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About The Hippie Archives

Welcome to the Hippie Archives. In this section we store some important original works, documents and images from the period of the 1960s-1970s that have influenced people and society.

We are scouring sources for these items to put online as a FREE educational service to preserve and perpetuate the spirit and values of that period. In the past few years there has been a concerted effort on the part of some to completely rewrite this most important part of history with a negative spin. Hence we feel it’s our duty to once again bring such issues to the forefront and make these kinds of documents available to our huge audience of young people including students and hippies.

Please support this effort to preserve our history with a donation.

Any author, photographer, artist or copyright holder is welcome to submit their works to this site to be enshrined and made available for future generations to study and learn how things really were during this period. We will also consider works for which the copyright is unknown or unclear. Please see our copyright disclaimer below for more information concerning copyright issues on this site or to get credit for your work, or ask that something be removed. We don’t intend to tread on others copyrights.

Our thanks to all who have contributed to this project and hope it will help enlighten many who seek the truth.

Skip Stone

January 2002

Copyright Disclaimer

The Hippyland Archives is a non-profit, educational project, supported by the work of volunteers. As such we feel the works fall under the fair-use clause in copyright law.

The works appearing in the Hippyland Archives have been carefully selected for their historical significance and value to society. Reasonable efforts have been made to establish and contact the authors, photographers and copyright holders of these items to obtain permission for their use here. However for many of these items, we have little to go on, and so this was a futile effort.

If you are the legal copyright holder of any item appearing in this section and object to the use of such items in this manner, please contact us and we will remove the item as soon as possible. Please be prepared to backup your claim of copyright.

If you wish to be acknowledged as the author of an item appearing in the Hippyland Archives, please contact us with whatever information you have to prove your authorship, and personal or professional information that you would like us to add to your work to give you proper credit. If you currently have a website, or say, a relevant book for sale at Amazon.com, please note this so that we can be sure to link these too.

If you have other items you would like to have archived on our site, please contact us to arrange it. We will gladly add more relevant items to our Archive. In some cases if your body of work is deemed to have enough importance or relevance to the period, we would consider doing an interview with you and/or posting a more in-depth profile of you and your work!

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