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Pot Panic Attacks

hey old hippy dude,
i’ve been smoking for bout 5years and now the some of the
time i smoke i get wierd! i start having acute social panic attacks!! and
cant talk! i mostly get like this when i’m uncomfortable round certain
people! what is this caused by?? have you ever heard of such a thing??

Yes, panic attacks are common in that at one time or another pot smokers
will experience the symptoms. Usually when the pot is much better than
usual or if it’s a been awhile since you’ve toked, you’ll increase your
chance of having a panic attack. It can also be manifest as a generalized
paranoia, not necessarily due to a specific fear. This can also be due to
nervousness, stress, unusual situations, strange people.

When you feel a panic attack coming on, a good idea is to isolate
yourself, pick out some soothing music and just groove. In other words find
a calming distraction (a walk in the woods, meditation, yoga), or just take
long slow breaths and watch your breathing. Just focus on that and keep it
slow and even and you’ll calm down very quickly.

A really cool thing to learn is how to calm yourself, and refresh
yourself through some form of yoga or meditation. Once you get proficient
you can then use whenever you feel out of balance and it will restore your
balance and overall health and attitude. It is the best prevention there
And since you pointed out that certain people make you uncomfortable you
can avoid those situations and be with people you enjoy.

Hope this helps!
-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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