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Marijuana: Aphrodisiac – Or Libido Killer?

I am a 25 year old woman, married, and very much in love with my husband of four years. Our only problem is our sex life. My husband smokes a lot of weed (several times a day) and we’re not making love because he is never really up to it. I think that the weed is the reason why he has little interest in sex, I seem to remember having read that marijuana can affect the libido, but I’m not sure. There is lots of loving, kisses and hugs in our marriage, so it’s not love that we’re lacking, just sex, but it really affects me and my selfconfidence.

I have no problems with weed, I smoke (but not as much as him, maybe once or twice a week) and I grew up in Denmark where marijuana isn’t looked upon as something bad, my father growes his own and has, ever since I was a kid, so it’s not that I’m condemning his use, just that I feel a little put aside… Could marijuana be the problem, and if so, how should I deal with it?

Marijuana is actually one of the most powerful and effective aphrodisiacs know to man. However, used in excess it can cause problems such as you describe. The reason is not so much the cannabis itself, but the sedentary lifestyle that excessive use engenders. By becoming a couch potato, not getting enough exercise, the body loses its health and stamina gradually. I say this can be an effect of excessive use, because a lack of motivation to get up and out and do things is typical when under the influence.

So all your husband needs to do is take a nice long break from smoking, get outdoors (summer’s almost here!), get exercise, and then he should be coming back to you again. He should not let his cannabis use overwhelm his zest for life and loving. Less is more. Less smoke = more enjoyment. Plus it keeps your tolerance down, you smoke less, save money, save your lungs, save your health, save your marriage!

Other things you can do: Break your routines, take trips to other places, make new friends, etc. Variety is the spice of life and makes people more excited about living. These are some of the things some people sacrifice when they abuse marijuana. And really it’s that fine line between use and abuse that causes problems. Or can be used to hide other problems.

Now if he does all this, and still isn’t romantically inclined, then he has another problem, unrelated to marijuana.

Good luck,
The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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