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Ask The Old Hippie

Thanks for the great response to Ask the Old Hippy
The Old Hippy regrets he an’t answer everyone’s questions.
The most recent questions and answers are below.

“Old hippies don’t die, they just lie low until the laughter stops and their time comes round again.” – Joseph Gallivan 

Bad Trip Flashbacks

There are so many myths to psychadelics and i dont trust anyone at all with what they say since my trips have been entirely different than other peoples experiences but maybe you can help because of your age old wisdom!

i wanna talk about mushrooms (i know you dont do them anymore but you have done them and i need some reassurance) and the really bad trip i had on them. like it all started off great, the hardest i ever tripped in my life (i dont recommend mushroom tea unless you are prepared to be overtaken) but then turned into a tremor all of a sudden and i was scared to death and thought i was going insane and no one would be able to help me and/or i might die.

now this sucks when it happens but its ok when its over i mean you dont die on a bad trip but ! i have long term issues i need to talk about.

this might sound crazy but maybe a week after the bad trip i smoked pot and started having all these bad feelings like i had when i did the mushrooms but just went to my room and went to sleep and it made me nervous but i didnt worry too much about it. then a week later i smoked a sufficient amount of weed and i am damn sure that it wasnt a mind game it was like a mild trip on mushrooms and i started freaking out like having so called flashbacks (which i totally did not believe until now)

so i am definitely done with psychedelics for a while at the very least but even worse than now not being able to smoke weed is that now i am having these like mild panic attacks like in broad day light i will just get all paranoid and nervous for no reason at all and i am usually able to subside it but its still very uncomfortable.

i was just wondering what if anything can i do about this because whereas before ! it may just have been something someone said that set me off on a bad trip, now self inducement is causing all this and i am kinda lost with this. if you have any advice, have ever heard of such strange instances, please email me back, maybe just talking with an outside source will help. thanks, john

This kind of reaction is unusual, but not that rare. Flashbacks are real experiences in that you can get into almost the same headset as when you tripped. The chemical balance of the brain is something we still have much to learn about. Psychedelics upset this balance, by either causing more of certain chemicals to be released, or to prevent their accumulation. These are chemicals that are already in your brain. So you have the chemicals on hand all the time in your brain, whether you are tripping or not. So what can happen is something reminds your brain of what recently happened on your trip, and suddenly your brain starts doing the weird chemical thing it did when you are tripping. It’s not too different from when you hear a favorite song and it brings back the memories associated with that song. You can actually relive the feelings you had when you heard that song before. That’s a flashback.

So to fix your problem you need to do stop that song playing over and over. Sorta like that song you can’t get out of your head. I know one way is to play another song, but then that one could become the next one for your mind to obsess over.

It seems to me you probably have a lot of things you still haven’t worked out yet in your life. These things are nagging in your subconscious and seek release. This might inspire you to do more psychedelics to get to the bottom of it, but I implore you not to do anymore at all. For some people psychedelics are not good. People with underlying psychological problems find that psychedelics often exacerbate these problems. This may be the case with you. Anything from repressed memories to borderline psychosis can surface and cause far more problems. In addition, as I’ve mentioned before, some mushrooms contain quite a few toxins that can damage your body. So these factors combined can explain why some people don’t have pleasant experience.

The best thing I can suggest for the moment is that you try to anaylze what is happening to you and why. Why are you having such strong reactions long after the trip? I know that when I had some heavier trips I had to go completely straight for a period until I could sucessfully integrate the experience into my psyche. Pot would just give me flashbacks or prevent me from dealing with the internal issues that were trying to bubble up. That is what you should focus on. What is going on inside your head…

Now another thing you can do is get your body back in shape. Heavy trips often deplete essential nutrients from your body. I always recommend megadoses of B and C vitamins, and improving your diet to restore your body’s functioning to normal. Also exercise does wonders for getting your system back in equilibrium. Long walks or hikes in nature will work wonders for you. Do it! It worked for me.

I hope this helps!
May your path be clear.

-The Old Hippy

P.S. I don’t knock mushroom tea because it’s an easy way to control your dosage if you wait and sip a little at a time over the course of hours. If you drink several cups without waiting, then you’ll probably be in for a surprise, like the one you had.

Reader responses:

I just read your response to the person who had an unpleasant trip on
mushrooms, and is having anxiety-laden flashbacks of varying intensity from
using milder hallucinogens.

I went through a three-month long unrelenting anxiety flashback from taking
LSD beginning a week after I’d taken it for the third time, when LSD was
legal (1961).

What finally saved me from the anxiety was talking on the phone for five
minutes with a Chicago psychiatrist who was familiar with the drug’s effects
from giving it to terminal cancer patients and from taking it himself.
After asking me if I felt as though I might go out and not come back (lose
my mind), and getting a yes answer, he said, The next time you start to
feel that way, just lie down, get real comfortable, and say, ‘Fuck me’. I
felt anxiety free immediately and never was troubled by a flashback again,
despite my efforts to induce the flashback anxiety and despite my taking
several different psychedelics after that.

I later read the psychiatrist’s (Eric Kast, M.D.) monograph, entitled
Toward a Theory of Attenuation of Anxiety, in which he explained that
fighting the anxiety induced by LSD as the mind reorganizes and expands
itself under the drug’s influence only serves to increase the anxiety in a
vicious circle of anxiety, resistance, greater anxiety, more resistance,

Please share my experience and Kast’s monograph with the person who wrote to
you, so he can evaluate both for himself.
I’m keenly aware of what
this guy’s going through.

Heya! I was reading John’s story & it sounds just like what I’m goin’ through. I was at a festival & mixed too much. I started out with whipit’s, then acid, then mescalin, then I ate some rice krispy treats, then more acid (I ended up doin’ 65 whipits although I didn’t realize it til we counted the empty cartridges). After the second hit of acid, the music & lights stopped, so we laid down. I started melting. Into everything. Jim, the mattress, the earth, the universe. It was definitely the greatest trip. It was very spiritual until I realized I wasn’t breathing. I eeked out to Jim that I wasn’t breathing. He sat up & checked me(he’s amed student), sure enough, intermitent shallow, slow respiration at best. (he says that I let the whipits breathe for me too long, not to mention the change in gas exchange) He picked me up to help me put some sweats on & as soon as he let go of me, I fell back. He said I looked like I was dead. All I remember was feeling like I was drowning, & every so often, Jim would call to me & I would look up & see him like he was looking down a well at me, & I would try to swim back to him. He carried me to the car & drove me up to the camphouse where he had a nurse look at me (She wasn’t on duty, just my luck that she was there). She sat me down in a brightly lit room & between her & Jim kept me stimulated enough to stay awake through the night. When the sun came up, he drove me to his cousin’s house where he sat up & watched me sleep. He says that every once in a while I would stop breathing for a sec, then gasp & then settle asleep again. I wheezed for several weeks, & physical exersion brought on quick bouts of exhaustion. Since then, all my trips on anything have been identical. No change whatsoever (that night was a year & a half ago). I have anxiety attacks randomly with fears of dying or not breathing. I am very aware of my breathing & sometimes I feel a physical manifestation like I get a warm wave come over me, tingling, dizziness, etc. I am still able to smoke weed, & I can occasionally have a very mild trip, but they’re always the same, I don’t enjoy it the way I used to because they’re always the same & I’m always worried. I’ve sworn off whipits. I don’t want to give up tripping, I’ve had some great ones, but I have taken a break, for how long I guess it depends. I guess pass this on to John if you could, to let him know he’s not alone. His letter really struck me. I know exactly what he feels like. Thanks!

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Can marijuana damage a good relationship?

Hi there

I’ve slowed my weed smoking way down, so I’m only smoking several times a
year now – in a large part, because I think it’s beginning to really mess
with my head whenever I smoke.

I have a wonderful girlfriend who I adore. We have a really great time
together, been together almost four years, planning to be together a lot
longer. We generally have a great relationship.

Every single time I’ve gotten high over the past several years (which is
maybe five times), our relationship gets bad for several weeks afterward. I
stop being in to her, forget why I love her, fail to see the wonderful
things about her. Then, after several weeks, things come back together, and
we’re in love again.

Since these bad feelings seem to come on just when I smoke (or after), I’m
starting to conclude that smoking weed is too disruptive to my life. A four
hour high just isn’t worth three weeks of feeling frustrated and helpless
with where my life is.

Other consciousness altering activities don’t cause me problems. Mushrooms
seem fine. Yoga and meditation bring me closer to my girl and make me feel
good and hopeful about where my life is.

Any thoughts on this? Is the problem the weed?, the girl?, me?



Something doesn’t make sense here. Smoking cannabis doesn’t usually lead to relationship problems, unless the smoking itself is an issue in the relationship. You don’t mention whether your girlfriend approves of your use of cannabis, or whether she gets high along with you.

The only physiological effect of smoking once in awhile, that lasts more than a day, is that THC does remain in your system for weeks, at ever decreasing levels. That THC should affect your mental state and relationship over that long a period is very unlikely.

What THC does do, quite well in fact, is change your perspective on things. And let’s say that before you were in this relationship you were smoking quite a bit on your own (you sorta imply that). Let’s go one step further and suggest that when you were doing all this smoking you were free and not committed to any relationship. So what could be happening in this scenario is that you are now involved in a relationship that requires you to constantly be aware and concerned about another person. Something you didn’t have to do before, especially when you were getting high more frequently. Now when you smoke, you miss that freedom from responsibility, and regret that you must now live for another person, not just yourself.

You don’t mention how old you are, but my guess is late teens to early 20s. This can be a factor, as I’ve noticed that some people who start smoking weed when they’re young (like 13 or so) don’t mature socially as fast as those who are straight. That is, they avoid those situations that require more responsibility, especially to others, with one cop out or another. It’s just a postponement of the inevitable, and can actually be a handicap in new relationships, because the usual dating scene was bypassed in favor of a hangout with the guys and get stoned scene.

I’m assuming an awful lot here, and really don’t know if this applies in your case. But it could.

The solution for you is to come to terms with your own reactions. Why do you let getting high interfere with what is apparently a good relationship? If you feel like you really don’t want to be involved with this person when under the influence, why? Is it because she makes what seems like unreasonable demands upon you? Because what might seem unreasonable while stoned, can seem perfectly reasonable when straight. When you’re stoned, you probably don’t want to do much but hang out. She on the other hand probably has lots of plans for you two. That would be a problem.

The other less likely scenario is that you really don’t want to be in this relationship, for some repressed reason, and getting stoned makes this feeling much stronger. But I doubt this because when you’re straight you’re able to see things more clearly, than when you’re stoned, and if you’re into yoga and meditation, then that should empower you with all the insight you need.

So my advice is, if you’re going to get stoned, make sure it’s a mutual activity, and plan some stoney activity for both of you to enjoy together, like a walk in the woods, or a concert or something you can both enjoy. If she’s not as eager as you to do this, then you might have to decide whether it’s even worth it to get stoned occasionally if it takes this kind of toll on your most important relationship.

-The Old Hippy

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Bush, Terrorism and Fear Mongering

i agree that there should be peace but how can there be peace when there is a constant threat of terroism in israel and america. bush has no choice but to go to war. what would people think of him if he didn’t do anything about the terror attacks of 9/11. in this situation there was no choice but do declare war on these terrorists. a massacre of 5000 US citizens deserves nothing else but war. i think people should give bush some credit. u need to understand what type of things he is faced with everyday and imagine yourslef in his shoes. people are too critical… that’s one major problem that the human race faces.

First, Bush has many other options besides going to war. But none so profitable to him, his family and his friends. They come first, before any other Americans or don’t you know that?

Second, the threat of terrorism has been around for a long time. Just cause they scored a big one, doesn’t mean suddenly the game has changed. What has changed is people’s level of fear, thanks to daily paranoid news reports and statements from the fear-mongering fascist government in the US. No one seems to care about the various anthrax attacks, which seem to lead right back to the same US government and are being been covered up, and not investigated as they should by the FBI. So at least in this case the government & non-elect President Bush could be doing something, but obviously aren’t!!!

Third, it wasn’t 5,000 people who died (please update your facts, it was less than 3000). Also they WEREN’T all US citizens, something that seems lost on Americans. A great many of them were foreign citizens. Probably many Islamic people too. But of course the US can only see it’s own pain, and not that of the rest of the world. And therein lies the BIGGEST THREAT to peace in the world.

The Old Hippy

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Time Heals Loves Wounds?

I’ve been seeing a guy for about 8 months now and things are going really good, however, we both have been thru failed marriages and been hurt and we’re both scared to fall in love again and take the chance of being hurt again. It’s been 2 yrs now since my divorce and i feel like i might be ready to let myself love again, but his hurt is more recent (less than a yr) and he changes his mind from day today. One day he says he loves me and wants me to move in and share his life, and the next day he says he’s scared to love again. It’s certainly understandable that he’s confused right now–but that kinda leaves me in limbo–what do i do? I can’t let myself love him just to be hurt again either. Any advice?


Loving another always involves some risk. Risk of rejection, risk of ridicule, risk of losing that love you hold so dear. We all want love, but most of us are hesitant to commit ourselves due to such fears.

Those who have loved and lost, feel the pain most acutely. Over time, the pain subsides and one can get back to life again. The next time an opportunity to love comes around, that person is likely to be more hesitant to get involved. This is precisely your predicament.

You’ve noticed that after two years you feel more able to open yourself again. While your boyfriend hasn’t had enough time and mental distance yet to be so open.

I think you two can come together and learn to love again. It will require a positive attitude, perhaps one where you are aware of the mistakes that you made in your last marriages, and strive to make this relationship even better.

But that kind of thing can bring too much pressure into this relationship at this point. In fact that is the basic problem here. The pressure of having failed once, and the likelyhood it might happen again. So the solution requires a complete release from expectations.

After 8 months you two should be able to discuss this frankly, and agree upon a new basis for your relationship where there are no expectations. It’s precisely these kind of expectations that doom many relationships and marriages. After all what is marriage but a codified series of expectations.

Don’t let yourselves be tempted to commit to anything, like living together, until you both feel it is right. Remove this kind of pressure, and perhaps you’ll both be more free to be yourselves. Certainly you’ll be less defensive and more willing to go with the flow of the relationship.

In other words, my advice is to go slow, go with the flow, and don’t lay expectations on each other. When the time is right to get to the next phase in your relationship, you’ll both know it.

Good luck & good lovin’!
The Old Hippy

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Peer Pressure & Conformity

Dear Old Hippy,
I think it’s real groovy that you’re taking time outta your day to help us kids out. We really need your help and guidance to show us how to pick up where you left off…

Anyways, I have a question for you. How do you think I should deal with my peers? What I mean by that is, how do I cope with the fact that my teenage friends are ignorant about what’s going on and aren’t in tune. It’s so frustrating to try to talk to them, to find that they interpret what I say as something completely different. They are all Mtv babies, and can’t seem to understand why I would choose to love other people and try to help out with the problems our world has. They are all just a bunch of lazy punk asses who don’t give a damn about what happens to the world and they hate hippies (except for me, of course…). I love them all, but none of them understand me. How do I open their eyes? I’ve tried everything, Old Hippy. I’m at the end of my rope!
I’ve written asking for your guidance, and that is all I want. So, enlighten me. Please? Thank you so much.

Love, Peace, Hemp, and Trips Galore,

Dear Star,
Your problem is common among teenagers. Teens are conformists. They feel secure by dressing, acting and viewing the world the same way as their peers. This way they are accepted by the group. Fortunately some teens begin to experience things from a new perspective. They get exposed to other ideas and people that cause them to view the world differently from their peers. It is these individuals who evolve out of society’s mold, who see the world for what it truly is, then change that world in a way no conformist could ever dream.

Your mission Star, should you decide to accept it, is to change the world. If you are ridiculed as being different, or cast out from your peers, we hippies will take you in and respect you for who you are. The only thing that will self-destruct is the limited role that conformity dictates. Be free, be yourself and leave those that would limit you. You can open the eyes of a blind man, but you can’t make him see! Let others see you being yourself. They will be attracted to you and new, deeper relationships will soon blossom.

– The Old Hippy

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The Only Hippie In Town

Dear Old Hippy,

First of all I would like to say that it’s really nice of you to share your
wisdom with the younger hippies. With your help, we will gain the knowledge
you guys had in the 60s and take over where you left off.

I was hoping you could help me with a problem I’ve been having. You see, I live in a very
small town and I’m the only hippie. I am very lonely here and don’t have
any friends. There is no one here who shares my beliefs and ideas. They’re
all shallow and have no tolerance for people who are different. I’ve tried
being nice to them but it’s no use. I have been thinking about leaving this
town to find a place where I can be happy but I’m only 16 and even if I did
have a car, I have no where to go. Please give me some advice.

Sounds like a Twilight Zone episode. Remember the one where they do
surgery on this woman because she looks so different from everyone else,
they see her as completely ugly. When they’re finished they remove the
bandages from her face to reveal a ravishing beauty. At this point you
think, oh she’s great looking, they fixed her. Then you see her doctors
and they’re all deformed looking and ugly. The operation is a failure.
She’s still ugly by their standards. The woman is shattered.

Is this what it’s like for you being the only hippie in an intolerant town?
Others have written me with similar situations. You’re 16 now and ready
for a taste of freedom. Rather than running away, perhaps you can plan a
visit to a relative or family friend in another (hopefully larger and more
tolerant) town. Once there you can go out on your own and meet people.
Within a family or town there are often some individuals who are more open
and tolerant than others. Sometimes they’re a little different and try to
appear to conform but inside they are completely different than people
might think. If you know someone like this in your area perhaps you can
confide in them and they can help you meet people who are more your style.

Perhaps you can convince your parents to let you go to a nearby city for
some big event like a concert. Take a friend and once there you can meet
some other people. If you plan on going to college, apply only to larger
ones in more interesting places (see our Hippy Havens for ideas). Perhaps
your parents will let you travel to some of these schools to check them
out. That would be a lot of fun (even if you’re not really interested in

Don’t give up hope. Soon you will be among your true peers. Oh, by the
way the Twilight Zone episode ends with the doctors introducing an ugly
(really handsome) man to the ugly (really beautiful) woman thus reassuring the
woman that there are others like her. The man tells her she can stay with
them and of course she lives happily ever after. The End …or the

-The Old Hippy

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Hitchhiking Tips

What are some tips if any for being on the road with just you and your

In case you’re wondering what the Old Hippy did during the boring 80’s, I
backpacked and hitchhiked my way around the world. I got to visit some of
the more interesting places on the hippy trail. These included Hawaii,
N.Z. Australia, Bali, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Israel, Greece, Italy,
Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

I spent many days on the road in N.Z. and Australia hitchhiking. Probably
the most difficult part of hitchin’ is keeping your spirits up while
waiting for that cool person who stops for you. Especially if the
weather’s nasty. You worry you’ll never get picked up and get stuck in the
middle of nowhere.

My way of coping with this was to put a upbeat song in my head. I remember
using Bob Marley’s Positive Vibration (hey it was the 80’s) a lot to send
out good vibes to all the drivers on the road. A real (not forced) smile
and a wave helps too. Lot’s of backpackers bring walkmans to hear their
favorite tunes, and this can be an enjoyable way to pass the time on the
side of the road.

At some point you get to pay back for those free rides when you get home
and drive around in your car. You get to be the one who does the good
deed. As you get older, you do tend to be more careful about who you give
a ride to. When I’m driving I prefer to pick up hitchhikers with large
backpacks. I realize the load they’re carrying makes it hard to walk far,
and they probably have many more valuables with them than I, so they’re the
ones taking the risk. I am more suspicious of individuals carrying nothing
hitchiking. Remember, hitchhiking has it’s dangers (see below), there are some looneys
out there so be careful.

By far the most enjoyable aspect of hitchiking (besides getting free rides)
is meeting some very interesting people. The people who are kind enough to
stop for you are the cool people. Those who pass you by are probably
uptight and dull – remember this! The most friendly country to hitchikers
for me was New Zealand. Often I would get a ride with someone who would
You in a hurry, mate?
Not really I’d reply otherwise I wouldn’t be hitchiking!
Great, he’d reply, Wanna go see an incredible place?
Sure I’d say.

Then he’d drive an hour out of his way to show me an awesome spot, and then say Since it’s too late for you to reach your destination, how about staying with me and the Misses tonight? She’s a great cook and we’ve got an extra bed! And this happened several times! I stayed in many houses in New Zealand with strangers who later became good friends.

It’s these kind of experiences that make hitchin’ a worthwhile activity.
I’ve found however that if I travel with another guy I don’t get nearly as
many rides or invites as if I’m alone or with a woman. In fact if you
travel with another person, you tend to socialize mostly with that person
and miss out on meeting other people.

You should never undertake a long journey with someone you haven’t traveled
with. You get to know someone too well when you travel together for long
periods. If your relationship hasn’t been tested, it will be. It’s way
better to meet someone on the road, and travel together for as long as it
feels good, then part when your itinerary or vibes say it’s time.

This is true freedom! This is the feeling of the open road. This is
choosing your path (day after day). This is what the hip philosophers
(esp. Kerouac) were after. Everyone should have a taste of freedom on the
road before settling down. Some people (present company included) can
never get this out of their blood.

Now times have changed since the ’80s and things are not quite the same on the road as it was then. The paranoia level of drivers and hitchhikers has gone way up, thanks to so much violence, and so many people carrying weapons, especially in the USA.

That doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, but you would have to be much more careful who you accept a ride with. And women of course are more vunerable, and probably should never hitchhike alone in the US.

Elsewhere in the world it’s also gotten to be more of a hassle, and fewer hitchhikers are seen, except for those heading for some big festival. I still see them in Europe trying to get to Glastonbury or Roskilde. The same cautions apply.

It’s really too bad because as I said before it can be a very rewarding experience and you can make so many new friends in a relative short time, and travel on a much smaller budget than any other way.

Remember if people help you, you should do something for them within
your means, or better still, do something for someone else in need.

on the good vibes!

– The Old Hippy

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Making Hashish Yourself

Greetings oh Elder of the most high, My quest is to make my own hash. I’m very interested both traditional and hi-tec pollen extractors.

I have been experimenting with silk screens with some success and
disasters. Time of harvest and cure seem important aspects, shaking or
rubbing presure on the screen seems to vary the quality. I’ve heard of cold water extraction.

There is a machine on the European market but haven’t as yet located it.
Afghani Black is a good standard. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years, How?

May the long time sun shine upon your website
herb Al

P.S. Don’t panic my herb is strickly organic.

Sounds like you have very high standards. I’m impressed! The Old Hippy is
very fond of high quality hashish from Afghanistan (as well as Nepal,
Pakistan, India, and of course Morocco). I just finished reading a great
book (not available in the US at present) called Mr. Nice. It’s the
autobiography of Howard Marks who smuggled hashish into England and Canada by the ton. He witnessed the tribesmen making hashish on the
Pakistan/Afghani border (known as border hash). The technique he saw them using required them to pound the cannabis using a huge stone suspended from a see-saw like contraption. It was smashing the THC from the plant in a big wok shaped bowl. Underneath a fire was heating up the mixture, turning it black. So their technique forces the breakup of the resin glands and the
heat activates the THC.

You should be aware that sometimes black hash contains opium. But usually
it is black due to the heat processing or because they gather the resins by
hand (thus heating it) forming black charas (finger hash). In Amsterdam I
have had the pleasure of comparing the various types of hash and savoring
the finest. Now my preference is for the least processed. My favorite is
the top quality from the Rif Mountains (see the story Kif in the Rif on our Hip Guide to Morocco site). The resin is coaxed from the plant by
pounding it with sticks. It falls into a sack and is then gently pressed. It
doesn’t get touched by hand and is not heated. It has the purest sweetest
flavor (when it’s top quality).

The Dutch also make fine hashish (called Nederhash) from their super strong
Dutch bio and hydro weed. The color of this varies from very light almost
white to light brown to green (not usually good as it has too much plant
material). This hash is made in small quantities and taste and quality
varies but it can be excellent. The Dutch use a machine that’s like a
small tumbler (pollinator – see below) that spins allowing the cannabis to fall thus knocking loose
the THC. It accumulates and then they press it. The big advantage is that
the hash is usually very, very fresh. Imported hashish can sit for years in
storage before it gets consumed.

-The Old Hippy

UPDATE: First let me warn people about the Black Hashish flooding the market in 2002. It seems there’s such a surplus of opium thanks to the Taliban and the Northern Alliance releasing their three year supply to help pay for the war in Afghanistan, that it’s finding it’s way into hashish in unprecedented proportions (perhaps more than 50%). There are some ways to identify it, but its always very soft and pliable, and sometimes sticky. Unless you want to find yourself addicted to opium I suggest you stay away from it. Stick with the lighter Moroccan or locally produced hashishes from your area.

Secondly, the best machine on the market for doing quantities of hashish is the Pollinator made in Holland. You can visit their website and check it out. On that site you can also find out about the latest method of extracting ice-o-lator hashish, which uses ice water to separate the tricomes from the plant material. This yields the purest hashish using special bags with built in screens and a hand mixer. The main problem with this method is that the result must be dried thoroughly otherwise it will get moldy. I recommend any isolator hash be consumed immediately!

And lastly the Old Hippy doesn’t advocate breaking any laws. The making and possession of Hashish is some areas can result in far worse penalties than that of unprocessed marijuana. Please keep this in mind.

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Are Punks A Manifestation of Hippies?

Ah…Where to begin??? First of all, lets not talk about the punks as if it were a thing of the 70’s and 80’s, I believe there still is a scene, alive and well.;)
You were explaining to some kid about why his parents no longer seem to
hold the same ideals and are now job-holding members of society. Well my
mother was a hippie and i know many punks with parents who were once
hippies. (Some of them are in agreement with their gutter-punk spawn and
some are now high generals for the Pentagon but that’s not important).

believe that a great many punks really are children of old hippies. As
you were trying to tell a young-hippie how to survive in this capitalist
world and not turn into their parents, i think punks are trying for the
same thing.

I spend a lot of time in DuPont circle in DC where those
traveling pass through. Most of the time i hang out with the gutter-punks
(traveling, squatting punks), but i also hang out with home-bums and
pretty much whoever… I met a 46-year old hippie (still traveling and
living the hippie life) a few months ago who tried to explain how punks
were a manifestation of hippies and i wish i could repeat what he said.

As far as I’m concerned, gutter punks are the closest thing to
hippies. Im not talking about suburban-punks.. We are both without a
shower and have a wander-lust that takes us across the country. Some
hitchhike, some hop-trains, some live communally…in abandoned houses.
(It was hippies that paved our way for hitchhiking and sometimes i wish
it was still as easy to get rides as it was for the hippies) Some of us
travel with them, even stop along at a Rainbow Gathering, although i met
a few who really didn’t like it. This hippie shared some really great
wisdom with me: I want to travel, but right now i live at home, go to
high school and can’t get a GED for want of being an artist. He told me
I’m trapped in my life decisions and only i really can’t listen to
anyone else to make my choice. Go sit by yourself and just think about
what i said, after im gone, after i left, and only do it for you. Would
my parents tell me that?

But we aren’t stealing it from you, we CAN’T be hippies. I
always think, its not my generation. As far as I’m concerned all of
these young kids running around trying to be hippies aren’t real hippies.
They may live the lifestyle, sure. I would feel out of place with all of
these OLDER hippies. (Even tho, some of these squatting punks are all the
way up to almost 30.)

I agree like you said that you guys had the Vietnam War but
that doesn’t mean we don’t have reasonable cause. Many punks are very
politically-minded/active. Some are involved with freeing political prisoners. Some feed homeless with local Food Not Bombs, some are strict vegans and protest animal rights. (Some are only vegetarians, some even eat meat.) Others are
protesting against such large capialist groups as McDonalds and Proctor
and Gamble. Many decide to live on communal farms in Canada. (Much like
hippies.) Still others decide to break in a squat (an abandoned building)
in large groups and through a community of operation make it seem
liveable enough to seek legal action for the place. Many work on zines
or write books and keep journals of their travels. Some are artists,
writers, sculptors. Not only that the music is very political and full of

I sure as hell DON’T agree with your statements: I can’t
recall any punks preaching Peace and Love. Sharing needles doesn’t cut
it I’m afraid. There are many kinds of punks each with their own
mission in life. Some punks drink and do drugs. (Some are still politically active/some are too wasted) Some punks claim straight-edgeand won’t do any drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, even coffee, etc. There are some who are Anarcho/Peace Punks and they are usually more politically active, achieveing peace through anarchy. The main idea, is we are all punks who share a common-ground and love for ourselves and each other even if we take a different stand on things. The hippies you say: discovered [our]selves and [our] brotherhood and
[our] power. It was us and them.

I’m sure if there were a draft today, we would STILL go to jail, over
fighting. Nothing changes. After all, a lot of us are going to jail for
stupid reasons anyway ;)…

…And i still think we could learn a thing or to from the Hippies.
Points to those who are still at it, still true…still alive.

Thanks for listening.


Thanks for enlightening us about punks. First I would like to state something obvious; that many people who consider themselves hippies – don’t look like hippies. And the reverse is also true. Many people who appear to be hippies, aren’t. I’m sure the situation is similar with punks. The problem is one of stereotyping.

What I would like to know, is just what unites all these diverse people you label as punks. You say punks are those who share a common-ground and love for
ourselves and each other… Yet, you don’t tell us what that common ground is. You mention many of the things that punks are involved with, but then so are hippies involved in the very same things (having started many of them).

So just what makes all these people punks? Is it just the music they listen to? The attitude? The clothes? (I get asked these same questions about hippies, so it’s time to turn the table!) It seems from what you’ve said that many of you would like to be hippies except you don’t want to be like your (hippy) parents.

Astrologers have an explanation for the hippy phenomena and it makes sense, and can explain why each generation is different from the previous one. The outer planets are slow moving and some change astrological signs (ie. Libra to Scorpio) about once a decade. These outer planet movements influence entire generations as they color the perceptions of each individual. So the punks born in the 60s and 70s have Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in different signs than the hippies born in the 40s and 50s. I could go on in more detail about this, but this isn’t the astrology page!

The point I want to make is that both the hippy and the punk movements are responses to larger forces at work. Both movements achieved a certain notoriety due to their confrontational tactics with authority. I think they pushed the envelope of what is acceptable in society (look at all the piercings these days!). By challenging the norm, the accepted way of things, they force society to confront its limitations (especially regarding freedom) and reexamine these issues. Then if the society is strong and free it will change, and be better for it.

Unfortunately, the hippies didn’t finish their work. Successive repressive governments have tried to undo the gains from the 60s and 70s. Billions have been spent on propaganda and brainwashing of the last two generations. The issues of drugs, the environment, big business, and individual rights have become so politicized that people are afraid to take a stand and be politically incorrect.

This is why we need to revive the hippy movement. We welcome any and all who are willing to take a stand for what they believe, be they punks, slackers, ravers, wage-slaves, new-agers, yuppies, whatever! The common ground we have is a dedication to peace, a willingness to use love to solve problems, and a respect for others and this fragile planet. What stands in our way is the system of governments that separate people with borders, corporate and collective greed, religious, ethnic, social, and economic intolerance and hatred. Any law, creed or concept that divides people from other people unfairly is intolerable. There is a great deal of work to be done. Are you ready?

-The Old Hippy

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How to Become an Activist

im 14 and im a hippie and i wanted to ask you how the young hippies of this
generation could make our voices heard like you did in the 60s?
peace, love and happiness

Are you ready to take a stand for what you believe in? Are you willing to be arrested for expressing your civil rights? Are you prepared to be ridiculed and scorned by your parents, teachers, and peers? If you’re ready, then you can become an activist. If you’re not ready, then you can still make a difference by changing yourself. In this manner you can influence people on a one-to-one basis. You can become a beneficial presence on the planet.

If you choose to become an activist you can help organize your peers in your school or neighborhood. You can protest, sit-in, boycott, have rallies, benefit concerts, etc. Whatever is needed to draw attention to your cause(s). What to protest? Hold a meeting and decide from the numerous worthy causes be they local, national or international.

I think what caused the hippy movement to disintegrate was the lack of organization and leaders. Of course the FBI saw to that. So we need new leaders who have organizational prowess and perhaps some charisma. I don’t think it would be too difficult to find some old hippies to share some ideas and energy.

If you’re not the type to be in the spotlight, then you must work on yourself. You must learn who you are. Discover yourself, love yourself, be yourself. Become aware. Wake up from your social programming and find your true nature. Then, and only then can you have a positive impact upon others beyond your program. Then YOU get to write the program.

Together we can write a new program for the whole planet. This one we’ve been using for centuries has too many bugs!

Governments? Hah! Obsolete, so delete!
Religions – delete hypocricy, insert LOVE!
Economic Disparity – a little cut and paste (the Robin Hood method) = Economic Equality!
Environmental destruction and overpopulation – reprogram,
New program = Less is more!

Remember – you create your own reality, so if you’re not part of the solution, then you are the problem!

-The Old Hippy

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