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Can’t Get High?

old hippy, i have a question for you. my friends and myself smoke a lot of pot with our friend syd and he doesnt ever get high at all. we smoke lots and lots with him all the time but he never catches a slight buzz. i was wondering if you can provise me with some info on this topic. thanks.

Everyone is different. Some people don’t get affected the way others do. Some people are naturally high, and pot doesn’t affect them, believe it or not, though this is very rare. Sometimes the pot isn’t good, sometimes the person doesn’t inhale far enough or keep it in long enough. Also some people might be taking prescription medication that interferes with their THC receptors in the brain, so they don’t feel it. But my guess is Syd is different. If he tried eating marijuana brownies, that might make a difference, since the metabolite is different and much more potent.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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