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Amsterdam, Holland

THE hippy center of Europe. Marijuana sold legally in more than 400 coffeeshops, a long history of tolerance, beautiful old city, great vibes everywhere, and yes the friendly Dutch speak English. Hippie Heaven! Lots of headshops, smartshops, rave venues, hip fashions, museums and concerts. The Vondelpark has been a gathering place for hippies since the 60s.

Please see our Hip Guide to Amsterdam for lots more info, our coffeeshop guide, an event calendar, to book hotels, and much more!

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93 Responses to Amsterdam, Holland

  • everry thing is leaglal!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • My mother is very serious about visiting the place, don’t have the money quite yet, but she wanted to visit because she is very sick of the draconian, anti-marijuana laws here in America.

  • I was just there this past spring break (2002.) A few tips, don’t buy anything off the people on the street, bring a friend, and take the time to visit all the amazing museums and historical places. Like the Ann Frank house and the Van Gogh museum. The city is so full of life. Musicians on every corner and cafes down every street. Everywhere you look there are people sitting out on lawn chairs enjoying the sun and the company of friends. The best place to smoke in the whole town is called la canna. Completely italian owned and operated, it’s a three story smoking bar/pool house/smart shop with some of the nicest, most polite people I’ve ever met in the world. My advice, when you go, don’t bother bringing your Deutch language guide, bring the italian one instead!

  • It isn’t true that EVERYTHING IS LEGAL in Amsterdam, but it is true that you can buy weed and hash at many coffeshops and psychedelic mushrooms at other locations.

    I came here for a short visit, and then went home to sell my house and quit my job so I could move here to live. If you don’t want the Us authorities to throw your ass in jail just for smoking some weed, then get yourself over here too!!

    Freedom is the highest value.

  • amsterdam looks, and sounds like a great place to live but i have one question .. how do you live there , like buy an appartment , get a job , those sort of things. can anyone answer my question?

  • It’s nice that you think all so great about Amsterdam. And it’s true it’s a great city to live. Legal smoking (wich isn’t just in Amsterdam but in every place in the netherlands), beautiful musea, lots of parties, lots of cool people, etc ,etc.
    But what i see a lot of foreigners do when they come to Amsterdam(or holland) is that sit on a couch and smoke weed all day. And after some months when the’re broke they have to get back home. So my advise to you all who planning on coming here: Enjoy yourself in every way you can but don’t forget to make some money to so you don’t have to leave because of a money problem (there are a lot of jobs here so that shouldn’t be a problem.
    Enjoy yourself and maybe i’ll see you around someday!!!!!!!!

  • Hi i live in Belgium, which shares the south bounder of Holland, and i would like to say, drugs are also made kinda legal here, the cops don’t do anything bout smoking, but hard drugs are still very illegal.

    This is a good situation i think

  • he, I”m a german guy. I want to be a real hippie. I try everything to reach that but it”s impossible where I live. I travelled a lot in Asia and so I got contact to real comunities. It was wonderfull. But i had to leave soon to get back in the daily boring live at home. When I finished school I want to take action and leave the country to live together with people of my attitude. Can anybody give some advice? Perhaps there are some interesting people in Germany or Europe?
    If not, I guess I will try to find the real luck on earth in asia forever…!
    You know, smoking weed in Germany isn’t a problem at all, like I had to realize when I visited the states. The states can be so fucked up….
    but only smoking weed isn’t the only thing. Although i live very close to holland I’ve never been there so far. Do you can find there native styles of living?

  • Amsterdam is a great city for tourism, but there are no cheap homes any left!

  • OK Amsterdam is a exeption if it comes to softdrugs and it is a buzzing city, but people tend to over rade all of it just because softdrugs are illegal where they come from… Amsterdam is a big city with all the problems of a big city!
    Dutch people are not more or less friendly or openminded then other europeans (or any one else living on this planet) Amsterdam makes money (a lot of it) from its status as drugs and sex haven..

    So keep this in mind and then enjoy Amsterdam:)

  • I just want to say that not only it’s legal to smoke marijuana,
    magic mushroom are also legal ! So happy trip in Amsterdam

  • This is a question for PSyRO:
    If there are lots of jobs in Amsterdam, are they available for anyone who is coming in from outside the country as well, and what does one have to do to obtain them?

    I had planned on touring Europe this summer and was sidelined (appendicitis) but I do plan on coming next year.
    The idea of working somewhere along the road appeals to me.
    And I want to say to anyone who is looking at travelling anywhere in the world, look into Youth Hostels. (Just type in Youth Hostel in
    your browser.)
    They’re worldwide and generally are as little as $15 a night.
    While you won’t want to take a room every night, or may not be able to afford it nightly, having a shower and a bed once in awhile is a good thing.
    And you don’t have to be a ‘youth’ to be accepted.
    Anyone of any age can use them.

  • I came here for a short visit, and then went home to sell my house and quit my job so I could move here to live. If you don”t want the Us authorities to throw your ass in jail just for smoking some weed, then get yourself over here too!!

    Freedom is the highest value.

    –>Okay, Art, how’d you do it? Do you have any hints for the rest of us?

  • Have any of you heard about RUIGOORD??
    An artist/hippy comunity around Amsterdam. And a quite serious one too. They organize anything you can imagime, fullmoon parties, festivals, fotography competitions, drum lessons, poesy recitals and so on son on. I adore the place. This is the only thing i will miss about the Netherlands. Off course Ruigoord is not the same as it use to be 30years ago, but what is?? Please check it out on your next trip to Amsterdam.

  • Anyone know of a guy named Ernie Navarro from Arizona? I’ve been trying to locate him for years. He was my best friend in the 70s and we sort of lost track of esch other. Would love to find him again.

  • its not as exspensive as one might think. airfares there now ( in march) ARE PRETTY INEXPENSIVE. WE GOT A DEAL 549.00 THATS ROUND TRIP. THE HOSTELS VS. HOTELS ARE VERY CHEAP. 18.99-24.99 PER NIGHT. any way i would like to know if anyone knows if bringing back pipes are legal i would like to know if i can bring back some sovieners???

  • I never been to amsterdam and I live in the netherlands. so if I hear your stories I think I should visit it sometimes!PEACE!!!

  • is Amstardam the only place in Europe where you could smoke weed legaly


  • Does anyone know how hard it is to find work in Amsterdam? I am a college student who is looking to live in amsterdam over the summer. I can’t afford this trip unless I can find decent work while I’m there for a few weeks.

  • i think it’s great that at least one country in this slow evolving world realizes that soft drugs,(WHICH INCLUDES ALCOHOL AND CIGARRETTES BECAUSE THEY ALTER YOUR STATE OF MIND, BOTH DOWNERS BY THE WAY), i like to exclude heavy drugs (uppers and hallucinogenic drugs that drive people to fly out of buildings) were put on this planet for us to enjoy responsibly, which i like to think of special occasions, not when there’s nothing better to do so you get high! i believe if the rest of the world realized this then maybe all of the GREEDY street drug gangs would be gone and hopefully with it would come safer, more controlled distribution of the stuff.

    in my personal opinion i would put a hand/eye scan in every store to monitor the amount that has been sold to the person and if someone partied a little more than a certain amount ex.(1/8), then maybe that person’s partied enough for a certain period of time (a month/ or 2). as far as prostitution goes i think it’s wrong. sex shouldn’t be purchased. sorry for all the john’s but that’s why there’s all those std’s that make everyone sick (ewww). that’s why when you sleep with someone make sure you like them, not just the superficial part and not just because your horny but because you enjoy the person’s company and are attracted.

    AMSTERDAM: im sorry to end it in this note but it’s how i feel.

  • Im from holland and live in amsterdam. and guys there are coffyshops everywere not just in amsterdam. in all of holland yah can just buy weed. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amsterdam is the capital of ganja and the easiest place to get weed, but the UK has v.relaxed laws on Ganj and ‘shrooms. Although technically illegal, the worst that the police will do now is confiscate your stash. (unless you’re dealing, smoking near kids/schools, or do something dumb like puff smoke rings in their face!). We’ve also got a few ‘coffee shops’ but they’re not as official and established in amsterdam. Watch this space, general opinion here is its gonna be properly legal within 3 years (brothels were also decriminalised in some areas this years for all you lonely guys/gals ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Happy blazing

  • I must go in Amsterdam…these is my dream.I have one questions…there are full hippies in amsterdam???Ican`t wait:)))

  • hey visionary what are u talking about an 1/8 dont even give u a good stone shut up an stop talking shite legalising hookers is the best way to do it as all hookers in the dam are screened for sti’s and plus its the oldest proffesion in the world get a grip and anyways this is a hippy site not a goddamn oppressors site go tell the fucking scum of your government your views im sure they pass u a straw so u can sook right up their arseholes

  • I too would like to find information about moving to Amsterdam permantely. Any info would be much appreciated!

  • How old do you have to be to buy marijuana in Amsterdam?

  • If anyone would actually do the research, Cannabis is not “legal” in the Netherlands. The authorities instead have choosen to turn a blind eye on the activities. Cannabis may not be listed with the harder drugs, but it is still technically illegal. Same in Jamaica. Also Alcohol is a depressant and Nicotine is a stimulate.

  • i live in rotterdam and there are coffeeshops all over the country, the netherlands is the only european country where it is tollerated to buy up to 5 grams of weed a day. it is actually illegal but the laws are not enforced.a koffeeshop isnt allowed to have more than 500 grams of weed on the premises on any given day, that law is enforced.

  • What’s the deal with the public smoking ban in Holland – I hear it takes effect for bars/restaurants in January 2005…When that happens, will the coffeshops let you smoke weed in designated smoking sections INSIDE, or will you have to go OUTSIDE, or will the coffeeshops just start closing up?

  • hi!
    I’m from the uk & have been to dam 3 times, I love the place! Makes me feel at home as i’m not a drinker the uk social scene is not my cup of tea i would prefer to spend my freetime in coffeeshops!
    I’m a sex worker in the uk & i’m fed up with people thinking my lifestyle is wrong!
    I feel dam is the place for me, any advice of how to go about it? eg.jobs,places to live etc…

  • Lived dare and everywhere in Europe and smuggler dope from the near east between 1966 and 1970.
    Youhzez Americanoz iz wastin your life being kept watchin tv and workin 4 duh man, while otherz in the world enjoy one another in a freindly open non paranoid,(got 2 much shit 2 loose) everything iz legal way.

    never cut my HAIR

  • I want to go to amsterdam to go to a coffee shop. i love your culture.

  • greetings earth creatures! i’m an old hippy (48) and i’m going to amsterdam for the first time–nov 18th to the 29th–

    where are some good laid back places–reggae or blues maybe, nothing loud or too discoesque.

    i’m staying on weteringschans but hope to be all over riding public transport and walking….i also plan to take the train to utrecht to visit the m.c. escher museum.

    thanks for any tips, jen8933@hotmail.com

  • marijuana isn’t a bad thing and i don’t thing it should be illegal it is stupid that it is ilegal because different countries grow alot of it and ship it to differt countries and people by it the cops can’t stop it so they should make it ilegel amstedam holland it the best place in the world

  • Hay I’ll be in Amsterdam on New Years this year!!! Whats going on and where can I go online to find out?!?

    Any help is apreciated

    e-mail to my personal account


  • Hey, can someone tell me where can one get a good quality low price marijuana in Amsterdam?

  • Yo people!!
    Wake up!! i had read that someone would go abroad and live in amsterdam. MAN, you first have to deal with a lot of problems… and if, I hope you won’t come in our asielzoekerscentrums…. if you know…
    Then, I live in the south-east of holland and our village has a litlle twentythousand… that is not su much if you know that here are a 6 coffeeshops ๐Ÿ˜€
    I won’t tell that to make you jelarious, just to make my statement.
    I think it’s good that mushrooms are little ilegal… it only effects your seight and well-being as a full human.
    So anyone who wants to make a repley?? about anything just something nickhinrichs@hotmail.com….. is very sucks i know
    Don’t do anything what your brains wont want to !!
    Smile, everybody loves you as a moron ๐Ÿ™‚

  • In fact, i had no statement ๐Ÿ˜€

  • My husband and I want to relocate to amsterdam. Are there any cooperative living communities or communal living area’s that you know of? What avenue should a musician and artisan take to find a legal means to live in amsterdam?

  • Is lsd legal in amsterdam if not what is the availability


  • German fella, 35, seeking flat-appartment in amsterdam region for about 1 to 2 month.

  • actually, make it a cool affair! Hostel or hOEtelroom need not apply….Or would it…hm…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    hit me up at

    ps. would love to stay through feb and the Ides of march!

  • i live just moved to ibiza but still have a place in amsterdam( on the canal,in center) anyone intrested?

  • My Wife and i are going to amssterdam in March what is up with the no smoking ban?

  • Hey, i live in Amersfoort (Holland) And i buy 10 gram of white widow a week for โ‚ฌ30-,
    i’ts verry cheep and you have the best quality in the world, i have 6 plants at home to smoke on my own this is legal to.
    go not to Amsterdam but goto Amersfoort it’s cheeper than in amsterdam becose in amterdam you pay for 10 gram โ‚ฌ45-,

  • Come on man there are like 80 people saying they live in amsterdam i just want to know if i can get some acid in amsterdam all it takes is for someone to say yes or no

  • Hey what’s up guy’s!!
    Coming over in Sept. want to know were some cool smoke bars are.
    No for real my name is Mary Jane!!

    Please e-mail me at maryjane22582@hotmail.com

  • dude….YES

  • I’m going to Amsterdam in June for a few days with my boyfriend. I wish I could afford to stay for longer! It seems like such an amazing place! I’m staying in the Flying Pig Palace hostel…anyone have experience with that?

    I just wanted to know how the cops respond to people doing herbal ecstacy or mushrooms. In a book on Amsterdam, I got the impression that they were similarly lax about it, so long as you didn’t cause any trouble, but online it seems like they are cracking down on it. I assume herbal ecstacy is also considered a hard drug. Anyone have experience with this? Thank you!

  • hey my boyfriend and i would like to know if there is per. living situations in amsterdam area we love to smoke andits totaly illegal here where we live. Man made beer, God made pot who do you all trust?

  • Is a beautiful web site, congratulations !

    We ‘ve got the shame to never do this in France cause

    a bad laws affilate to United Nations that we try to revoke..

    But the conservator’s people, health organisations and the medias

    walk and in and to say all possible lies about brugs that we like.

    Some French people migrate to countries arround to living free with

    all people in the peace of mind..

    In France all smokers ( 13 Millions ) waitting this last 35 years !!!



  • can someone tell me how i can go about finding work in amsterdam please? ta… hoofside@hotmail.co.uk

  • what u don’t know is that the thc-rate in the dutch weed have risen so high that weed starts becoming harddrugs over here in Holland (and i know all, im a certified smoker.) Personally i’d say we should not legalize it, its drugs, drugs ae bad……….

  • Are you tripping? They may sell themselves as all windmills clogs and tasteless cheese, women in windows and hash lovers.

    Dont be fooled – they are Nationalistic arses. They are not playing by the rules of the EU even though they practically invented it. Discrimination is rife.

    Anne Frank/poor invaded Dutch. HAH They were on the side of the Nazis you fools. Only after they realised that the Germans saw them and their country as inferior did they start changing their minds.

    The Germans at least atoned after the war…the Dutch played the “poor us” card. We used to say here, (yes I’m a Dutch National, (ex-Brit)), scratch a Dutchman and there’s a German underneath….I now consider that to be an insult to Germans.

    See how shoddily they treat their U.S and Canadian liberators…try getting a job here.

    Even if you make the pointless attempt to learn their shitty language, they only want native speakers and will throw you out in favour on one.

    Tolerance ….biggest hoax of the century – INDIFFERENCE more like.

    WISE UP Hippidom got eaten You’ve been lied to…



  • Merel,

    Right on! Hypocritical, ethnocentric, diffident, self-deluded twats is what I’ve found this dubious culture spawns.

    The majority sneer at dope-users while revelling in the enormous revenue which “gedoogbeleid” brings in to central coffers. This means “tolerance-policy”: dope is not legalised but tolerated. They can change this at will without recourse to parliament or the electorate.

    Pulling in money has few ethical or moral boundaries here; just as long as you hush up how. And with a reputation as squeeky-clean as theirs, that’s not difficult.

    Their calvinist innards permit them – without a hint of remorse – to chastise something (the Dutch “wagging finger” – a self-righteous judge and priest exist in almost every head) while simultaneously reaping the rewards of the chastised action. “Dirty money” they snigger on their way to the bank.

    I agree, Merel, wise up. Visiting this place is not the same as living here. Do it for a while and you’ll know what it’s really all about. If you’re prepared to open your eyes and ears.

  • Interesting that many of the derogatory comments about the Dutch seem to come fronm Americans;It’s a Hypocritical and nationalistic country is it? Well you should know,your country is one of the most arrogant on this planet!
    Personally,I find Amsterdam to be a very pleasant city,apart from the (mostly British) lager louts who stagger about pointing at the window booth prostitutes as if they were zoo exhibits.

  • Hello my name is Chuck. I’m from Brooklyn N.Y. United states. I smoke a lot of marijuana. My wife and I are planning a vacation soon. I don’t mind visiting any parts in amsterdam. Long as I’m close to some type of smoke shop where i could get some bud from it would be great but the best buds. Please someone tell me where’s a good place my wife and I could go and have a ball a good time. Thankyou

  • Me and my friends might be going to amsterdam soon, there was an ad on tv , 21 pounds, but it was one way (from uk) and know how much it is for there and back?

    Marijuana was illigalised becuase of racism
    The founders of america smoked weed

  • hadnt been to amsterdam before Nov last year, now its 3 times in a year! best place to stay on a budget is the beurrstratt(not sure of the spelling) it is located very easily from central station, just as you are entering the fringe of the red light area, right beside the big green grasshopper bar. (ps dont drink there, over 5 euros a pint!) The best place to sit and chill and smoke some good weed is the Hill Stree Blues which is 1minute walk from the hotel…..excellent smoke and pints are about 2and a half or 3 euro. the feels good cafe is only a block away and is also quite good, but check out the toilets and space cake at the hill st blues! enjoY

  • Does anyone know exactly waht the story is on the proposed smoking ban in Amsterdam – has it happened already? If not, when will it happen and how does it affect the coffee shops?

  • Amsterdan is spoiled by hordes of British lager louts and an influx of smell hippies. People commenting on the Dutch in general are falling into the trap of stereotyping – an indication of ignorance. North Americans are fat, ignorant, brainless twats…that’s a stereotype. While it may be true for half the population, I know of at least 20 or so Americans who are nice people and only half of them are obese.

  • Hello, I live in Tilburg, thats a city in Holland. If you think everything takes place in Amsterdam youre wrong. I love Amsterdam, no question to that, but I think you can create youre own hippy heaven, even if you don’t live in Holland. Big bugger when you have no weed…

  • i’m pretty new to this site. live in cali, usa…
    but, being of “hippie bent”, i’ve heard tons about holland…and amsterdam in particular.
    i’ve found all (every single one) of the comments on this board enlightening. since i was in my late teens i’ve thought about moving to europe. and, not being naive or anything about the fact that all places have contemporary problems of one kind or another more or less, holland still sounds like a ‘truly’ free place to be. looking at the social problems we still have here in the u.s. the medieval marijuana laws – which both even afflict places i’d thought progressive, like france and italy – i wonder so much where the real “aquarian age” societies are being built? holland sounds like it’s at least making an effort (along with the scandinavians)…
    thanks for the comments…especially all the specific details about the more obscure sybaritic pleasures available in amsterdam and proximities.

    remember, ignorance is a sin ๐Ÿ™‚

    gregory 121705

  • Yup, that just about sums it up. I’m stoned, I’ve fucked my brains out and it’s all peace dude. It’s all a piece-a-shit dude and they got your money. Come live here and find out what’s really gettin down.

  • so just to understand this….everything IS legal here? or is that just something that people seem to say?


  • To get things straight, Marijuana is NOT legal in Amsterdam. It is tollerated, but any coffeeshop can be shut down immediatley by the government if rules are not followed. Second of all, ignorant Americans need to stop going to Amsterdam thinking that it is a free for all and that everything is allowed and do whatever you please. THIS IS NOT THE CASE!!! I am American and was embarressed by the fucking idiocracy that Americans show there. If you can’t respect it, stay the fuck away. If you are a good person, with good intentions, go and respect it for what it is. IT IS NOT A FREE FOR ALL PLAYGROUND FOR AMERICANS AND AMERICAN COLLEGE STUDENTS. QUIT GIVING US A BAD REPUTATION!!!
    a disgruntled American

  • heey everybody, i am from amsterdam, and i know everything what is legal and what is nog legal, weed is not legal, but you can blow as much as you want. in every street in amsterdam you’ve got at least 1 coffeeshop. and somethimes a smartshop, for paddo’s and other trip-drugs. i’ve got some words you can use if you are in amsterdam, these are the words used by amsterdam people like me:

    pitje taaien, role a joint
    pitje sucken, suck a joint
    laten we gaan neuken, let’s fuck
    laten we naar de wallen gaan, let’s go to the red lite district

    besides, it’s often 50 dollars to fuck a hor.
    behind the central station you can gat a blow job for 5 dollars!!

    if you want more information or more amsterdam words, mail me:

  • first order of bussiness the idiot that posted the very first comment should be hit in the back of the head with a brick….due to it is legal I went to Holland and i found out my self so no more dumb asses should write ok yet on a happyer note holland rocks and just not amstredam its a wonderful place that is very niffty to go ….. but oh my good that guy is a idiot, that wrote the first blog what next he is going to say hostage was based off true events in duce biggelo european style it says in the documentry that they can’t smoke untilthey get off the plan and they show the sign of the leaf……..poelpe that don’t check the facts tic me off and for saying we are making americans look stupid is dumb he makes us look stupid for being ignerante……i am not normally like this but god come on….he really needs to get stoned!

  • HI!

    Yes Amsterdam its actualy the place to be…I live here almost 4 years…
    But like everything else nothing is perfect…the country is dealing with problems, everything is expensive, to get a house its impossible, its cold and rainy all the time…but yes u can smoke weed all day and have mushrooms all the time…
    Still I see that perfection does not exist…I choose to live in a society that things are quitte equilibrated, and that we still have the right to be ourselfs….
    Still dont think that everything is just tolerated here…at this moment our government is complety fucked…the people are totaly being forgotten and money comes first…thats realy a shame…the fair government from the netherlands its changing…even the fuckin “milleu politie:(to contril if u let your dog dose his thing in the right place…:)can ask u for identification…..
    So I advise anyone that wants to come here to think first if they are ready to deal with a very hypocrit society!


  • I lived in Amsterdam for 15 years and perhaps the definition of hippy haven ought to read: tolerant, drug friendly and easy going. Due to Amsterdams obvious relaxed attitude on drugs yes it is a mecca for tourists (name me one large city in Europe that isn’t though?) but Amsterdam is relatively small and the concentration of tourists is in the red light district (think Leister Square on a saturday night no dif really with drunken tourists) so fan out a bit and experience the real down tempo. Granted it has become more YUP in recent years but its still there just look a bit harder …..

  • Four of us arrive on Saturday, and we are hoping to have a great
    time will let you know next week looking for ward to being there.

  • you must excuse my sister she gets pissed off at anything when she is stoned and the last comment posted was by her and she was never in amsterdam….so sorry for the bad karma…….i got to change my user name so she can’t make me look like the fool…lol

  • Hi, I`m a little old hippy from England and was wondering whether any of you would be able to help me out. My boyfriend and I are going to Amsterdam for the 07/07/2007 and as 7 is such a significant number we would like to be doing something special on this day. We`re not into hard-core clubbing, but like live music.
    Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.
    Peace and Light (and Happy Spring Equinox)
    Tracey x

  • Well, I ‘ve got to say, having been to Amsterdam only twice, I have noticed certain things that do indeed make it the nicest city that i’ve ever visited. The city itself is beutyful. There is such freedom of artistic expression. Culture, in all it’s forms in abundance. The people, for the most part seem a little up tight if your a loud, rude, American/English tourist who thinks he’s in America/England still, but watching how the locals act in other situations-whistling and singing whilst riding their bikes about their bussineess and smiling alot, it all seems the drug and sex situation is part of a much broader attitude that would in many ways change the things that are wrong with other cities. This place is in one sense majical, but then that way of life isn’t anything more than i’d expect from a civilised place-it’s just that most other places have got it wrong. Legalize ALL drugs and start actually educating people about USING THEM to help with life. Not just as a passtime. People need to start being responsible.
    Thankyou Amsterdam, my faith in the the human race is almost restored.

  • You can only find out how life is, not by visiting, but by living here.
    Amsterdam is tolerant to weed smokers, but the dutch are very
    intolerant, unfriendly, dumb, narrow minded, rude, obnoxious, cold,
    mean, racist, xenophobic, unhelpful, jealous and boring people I have ever encountered. If you’re a tourist, your experiences will probably
    be different, because all they want is your money and of course they
    can’t wait until you return home and spread thier propoganda to
    make it possible to have more tourists and mo money.

  • My husband took me to Amsterdam this past March for my birthday. We had the greatest time of our lives. All that sex and pot that fills the red light district put me in a constant state of heat. Our marriage reached the highest level of intimacy I have ever experienced. We have 5 kids and the wildness of our youth can only be recaptured and celebrated in Amsterdam. We are booked to go again in October.

  • Guys please it’s all about balance and space. Amsterdam has great beauty take the Jordaan area and those quaint antique shops. They have a tolerance to soft drugs but don’t be caught with a beer in your hand in a public place. You got to find the beauty amidst the addicts and rip-off Russian /Thai working girls. Touch lightly and give yourself space to savour ….try meditating to Bach in the Groote Kerk 12th Century or check out that hippy music shop called Forever Changes where Arthur Lee performed for free some three years before he passed away…It’s a city of discovery but easy to overdose if you want to lose it? ….

  • Vogel Park? Hm, u must have been far out man… Never heard of Vogel Park and my cradle stood right in the very center of this magnificant town back in the early sixties. I guess you had a fine time in the Vondelpark correct me if I’m wrong though.

    Greetings from Mokum!


  • hey everyone, i just have a few questions to ask. i plan on going to amsterdam in the spring i turn 18 the 25th of march but dont get me wrong i am a very chill person so i wont be disrupting anything. but i would like to know a few things. i live in the UK at the moment just moved here and i talked to a few friends back in the US and they will be able to come to Amsterdam, i would like to know if anyone knows of a cheap hotel or any hotel ideas, but not like crappy in any way for 3-4 people. something pretty cheap cuz money wont be a problem just the more we can save the better. also i was wondering if anyone could give me and advice or tips, we plan to spend a week maybe 8 or 9 days. if anyone could email me at Alek4u303@hotmail.com about anything and i mean anything that you think will be good information or things that should be known please do tell. thank you

  • Reading this page, a guy in 2004 said weed would be legal in 3 years, I’m still waiting, Mr Brown?
    PS Grey Area rocks the hardest.

  • I was in Amsterdam this past summer and had the most amazing time of my life.. It was incredible and life changing all in all.
    I spent a lot of time in Vogel Park, writing and sketching and people watching… drank some great wine and just took it all in!
    I saw this one guy playing this really really cool instrument there.. it sorta looked like an upside down frying pan.. a really big frying pan, like an upside down wok.. and when he was playing it, it had the most moving sounds! Like wind chimes, sort of.. how do I explain this!? Anyways, does anyone out there know what this instrument is and where do I get one?!

  • im off to amsterdam soon with the wife does anyone know of any places i can take the wife for her to have a bit of fun. not big clubs

  • I used to live in amsterdam for 2 years from 1994-5 when i was 18.. i lived in a squat (kraakpand) and i had a really great time going to a lot of punk shows, parties and smoking lots and lots of weed.. my favorite type of weed was ‘mother’s milk’ from the lucky mother coffee shop. it’s closed now.. i do miss amsterdam but none of it would be the same now.. people have moved on and i’m not sure what the squatting scene is like there anymore.. if anyone knows or has information.. i’d be interested to know..

  • I must say some of the comments on this page are very surprising (if not chocking and revolting) on a so called “hippy” website, but some other comments I really appreciated, like the one by narcotik . Indeed, amsterdam has so much to offer if you just go a little further from the clichees . My advice is go away from the red light district and the Dam square and you will see the real beauty of amsterdam and chilled out aspects of it. I am a french student now doing an internship in Leiden (a very pretty and nice little city only 30 min from amsterdam and worth visiting, as many places in Holland). I am very lucky to have the opportunity to actually leave in the netherlands and not only visiting it. I am not calling myself a hippie or whatever but a few interesting human experiences and a few mushroom trips on 60s music and in the forest are just starting changing me from the inside and I must say the netherlands have a lot to offer to someone with a bit of alternative tastes and intesrests. But this you can find everywhere, it is more about looking at things differently and meet people.

  • I spent half a year in Amsterdam and I remember nothing, so I gotta go back just to discover what havoc I wreaked

  • Hi we are looking for men to join us in a 3some ,we are visiting amsterdam in oct and looking to fulfill wifes fantasy of having 2 men at the same time.

  • how much does acid cost in amsterdam?

  • Hi,

    Can anybody tell me some nice real hippy’s bar/pubs in amsterdam, where is hippy music and i can find hippies. 
  • hello,

    im deef, i live in holland in the hague (den haag)
    id love to meet some openminded people from over the globe.
    last summer i had this amazing experiance with 2 german girls.
    they were visiting holland for a week and we’ve shown them every beautyfull thing holland had to offer them..
    we live in a beautyfull place with a lot of beautyfull greenhouses and we shown them all… 
    we have been boating with our little boat around and we slept in it a couple of nights…
    we also been to some amazing goa partys… and then we’ve been to germany to and stayed with them for a few days… they showed us the forest and it all was just such an amazing experiance…
    if someone is visiting holland and doesnt know where to start… let me know! we could have some cool things to give eachother!
    i can arrange a lot, peace!

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