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Dealing with CS Gas (Tear Gas)

  • Gas mask- only use current military or police
    designs. Don’t try any old ones you may come across in markets or army
    surplus stores as many used asbestos in the filters!

  • Mask/hood- offer limited protection. Also
    useful for disguise

  • Goggles- for eye protection.

  • Neutralizer #1- Carry a bottle of solution
    made up from water with 5% Baking Soda.

  • Neutralizer #2- Carry a bottle of solution
    made up from water and sodium metabisulphate (sold as Campden tablets used
    in home brewing). Note, this needs to be made fresh and doesn’t work if
    over a day old.

  • If you are asthmatic tell the people around
    you before the action starts, so that if when sprayed you have a bad reaction
    they’ll be able to act appropriately by giving you your medication or getting
    a doctor.

  • What to do when sprayed

    If you are in the line of spray move backwards
    out of range rather than sideways where the spray may still be able to
    reach you. If you are in a building move outside. Your eyesight may become
    blurred and it is easy to lose awareness of what is going on. Do not run
    blindly into the arms of the police, or worse still, into traffic. Act
    calmly and stay aware of your surroundings whilst moving to a safe area.

    If possible stand upwind of where the spraying
    happened and expose the affected part of your body to the wind. This will
    help disperse the gas quickly.

    Flush the affected area of the body with
    the solution mentioned earlier or just water if this is not available.
    Do not touch it as you will spread the chemical around and rub it into
    your pores. It may be possible hat you can rejoin the action right away,
    as small amounts should only affect you for a few minutes.

    ASAP, have a cold shower for 3-5 minutes
    (hot water opens the pores and allows gas particles in), then proceed with
    normal showering. Showers flush the chemical away whilst a bath will just
    re-distribute it.

    For gross contamination, wash with Neutralizer
    as mentioned above.

    After the action you should hang your clothes
    up in a well ventilated area to disperse the last remnants of the gas.
    When they have hung for a day or so wash them twice- first in cold and
    then in hot water-and they’ll be okay to wear again.

    CS Gas is fat soluble so never coat your
    skin in petroleum jelly or similar substances for protection as some people
    have tried. When sprayed do not treat the area with any cream, jelly or
    ointment, unless advised to by someone who knows what they are talking
    about. The best treatments are air, cold water and time.


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