rather smoke
weed. Does she actually think that a plant is more important than a

Why do stoners tend to ditch their friends to smoke weed? If
weed isn’t additive, then why do stoners become so depressed when they
can’t find weed? Why would anyone want to forsake who they actually are
for a phony personality which is brought on by a substance?

Good question! The problem is one of attitude and respect. Yes, many
stoners abuse the sacred herb and try to stay high most of the time. Yes,
they often get depressed for about two days after they stop (but it’s no
worse than caffeine users going without!). Perhaps this friend considers
you something of a downer when she’s high. If you dis her because she’s
high, that will certainly make her not want to spend time with you. If you
can’t accept what she does, and not make an issue of it, then perhaps you
shouldn’t see her anymore.

If you can accept her and her ways, then the best thing to do is drop by
and get her to go out with you into the real world. Gently remind her there
is more to do than getting stoned not by telling her, but by showing her
yourself. You see it’s fun to do many things high or straight, but the
problem with weed is that it makes you lethargic (lazy). I myself am guilty
of avoiding people and events when high. And I often regret missing out on
much of what’s happening just cause I couldn’t motivate myself to move! So
if you’re a true friend, help her to get out and enjoy life then perhaps she
won’t be a stay-at-home-stoner, and will indulge less when you’re around.
It would be a great favor for her if you did!

Let me know what happens!

The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Can’t Get High?

old hippy, i have a question for you. my friends and myself smoke a lot of pot with our friend syd and he doesnt ever get high at all. we smoke lots and lots with him all the time but he never catches a slight buzz. i was wondering if you can provise me with some info on this topic. thanks.

Everyone is different. Some people don’t get affected the way others do. Some people are naturally high, and pot doesn’t affect them, believe it or not, though this is very rare. Sometimes the pot isn’t good, sometimes the person doesn’t inhale far enough or keep it in long enough. Also some people might be taking prescription medication that interferes with their THC receptors in the brain, so they don’t feel it. But my guess is Syd is different. If he tried eating marijuana brownies, that might make a difference, since the metabolite is different and much more potent.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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