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Festivals & Gatherings – A Revival of the Hippy Movement?

hey mr. hippy dude,
whats happening. i have a question for you. how do you feel about the music scene thats going on right now?? the hippy scene seems to be getting bigger and more accessible lately. im not saying that in a bad way or a quote unquote selling out way, but it seems to be becoming huge again. for instance ..this summer we have boneroo which is huge, the gathering of the vibes, the grateful dead reunion and whatnot. it seems to be one of the biggest summers for our music in a long time.. could this be a small taste of whats to come.

i definitely see more and more jam bands becoming huge and alot of bands and artist playing together more and more. and many artists from various musical styles intertwining. could we be entering a new phase of musical creativity?? similar to the scene that was going on in the 60’s?? everyone seems to be coming together and with everything that happening in the world right now, it would be a great time for it.&n! bsp; what are your thoughts???

id love to hear you opinion.. thank you- sean jersey hippy

That sounds wonderful! I hope you’re right that it’s a signal of things to come. I have some reservations however. First all these big festivals have one thing in common, beside the music, a LOT of commercialism. That wasn’t the case back in the 60s. Oh sure there was some, but with the last Woodstock fiasco, it seems the people putting on these events are more into the money than the vibe. In addition the people coming to these events aren’t always coming with a peace & love vibe.

I’ve found these mega events to be a mega pain. I don’t do them anymore. Even smaller concerts indoors are so much of a bother, I rarely go unless the venue and artists are truly worth the shit you have to put up with to attend these things. Of course this is because I’m old and jaded. It’s just not as exciting anymore as it was when I was a kid and it was a novelty.

For the younger generation of hippies (esp. wannabees), it’s very exciting and a great change from their suburban middle-class lifestyle. So I encourage them to go, because it’s the perfect way to realize you’re not alone in being different, and you can discover the solidarity and power of the younger generation, and learn from those of the older generations who attend these events.

Plus the music is always a good experience, if it doesn’t get drowned out by the commercialism of the event itself.

It’s great for young people to learn there are alternative forms of musical entertainment besides rap, heavy metal, and boy bands. And the whole experience of these mega events is much more than you get going to a regular concert. In addition alternative lifestyles are displayed including that of the kynd people who travel around with these groups like the deadheads. Yes you CAN live outside the corporate American program, and thrive!

Of course exposing young first timers to sex, drugs, and the whole scene is fraught with risks if they are too naive. If they don’t get ripped off, they might overdose, or sexually preyed upon. My advice to first timers is to attend these events with a group of friends, and stick together. Watch out for each other.

I’m sure most people have the time of their lives, but for some it can be a very unexpected learning experience. It’s just that these things are not like the original Woodstock, when the peace & love vibe was so overwhelming, that the danger was minimal, even given the conditions. The world has changed.

For a real taste of what Woodstock was like, I recommend the Rainbow Gatherings. These are completely without the commercialism and hype that accompany the major music festivals. There’s much more to be learned about communal living, social responsibility, and living in harmony with your surroundings than any of these other gatherings can teach.

Another alternative is the Burning Man, which likewise is free from commercialism (but it sure is getting big). This is a place for those who are creative and need to express themselves in ways that society would frown upon. If I had the time, I would check it out myself, although hanging out in a dry lake bed in Nevada isn’t my cup of tea.

But getting back to your original question, I think the increase in the number of these events and their attendance is a sign that more people are rejecting the corporate media, and prevailing lifestyles and conformity, and opting for alternative entertainment. As long as they keep these events from just being another huge commercial ripoff they can spread the healing vibe to a new generation! And yes that is something we need desperately. I just hope it’s not too late…

The Old Hippy

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