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Did Hendrix Use LSD?

What up my Old Hippy!!!
Well, I’m totally into Jimi Hendrix, you don’t even want to get me started there, I know everything about him. I own and read over 27 biographies on him, collect anything imaginable. Now I am also a huge fan of lysergic acid diethylamide, I also know a lot and I mainly do it for achieving philosophical knowledge. These two subjects I’m a genius at (don’t take it literally, I’m not tryin’ to be cocky, just expressing my great passion for these two favorites).

Now this is where my problem falls into place, many biographies I have read claim that Jimi in some point of his life had dropped acid, and some deny that. There is a quote stated by Jimi that he had not dropped acid. My frustration at this is immense, now we both know written records (biographies) are not always 100% true. Most people relate Jimi Hendrix with acid, I believe that he has not, because of the quote, but I’m not positively sure of this.

From your knowledge what do you think, has he, or has he not dropped acid, or is it that Jimi might have lied to the public because of the bad rep that LSD had started to receive toward the late 60’s? Your thought will be greatly appreciated, peace!!!!

You hit the nail on the head. There was such an anti-drug backlash at the end of the ’60s and into the 70s (thanks to Nixon & Company) that everyone who did drugs, especially those who espoused its use, had to save face in the media by issuing denials. Many were coerced into doing this usually by their lawyers due to pending cases against the artist. Even Timothy Leary had to squeal to avoid doing a life sentence (for less than half an oz. of marijuana and a bogus conspiracy charge). What people said in public and did in private were two separate issues, just like they are today.

No one really doubts Jimi Hendrix did acid. His ex-girlfriends have
said he turned them on to it. His divinely inspired playing exceeded the
ability of any straight, inexperienced person. I mean come on, look at his lyrics
purple haze running through my brain, his song and album Are You
Experienced? This was all common knowledge. Why do you think Hendrix
would wait until the American Inquisition began to denounce his own

To really understand the dynamic that prevailed during this period you
need only look at our circumstances today. Everyone, with few exceptions,
won’t admit any current drug use. The penalties are just too great. Ah,
the injustice of it all to be living in the most hypocritical times.

-The Old Hippy

‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky! – J.H.

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9 Responses to Did Hendrix Use LSD?

  • in the movie "guitar hero", a biography on hendrix, one of his friends or band manager or something said that jimi used to do tons of LSD. He said "yea u know how they say LSD doesnt work two days in a row, well we figured out if u double the dosage it does!" they must have been so smart to figure that out

  • If Jimi took LSD, it had very little time and he just tried it, because, that it not be said that he was under it, is possible and the second version that he did not take it, and someone slipped him a drug.

    And anyway, I think that Jimi was a good man, he loved music more than anything in the world and even if he was a drug addict, he was the most charming and good human of world has ever seen
    Sorry for my English
  • LSD is not a "drug". It is an hallucinogen, like the mescaline used for religious reasons by Native-American Tribes ( Huichol, Waramuri, Apsaroke etc ). Wanting to explore his conciousness with the aid of hallucinogens does not make Hendrix an "addict" or bad man. Try this site for information about these matters, rather than government propaganda, Peace

  • He did, he used to cut his forehead and rub acid in it then tie the head band on to cover it. 

  • I did LSD with Jimi story in my book see https://www.johnmolinari.com/Home.html

  • yes sky flowwer is my name mann jimi did tons of acid mann he preformed in woodstock groovy mann he was magical mann magical

  • of course J.H took acid it was the 60s everyone taking acid then was like smoking weed now

  • Too true lol I remember hearing bout that on a Hendrix fan sight. Gotta lovejimi.

  • Anyone who have dropped will know if Jimi Hendrix did Acid or not.

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