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How to Write a Yippie Survival Manual (1969)

Editor’s Note: This was part of an advertisement to obtain info for a Yippie Survival manual. Abbie Hoffman ended up including the input in his Steal This Book!

HOW TO MAKE $80 and not sell grit

1) Do you know of any hustles, ways to cheat or fuck the telephone companies, airlines, General Motors, government, Jackie Onassis, etc.?
2) Write and tell us about any Free stores, Free museums, Free schools, Free food, Free anything, FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS, in the communities you live in.
3) Tell us about your shoplifting, hitch-hiking, freighting, scrounging, panhandling, bumming methods you have used in this life and your past lives.
4) Write and tell us about your community’s draft counseling services, breakfast for children programs, cheap stores, free money, free sex, or anything you feel will help to make a better YIPPIE survival manual.

Send all detailed information to: Izak Haber, 3784 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10034.

-Abbie Hoffman & Izak Haber

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