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How to Become an Activist

im 14 and im a hippie and i wanted to ask you how the young hippies of this
generation could make our voices heard like you did in the 60s?
peace, love and happiness

Are you ready to take a stand for what you believe in? Are you willing to be arrested for expressing your civil rights? Are you prepared to be ridiculed and scorned by your parents, teachers, and peers? If you’re ready, then you can become an activist. If you’re not ready, then you can still make a difference by changing yourself. In this manner you can influence people on a one-to-one basis. You can become a beneficial presence on the planet.

If you choose to become an activist you can help organize your peers in your school or neighborhood. You can protest, sit-in, boycott, have rallies, benefit concerts, etc. Whatever is needed to draw attention to your cause(s). What to protest? Hold a meeting and decide from the numerous worthy causes be they local, national or international.

I think what caused the hippy movement to disintegrate was the lack of organization and leaders. Of course the FBI saw to that. So we need new leaders who have organizational prowess and perhaps some charisma. I don’t think it would be too difficult to find some old hippies to share some ideas and energy.

If you’re not the type to be in the spotlight, then you must work on yourself. You must learn who you are. Discover yourself, love yourself, be yourself. Become aware. Wake up from your social programming and find your true nature. Then, and only then can you have a positive impact upon others beyond your program. Then YOU get to write the program.

Together we can write a new program for the whole planet. This one we’ve been using for centuries has too many bugs!

Governments? Hah! Obsolete, so delete!
Religions – delete hypocricy, insert LOVE!
Economic Disparity – a little cut and paste (the Robin Hood method) = Economic Equality!
Environmental destruction and overpopulation – reprogram,
New program = Less is more!

Remember – you create your own reality, so if you’re not part of the solution, then you are the problem!

-The Old Hippy

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How Do You Stop Judging People?

Hey…I’m a 15 year old deadhead. I was born into a family of hippies and they’ve raised me well. Deadheads are nonjudgemental right? I find myself judging others often. My reason being that there are so many phonies out there, who just don’t understand. I hate to judge others,
it makes me bum out. But I don’t want to surround myself with people like that. How do you feel when you see a young hippie, but you know
their heart isn’t in it? Please tell me.

Love Tessa

Being judgemental has survival value to our species. We need to distinguish between our kind and others. That helps preserve our DNA’s characteristics, can’t go mating with just anybody, right? It’s one of those things we’ve been programmed to do. Overcoming our genetic proclivities is quite a challenge.

As any geneticist will tell you however, interbreeding weakens the species. It’s far better to have individuals with different characteristics (and DNA) breed so there is more diversity in the genetic code. This leads to another human proclivity, opposites attract! So what’s this got to do with hippies?

In the case you mention, you can distinguish between the phony and the real hippies, having been raised by the latter. But how many old hippies were phony? Just because they were products of the 60s doesn’t make them any more real than these young hippies. How else could they become corporate executives, republicans and politicians (especially those who didn’t inhale)? Did they sell out their values, or did they never truly believe in them to begin with?

Judging people is society’s way of keeping us apart. Having traveled around the world, I have learned that people are the same everywhere. They have the same needs, hopes and dreams. It is society that has incorporated our genetic coding into social patterns of discrimination. That’s what makes it doubly difficult. We must transcend both our genetic and social programming to achieve a worldview in which everyone is equal.

In a world that rewards the fastest, the smartest, the strongest, the luckiest, the weathiest, the most popular, the most creative, the most devious, the most powerful, the most dangerous, most people follow one of these models. We must find new models that don’t require us to surpass others to achieve our goals. What if achieving our goals was dependent upon helping others achieve theirs? This is a form of selflessness that is required for real personal growth.

So judging people is just programming that you can undo. You must realize that others are also programmed and just doing what they are programmed to do. Even the minor act of dressing like a hippy is a programmed symbolic act of rebellion against parental authority. They probably wouldn’t dream of adopting any radical hippie views, since that would require a deep reprogramming, for which they are unprepared.

Yet, you must feel somewhat insulted to see people who dress the role, know a few of the lines, but don’t really have a clue what the script is about. You know it’s just a matter of time before they either give up this folly and get on with their programmed lives, or discover the script’s inner meaning and begin to live it. If you are friendly with these individuals, you might want to discuss this with them. If they don’t get it, don’t fret, you’ve done your part.

-The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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Why is there so much hatred towards hippies?

I’m confused as to why there is so much hatred towards hippies in the past few years. Everybody in my school is all like oooh hippies, stupid f*ckin tree huggers. I just dont get why they’re so ignorant. Just recently I’ve noticed a surge of hatred though, actually as of this year. I think it’s fueled by the hip-hop crowd. Their values totally collide with ours. They are greedy, capitolistic, rude and not to mention violent. And we are peacefull, non materialistic beings. What do you think old hippy? I hope you can inspire me.


This is a question I’ve asking myself recently. I think you hit the nail on the head when you pointed out how our values collide with the hippie haters. Our mere existence not to mention colorful presence causes what’s known as psychological dissonance. We represent an alternative to mainstream thinking and values and thus a challenge to all those who accept the status quo.

The pressure to conform, especially in American society has never been greater in my lifetime. It’s similar to the 50’s when everyone was expected to graduate high school and college, get a 9-5, get married, have 2.5 kids and move to the suburbs. Back then there were far fewer options around too.

Now we have a Republican administration, and this kind of thinking thrives when the country’s leaders are conservative cowboys who promote war and violence as a solution to the world’s most intractible problems. Add to this the terrorist hysteria, the fucked-up economy, the broken dreams, the ecological catastrophes just around the corner, and you have a situation ripe for dividing the country into opposite camps.

The media is also to blame. I cannot believe how much violence I see everyday in TV, rock videos, movies, even on my street (today it’s endless loud fireworks for New Years). This has taken its toll in several generations, who now see violence as a normal human expression, something to be expected and returned, tit for tat.

For a real contrast, I recently watched the movie Mary Poppins, which I hadn’t seen since I was a kid. I was amazed at how slickly they had inserted such now extinct values in the movie as respect for elders, politeness, anti-capitalist values, in fact it’s a complete homage to personal freedom and creativity. You rarely see that anymore in the movies or on TV.

The level of violence and the sheer quantity of it blows me away. The public has been led to believe that violence in the media doesn’t translate to actual violence. This is A BIG LIE. It is pure brainwashing, and so it doesn’t surprise me to see so many people willing to kill others, even innocent people, just out of revenge. It’s truly sick.

Of course hippies will always be in the minority, but again, just the fact that we exist, that we are willing to explore and present alternative ideas and solutions means that all these war-mongers and greedy capitalists must address these very important issues that they would rather ignore in their quest for money and power.

So don’t dismay that we are hated by some, (perhaps feared is closer to the truth), because we serve to enlighten and challenge the status quo. As long as we speak out and don’t hide our true feelings we can preserve our freedoms to do just that. If we retreat in silence we may never again have the right to stand up to the powerful and tell it like it is.

The next few years will make a big difference for our collective future. We are almost beyond the point of no return. Many of those young people with their short hair, (some bald now), waving their flags, shouting patriotic slogans, will soon end up dead on some distant battlefield. So feel sorry for them, and pray we don’t all end up dead.
Peace, hopefully,
the Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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A Neo-Hippy Movement?

I was just wondering if you think it is possible to accomplish a neo-hippy movement as great and as intense as the summer of love? Is there anyway that you can see the hippies of this generation molding together to unleash the essence of flower power all over again. If so, enlighten us.

Jazzerous and Jannyfire

A lot has happened since the summer of love in 1967. Unfortunately, we can
never go back to those days. There was a certain innocence with which we
entered that year of great change. Today that innocence no longer exists –
especially now that children are afraid of what might happen in their own

The combination of events that flowed into the summer of ’67 are unlikely to
be repeated again. A postwar generation coming of age, draft age kids going
to a new war far away in Asia, the spiritually hollow affluence of the most
powerful nation on earth (worse now), the sudden mass production of a new psychedelic
drug, LSD, the opening up of several million minds to infinite
possibilities, the colorful emergence of a new subculture – hippies, the
words and music of a generation ready for change, the positive attitudes and
vibes and feeling of brotherhood, the growing awareness of eastern
philosophies completely at odds with the American consumerist mentality.

All this, combined with our youthful optimism contributed to a feeling that
we were the future, that we were going to completely change society into a
hippie utopia. Of course we were naive. Naive about our own limitations,
about the power structure of society, about how to organize ourselves. And
then we were all on our own trips, too. The drug scene took many of our
icons. We learned the futility of fighting the system. Those that did
ended up in jail or underground or dead. There never was a cohesive
strategy. Even though it was them vs. us, we could never get us to

However, the lasting impact of the summer of love and the flower people has
been more subtle. The memes (concepts) we promoted spread around the world
and have instilled themselves in the subconscious of the species. These are
reflected in some of the famous sayings of the time:

Make Love, Not War
Peace Now
Save the Planet
No Nukes!
and many more.

The point is the collective unconsciousness of our species is still
absorbing and processing this information. It creates a lot of cognitive
dissonance among us. That is, we now Question Authority far more often,
we don’t believe everything we hear, we think for ourselves, and we have
more of a conscience about what we do.

It is this conscience that seems to have jumped a generation and now appears
in young (neo) hippies. The sad fact is that the world situation really hasn’t
changed much. The same power structure exists. The need to respond to the
world situation is as great as ever. In fact this is what has evolved over
the last three decades. The media has shown us that the problems of our
planet are far more serious and long term than those of our neighborhood.
Our consciousness has expanded to where we now worry about people we’ve
never met in countries we’ve never been to. This sensitivity is something
new to our species. It belies the us and them notion with which our
governments like to brainwash us. THERE IS ONLY US! THIS IS OUR PLANET!
What we do will determine the future of the human race. If we let hate and
fear rule the world, we are in for a catastrophic millenium. It is YOUR
GENERATION, the new hippies who must spread the word about LOVE and PEACE
and the alternatives open to us. Those who hate and fear see nothing but
hate and fear around them. We must open their eyes as time is running out
for us.

I can see a new movement emerging if we have a single uniting cause. I once
thought the marijuana movement might do it, but the $18 billion being spent
on the war on drugs is hard to counter. I think what might do it is if
there is a draft to fight the war in Kosovo. Then I think this draft age
group of 17-19 year olds will finally open their mouths before being sent to
die in some distant land just to help some aging military industrial
societies save face by destroying another military industrial society ruled
by a megalomanic.

One thing we have on our side now, which didn’t exist in the ’60s (in it’s
present form) is the Internet! Our ability to organize and communicate is
greatly enhanced, and once we coordinate our efforts we can become a truly
effective force in this society. Hippyland is here to help facilitate this
goal, as are many other websites. We await the cause, we await your call.

The Old Hippy

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A Little Hippie Problem

hello old hippy,
I have a daughter who is 9 years old and she is totally into anything to do with being
hippy, except the drugs.(I hope)
she is now wanting to do her bedroom up with beads,flowers,black lights, poster,etc…
she is only nine years old and i don’t want to discourage her from being an individual,
but i don’t want to encourage her to go totally crazy either.
i’ve enjoyed my time being hippy.been there,done that…still am in ways….

so….should i go ahead and encourage her to follow herpassion or should i encourage my ways???
i don’t know how to handle this ..
any help is appreciated..
help with little hippy………..

It’s somewhat of a craze these days to do the room up and to dress up as a hippie. Don’t let it bother you, since your daughter is too young to understand much, other than that it’s the current fashion. Of course you should encourage her to follow your ways (the parental prerogative), but that is a different matter.

Just remember there are far worse things to be than a hippie!

The Old Hippy

Posted by: skip
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