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Spiritual Isolation vs. Civilization

Hello old hippy,
Well for a while now I have been going through a pretty rough time. It’s
nothing big, but simply me not being able to relate to this society anymore,
including my friends. See, I just got back from an outdoors trip where we
stayed in the wilderness for 25 days, and our priorities were nothing but
survival. Out there, in Wyoming, life was exactly how it should
be…..Spiritual isolation and just enjoying the beauties of the wilderness.
It was only nine people in my group, but within these 25 days, these 9 people
understood me more than anyone could ever understand me here at home. I feel
like out there, I could be so free, and just appreciate so many things. We
had many solos for long periods of time, and during those times I experienced
such wonderful solitude, where I really got in touch with who I am, and was
at such peace with myself. But now I am back at home, and I am going crazy. I
hate being back in civilization, with all the bullshit that goes on.
(competition, jealousy, hatred) These feelings caused me and my boyfriend to
brake up (we had been together for 6 months) and more and more I feel distant
to my friends and family. I feel like no one can ever understand how amazing
life is. Not life in society, but life in true creation, the wilderness. And
the worse part is the fact that I am losing the connection I had with myself
on the trip. That makes me so sad because being in touch with who I am was
better than having endless amounts of friends. I don’t know, maybe I still
hold that connection with myself, but I don’t know how to deal with being in
civilization. Any advice at all would be incredibly appreciated.
Much love and repect

Congratulations on surviving your wilderness experience. It’s always
a wonderful challenge to confront nature and ourselves in an isolated
paradise. Unfortunately the tough part is coming back down to reality.
Just like an LSD trip in which you become one with everything, discover the
truth about yourself and the world, only to return to the pettiness of human

Under these circumstances I like to remember that we are here for a
purpose, and discovering that purpose is often extremely difficult.
Sometimes it’s more of a challenge than surviving a solo wilderness
adventure. I believe that learning our purpose is a process that involves
all those other people we have to deal with day to day, with all their
faults and frailties. As we come to understand why we are here, we find
ourselves filling a needed role for these people. If you keep in mind that
the highest role we can play is one of service, and we bring into that role
the self-awareness that we have gained from our inner-search, then we can
become a beneficial presence on the planet.

Through our conscious acts we can raise the awareness of others so that
they may find a purpose for themselves. Then, rather than being a burden to
others, they too can contribute a meaningful life in service to humanity.
If everyone could adopt this attitude and unconditionally share their energy
and love with those around them, we would have a drastically different
society. A society without competition, greed, envy, intolerance and
violence. In a world where everyone is looking out only for themselves,
taking, consuming, polluting without thought to the impact upon others, this
becomes the primary mode of human existence, since there are no visible
alternatives or role models.

By living our lives with full awareness and acceptance of responsibility
for our actions, we can become examples of an alternative lifestyle and even
a role model for others. Even if we don’t succeed in changing the world, we
have at least done the best we could, and we’ve been true to our heart.

When times get tough, and it seems that everything around you is
preventing you from being true to yourself, remember that life on this
planet is just a movie. We all have our roles and those of us who are
conscious can also rewrite our scripts so our part better represents who we
truly are, not how others would like us to be. At a certain point in
personal evolution, it’s also possible to realize you are also the director
of the movie, and can not only rewrite, but can cast the movie and direct
others in their roles. Then you are truly living up to your potential as a
co-creator of your reality.

So being a part of society is a difficult challenge that presents many
opportunities for personal growth. Seize these and make the most of them.
When Moses came down from the mountain, he brought a message with him. When
he saw the his people engaged in sinful activities, he thought them
undeserving of the message. Nevertheless, he knew it was his role to share
such an important revelation with his community. And the rest is history.

The Old Hippy

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