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What to do with Moldy Marijuana

Hey, can you help me with a marijuana spoilage problem? I usually put little chunks of orange peel in with my weed to keep it moist. I had a 50 bag that I wanted to save for the next week, so I put more orange peel than usual and didn’t touch the bag for over a week. Now some of the buds (especially ones that touched the peels) have white fuzzy…mold? Is it safe to smoke it? (I heard some horrible stories about people who smoked moldy weed and got weird
growths in their lungs.) Can I kill the mold (put the stash in the freezer
for awhile maybe) and then still smoke the weed? I would so hate to throw away a whole 50 bag of the BEST pot, that I managed to SAVE…thanks so much.

I never suggest people put anything in with their marijuana. It’s just asking for trouble. And orange peels are usually coated with numerous chemicals to retard spoilage. Perhaps the peel you put in was organic, since it obviously didn’t have the usual antifungal chemicals they usually spray on such fruit. So it seems you put in a moist piece of organic fruit. Still not a good idea.

The best way to store cannabis is in dark container, preferrably glass, vacuum packed. Then store it in the fridge so it will last longer.

As far as smoking your pot, I’d remove the moldy parts very carefully. Then dry out the pot by leaving it exposed to the air in a warm dry place for a couple of days. Then follow my storage instructions above. Hopefully the mold won’t spread any further.

You can smoke moldy pot, but it tastes like shit. I doubt you’ll get any other side effects, but there’s no guarantee. Burning the mold will destroy the spores, which aren’t likely to like your lungs anyway. But you could have an allergy. Again you never know. So minimize the risk and only smoke the unmoldy pot.

And consider this a lesson…

The Old Hippy

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