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About Life, Death & Love

i love you old hippie. i love the way you help people out, young people who have become lost are need to find their way, or at least need a song to sing on the journey. i might be one of those people, i dont know.
maybe i am just searching for answers? there are so many questions in my head. but i know that i have a lot of power and thus need to be properly informed. i also know that i have to take care of myself, which i am not very good at.

i hope that you can help me. i didn’t know where else to turn. please don’t desert me old hippie!

i will begin:

it begins with a boy whose name starts with t. he has too much hair and a cheeky smile. he looks like harry potter, only a bit. i fall in love with him. he falls in love back…at least he says he does. we are together and happy. he betrays me, and i become scared. i cling. i suffocate. he does not say anything as it is his fault that i am so insecure. inside he crumbles. he freaks. he runs. i grab, and my fingers clutch on nothing. clutch on something..on nothing…on love…on indifference…on love again…on indifference again.

i wish he’d make his mind up! he does make his mind up, and i cry into his pillow. he holds me. …i’d love to still be friends’. we are friends. we might come together in the future. i am scared…confused…hurt…loved…happy…relived

can you help?

You have lots of questions, about life and your place in it. That is good. Don’t ever stop asking questions, cause then you’ll stop growing.

Love affects us in many ways. Confusion is a normal byproduct. Don’t get hungup on one person, especially when you’re so young – a common mistake, from which there is much to learn. Realize he is feeling as much of an emotional rollercoaster as you. So don’t hold things against him, or yourself. You’re both young and inexperienced, but that will soon pass, and you’ll be more confident about what you want from a relationship as you get more experience. Sounds to me like you’re making this into way more than it needs to be, and laying heavy trips on this poor boy. Let it go for now (no more clutching!), and look around at all the other guys. I’m sure there are several trying to get your attention…

second: animals are killed and eaten by other animals. we are animals.
we kill and eat those smaller than ourselves. is this wrong? being a vegetarian is tricky… not that i would know. but i’ve heard! i want to be, i want to be and i want to be healthy.

We are animals. Yes we are, indeed. But aren’t we supposed to be smarter than they? We don’t need meat to survive. Yet we CHOOSE to eat it. Therefore our karma is tainted by our choices on food. Why kill an animal if there is no good reason? Oh, that’s right, it tastes good! That’s a good enough reason to kill, right?

old hippie, i am sick of being sugar-soaked. not fat-soaked you understand, but dripping with sweetness and sugar and i can feel it course through my veins and it drives me mad.
i fear i am addicted.

Sugar addiction is very dangerous. Learn what foods are healthy for your body. Those that give you more than just energy or a sugar rush. Learn, learn, learn!

…and so it goes on. what is anarchy? am i an anarchist? i want to be, i want everyone to be happy, but if it was the best wouldn’t we already have it?

To learn more about anarchy, just do a search for the word on Hippy.com.

and some more, schooling, college, uni: my life. i don’t know what to do, where to go. i tell myself i want to be this, or that and then i lack the dicipline to carry it over. or maybe my system is telling me it’s not right for me. my father is rich and expects me to do the same. oh, the same sad story over and over and over! must be the thousandth time you’ve heard it: what did you tell the others?

As far as school and a career goes, you’re still too young, not too old to make these decisions. Yes, it’s not the best time to start to learn somethings, but other things are out there waiting for you. Keep looking. Once you start college you’ll discover many other opportunities you didn’t even know existed. How about getting involved in serving others? You seem to care a lot about the world and issues of importance. Why not do something about it? You can volunteer your time, or get involved in politics or social issues. There’s a lot more that people can do constructively than work a 9 to 5 and pickup a paycheck.

If you have a wealthy family, you are in a much better position to help others than most. Also once you start doing things for others, in a selfless, unconditional way, you will be amazed at what that does for your own self-esteem. Indeed, scientists have just discovered that giving to others (not just money, but time, attention, etc.), activates the pleasure centers of our brains! So this is now an established fact! See for yourself!

recently i have found a friend in the form of a tarot reader. she reads my tarot and we talk about me. she tells me i am beautiful: i am scared that she simply wants my money. how do i trust?

Tarot reading is fun and can be enlightening. But too much of it leads to a dependence on your part as well as the tarot reader. People will take advantage of others if there’s money to be gained. Get your own cards and learn how to read ’em. It’s not hard. Take the power and embrace it. You control your own destiny!

at night i cry for the world. i want to fix it. i am scared for the future. old hippie, how is the future looking?

The future is not looking too good. My generation was the last to actively be really concerned about the future of ourselves, our loved ones and the planet we live on. The past couple of generations haven’t cared much about the future and it shows. Most people are living from paycheck to paycheck, (if they have a job), and can’t plan anything beyond their next vacation. So why should our government’s or corporations be any better? They only care about this month’s profits and the reactions of their shareholders. They don’t give a flying fuck about the rest of the world, the environment or the future of mankind. That doesn’t help their bottom line. Used to be governments made 5 and 10 year plans and stuck to them. Not anymore. So you wonder what the future is going to be like. Of course you do! Cause nobody else gives a shit! So nobody can tell you, or is willing to tell you the truth about it!

But I will. Unless you and your generation get off your fat asses, and wake up and smell the putrification of our planet, you and your children are going to be living in the most vile sewer man has ever created. And that’s the good news. Fascists will soon have complete control of the planet (but not until after the worst world war ever!). Freedom will be a distant memory. Slavery will become the norm, although it will continue to be sugar coated. Those with the money and power will live apart from the miserable masses of humanity (they pretty much do already). Our once fertile, green planet, will no longer be so. Massive die offs, starting with sea creatures, continuing with the extinction of hundreds of land animals and ending with an unprecedented loss of certain varieties of plant life will spell our eventual doom.

But it needn’t be so. You can act! And so can your friends. But time is running out. If your generation doesn’t change things, there’s not much hope. But YOU have the power, so use it!

i have a friend who ends with l. he is in the airforce cadets over here in australia. they have a heirachy. he was telling me about it. he is somewhere in the heirachy. he gets to yell, to scare,to boss around. i think this is wrong. no human should have this type of power over
another. but i feel his song, and it is good. i have two friends, him and another. they both have a way of making me feel inferior. i resent it. they are too cocky.

One big problem with our society is the abuse of power. Power corrupts. So we must find new ways to ensure that power is distributed equally among all the people. There is no good, valid reason why someone should have more power than someone else. You can just as effectively manage the world with an even delegation of power. Then people wouldn’t feel powerless about their situation, and would be actively engaged in improving their lives and their communities. As it is, few people feel empowered by our system. That’s why most people don’t bother to vote or even voice their opinions. They feel there’s nothing they can change. But that’s where they’re wrong! But it’s going to take more than just a few to change the entire system. And boy does it ever need changing!

old hippie, why do we find death funny? why do we enjoy watching people be hurt or humilliated? the soapies are full of it. why can’t we be pumped full of love, music and sex? it doesn’t make sense.

old hippie, sometimes i get so angry that i fantasie about death. it’s a dark and horribly amused anger and it scares me. it wells inside me and i revel in it. help me remove this from myself.

We are amused and entertained by the deaths we see portrayed on TV and the media, as it touches our fears, yet doesn’t quench them. Our society refuses to acknowledge the importance of death, instead we hide REAL death from view. Instead they give us numbers. Or show us dramatizations, leaving out the cruel reality.

Death is like shit. It stinks, nobody likes looking at it, yet we all must experience it. Instead we’d rather just flush it from our memory than face the truth. You can embrace death’s cold hand by realizing that it’s just another part of life, and that it is just a transition to another state. Fear death not, for its truth shall set you free. And you needn’t die to recognize the truth. Just let go of your fears. It’s the fear itself that keeps us living like paranoid zombies. Afraid to take risks and experience all that life has to offer. Afraid to change things too much, less we suffer harm.

i am considering changing my name. help???

If you want to change your name, check out the list of hippie names on Hippy.com

how much does big brother watch us?

Big Brother watches everything, remembers everything. On the Internet anyway. In our cities now too, there are cameras everywhere. This is great for fighting crime. But today’s freedoms are tomorrow’s crimes. So those who say only the criminals need to worry, don’t realize that tomorrow they will be considered criminals if they don’t do exactly as they are told. New laws restricting freedom are being passed everyday. In another couple of years, I might not even be able to answer all these questions the way I do today, without committing a crime. And then they’ll have no trouble finding me and putting me away, without due process, which is almost history already. Things are changing so fast, nobody can keep up with what is being lost!

i was brought up a catholic. i have a christain fundamentalist friend. he tells me god is coming, that i’m going to hell. i don’t want to burn. i become scared.

Religion is the opiate of the masses. Fundamentalism is for retards. The Catholic and Christian churches bear no relation to the life of Christ. They are hypocritical institutions that are covers for child abuse, ripping off the poor and feeble, and stealing the land and hopes of millions. They are anachronisms whose time has come for the truth to be revealed. Best to deprogram yourself from these heinous cults. But don’t try to convince others (a waste of time). Let them find out for themselves.

i need to know about dope.
i need to know about control.
i need to know aout free love and in-love.

Dope – the biggest one I know is sitting in the White House planning a war.

Control – Those who would control others need head transplants.

Free Love – This concept has been passed down for generations and millennia. It surfaces every so often to remind people that LOVE is what’s important. With love we can save the world! It’s been perverted by those who think it only means sex. It means freedom to do as you please. To love not just those you’re taught to love, but EVERYONE. It is the most revolutionary meme ever created. If we love everyone, we cannot hate, we cannot make war, we cannot be controlled.

We should be, we must be, we shall be free!

old hippie, i become jealous too easily. so much so that the smallest thing can cause me to vomit. it is oppurtunities, not possessions which drive me to this. how do i counteract this madness?

If you experience jealousy that others get to do things that you don’t, this will pass. When you turn 18 then 21 and get to do what others do, you’ll realize that it’s no big deal. What you are really getting upset over is the lack of freedom. When you have more, and you explore your new found freedom, it will at first be a joy, but then as the responsibilities that go along with those freedoms kick in, you’ll see that it can be a drag and not as pleasurable as you imagined. So enjoy your freedom from responsibility while it lasts!

i want to know what’s happening in america. no bias, just the facts. is it about oil?

Yes it’s about oil, about energy, about big business, about capitalism, about exploitation, about selfishness, about lack of concern for others and the environment, about propaganda, about power, about greed, about money, about undue influence, about the military/industrial complex, about lies and coverups, about secrets, about dirty deeds, about the FBI, CIA, NSA, about the death of democracy, about the rise of fascism, about the ignorance of an entire country about the truth.

i use my mother and don’t respect her.
i am lonely.
i need to dance more.
i want a tight group of five to eight friends that are my group, but it’s tricky.
i just moved to a new school see.

i really want to sing dance and act
i was told to be smart and get a profession behind me first i say who needs money, but i know that i do somtimes i just want to leave the world to fight on its own – when i do leave it for even a few seconds i feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.

i’ve always wanted to sing
i’ve always wanted to be famous, and to be able to fly

i wear bright colours,
i have a whimsey-hat,
i am 16,
i live in australia,
i am jessica…
…and i need your help.

lots of love: the future.

Dance and sing your song, and if it comes from your heart, people will listen and your message will be received. If it gives you pleasure, then that is the only justification you need. The world needs those who sing of love more than ever! So dance and sing for a better world.

May you find the peace you need,
The Old Hippy

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