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Bush, Terrorism and Fear Mongering

i agree that there should be peace but how can there be peace when there is a constant threat of terroism in israel and america. bush has no choice but to go to war. what would people think of him if he didn’t do anything about the terror attacks of 9/11. in this situation there was no choice but do declare war on these terrorists. a massacre of 5000 US citizens deserves nothing else but war. i think people should give bush some credit. u need to understand what type of things he is faced with everyday and imagine yourslef in his shoes. people are too critical… that’s one major problem that the human race faces.

First, Bush has many other options besides going to war. But none so profitable to him, his family and his friends. They come first, before any other Americans or don’t you know that?

Second, the threat of terrorism has been around for a long time. Just cause they scored a big one, doesn’t mean suddenly the game has changed. What has changed is people’s level of fear, thanks to daily paranoid news reports and statements from the fear-mongering fascist government in the US. No one seems to care about the various anthrax attacks, which seem to lead right back to the same US government and are being been covered up, and not investigated as they should by the FBI. So at least in this case the government & non-elect President Bush could be doing something, but obviously aren’t!!!

Third, it wasn’t 5,000 people who died (please update your facts, it was less than 3000). Also they WEREN’T all US citizens, something that seems lost on Americans. A great many of them were foreign citizens. Probably many Islamic people too. But of course the US can only see it’s own pain, and not that of the rest of the world. And therein lies the BIGGEST THREAT to peace in the world.

The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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