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Asheville, North Carolina

“Undoubtedly one of the kindest places on the East Coast. Nice nuggets, a lively and experimental music scene, and the overall friendly atmosphere make this town a must for nomadic freaky friends! I’ll see you when I roll through town.”

“One thing i have noticed over the past few years is that the hippies have gotten richer. a lot are weekend hippies now! there are a lot of unique and awesome people here, and then again there are a lot of rich people too…”

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216 Responses to Asheville, North Carolina

  • Yes i agree super nice nubins great camping a few miles away
    if ever there and see shuffle board city allstars playing i would check them out

  • Awesome. This is where I live. definetly a cool place to be. especially downtown, so many pipe stores and awesome little shops. eat at the mellow mushroom! so good 🙂

  • Now when I’m looking for a real haven, I like to coast on up to the Appalachian Trail just north of Asheville, shy of the Tennesee border. Find yourself a cozy shelter or cabin. Now the drawback to this kind of haven is that it’s hard to lug those bongos and bongs up the trail but believe me, I’ve seen some guys doing it!

  • Just moved away from the aeria .
    Be aware of the substantail polution problems . In 2000 they had twice as mant “bad air ” alert days as Atlanta !! If you have any respatory problems , try to stay below 4000 ft. in the summer . Ashvill is about 2800 ft. 2ed worst ground levil ozone in the country . All this courtisy of the coal burnning power plants in KY. ,TN. & GA. and just to many cars in the tri county , ( a lot of suv turest’as ) .
    Also the down town sciene is a lot of friction between the hippsters and the shop owners and the cops , be carefull .
    Sorry if I burst anyones bubble .

  • if you like trustafarian fake ass hippie mafia “kids” than goto asheville you’ll fit right in, if you dont have a fat trust fund than don’t expect to be able to live here

  • Looking into moving to Asheville? BE WARNED: Paramount Pictures is soon going to build a huge filming studio bigger than the one they have in Los Angelos…. in Asheville!!! It is supposedly much cheaper for them to film on the east coast and they picked asheville for its beauty. I dont know how soon this is going ot happen but I would take that information into conisderation if you want to move there. The industry around there is going to boom.
    I have gone to quite a few big concerts in Asheville and it is such a pretty place- not to commercialized and really cool non-chain restaurant places to eat and shop.

  • I’m a native of the surrounding Asheville area, and I find it and the smaller, less commercial areas to be some of the most relaxing places I have ever been. If you don’t like the rich tourist aspect of Asheville, I encourage you to check out, the Chimney Rock, Boone (supplier of mass amounts of dank) and the App. State area…many cool people reside in the hidden hills of the Asheville area…very farout atmosphere to be in, maybe i’ll see one of y’all out there one day!
    Peace, Be safe, and have fun in everything you do,

  • This world is growing too horrible. Pollution and wars are taking over. There is not enough peace for our children to grow up safe and stuff. Phish is by far the best band ever. When Trey says, and I quote, “Rock and roll, on a certain level, sucks because in rock and roll there are not enough hippies” he is exactly right. Henceforth, I believe us hippies must unite. We must find a mountain and camp out forever! We can do hippy stuff like get high and jam by campfires and sleep in hammocks…it would be totally sweet. We could talk about hippy stuff all the time and how we have peace and how we are better than the real world. So if anyone is interested in creating a “hippy comune” just e-mail me at nnlemb@wm.edu and we can save ourselves from this horrible world.


    PS: I will bring some super dank nugs and my phish cds.

  • This world is growing too horrible. Pollution and wars are taking over. There is not enough peace for our children to grow up safe and stuff. Phish is by far the best band ever. When Trey says, and I quote, “Rock and roll, on a certain level, sucks because in rock and roll there are not enough hippies” he is exactly right. Henceforth, I believe us hippies must unite. We must find a mountain and camp out forever! We can do hippy stuff like get high and jam by campfires and sleep in hammocks…it would be totally sweet. We could talk about hippy stuff all the time and how we have peace and how we are better than the real world. So if anyone is interested in creating a “hippy comune” just e-mail me at nnlemb@wm.edu and we can save ourselves from this horrible world.


    PS: I will bring some super dank nugs and my phish cds.

  • Whats the deal with paramount pictures building a studio in asheville?
    Does anyone on here know anything about this?
    I noticed someone posted about that earlier and i was just wondering if it is true?

  • where is this in north c.? I go to the Outter banks every year, and i would love to go here.


  • Black Mountain is about 20 miles south of Asheville. I have been going there to the LEAF Festival (May&October) for the past ten years. Best Hippie festival ever. Property values around Asheville are steep. Natives to the NC mountains don’t like outsiders much, but there is a nice bunch of transplant hipsters there. The public radio station out of Spindale is the bomb. Hippie, alternative, world, primitive country, folk, blues.

  • OK, here’s a smattering of comments on all the posts to date…

    • Black Mountain is northeast of Asheville (but it is about 20 miles)
    • the movie studio is a local effort (blue ridge motion pictures)
    • the best place near Asheville to get seriously local is Hot Springs (about 45 min NW of Asheville and don’t let the high cost of the Hot Tubs at the spa stop you from trying it at least once)
    • The downtown scene does have the tensions mentioned in a prior post, but unless you are a homeless teenager you probably won’t notice or care
    • And yes, many many wonderful people are in the surrounding mountains and the best place to run into or find them is at earthfare, stocking up on munchies
    • The mellow mushroom has better art than food, but the food is not bad just don’t be in a hurry (they take the mellow part seriously) but the Laughing Seed is the best vegetarian restaurant of all time.

    Just my two cents, take it for what it’s worth.

  • Moved from florida 3 years ago,saw asheville as “move to the mountains for a breath of freash air “YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME” 2nd worst polluted city in the U.S. The place sucks,all the wanna be hippies just suck,lets go HIKING? what the hell is that shit,lets go mountain biking what the hell is that? gr8 mountain view dont get me wrong, but get through the smog and i might see a mountain or two .
    my rating 3 thumbs down

  • Oh i forgot, asheville is a place where peoples problems may go a way .
    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! let’s sit around and bang drumms,act like wanna be hippie-rasta-wanna bee’s and have a cup of joe.
    JOKE:what do you call 10,000 lesbians standing in a circle holding hands together called

  • I live in Asheville and i’d have to give it a 10…From the downtown area that is a variety of anything fro a homeless couple to the richest docter on Asheville…to the blue ridge parkway, and smokie mountains…I’ve lived here my whole life and enjoy it…Plus the whole paramount thing is crazy…It’ll never happen..

  • Im tired of the same old government crap and want out. If anyone can give me info on this please doso.

  • I live and go to college in Brevard, NC. A small mtn town 3 minutes from Pisgah Ntl Forest. Asheville is a very nice place. A little touristy at some places but great none-the-less. Some pretty nice head shops in the area. and some OK nugs.

  • I’m also from asheville.
    I was born here I’ve watched this place grow from dirt roads to what it is today.
    If your thinking of moving here you better have plenty of $$$
    Land value here is out the roof.
    Taxes are worse mine jumped 5000.00 in 1 year.

    It’s true about how diverse the city is and theres lots of cool little shops.
    Ton’s of glass shops and pipe stores.
    But theres also alot of pork. They mainly mess with drunks or crack heads but if bored they will attack a helpless hippy.

    After lets say 11pm the only thing happening downtown is the clubs a few people walking around.
    The city has a huge crack problem. Don’t lock your auto doors it’s better to let them rummage thru it than break a window.

    Other than the crack problem and pork it’s a cool place.

  • Asheville is a great place. Very earthy and very cool. I live near Asheville, and, of course, its the place to go for my friends and I. Yes there is crack, but what city doesn’t have a crack problem? Besides, if you stay away from the hood, you really don’t have that much to worry about. Like people hang with like people, so if you dont act like you’re looking for hard than they’ll stay away. Some of the best nugs on the east coast to be found here. Come visit. Sure that you’ll find a hippie or two!

  • OK, I live in Aheville, right off Merrimon, a 10 minute walk and I’m downtown. I have to say this.. if you are from out of town, don’t drive like an idiot, don’t bring your car downtown, got off your fat ass and walk! This town is becoming way to crowded, and one reason for some air pollution is CARS!!! We would love for this place to be truly safe for walking and biking! I know a nice bunch who walk or bike and this is their main mode of transport! Cars, Slow the Fuck down!! And please, Floridians (these seem to be the most common out-of-town plates), and all others, don’t bring your super-huge SUV’s and trucks into this area, they stink, use way too much gas, and take up too much space.

  • i’m from boston but my grandparents live in hendersonville, NC about 20 minutes from asheville..i love the place, especially in the summer for that music and art festival, hippies everywhere! its a great place to shop. lots of pipe stores and good places to eat, go to asheville during the summer, its the best

  • The posts that are on this board, are the reason that the people that have lived in the mountains for generations, don’t have anything to do with that cesspool called asheville. The natives, have been here though good times and bad. This area was once a very poor area. No one had any money, and most lived off the land. My people were share croppers. Half the people that have lived here for many generations, have iindian heritage. My family is one of them. I can remember when asheville had street preachers. But now, anything to do with the christian faith, or the bible, the one thing that has made this area a good place to live, and that most of the mountain people live by, is disespected, along with the people that hold these beliefs. Absolutly any type of deviant behavior is ok, it seems in asheville. We natives use to shop in asheville, but no more. The only thing you’ll find up town is trashy behavior, drugs,drunks, queers, robbers, rapes, and murders. The natives know you take your life in your hands when you go up town. Try to leave asheville before nite falls. Thats when the drugies and drunks come out most, to rob and steal. They’ll knock you in the head for a quarter. My own annt was killed walking to friends house in asheville. I use to try to help the winos and people down on their luck, as the bible instructs christians to do, but after I kept seeing so many able bodied men that made their living by panhandling, I stopped. I tried to buy one a sandwich one time at one of the bar and grills. The people knew the guy and would’nt serve him. So that was the end of trying to help the so called homeless. Most of them could do more to help themselves than that do. A lot take advantage of people that would truly like to help the needy. As the bible says if your able, and you don’t work, you don’t eat. My advice, don’t come to a nasty, scab encrusted place like cesspool asheville. Besides, you don’t want to be around so many christians. They’ar so intolrant. Freaksville, what a disgusting place. Asheville needs to be bulldozed, and then sow grass.

  • Ashville– wow what a place! Seriously you guys… i got to school at Warren Wilson, which is SUPER close to downtown and I so would not go anywhere else. Most of the people here are really cool… I mean it’s the greatest place in the whole world to raise kids and stuff at if you want them to be culturally diverse… my son is almost 2 and has already been exposed to an amazing array of people. We go to the dance and drum circles alot on the weekends… He, my boyfriend, and I all love it. There’s always a lot to do… awesome places to shop and eat and all that. It’s a really spiritual place because of all the people. We all just wanna help each other.

    love and peace forever

  • I’ve been in asheville for 4 years now and I finally feel that i have a grasp on this place.
    I love the mountains,rivers(the few unpolluted) the outdoors etc.
    but the overwhelming lack of INcompitance that i run into daily is unacceptable.most of the locals are completely ignorant and slow.
    some make up for this with genuine heart and hospitality but I’m sick of them for the most part and I conisder mylsef to be a very kind person.
    I’m orginilly from california and have spent most of my life travelling in and out of the USA and never in all my life have i encountered soo many lazy,slow,stupid and unprofessionl people in positions of managenment.
    it makes it hard to get anything done here with any semblence of efficiently.
    some examples:
    I take my dog to the most recomended vet in town and he forgets to stich it up all the way.
    – I take my car to get a simple oil change and the kid forgets to tighten down the new filter…..oil spill engine froze…they deny it.
    – I go to look at 2 homes for rent by 2 major local realtors on thier websites….the directions to thier properties are soo incorrect that you cant find anything…even with maps and gps!..a simple call to ask for better directions resulted in a smartass…”the directions on the website are right”.
    – decided to support local business when i first came to town,i went to a local tire store and payed to have 4 tires installed…when i returned they had installed the cheaper model at the same cost….(guess they figured the dumb city folk wont notice)
    – my families flight was delayed due to mechanical trouble and service needed on the plane…my elderly relatives where put up in a hotel that had no elevator that worked because it was down due to mechanical difficulty and needed repair.
    – one third the people here drive normal,one third drive fast and almost reckless and the last third should be alowed to drive at all but somehow alway end up in my way!
    – managers at most local business are severely under educated for their positions and it really really shows.
    even bigger national stores are run shitty due to poor management.

    OW YA, AND DONT FORGET U FAKE HIPPIES…MOST OF YOU SUCK TOO…VEGETARIANS WITH YOUR LEATHER BIRKENSTOCKS driving new suvs your mommies bought u while spending $100’s a month on PRETENDICA while homeless people sleep in boxes.
    EVOLVE DAMIIT EVOLVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I just left Asheville…
    nothin going on except rich kids growin herb, house music, and major CRACK problems !
    I got so fed up that I left like half of my crap there….

  • I’ve lived all over the nation and have had a good time doing it. I always managed to find a nice house and a decent job. Well, I moved to Asheville 15 months ago and have never been so poor in my life. There isn’t a decent job in a hundred miles. If you can find one for $8 per hour you are in high cotten. Now let’s talk about the cost of living. I rent a 4 room near shack that was the cheapest single unit house I could find and it costs $600 plus all the utilities. I Very hard to pull off on my wages. I am from just north of Chicago originally and I have never seen this many bums up there. Now I know why. No work and no affordable housing. I have been trying to leave for many months now; but find that I can’t. I don’t make enough money to cover my regular monthly bills no matter how hard I try, much less get up the funds it takes to flee here. Asheville is a dismal place unless you have already made your money elsewhere and are in a retirement mode. And can live outside of town far enough to be safe. I would walk through downtown Chicago at 1am before I would walk down Tunnel Rd. I suggest anyone thinking of moving here bring an armoured truck full of cash or think about moving elsewhere.

  • Hi- I might be moving to Asheville sometime soon… I saw some comments saying that the cost of living is real expensive, I was wondering how bad can it be? If anyone could give me the heads up then that would be great.
    Forever Grateful
    …music stopped, lights on, back to reality…


  • All of you need to calm down. I was born in Asheville but raised in the mountains surrounding the city. All the horrible things you all have posted about Asheville are half-truths. First of all, the locals don’t like foreigners because you post things like this on websites. Why are you people even on a hippy website in the first place? Asheville is the best place in the Southeast for “hippies”. I wouldn’t recommend living inside the city limits because of the cost of living, but who would want to anyway? My family lives in the mountains and grows their own food and makes their own liquor. These natives know how to live off the land, listen to good music, and grow the best …. Asheville is wonderful. Don’t listen to the crackheads….

  • Review of Asheville from an Old Hippie–beatnik–formerly of NYC; I’ve been living here for a couple of yrs. now; I loved it from the beginning though there were some unforeseen things about the place that kind of hide under the rug, so to speak. On the surface everything is beautiful: friendly people, beautiful mountains, weather, waterfalls, etc. Love the festivals, drumcircles, music and Earthfare (Meeting Place Central). But if you don’t have a good career–like medical–or own a business or have some savings or retirement or trust fund, then you might not want to live on the average wage of eight dollars an hr. & have to show a master’s degree for a menial job. The cost of homes is rising rapidly–while I feel apts. are relatively inexpensive (compared to the northeast).
    There are lots of hippie types and hippie wannabees; a diverse culture, lots of artists, writers, cultural happenings, etc. and Peace demonstrations, lots of activist groups and a very large gay population.
    But don’t forget, Asheville is the “buckle of the Bible belt,” and you have the pious mountain people who still make moonshine and don’t like outsiders. For the most part, they live and let live. But then you have the homeless who are moving here in droves and although I am a tolerant liberal type, they are becoming a nuisance and ruin a lot of the events downtown with their rowdiness and bold tactics.

    Despite it all, I love it here. Life is never boring.

  • I LOVE Asheville, I live a few hours away so I don’t get to go as much as I want, but I love going there, the people, the shops, and the restruants, its all great!

  • I think Ashville is a very small town, a matter of fact it is but it is so great. The Beautiful views off the mountains sides are great 2!!!!! but i think the people set ashville off the most i mean i have family dwon there so evrytime i go down there i meet new ppl. well 2 sum everything up it’s a great place 2 live and visit, if u have never been u should try it. There also alot of history down there 2. But anyways bye everyone!!!

    love yours truly,

  • “Asheville, a nice place to be on a hot summers day.”-Gus McGillicutti of Iron Fist says it best. I’m 16 years old and i’ve lived in Asheville for most of my life. I lived in Orlando also and it doesn’t compare to Asheville. Asheville has the dankest herb and some of the best southern hip hop. Every city has squatters and the reason Asheville has so many is because it accepts them and they love it here. I’ve met plenty of homeless people on Lexington ave downtown and I remember someone talking about Tunnel rd. and being afraid to walk down it?? What’s that about? Do not listen to these people putting Asheville down. If i was homeless and got to choose where I squated, it would be in Asheville. If you do have money and want to buy a nice little cabin or a house that to is a good thing that comes out of Asheville. I lived in an apartment based on your income and it was a 2 bedroom, one bath, with a den, living room and kitchen with a porch. My mom and I were paying around 250 a month. Also, what’s all this talk about moving here? I bet alot of people would like to visit Asheville. Don’t turn the people away either, let them see for themselves what a great city it is. PEOPLE ASHEVILLE IS GREAT! Also, once you make friends here it is amazing. Kids here are extraordinary and so are the adults. I got camping every weekend with atleast 10 people minimum on the parkway or near hot springs or go to house parties in montford right downtown. Sooo many stores downtown and head shops and the owners of them are real nice people. If anyone has any questions about Asheville, Weaverville, Hot Springs, or any other city that is near Asheville, e-mail me at AshevilleKlepto@hotmail.com. I’ve lived here for a while and experienced alot of great things and very view bad things (i add the bad things were my fault.) Peace.

  • I have to agree with everyone on the board, Asheville is a nice town. TO VISIT ONLY! It has an influx of old people and everything is getting very expensive, especially housing. The so called “hippy stores/pipe stores, etc.” are slowly starting to dry up which is sad. People are nice on the outside but, once you get here you start to feel that you really aren’t wanted.

  • Well, before I moved away from WNC, I hated it and had many comments to make. Now I would give anything to go back. But now about this asheville thing, i learned some of what i know about asheville and the homeless underground scene and the “crack” problem from someone i used to work with. Who I found out was homeless. And on crack…whats this thing about the “block” the drive thru or delivery service for drugs…do they still do that? And I know that i had to tell this guy to get out of my car once because he stopped and talked to a “friend” and the next thing i know he’s saying…give me the back of your earring…Im like Whaaaat…get out of my car….and he says’ Thats cold…and I’m like gosh. And one time I drove by a guy begging on his KNEES a little old woman for money…and this same guy says…thats the Unabomber… (I guess` street people in asheville have names and all)….we call him the “unabomber”…and SO the moral of this story is this…if you dont want to be begged on your hands and knees in broad daylight by guys looking like the unabomber..then make sure you have transportation. And dont transport people you work with who like to sing in your car at the top of their lungs…”its a jungle out there” Asheville also has pretty mountains.

  • hi fellow hippies….i am a homosexual male living in the asheville area and i am looking for a buddy. if there are any homos out there looking for a big black cock with a couple of nice large hairy balls then please contact me… i am really horneeeey!!! notatruesmoker@hotmail.com….please reply i am in need.

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  • I was looking for information on Western North Carolina and stumbled on this web site- gee that’s typical of me .

    Anyhow, there appear to be a large number of people subscribing to this site that have strong opinions regarding NC.

    I am interested in them all; pro & con– I had no idea there was another ‘Hippy Haven’ besides Woodstock NY, where I grew up in the 50’s-60’s.

    I never really thought about it but I guess I was a hippy. We had that ‘big party in White Lake– I still have a threadbare tee shirt– Three Days of Peace & Love!!

    Not to digress; I am interested in Western North Carolina– the Boone County area sounds nice– and info is appreciated.

    John From Long Island
    *** jl559@optonline.net ***

  • Asheville is amazing. First off, the people that surround you in Asheville are extremely nice and excepting. I have no idea why most of the people posting think differently. This “hippy haven” is full of some of the coolest artwork and music in the Eastern part of the United States as a whole. There are coffee houses you can sit in and speak with the locals – Galleries to walk into with the artists there to speak with. It is so welcoming. How could anyone not enjoy Asheville?

  • read the comment from lilyander posted on june 6th of 04……did not make any sense whatsoever…get off the drugs and get your life straightened out…

  • I spent about a few months in Asheville. It has the potential to be anything you want it to be. Sure there are tons of stupid and ignorant people like anywhere else. And there are lots of problems too. But on the whole it is a very inviting place for alternative people. It does seem to be becoming some kind of “trendy” place to be and perhaps has lost some of its laid backness. But for the south it really shines, and the people I found to be EXTREMELY friendly and open compared to other southern places. I think that people living here like any other place would really do best to buy a big piece of land with other folks and start sharing their car, etc.. Otherwise its a little expensive to buy a house intown compared to wages. Luckily acreage on the edges of town seems to be reasonable. Suburban dread is definitely creeping but it is not yet at all omnipresent. Just don’t neccessarily expect to move here and live “well” without making some sacrifices. One issue I had was with the bikability/walkability. It is a mountainous city and generally, with the exception of the expensive intown neighborhoods, pedestrian usability seems to be way on the back burner. Many other southern cities are more bikeable just because they are flatter and have more sidewalks.

    But if you can deal with all this stuff and make some sacrifices then asheville could work for you. The people definitely have a good spirit and holisitic conciousness that is VERY RARE in the south.

  • Hi,

    I am a recently divorced, well-educated, fairly hip mom, with a 16-year old daughter. We are planning to move to Asheville area and I am going to be working in Weaverville. We would like to rent a house (preferably an older one, preferably in-town — NOT in the middle of nowhere.) We are not into “suburbia” at all. Any recommendations on locales and tips regarding schools?

    Thanks, Jeanne

  • I just got back from visiting Asheville for 6 days, and I really liked it alot. I happened to be able to experience ‘Bele Chere’ and it was quite impressive, although many locals are growing tired and less tolerant of the downtown event.
    Asheville is near ground zero for outdoors enthusiasts, which is a big draw for me. And Hippies?? TONS, young and old alike. Yuppies too though. The 3 most common makes of vehicles seemed to be VW, Subaru and Land Rover. Big gas guzzler Land Rovers were everywhere so I don’t know just how clean their air is…
    Downtown feels like a big city downtown with international cuisine everywhere, and yes, lots of homeless people on the streets asking for change. But along those same tokens there are lots of street musicians also.
    All in all I was impressed with Asheville, and would seriously consider relocating to the area. I know housing costs are high though.

  • Asheville is beautiful! In 2003 I was living with my family in ETenn (Jonesboro) — For work related reasons – Found that I spent a lot of time in Asheville! It was a ‘world’ away from ETenn, let me tell you.
    The homes, the merchants, the music, the scenery, the people, and most of all the food! Yum … Have you eaten a Rosetta’s Kitchen? How about seen a show at the Orange Peel?
    I also frequented Mans Ruin tattoo (Heather and Zoe – You rock!) for tattoo work and a couple piercings.
    The vibe that you get there is one of a kind.
    The botanical gardens offer you fresh air and a place to let your kids run wild in the nature – on the trails of course …
    Since 2003 we have moved back to Southern Oregon (Jacksonville to be exact – and we love it here too). But, something is still missing. We are heavily thinking about making a permanant move back to Asheville.
    And yes, I drive a new VW Beetle — and dropped change to the street people … They had a good vibe too.

  • Hi! I am getting ready to visit Asheville (my mom lives here and I presently live in Charlotte) and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations of where is the best place I can meet hippies? I am not familiar with the area, so any advice will be welcome!


  • Yes to everything everyone said. Asheville is great if you want to live in a segregated community – that is, straights and locals vs hippies, artists, musicians, environmentalists, plus vs wealthy retires. don’t come to Avl if you have asthma or want clean air. The air is dirtier than LA or NYC. Don’t buy a fixer upper unless you can do the work yourself or have friends who can because the locals will ream you something awful. I have never met (and this includes the city govt and the judges and the realtors) so many unethical and/or incompetent and/or malicious people. Avoid locals unless you find some with a good heart, and even then, watch your rear. They don’t like northerners, they don’t like people from out of state…. On the other hand, even though all the organic food is overpriced and from CA, there is a lively music, arts and crafts scene. There are lots of funky stores. There are lots of environmentalists and activists. It’s small and easy to get around. It’s relatively beautiful (well, if you’ve lived in the Bay Area, it doesn’t begin to compare) and for the south, the climate is pretty nice. Watch it if you move into someplace on a steep hill in the country, because in the winter, your road will be iced, and you’ll be stuck for several days. Panhandlers are annoying, but on the whole, the scene is hip – but new. Don’t expect to find a lot of support in city hall. Your kind of people aren’t integrated into the power structure like they might be in San Francisco, Berkeley or Burlington or Woodstock. The hip scene is mostly recent, and that makes a difference for those of us who’ve been living someplace that made the change in the 60’s.

  • Becca.
    The hippie scene is downtown. Can’t miss it. Biltmore Ave, Broadway, the Orange Peel, the food co-op. It’s all walkable.
    Also, the little town of Black Mountain nearby is transitioning from conservative Christian to hip.

  • Hey ‘Sageworks’:
    Hope you glance back here to catch my message to you! Can you elaborate a little more on the Black Mtn area? We are moving from Oregon — to the Asheville area — lived close by (but not in Asheville) a little over a year ago.
    Our main focus is a good area for our children to go to school in — No overcrowding, etc …. We’ve been warned to stay away from west Asheville due to overcrowding, and a little increase in crime. On the other hand — don’t want to live too far from Earthfare either.
    Love the hippie scene there, not an issue with us, but thanks for enlightening us in regard to the hardcore locals/government!

  • just got back to d.c. from a visit to the asheville area…first time down there…
    real long drive(for those of you thinking about visiting from d.c.) twice as long as going to obx. some of the most beautiful scenery off of blue ridge prkwy. downtown asheville is nice with lots of small business and hippie places and art painted on the walls, cute girls too. i really enjoyed walking by the beautiful churches (thumbs up to the person playing the bells last tuesday afternoon at trinity episcopal church, beautiful!). a big concern is all the cars and pollution…where does it go? it just sticks around, the mountains hold it in. so many suvs and minivans w/aggressive drivers just like d.c.. asheville seems to be suffocating itself…its natural makeup is not compatible with industry and population growth. if i moved to the asheville area, i would definately live up in the mountains an hour away or so, where the air is fresh and when i’m an old geezer in cronic pain and poopin’ myself, i’d move down to asheville(or back up to d.c.) so i could die nice and quick from the bad air.
    btw, for those visiting asheville, make sure to go to mt mitchell(north blueridge pkwy) and lake lure(east 74) when the weather is nice…breathtaking!

  • one more reflection on my trip to asheville:
    LOTS OF PORK! they were everywhere in the town and surrounding areas…
    i don’t know if they were just out to patrol and keep the peace or if they were hunting down the peaceful hippie…anyways, i was not harrassed but noticed that they noticed me for better or for worse. perhaps someone who has experienced encounters with “the man of asheville” could elaborate…does he/she take half your bag and let you go or do you get thrown in jail and have to deal with a world of grief? NORML website shows that N.C. has pretty much decriminalized small amounts…is this true?
    as far as the blue ridge pkwy is concerned: only saw 1 obvious ranger on the road throughout the whole 4 hour drive from asheville to the rt.77 exit in VA… seemed pretty safe to smoke up on the pkwy but i would be weary of the possibility of plain clothed rangers in everyday cars looking to bring misery to the unexpecting nature lover smoking a bowl who thinks everyone is cool because nature is so beautiful and “how could anyone be concentrating on busting me when the scenery is so nice?” let me tell you they are out there! i’ve known several people who suffered because of brutes who would rather play cat and mouse on a beautiful day then sit back and enjoy being alive…
    no matter how safe it seems, and how perfect the “hippie haven” appears to be, be alert and discreet for you never know when those who lurk will pounce!

  • I’m supposed to be moving to Maggie valley in the next year or so…. Anyone know what the vibes there are like or any cool surrounding cities? What’s up with the indian reservation….anything go on there?

  • What’s up with Tunnel St?

  • i have lived in asheville since i was 9 yrs old. i am from a truly poor and backward area. is this not suppose to be a hippie site? i have never seen such pigheaded rude and unaccepting people in my entire life. the people in asheville for the most part tend to be friendly but as with any place there are some people who can make your life miserable.the club scene is wonderful. but recently alot of wealthly have been moving in driving up the prices for everything. i use to hang out at a very alternative coffee shop where the prices were quite resonable. i would sit on the porch outside and sip my tea and watch the people come and go they have recently moved into a higher priced building in town now there prices are outragous and there atmosphere is gone. i will not go to any other coffee shops in town for they are even more over priced. asheville use to be a nice place for hippies but not anymore the cops will hassle you people will look down on you. but thats typical for anywhere. but over all its still a nice place to live. reading several of these reviews i have gotten quite angry at some of them. for while i am not an asheville native by birth i am by choice.one review mentions the crime and the “queers” downtown that is offiencive this person seems to be one of those religious nut jobs who make my life miserable by attempting to force there belife system on me. i respect everyones right to believe in what they wish to believe in. but i would like the same respect to believe in whatever i believe in or nothing if that is my choice. the guy who is paying 600 dollars a month for rent in asheville for a 4 room house is insane. i pay 400 a month for a 2 bedroom in city limits so i suggest he get the hell out of asheville or stop complaning go back to chicago but i dont think that will help as he seems to be a sucker anyone can take advantage of. now monkey man who is the only name i remember from all of this needs to just shut the fuck up first of all i know im not a great speller but hes talking about people in asheville being stupid he needs to read his own comments and do work on it cause he cant spell FOR SHIT and who taught him grammer? must have been a monkey. just because i spell badly doesnt mean i am stupid and i would get in a battle of wits with him any day. but i dont believe in battling againts the unarmed. you people who are talking about moving to asheville please do its a very nice place downtown can be expensive but stick to the outlying communites and you cant go wrong. if your looking for school with low student to teacher ratio city schools are not for you. if its grade schools your looking for west asheville has recently opened some of there old abandoned school because of the overcrowding problem in west asheville and now they have the lowest student to teacher ratio of any in the area. high school are a bit more of a problem many of them are still overcrowded everwhere in asheville.the best schools are of course in the higher priced neighborhoods as school funding is dependent on property taxes. the best elem. school is in barnardsville but that is way outside of town. the best school in city limits would be johnston elem. but hight school are mostly a toss up if u want to live somewhere inexpensive i recommend you move to the erwin school district where you can live within city limits and still go to a county school. where as in larger areas chicago ny any where in cali they have eliminated most after school programs and non essenital classes. most schools in the asheville area still offer music programs drama programs girl sports and many after school programs. there is also and excelent gifted program in the area schools.for smokers of cigaretts “shame on you shame on me” you wont find them cheaper anywhere in the country. for smokers of other things you wont find it cheaper anywhere in the country. if you want to avoid the crime stay out of the projects and off eagle street and you’ll be fine.and if you want to get back to nature its such a short drive to beautiful scenery lakes and rivers over all i love asheville and wouldnt want to live anywhere else. one final comment on the “queer” thing there is a large gay community here in asheville and i wouldnt have it any other way because im not closed minded or pigheaded. there are alot of people who will try to bum from you or run a con on you but i have never seen anyone of there knees begging anyone in asheville and ive lived here more than 20 yrs.

  • I’d like to know what all the negativity is about from some of the commenters here . I was just in Asheville a couple
    of weeks ago and I had a right nice time . Let me tell you
    about it . First , I love the mountains , and the rivers in the
    area . Some of you criticizers say it’s smog is on a par
    with Los Angeles . That is a gross exaggeration . True, there
    is some air pollolution , but still is lower than most towns
    I’ve been in ; and it’s a helluva lot lower than Charlotte .
    UGH ! The French Broad River is relatively clean and it’s a
    lot of fun to whitewater . There are lot of great clubs and
    restaurants . One criterion for me is how many vegetarian
    restaurants a town has and A’ ville has several . One personal
    fave of mine is Rosetta’s which is open til 3:00 am (dig it )
    and has plenty of vegan options . My two favorite health
    food stores are the French Broad co-op ( where I always run
    into friends and where all the hippies shop ) and Earth Fare .
    I love to go groove and sometimes participate in the drum
    circles in the parks on Friday nights .
    I was fortunate one night panhandling in front of the Orange
    Peel . This really sweet chick came up to me and gave me a Blondie ticket ( thanks again , Blake , I love you ! ) and I went
    inside ,enjoyed the show and got Debbie Harry’s autograph . Right
    fucking on ! I also had a chance to see many of the local
    yokels perform who were quite good .
    If it’s alternative spirituality your after , I suggest checking out the Eckankar center on Patton Ave. and attend an
    uplifting HU chant . The services are 11:00 am on Sunday.
    The folks there are quite nice and made me feel welcome( hi
    Chris ! have you read my book ,luv ?) and Eckanker strongly
    emphasizes astral or out of body travel and reincarnation .
    ( far fuckin’ out ) Plus there are Zen Buddhist sanghas as well .
    Lastly , it’s a friendly town . Mayberry with a cosmopolitan
    flair . Thanks Andi and Barry for dining me and lettin’ me spend
    the night . How is it going , Brad ? I’ll write you later . Michelle , I
    love you , but I’m still waiting for your email . And hi to the
    other hippies I partied with but are too numerous to name .
    I had only two negative experiences there . One , a pig forced me to tear up my panhandling sign or go to jail . Asshole . And second , some redneck yelled ” hey you goddamn hippie , get a
    haircut ! ) this incident took place on Asheland Ave. south of
    Patton . So , hippies avoid the neighborhood .
    If you’re coming north from Athens Ga . Please avoid the
    goddamn interstate and take U.S. highway 64 east from
    Franklin . You’ll see some of the most beautiful country ever.
    Highway 64 is a two-lane highway that winds through the
    mountains and follows a mountain river . There’s a pool on
    the side of the road with a natural waterslide leading in to it .
    Take that route , go swimming in the river , ride the waterslide
    and say ” fuck the interstate ” .

  • The level of realism in some of the commentary here is a bit scarce. (some not all)
    I’ve lived in and around the area of Asheville NC for the majority of my life.
    Granted, it is undoubtedly one of the most unique places in the country for its people and the general downtown scene. On the plus side, the mountains are beautiful and often taken for granted by the disgruntled locals. There is a wide varitey of music. (although a bit of a bluegrass/hippy overdose imo) It is wide open for those with views that aren’t necessarily the norm in modern times.
    But I would say it is a place best enjoyed from afar. The cost of living is not matching the local job market. There is no such thing as cheap rent unless you desire to be a roomate to someone with any number of varying mental problems or issues.
    I would highly suggest that you have a good grip on money or a masters degree in a field that will ensure you can live comfortably or this is not the place you should show up to spur of the moment.
    Contrary to popular opinion it is not a free love, anti society where the weed is top notch and everybody is lovey dovey all the time! In Asheville it is a matter of who you know many times and not who you are. Black Helicopters land on buildings in A-ville and do test runs. haha
    The homeless problem in A-ville is bad.
    (real bad)
    Its a great place in many ways and a place that holds a lot of misconception in other ways. If you are planning to move here that is great. Just make sure you have it well planned. This isn’t the place to just show up and try to make work for you.
    Also make sure you can deal with strong odors cause theres some stinky mother fuckers out here …hehe


  • These guys seem to have Asheville covered. The rest of NC has many of the same problems…rich people moving in driving up prices to were locals cant make it. Somehow we need to unplug this preppie/yuppie lifestyle crap. Im about sick of it. I would like to suggest that they move somewere they dont stick out as being rich. Yes ive seen quite a few hippies in Asheville and its known as one having one of the largest gay populations in the state. Never had any people related problems there. The roads can be confusing. The cost of living is rising rapidly i would strongly recomend looking elsewere if someone was looking for a cheap place to move, set up shop and take advantage of others. Also
    it takes time to learn your way around town. Dont look for some shining gem…..mostly shabby old brick buildings and overpriced 1970s strip developments very ran down with outragous prices. Seems everyone that owns something sets around and dreams up higher prices to pass the time, errrr that be $7.95.00 for that skaters surprise latte!

  • WOW! I have to say with the exception of Rhina, Artise, Monkey man and some 16 year old – these postings were incredibly juvenile and stupid. I wouldn’t take heed of any of these dubious opinions! most of you ARE in fact STONED*I am from NYC originally , have lived in Los Angeles – and now currently reside in San Diego. I really wanted to get out of here – but the utter stupidity frightens me to the core. it’s not the occassional misspelling that bothers me – it’s the overall essence coming off the people. MAN!!! I was proud of myself for wanting to break the myth of the south in my own mind – but now………… I think i’ll stay in southern california. you want to talk expensive $$$$$ you stupid hippies. get some sophistication and actually be progressive!!! stop panhandling ~~ it is in no way marxist or cool!!!

  • Mia Zoe, not everyone in the area is like that. Many “hippies” don’t want to get zone, and only want to live in peace.

  • i am a juggalo. insane clown posse. we’re new dead heads. peace and love. and trees. i love the trees. asheville is the most beautiful place i have ever seen and the place i still call my home even though i moved back to cleveland ohio. i hate the smog and the out right rudeness of people. i really miss that southern hospitality. the good vibes you get from every one, even the red necks. and the bud is the best any where. there is everything from dirt green that wont get you a little buzz at all, to the fluffy bright green cronic that will blow your mind! just like any place there are goods and bads, but asheville has the good and it definately out wieghs the bad. hug a tree for me, i’ll be home soon.

    much clown love,
    wig splitta

  • Everything posted here is true of Asheville. I grew up there and couldn’t wait to leave. It can be viewed as a wonderful place full of friendly people. But I found it wasn’t that simple. Your hippy children are going to get picked on in county schools, big time. The “rednecks” are a very self-righteous egotistical self-hating type of people. They absolutey despise anyone free enough to enjoy themselves. They religiously train their children to be this way from an early age. Most children receive spankings for the wrong tone of voice etc. Its a very cowardly and self-loathing culture. Criticizing hippies, liberals, gays, yankies and other hateful types of conversation is only way to build report with co-workers in many workplaces. You have to understand this culture. Adults can seem very accepting but that is only because they are afraid of conflict. You will notice the country people avoid eye contact. They have very fearful personalities. They tend to be polite to outsiders, but when its just a bunch of locals they will engage in very hateful conversations about outsiders.

    Maybe its difficult for me because I grew up there and its easy to talk with the accent and be accepted shown the true nature of the locals. I used to see plenty of outsiders who were oblivious to how the locals view them. I was amazed by a pharmacist I worked with in a drug store before I moved to CA who was in love with the area and thrilled about sending her 5 year old son to a good county school, she enjoyed all the touristy things and felt accepted by everyone. What she didn’t see was that everyone actually hated her. My coworkers called her “that ugly yankie bitch” behind her back. The customers all talked about how rude she was and conspired to try and get her fired. Everyone was nice to her face of course. Its like she just floated on a cloud of ignorance and that what lots of outsiders do. She was actually very nice but she offended everyone because she didn’t speak in the local folksy dialect and had a professional attitude about her job (i.e. requiring customers to have a valid prescription to obtain prescription drugs.)

    I moved back to Asheville last summer and lasted 3 weeks before I packed up and returned to CA. Asheville is a hole that will eat you alive. I left Asheville with $300 bucks in pocket and my vehicle has 250k miles on it. I was getting out it meant walking back west. After living in Cali (even though its so cal) Asheville was a nightmare. I had read great things about it and looked back with rose colored glasses. I got a job with an electrical company and found myself in a $7.50/hr nightmare. It was like high school but even worse. The guys talked about beating up “n*ggers” and jesus is gonna put all the queers in hell. They talked about all the “nasty fuckin” hippies downtown. We were in the work truck when a purple Ford Thunderbird (driven by a hispanic that probably thought his car was very pretty) passed and the guys started saying “what a fuckin queer must be drivin it” and how “we” oughta “round ’em all up and put a bullet in each ones head.” This is how they talked all day they never got tired of this sort of thing. We were working on older houses that new comers were fixing up. One homeower was very queer acting but the guys were so nice to his face its easy to see why misconceptions abound about Asheville. Two of the guys took a shit this homeowners bushes while he was out. They also threw large rocks at his neighbors dog just to hear it yelp.

    Lots of people enjoy moving to Asheville. But I think I know it too well. I was so traumatized by my 3 weeks there last summer I did nothing but smoke cronic all day for several months when I came back home to Cali. I still have nightmares that I’m back in Asheville and wake up so relieved to be here in Cali with my roomate and best friend who supported me after I left for 3 weeks and came crying back.

    Please take my post seriously. I’ve experienced Asheville as a native and an outsider. I can’t fully describe the oppression I feel there. Coming back to CA was absolutely beautiful, the West begins in New Mexico where land opens up and the sky is huge and all around. The open desert cleared my mind of Asheville and freed my spirit. People here criticize LA, but they need to visit the dirty south and get some perspective! If you wanna move to Asheville you better know what you are getting into. Its not the San Francisco of the east or anything like that. There is one San Francisco and its up the 5 from me. Peace.

  • I visited Asheville this past October for vacation and because I wanted to the the fall leaves. I live in Tampa, Florida and l was interested in the cool Asheville scene but found it to be rather small. Maybe I just don’t know the cool people, but anyway here are some observations/experiences I had for the 1 week I was there;

    * The city was beautifully surrounded by mountains that were so quiet they were deafening. No wonder so many people consider this a very meditative area. Very disquieting for city folks like me.

    * The smells on the other hand were overwhelming. While hiking it was a combination between sweet pines and horridly strong bobcat piss. At the apple farm, the nauseating smell of rotting apples.

    * Lots of young hippies and college kids abound along with the New Age industry. If I was in my twenties I would’ve moved there in a second. Now that I am old and jaded, I just can’t seem to fit into the “vibe.”

    * Vegetarians are in heaven here. The Laughing Seed, Rossetta’s Kitchen, Heiwa Shokudo, are a few of the most awesome vegetarian restaurants in this town. Especially Heiwa that had some killer tempeh sushi. Tampa, that is about 50 times larger does not have one single veggie only restaurant. Pretty sad.

    * The bra industry has gone bankrupt in Asheville.

    * BEWARE : Children abound…in massive quantities. The children vibes will fuck up your birth control. I missed a pill. Seriously. If you cannot get pregnant, go to Asheville.

    * Speaking of babies and breasts, women will flip out their titties at any given point to breast feed. Sounds lame but I have never seen so much titty flipping in my life.

    * Everyone walks around with a cane or a stick for no particullar purpose.

    * Homeless people dress, look and smell nice and will bug you. They also have dogs. As a matter of fact everyone here has a dog.

    * Housing is extremelly expensive. There was a LOT of old people walking around. This probably means that the cool scene won’t last long unfortunately.

    * Bumper sticker overload is a common occurrence

    * Everybody kept looking at me. Maybe cause I am hispanic? Don’t know.

    * The poetry scene sucks.

  • Hello everyone. I am the same Shannon who posted awhile back ~ See below. We relocated to Asheville from Southern Oregon back in September 2004. We settled in East Asheville, renting from a killer lesbian couple who happen to reside out in Black Mountian. We happened to get into this place for $825/mo. 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, wood floors, garage, and HUGE yard on a culdesac. This place is gorgeous and equal to what we were paying/getting in So. Oregon. Only thing other than the drivers that I am still having trouble getting used to is the sales tax. Kind of a bummer. I am pretty centrally located to whatever and wherever. Only 5 to 6 minute drive to the local food co-ops, bookstores, and downtown. My husband and I have seen an abundance of live music since living here. I’ve seen Medeski, Martin, and Wood twice, and can never escape catching a good, free show at Barley’s Tap Room every now and again. And yes, while enjoying a Brown Bear beer on tap. Yummy.
    Anyhoo, just wanted to give you an update on how things are here in Asheville. I’ve had no problems meeting other cool women here. I’ve been here approx 4 months, and already have 3 close friends. People here are pretty friendly for the most part. The only thing I cannot stand about Asheville are the drivers on the road. Practically no one uses their turn signals, looks over their shoulder before switching lanes, or hesitates to use their horn! Very bad driving skills to say the least. I’ve lived in San Jose, California ~ And the drivers here in Asheville make me miss driving in and around the Bay area. No joke. If you are not heads~up and good at holding your ground driving wise ~ I would suggest taking city transit. I’ve literally witnessed drivers trying to edge you out of a lane. You would swear most have death wishes. Even the old here either drive
    mega fast, or dangerously slow. I’ve seen people hit parked cars in parking lots and not even give a hoot. Lots of illegal moves, and people driving behind you when you are trying to pull out of a parking spot, etc. I’ve never felt so “postal” about driving in my life. I fear for the first person that hits me due to their lack of driving skills. Lots and lots of winding and weaving in and out of lanes without a care in the world or a lust for living. You would think they were all polling for position in a race ~ So beware!
    Other than that ~ Asheville is pretty nice and easy going.

  • Hi there,
    I am planning to up root my life to the Asheville area from northern california. Does anyone know anything about the town of brevard? What are there the small town papers that i can look for rentals?
    On another note, Shannon: where did you live in southern oregon? Ashland? I live about an hour south of the oregon border, but go to ashland to do errands and to feel like I am seeing like minded people. On a note to all the people bashing Asheville and praising california. Sure California is awesome, but there are good people and places everywhere. However, I live in a rural town up north and let me just tell you there are extremely close minded people here too. The locals will do the same thing here. After a couple of years living here they warm up to you as long as you treat them like a person. Hopefully, I will get the same respect I get here. I look forward to checking out Asheville!

  • I’m new to this thread, and will be posting some comments later in great detail about how horrible Asheville, NC is to live in for people who are educated, honest, not stoned, and try to live productive lives. As for now, I just wanted to refer to the posts by someone named “Shannon”, who represents the very nature of self-entitled, spoiled, too young to be sensible, rich, stoned, TRUSTAFARIANS. Driving your age (the new VW Beetle) and moving around the country from one sub-culture to the next doesn’t give one insight about reality. “Hippies” are really people who stood for change and protest in the 1960’s. Since most “Hippies” in Asheville aren’t old enough to remember, let’s just start by reminding you that probably your PARENTS were the real hippies and they just love to give you things and money so you can make grandkids and drive Beetles and just act “homeless” when you feel like it. Instead of being condescending to real homeless people, try being responsible in a real sense and earn the money on your own that you spend at esoteric, organic grocery stores. More later in more detail. Asheville isn’t attitude, (or altitude) or how one view’s their personal reality in a new age sense. It’s about dysfunctional redneck culture colliding with those who know better. And then there’s the psuedo-hippies who act more like rednecks than productive members of society. Remember, this region of the country (WNC – Cherokee) was the birthplace of the first American Redneck Culture – the senseless white European immigrants who committed genocide and ran the rest out to Oklahoma (Trail of Tears for you illiterate “hippies”.) And guess who is in their family tree? Asheville rednecks who’ve never left home, never been educated, and continue in the tradition of these first American rednecks – vile people live here. Hippie stoners lack the same sense of accountability as redneck locals who commit crimes and get off easy in an incompetent legal system. Just get stoned, sense the “vibe”, and soak in the groove in the groovin’ scene. How pathetic! Get educated and open your little minds!

  • Shannon!, You’re cool!

  • Attention Marcus: What’s your deal? You sure make judgements on people you don’t know, very quickly! It always amazes me how damn rude people can be! I can’t believe I am responding to this nonesense! This website is to make comments about Asheville, not people. It is funny though because you seem to be implying that someone is self righteous while being self righteous at the same time! The fact of the matter is you don’t know shit about shit so keep your nastiness to yourself! We squabble over the dumbest things! Don’t get so worked up!I do not mean to offend you, but you have crossed the line of good communication. You are being judgemental about people you know nothing about. If you are going to insult me know that I hold a degree and have worked since I was fourteen. I’m also sick of people being rude, where do you get off? Hopefully, we will all find our place and some peace!

  • Sorry Marcus! My last posting was for “out for good”! My mistake!

  • Having lived in other countries, major cities, a few small towns, and Asheville for the last 2 years I can say for a fact that Asheville is no better or worse than any other place when it comes to people. Sure Asheville has more alternative subcultures – but so what. For anyone that believe that one part of this country is different from another because of the absence or presence of rednecks — you need to open your eyes. Talk about subjective bullshit. Also there are $400,000 dollar homes here and there are also more reasonably priced ones around $90 – 110 per sq foot in West Asheville and other areas. We here in West Asheville have a very nice community where Rednecks, Hispanics, Russians, and yes even Hippies manage to get along just fine.

    Anyway — there are plenty of Vegetarian options here and Hiewa has to be the best. There is great music here mainstream, underground and blue grass. Its got to be one of the few places in the country where the majority of restaurants and a fare share of bars are nonsmoking by choice.

    Environmentally the air quality could be better, but this is a basin in the mountains and therefore we are at a disadvantage to other locations that just blow there crap downwind. On the other hand the city has recycling service and even my redneck neighbors use it, even if if their bin only has bottles of mountain dew and milk. There are lots of opportunities for hiking and camping.

    outforgood – No Cherokee is not the birth of redneck culture. The trail of tears was one of many injustices done to our aboriginals; however, I’m pretty sure Andrew Jackson was not from Cherokee.I bet there are a few Cherokee’s that still live there that would take offense to you. May I suggest reading Cornel West “Race Matters” cause you need to learn the meaning of the word tolerance. For the record I am not stoned, not a hippy, and know my regional history. I was actually looking for articticals about Heiwa and was taken back by your entry. You know they say anger is really sadness and depression. I feel sorry for you.

  • Megan – Brevard is a bit of a drive from anything but the people are nice and friendly. I live in West Asheville – not to far from the other end of Brevard Road. I personally find Brevard a little to small for my liking.

    The only way to find a place is to visit first. I suggest you visit Brevard, Asheville, Black Mountain, and even Marshall. They you can make an informed choice based on the feel of the town and people.

  • Sorry kids, comments ARE made from experiences. Some of us are aware and observant, then take action to relieve ourselves from a nasty, fake place. See other people’s comments who agree with this before you assume my posting is some abberation in your jewel. I”ve lived in plenty of places, and it isn’t “anger” talking, it’s dissappointment from the misleading, bullshit advertising that the real estate industry and developers conjure up about Asheville. And no Andrew Jackson was not a Cherokee, exactly my point! I’m defending the Cherokee, and happen to be part Cherokee, so put the puzzle together – the trail of tears REPRESENTS vile activity of people (white, future citizens for generations in Western NC) who keep the ball rolling in the form of rednecks. You kids don’t have a clue do you? I’m done posting, and am instead leaving since there are vibrant, genuine, clean places out there free of phony rich kids. Bye bye.

  • Oh yes, I found this hippy site by searching for “Asheville sucks” on the internet. Think about it. Of course, posting “negative” comments, true as they are, disturbs hippy kids and joggles their world enough to make them defensive. Sorry kids, you ARE priviledged, you just don’t have a sense of reality or responsibility to compare. Too busy with mom and dad’s money (VW’s and kids, and Earthfare = “my life is so groovy, just don’t screw with me man!”)

    Future comments and postings will be done in various major magazines which focus on retirement and relocation. (forgot to mention I’m a published, professional writer!)

  • May I suggest some reading materials by other published writers:

    Mein Kopf by Adlof Hitler
    The Prince by Machiavelli
    and of course
    How to Talk to a Liberal by Ann Coulter

    I feel these books would some up “Just who I am”
    God bless you and George Bush.

  • My fiance and I just moved to Asheville a few months ago. So far, we both really love this place. However, can anyone tell me where the drum circles are held on Friday nights? Also, where are some good places to meet some “kind” hippies? Any info would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks guys!



  • Im 16yrs old and my family has been in wnc for hundreds of years and part of them was indians. First of all, all you homos and hippies that want to move to fagville(asheville), listen up! since yens has already messed asheville up this is a fair warning-madison county will not be as accepting as asheville/buncombe. we still do things the same way weve been doing them for years and its been proven time and time again that mountain people dont change to well. all you people moving in think your preserving mountain culture-well your killing it, yens dont no a dam thing about “appalachia”. all your doing for our culture is running its taxes up and taking our land and pissing us off. you come in here and tell us huntings evil and were ignorant(yens are the ignorant ones!) you have no idea about how to live mountain because you dont got true mountain blood or heritage. i dont even shop in fagville anymore -i go to newport(tn). im a babtist, rightwing republican, appalachian, scotch irish, cherokee, backer farming, licker making, deer hunting, bare hunting, teenage mountain boy and dont give a dam! im from big pine creek and the last gays that moved their got death threats and didnt last 3 days! so go ahead and be gay and nasty and all that but dont set foot in madison county! oh yeah NO NIGGERS

  • For all the homosexuals out there I want to say you all are going to Hell if you don’t change your lifestyle before you die! If you believe in God and consider yourself a Christian and are gay guess again your not after all God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve! You cannot tell me that homosexuals will go to Heaven read in Exodus about Sodom and Gomarah then turn over to Leviticus and read, it is wrong! I hate to burst you all’s bubble but there will be no gay people in Heaven that died while still practicing there nasty lifestyle. Everyone says to eccept these people but as long as I am alive I will not eccept them or their lifestyle! If you are gay you better heed my words and get saved before you die or you will be like the rich man who awoke in Hell and begged for water from the begger’s finger!!!!!!

  • Jesus loves everyone….even you and your mountain friend below.

  • In the ’60’s, some called me a hippie. Some others said I wasn’t a hippie. I always thought I was “me”, and I felt different to everyone else. I only know that now I am still “me”, and in some ways I am more “me” now than I ever was.
    Some people, not only hippies, love having a label because it makes them feel the same as others, makes them feel they have a place. But there are some folk – not only in Asheville – who still know what it means to be themselves. “Alternative” stops being alternative when it becomes the norm. So some hippies are certainly not alternative. Whatever the crowd is made up, other similar people who identify with the crowd are what the crowd is. Some really only know that way to be. But others assume it for some feeling of self worth, or of fitting in.
    There are some who are rabidly against others who don’t share their narrow views on race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. They aren’t alternative either. They’re following the crowd.
    Real alternative individuals don’t worry about what people think of the way they live their lives. They are too busy living it. And that, whether you are gay, straight, Muslim, Baptist, white, black or green with purple spots, is how you exist as an individual.
    If you think you are something, and it gives you pleasure to be known as that something, you probably aren’t alternative. You’re most likely falling prey to the label epidemic.
    Well, I’m who I am, the only one like me, and I welcome anyone else who is themselves and isn’t interested in joining a group, wearing a label, because it would mean they weren’t being true to themselves.

    Being true to yourself is the most important thing a person can do. It is the way God made us all. Yes, God made us all, the straights, the queers, the blacks, whites, Baptist and Muslim. So it’s important to be yourself, especially when others don’t like what you are or when they say that God doesn’t want you to be yourself.

    But there may come a time when those who are really “themselves” will be the normal way to be. That will be the only time when the terms “alternative” and “fundamentalist” are truly redundant. They’re dead now, it’s just that they are being kept alive by willing victims to hype.
    If you can’t love yourself, how can you love people who aren’t identical to you?








  • I don’t know why people from northern areas (NY, NJ, etc.) continue to come to NC. You all have brought nothing but overcrowding, increased property values, homeowner’s associations, and many other of the rotten things you are leaving the north to escape. If it’s so good here, why do you try to turn it into where you came from? Our whole state is going to hell in a handbasket due to the influx of people from NY and NJ.

    Yankee go home!

  • I wish all the florida people would go home too! for all you hippies out their in hot springs-that fire should have been a warning! and for all the other outlanders out their in america that sees this- if you look at map of nc or tenn you will notice 2 places that stick up out of nc. stay away from that-thats madison co. if you dont like hillbillys like me then dont move here with hippie weirdo kids cause half the kids at madison high and madison middle school are what people outside of here would call “rednecks” and your kids will not be welcome and will be losers. florida people and yankees cant drive and since its possible for it to snow in june around here if you dont like cold then stay down in florida. around here riding a bycicle on the road in one of them gay suits and helmits is suicide if you dont want to get runned over by locals like me. fourwhellers on the road are common to so dont try to stop us from riding even if it is illegal cause nobody else cares. the people up here dont like housing developments and ever household has hunters and hard workers so dont make us mad. if your just a turist passing through fine-but dont get the great idea about moving here because it raises taxes and the locals thats been here forever are having a harder time. but dont you homos ever get the idea that that will make us all leave-madison county will always be backwoods and very “appalachian”. just walk in any local store and youll see people sitting on bags of dogfood and feed talking about how they wish people wouldnt come here. dont try to stop people from doing things weve always done. we dont like the nature lovers here neither, but we dont want this place developed. just leave wnc and et alone and hillbillys and flatlanders will get along just fine. and thats as nicely as i can say all this.

  • Florida is in the south too you nimrods! God loves everyone and we are all the same in his eyes. Get an education!

  • yea florida is the south-but were not really southern-this is appalachia. i dont need education you stupid hippie fags go to hell

  • It is so nice to see people being polite. The last time I checked we were a united country. I’m sure after september 11, you would not of said that of northerners. You probably got all pissed off at the attacks. I bet my money that you proclaimed your love for america! you defend our country but attack your neighbors. Well, guess what, the north is part of america and we are allowed to go where we want. Just as other people in other states have a right to do. If you want to preserve your way of life, join your town council. Get Active and stop complaining you hateful pieces of shit. Life is short, have fun wasting it being an ignorant hick! As for heaven and hell, we will see who ends up there! My bet is on the people who don’t have hate in their hearts! Peace!

  • My husband and I are thinking of moving around the asheville area, maybe outside of asheville… I guess I kind of have mixed thoughts now because of all of the negative feedback…
    Its funny thought, because I went and looked at other cities(for sake of arguement) and saw all those people posting negative thoughts about their cities too.. Which i suppose goes to show, no place is perfect…

    We currently reside in Nevada(right outside of las vegas), and REALLY want to get out of here!! We have lived here for a year(moved from Ohio).

    If anyone could tell me about the employment situation, that would be great.. My husband will need a job asap…
    I have my own business, so this will be my source of income….
    Anything to do with maintainence, electrician work etc… for my man…

    Regardless of all the posts, We are ready for a new home around the asheville area!!
    High Quality Handmade Clothing for the ~Free Spirit~

  • I just moved here from Nashville. Asheville is a small town in my book. I have also lived in Atlanta and Greenville, too. The people here are very nice, charming, and welcoming from the most part; not quite Mayberry, but a very friendly group of people. There are two things my wife and I noticed immediately, though. It seems the “hippies” almost look down at young professionals. My wife and I are successful, and we don’t apologize for that at all. We spent some time at a pub after work one day and felt really uncomfortable. We could here folks making comments about my wife’s purse and shoes. What is that all about? Are you serious? They may have noticed she smelled like Chanel instead of patchouli and were making fun of that as well, who knows.

    We love downtown. It reminds me a lot of Athens, GA, where we both went to school. Asheville is great. We love the eccentricity here. I went through a phase when I following Widespread Panic around the country. I have grown out of it (not the music). I enjoyed that period of my life. I think life is too short for young people not to do something like that, but don’t heckle me because I have moved on…

    The “hippies” here aren’t true hippies, either. They just dress down and haven’t bathed when they go to the bank and cash mommy and daddy’s check. Here, not being “trendy” or “yuppie” is the biggest trend in and of itself. Every circle of friends has one or two people who ends up selling grilled cheeses and pot brownies that either dropped out of school or has a physics degree of which they’re not taking advantage; this just seems to be the mecca. Besides, without the yuppies, who’s going to pay the taxes that make drum circles in the downtown plazas possible? Bele Chere isn’t free because the tooth fairy left the money under the mayor’s pillow.

    Overall, it’s a great town and we plan on staying (with my Brooks Brothers clothes). I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind and heart.

  • Sorry, Jamie. In forgot to ask one of your questions. There seems to be a boom of residential construction here. I guess it’s all of those people from New York and Jersey moving down here trying to change the city.

    Also, the only downside I have found with Asheville is the cost of living. Gas and housing are pretty high compared to other parts of the country. Though it may be less for you. Houses are a little higher than living inside the perimeter in Atlanta.

  • Hey Nashville Cat, thanks for responding!!!
    Completely understand what you are saying… I dont think I really fit into a category(atleast I would like to hope not)…
    I do have dreads and make patchwork clothing and that sorta thing,, but am really willing to hang out with anyone down to earth, regardless of there financial status…
    We both love the music and festival scene.. this is what we do in our spare time.. Beside my interent business, I sell my clothes at a lot of festivals..
    I see nothing wrong with doing well financially in life,, in fact we sometimes wish we were a little more ahead of the game!
    We did own a home in Ohio for 5 years, and made some good money on that.. and will probably just rent for a year and then see if we would like to buy a home in that area!!
    Besides my dreads, my husband long beard, and the vw bus (LOL)we are just average folk looking to meet some music loving folk to cook out with and throw back a few beers!!
    We would love to travel, but guess we kind of already are.. we are just staying in a place for a year at a time he he he….
    Hope to run into ya when we move out there!!

  • Hi folks-

    Just a word of warning to folks considering a move to Western North Carolina, including Asheville: beyond hospital work and the school system, the employment oulook is very bleak, and cost of living (esp. housing) is high. According to the Asheville Chamber of Commerce, average cost of houses sold in Fall 2004 was $268,000. That’s steep, esp. in the South! My husband has been looking for a full time technical job for nearly 5 years, with no luck….We’re looking for greener pastures, and will probably move in the near future, which is a shame – he’s an Asheville native, but we just can’t afford to live here….

    Hope it works out better for you-

    Burnt out….

  • If you like living a southern lifestyle with a liberal twist then asheville is the only bubble in south to live in for you. the food isn’t bad (you can always find vegetarian options) and the people are inviting as long as you stay within your own sort of crowd. there are no good bike trails, so riding your bike is dangerous, but if more people starting riding, then the city would have no choice but to accommodate. the only thing about this town that is REALLY weird is the street system, when i first moved here i got so lost so easily, so be careful of that. as long as you have a pure heart and good intentions asheville will give you a warm welcome.

  • asheville sucks. western nc belongs to its locals only. hippys are only welcome in asheville.stay away from madison county youll get lost and we’ll get you!!!!!!!!

  • Well I have lived in almost every major city and have interacted with all walks of life and have to say that Asheville is definitely an interesting but questionable city.
    I grew up in Raleigh, NC and after graduating from college in California, I returned to my hometown to settle. Having spent so much time out west, I was very turned off by my former Southern friends who had never really traveled out of the state, and I had grown tired of their BORING yuppie attitudes. All they seemingly talked about was money, labels, mansions and who was who in the South (mostly in Raleigh). It wasn’t long before I was ready to pack up and leave Raleigh so that I could learn from other cultures that weren’t so limited. Went to Florida for a while where there were nothing other rednecks and old rude people so I am now trying Asheville because of it’s supposed diversity. But to speak frankly, although it has been a real eye opener, it has also been a HUGE disappoinment. When I initially arrived here, I was hoping to learn from the hippy culture but have quickly recognized their lack of individualism and disinterest in anything other than drugs, organic foods, and going out of their way to look, dress, and talk with this phoney, laid back dialect. They all dress the same and walk around with this arrogant, liberal, bumber sticker attitude and have NOTHING interesting to say. Additionally, they seem to be very closed minded, in that they are extremely closed towards anyone who isn’t wearing dreadlocks or long flowing skirts with tank tops and no bra. I read Nashvillecat’s posting and wasn’t surprised to learn that these hippies made fun of his wife’s shoes and purse. Another example of their closed minds. Aren’t they supposed to be free thinkers with open minds in this society? No, I don’t think so. Exact opposite in my opinion. And the gays in this community are just as bad. I have never had a thing against the gay community until I moved to Asheville and witnessed how clannish they are here. For example, If you happen to apply for a job that is managed by a gay person in this town, and you aren’t gay, hang it up. This has been tried and tested by me and I have proven to many observers that this is the case. My bottom line here is that I really hoped to learn from a society that was much different from that to which I am accustomed and all I have witnessed is alot of repression and restricted thinking. I am getting the hell out of here as fast as I can.

  • Asheville sux. It’s owned and operated by a country club few. Grove Park Inn, Biltmore House (Cecil), Mission’s Board are a few of the players. No jobs, low pay, and …. well, whatever serves the prementioned. The area was, a few years prior, three mill towns, Asheville, Hendersonville and Brevard. Since Rand McNally started touting the cost of living and beautiful surroundings, well; it’s gone to shit. Can I say that?

  • I have lived in Asheville since 1978. I can not imagine living in any other place. There are “hippies” here if you call them that. We locals call them “Wippies” Wanna-be Hippies. They do look down on the professional types but hey, we didn’t ask you to move here, if you don’t like us then move on, you invaded our space we didn’t invade yours!
    But for the most part everyone is nice and welcoming and there are very few run ins with the Wippies that look down their noses at those who decided to utilize their educational background and degrees.
    I have noticed in reviews about anything though, especially travel. People are quick to post negative reviews but are not so with the positive. Asheville is beautiful and has the lowest crime rate in North Carolina. We are a laid back community and there are plenty of jobs here if you have the experience and/or the education. Our plant work went over seas like many others did, so if you are looking for labor employment or have dropped out of high school expect to flip burgers, serve coffee or start your own business. Our capital is not from Grove Park Inn or The Biltmore House, those are tourist attractions and what city does not thrive from drawing visitors? Sure we want visitors who can afford to stay in those places! That means they have money to spend and most will frequent the local shops for “cultural” memorabilia.
    We want to attract all kinds, that is why we are diverse because we cater to ALL types.
    Asheville has much to offer to those who have an open positive mind.

  • Boy, some harsh words flying round here. You know everyone has got a story. I am looking to come and live in Asheville area. Just can’t understand the hate people feel for gays, blacks, or any other race religion or creed. How free is America if people are afraid to explore and become who they are meant to be? Afraid to come to an area for fear they will be harmed. That’s just messed up MAN – BOY big time!
    Need to get out of Florida. Before that needed to get out of Vermont. I need to be balanced. In the middle I figure will be just right.
    Jaime love your clothes. They are so beautiful! The messages on them are great too.
    Please check out my site.
    made with love and the good stuff.

  • I’m traveling to Asheville Wednesday and Thursday night next week. Anybody have any suggestions for nightlife? I know it’s not the weekend, but I was hoping to head out, catch a couple beers, listen to a local band and mingle with the population a little. Anything good out there for mid-week entertainment?

  • For: Sick and Tired

    While people moving in from other places are having an influence on Asheville and are bringing demands for “amenities” they had in larger cities, some people moving here are fleeing the crowding and over-commercialization of big cities. (Like me after spending a ton of time in D.C.)

    What seems ironic to me is that many of the locals see growth here as a way to get rich quick. They take this beautiful place for granted and have not experienced the down-side of having yet another Starbucks or Blockbuster…until one day you wake up and the place you’re in is uninhabitable. Many locals are cashing in on real estate and developing what land is left. It is amazing the steep slopes where people are building houses and developments.

    I suppose all this is fueled by the strange economy here: 1/3 medical, 1/3 tourism, and 1/3 entrepreneurial business. If there’s another factor, I would say it is retirees moving in with fat defined benefit retirements, who can spend bonzo bucks for a house. I keep hoping the local Council and ‘Country Club Set’ will wake up and smell the coffee, but they’ve never experienced living in a paved over place with no natural beauty and are mainly watching their bank accounts.

    Peace, Brother.

  • take a shower, get rid of those nasty dreads, and show some respect to others, and pick up your empty water bottles you freak, then go somewhere else

  • i forgot to say fuck you goddamn useless wippies, get a job, clean up and i’ll sell you some oregano stuipid ass

  • ive learned enywhere you go @ least on the eastcoast things are about the same asheville is not what i thought it would be .there are some waycool people here but there cool folks enywhere you travel .lotta asshole collagekids who in my eyes are fake hippys and could care less about other people .all in all its a nice place people moving in from other states should try and Respect the local people try and be kind people will do the same peace

  • just curious if anyone has been to the drum cicle in newport tn-do belive its on the full moon…so a quick answer would b great-i got directions…just dnt knw to much about it..sooo if u can help thanx,
    p.s. mean people suck……and sounds like there are a few on these comments.

  • 🙂 🙂 just incase u didnt knw…newport is nxt pigeon forge/ gatlinburg 🙂

  • Yo, yo, yo. Don’t forget the homies when you visit A-Ville.

  • M-dog says will you stop? I’ve had enuf. your all insane. Think of your own words I don’t know, I don’ know, what you want, leave me alone your confusing me. It happens

  • Me and Momma went to Asheville, Momma says Asheville is the devil.

  • Hippy is just another word for a coward who hides behind peace. Like all shameful things you have to constantly defend it. Let’s see they made drugs popular. I am sure all the parents who have crack whores for daughters appreciate that. Free love hasn’t turned out to be free with teen pregnancy and terrible diseases. Peace isn’t convenient for them when it concerns the enviroment. Then they start blowing up things like Eric Rudolph. What was it they did that was so great? They have heros like Jane Fonda. The problem we have now is that a lot of them avoided the draft by staying in college. They stayed so long that they became professors. Now our children are forced to hear them spew their vile version of history. Why don’t they ever mention how the communist vietnamese were going to surrender until they started their protest. When that happened the communist vietnamese decided to see what would happen. We lost 50,000 more soldiers than we had to. It takes a man to impress me not a bunch of funky drawings , and victory symbols. The peace symbol looks like you dipped a chickens foot in ink and pressed it into a circle. Fitting for the largest group of chickens to ever flock together.

  • boudia!!!!! BraBru

  • Hey…I we are a 25 yr old couple…with a 3 yr old daughter….wanting to relocate to Asheville but unfamiliar with the area. Looking for a nice place to rent that won’t kill our bank account…we are KIND people, looking for a breath of fresh air….if you can help us out send email to deadfan3@aol.com….

  • do NOT move to asheville!!!!! my boyfriend and i moved here recently and it was a huge mistake! unless you’re an illiterate, rude, long-time resident you will never find a job. doesn’t matter about your education or experience. the cost of living here is really low compared to other states and the hourly wages here are actually higher than orlando’s (which is where we came from), but getting the job is the hard part. the only people who should move to asheville would be the rich. there’s no room for hardworking, educated people in asheville!!!! i’m a college grad and i’m treated like an idiot when i apply for basic entry level jobs here. word to asheville residents, your city is a joke and now i know why it’s all morans working in businesses around here!!

  • Could have not said this better myself:
    Well I have lived in almost every major city and have interacted with all walks of life and have to say that Asheville is definitely an interesting but questionable city.

    But to speak frankly, although it has been a real eye opener, it has also been a HUGE disappoinment. When I initially arrived here,

    I was hoping to learn from the hippy culture but have quickly recognized their lack of individualism and disinterest in anything other than drugs, organic foods, and going out of their way to look, dress, and talk with this phoney!!!!!, laid back dialect. They all dress the same and walk around with this arrogant, liberal, bumber sticker attitude and have NOTHING interesting to say. Additionally, they seem to be very closed minded, in that they are extremely closed towards anyone who isn”t wearing dreadlocks or long flowing skirts with tank tops and no bra.

    I read Nashvillecat”s posting and wasn”t surprised to learn that these hippies made fun of his wife”s shoes and purse. Another example of their closed minds. Aren”t they supposed to be free thinkers with open minds in this society? No, I don”t think so. Exact opposite in my opinion. And the gays in this community are just as bad. I have never had a thing against the gay community until I moved to Asheville and witnessed how clannish!!! they are here.

    SOOO TRUE !!!!! For example, If you happen to apply for a job that is managed by a gay person in this town, and you aren”t gay, hang it up!!!!!. This has been tried and tested by me and I have proven to many observers that this is the case. My bottom line here is that I really hoped to learn from a society that was much different from that to which I am accustomed and all I have witnessed is alot of repression and restricted thinking. I am getting the hell out of here as fast as I can.


  • I am presently living in Asheville and I could not agree more with DITTO’s comments. I moved up here looking for more opportunity, liberal thinking, a chance to get involved with the arts, settle down and start a life, maybe go to grad school. I have never been more rejected, lied to, put upon and disappointed in my entire life. I tried to pick up a 2nd job waiting tables at a gay-owned restaurant. I have no problems with the gay community, I have some very close friends who are gay. I got fired after about 3 weeks of working for NO PAY because I was IN TRAINING due to the fact that I was not “fitting in”. My day job promised me a cash bonus if I could make it 6 months. I’ve been here almost 9 months and no bonus. I found out later I was hired into a “good old boy netwework” because I was a “sweet young pretty little thing”. Took up a consulting job on the side – never got paid. These are local professionals in the design and architectural community who are acting this way folks.

    Tried to make friends – I’m not hippie enough or gay enough or rockabilly enough or fake enough. I can’t afford to buy all my groceries at the organic food store, and I wear deoderant – so I’m an outcast.

    Needless to say, after moving up here to live with my boyfriend (who has lived here for 2 years and is ready to get the hell out) – we are leaving as soon as possible. My boyfriend is a musician in a band that gets good reviews in Nashville, New York, but can barely get a gig here.

    I see the potential this town has, but for now I say – What a Frigging Crock! It’s a shame such a beautiful place is so hard to live in.

  • Asheville is totally overpriced and completely lacking in culture and diversity. It’s a fun place to VISIT maybe if you’re in the area, but anyone without a trust fund who has ambition and requires mental stimulation should definitely NOT think about moving there. I know, I lived there for ten LONG years, finally just recently talked my husband into leaving. THANK GOD!!!

  • I live in NW Indiana and will be visiting Asheville next week. I don’t know how I happened among this thread but I will make up my own mind on how good or bad Asheville is. Thank you for all the interesting insight and psychotic babble though. It has been most enjoyable.

  • there’s a little saying to asheville – it either takes you to the next level or it breaks you. now i don’t necessarily agree with this on the whole; but i have seen a lot of people run from asheville because they had so many issues they couldn’t enjoy the experience. it seems like everyone who moves here today thinks they’re coming to some great valley utopia and get really upset when everything isn’t handed to them on a silver platter. Yes, you will have to work, and (big surprise) you probably won’t be getting your dream job your first year here either. “oh no! food service!? but i have a degree!” Whah. so do a lot of us. get over it. there’s a lot of talent in asheville (and a lot of shit too) so if you thought you’d come here and be ‘special’ you’re in for a shock. but if you try and are a groovy enough person you will find a home.. that is if you’re not from florida.

    One thing that will get you looked down upon immediately: being from florida.

    for all of you from that beachy southern state: fucking go home. (and here’s a hint – not in asheville)

    noone likes floridians in their mountains. and who should blame them? they come in with their attitudes and money and think that just because they made the effort to move here they should be accepted into the community and be treated like angels in the afterlife. please. fuck your suv and fuck your summer house. they’re the reason that starbucks was built here, none of the locals drink the shit.

    I love Asheville. Sure, it has no dance scene, and only one ok club that gets old really fast (especially if you’re not gay) but on the whole i really love living here. for once i can walk down the street and not be the strangest one on the sidewalk. a ton of different sub genres make it unique. (and another thing – i’ve had enough with this “i’m real but you’re not” bullshit. hippies or wanna hippies? give me a break. just because someone doesn’t fit into your stereotype of what a Real whatever would be doesn’t mean they’re somehow less human you dick. ) The local food & shops are wonderful and the weather’s not so bad either. Asheville has actually been called “little San Francisco” and it’s kinda fitting. Great nugs, wonderful scenery and lovely people.

  • listen where ever you go a city is a city. Asheville has a better scene than most places ive lived .there are good and bad folks where ever you travel or end up . please people if you plan to come here try and treat the local folks with some repect and kindness just like how you would wanna be treated .we as a whole have become so involved in are own lifes wants and needs we tend not to give a damn about other human beings we get so involved in are own little worlds .please remember there is no perfect hippie place to live. have not found it yet . no one is perfect try and be kind to one another after all life is very short .remember every one has there own opinions

  • People are people, young and old! Everyone in life gains more knowledge and wisdom as they grow. Apart of living is learning from your mistakes. Whether you live in Ashville, San Fran, Bali, Boone, New York or small town USA, life is life and life is full of people who do not see eye to eye. Search deep into your heart. Now look outwards. Does it really matter to you if where you live is not the coolest place on Earth? Life is what you make it!! Rome was not built in a day, but many stones were laid! Peace and Love

  • asheville is way over-rated. Make sure you take a ong visit before you move here because it is a lot dierent then you would think.

  • The anti Floridian comment was bound to show up in this conversation sooner or later. The disdain for people from Florida is absurd and it’s a very well known thing around here. I haven’t seen this kind of hatred for people from a single locale anywhere else.

    I can’t understand for the life of me why some people have issues with successful people and economic development. If people with money don’t come to Asheville, where do you suppose your prosperity is going to come from? Oh, you don’t like prosperity? It’s offensive to see nice storefronts and ammenities show up in your community?

    Well, guess what? Economic development brings *jobs* to your community. Asheville desperately needs jobs. The comments I saw from “Lil Sis” almost gloating over people with degrees not being able to find good jobs represents one of the uglier values of the residents here. What kind of people defend and want to preserve a poor job market? They treat educated people with contempt for wanting to be rewarded for what they worked hard for. Smacks of jealousy, doesn’t it?

  • Message to “Ex Upstate New York, Seat”


  • Comment for Qwerty, that must have taken alot of thaught……………You must be a CRACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment for Qwerty, that must have taken alot of thaught……………You must be a CRACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That would be ‘thought’ not “thaught”. You’re very bold to criticize people’s writing then turn around and spell the way you do AND use ten thousand dots in lieu of punctuation.

    Why would you call me a cracker? That’s racist slang.

  • First of all you should check your punctuation also. A comma belongs where your quotaion mark is. No, I’m not racist, I’m a white Irish anglo saxon Yankee………………….Like my dots????????????????????????
    That really seems to bug you huh>>>>>>>>>>>>>Yes, I am bold and
    don’t give a rats ass what you think, Qwery or is that Queery, Queeny
    or Qwacky………..Who cares what you think…………………by the way
    cracker isn’t racist……..unless Im African American, Hispanic, Asian, Arabic, Pacific Islander or Native American. It’s quite obvious, lead a sheltered life. Your New York Yankee Friend………………………..Bye Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you had any observation skills you’d have noticed that this site automatically converts apostrophes to quotation marks before you posted that.

    Now you’re making gay slurs. How hateful you sound. What kind of hippie are you? A fake one, I think.

  • No, I am not a fake hippie, just a very opinionated one, so when people try to tell me about certain aspects of life that they don’t know about
    I feel the need to say something………….(there go the dots again)………My question to you is “Were you around in the late 60’s or 70’s when the REAL hippies were on the move?” I doubt it……….and as for me hating gays, you don’t know anything about me…………lets keep it that way………..You are the one that started this coversation….and I will definatley win………………..so how bout it?

  • Conjunction Junction what’s your function?
    Apostrophe’s, dots, comma’s, periods, exclamation points!…can’t we all just get along? They all did on sesame street.

  • They got along because they had common goals and values. Ex Upstate and I don’t because I value literacy and he makes fun of others’ writing skills with no regard for his own.

    Back to the subject of Asheville: Do you want to live alongside people like Ex Upstate? Come to Asheville. Grab your bong and leave your ambitions at home! There are a ton of peace loving, free livin’ Ex Upstates here waiting to meet you as long as you’re not a “cracker” or a “queery”!

  • why is the screen so wide now?

  • Hi Asheville, Qwerty thinks everyone should act and feel the same as he does. Therfore, it proves how narrow minded he really is. So the truth comes out. ANYWAY, whats cookin in Asheville? Steven!!!!!!

  • Hi Asheville, Qwerty thinks everyone should act and feel the same as he does. Therfore, it proves how narrow minded he really is. So the truth comes out. ANYWAY, whats cookin in Asheville? Steven!!!!!!

  • If you read my post from 2005-10-09 you would see that there is nothing cooking in Asheville(for me). I have ambition. I like smoking the occasional doobie, but I like making a good living more. I have matured.

    I don’t know what the solution for Asheville is…nor do I care.

    Peace Out

  • Sorry, I have a question. I love Asheville — and that is my comment. Back to the question—Are there any cool old buildings with affordable apartments for rent??? I love the old charming types with sweet little kitchens and retro bathrooms. I would really appreciate some input or a link to a rental publication or realtor or something**** thanks

  • wow, alot of angry people. is it that important to prove how above you are over a little town in the mountains…chill out and be still.

  • I’m NOT above Asheville, I just can’t afford to live there, besides there is no work to speak of.

  • I’m an Asheville native, born here over 50 years ago. Yes it’s a great small city, but there are a couple things you all should know: 1) The police here are predatory, so far as motor vehicles go. The city has the highest DUI conviction rate in NC. It is not safe here to have more than ONE drink and get behind the wheel. Many well meaning citizens and visitors are appalled to blow a .08 after just going out to dinner, and then they are screwed. Checkpoints are held all hours of the day and night. BTW, I have NOT gotten a DUI, but many people I know have, and they were no threats to anyone. There is no serious crime here so the cops have nothing else to do.
    2) This city can not handle weather. Snow flurries shut it down. Four inches of wet snow and the power is out. Everything closes and people run home and hide under their beds. The infrastructure is antequated. Power lines are not buried, and are extremely unreliable.
    Otherwise, the city is beautiful, but not in the winter. I am not saying ‘don’t move here’, but you need to understand what the daily reality is.

  • Ex Upstate should lay off the LSD! What an idiot!!!

  • Here is the number one solution to solving Asheville’s problem:

    Kick out the faggots and carpet munchers and you will see less filth guarantee!

  • i was bron and raised in asheville, and if you don´t like it don´t come, and as for ¨truely honest comment¨

  • I can’t believe this subject is still actually being discussed…..amazing

  • I am a mechanical engineer, and I see quite a few jobs posted for the Asheville area.

    So here’s my question. Do the locals resent newcomers to the area? I was just listening to an Al Franken show that he was doing in Asheville, and it did not sound very hospitable.

    I think they have a hard time filling specialized positions and that’/s why they go outside for engineering talent. It’s not like I am taking someone’s job but I could imagine that might be the perception.

  • Where and how are we all going to retire in the next few y ears. want to get together?

  • I live In (Eureka Humboldt county ca.

    I went down to Santa rosa sonoma county, I go shopping at Abercrombie and fitch at the Plaza mall and yes I bot some of there stuff, 130.oo I spent a lot , tho yes Bad Human rites issues I agree and I hope they get better,a lot of Librals love Abercrombie and Fitch, there clothes are kool but can be pricy, I sure like there clothes,I do hope human rite issue get better, I was shoping at bath & body works at the mall and I was wondering why arent there eny Guys working there its a mistery and asked they lady there and she said to me That they got guys working in the back of the store, I wonder if they made him work in the back of the store or maybee he wanted to work in the front giving people info about the Merchants, yes I asked the lady at the Bay shore mall in Eureka, perhaps shop the Co-op LIberty and Justice for all, equal human rites will get better, well see, Abercrombie and fitch got great Collage clothes, Sarry for the mis leading in my article below I dident mean to affend eny one

  • Asheville is a very nice place. I visit it about once every year (on the way to Ohio to visit family), and it’s really a pity; I wish I could visit it more.

  • WoW Man, What the F-bomb happens when old hippy’s develope. I mean come on. We are free thinkers , Who left to our own devices are rather creative as to how skin the cat. Most of us old hipsters have raised our children to be the same. As with the development of our free =minds= complete freedom. For most of us old hippys this means working and wisely management of our assets. As a result we are able to stay in nicer places than we used to and much desire a good meal. If this no longer makes me a hippy ,it is a result of the obvious transformations of our FREE THINKING. LOVE AND PEACE. .By the way my wife & I visited the city 2 years ago in the fall and loved it all. We heard some red neck rock ,from some guy who was in prison with one of the Traveling somebodys. Maybe Waylon, any how ,Its an ecelitic city not to be judged by where someone stays or eats. We found that the so called weekend hippys were smart people who see Ashville for what it is. It’s cool. The food & nite life are what make it. That’s why all the grooovy oldsters are there. The old hippy’s are slowing down & starting to think about retirment. I wish all the new Hippys the best. I hope their rights won’t become trampled upon by the post Sept 11 legislation which should scare the crap out of any FREE THINKING HIPPY.Hippys came together because of the terrible condition America became after the death of JFK> Vietnam was a mistake & it looks like Iraq in an even worse mistake. But time will tell. Man if any oldsters ever read this Please tell me how you feel about Becoming an old FREEE THINKER

  • What a bunch of bitching and moaning. Seriously. You think someone is gonna just hand you a job the first week you are in town. I worked my ass off through graduate school and worked shit jobs and then worked an entry level job for far under 30K for 2 years. But you know what I had patience. Now I have an EXCELLENT job making over twice my age and I didn’t have to move. Someone in their mid to late 20’s is not gonna land a real good job anywhere without the proper experience unless you have a connection somewhere. Not in Charlotte, or Atlanta, or Greenville. Thats the reality of the job market right now.

    As far as the hippies looking down on us “yuppies”. Screw em. I saw more Widespread Panic and Phish in college than they ever have. But I grew up so I can actually afford to pay for my tickets ahead of time instead of waiting for a miracle outside brah.

    Anyway rant over. The city is a great place with a beautiful setting and a scene very unique to the South. Its also a great sized city. Not too big not too small. Plus its a place where you can walk downtown at 2 in the morning and not feel the least bit unsafe.

  • Hi ,

    I’m in Central Florida and I would like to tell a remarkable rainbow girl somewhere in North Carolina –who is originally from St.Petersburg (or lived in St.Peretsburg ) that I knew from the Peace Movement in Florida —a girl named Laura Raintree (who last time I heard was living somehere near the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina)… hello , and I hope all is well during this present Holiday season of 2005 . She was a remarkable girl –who liked rivers and stones (as do I) . Perhaps she might read this present message . I haven’t received any correspondence from her since the summer of 1992 . I hope all is well with her .

    There is a song called ‘Laura’ written apparently by a Jazz musician of the 1940’s named Tommy Mercer —it was also sang by Ran Blake and Jeanne Lee (if memory serves me , rightly) . When I hear that song I think of Laura Raintree : a beautiful girl who liked rainbow colors .

    It is a very dreamlike, ethereal song both in terms of the music and lyrical content .

    There is a couple of verses that read ,

    ‘ Laura is the face in the moonlight…

    Footsteps that you hear down the hall.

    A lamp that glows on a summer night , that you can never quite recall ‘.

    I hope that Laura will continue to find beauty, light and gladness.. where ever she travels . Perhaps someone could tell Laura that again I said hello and I wish her A Happy Holiday .

  • Dear Upstate’s Daddy,
    first of all, you aren’t my Daddy, second of all the only thing your the daddy of is your right hand. Do you even know what LSD stands for?
    I didn’t think so. Your friend the idiot………..I hope to God you aren’t in Asheville. Peace!

  • Decent pay jobs only for (white and under 30) waiters/ waitresses.

    If you’re something else, no matter your education or experience,
    you will be working for minimum wage …or less.

    You won’t even make enough $ to be able to leave once you’re here!!

  • I have lived in Asheville for seven years. I felt safer in downtown New Orleans than I do in downtown Asheville. Every time I go to downtown Asheville, I am harassed by some drunken nut. When a new “Staples” store opened up, and the store manager was interviewed on TV, the manager said she would do something about all the graffiti — I guess that’s not the mayor’s priority.
    Biltmore doesn’t give a damn about its employees — it fires loyal and longstanding employees at the drop of a hat. Don’t think that just because Biltmore has been around a long time, that you will be around a long time with Biltmore.

  • First, though I tried, I can’t really read the comments, the screen is way too wide. Too bad, it looks like a fairly interesting exchange.
    I live in Asheville. Some great people here. What we need to do is get a city-wide living wage in place. We have a more progressive City Council now so it is worth it for the people who live here to try to get involved.
    The wage and housing situation is a serious problem. It is hurting us badly.

    OK, SECONDLY if you live here and like ‘Dead’ style jam music, try to catch Phuncle Sam. https://www.phunclesam.com
    Although the jam style is reminisant of the Dead and we do some of their stuff, we are mostly original.
    While bands like Dark Star Orchestra and Cosmic Charley come here all the time, we are the home team, a bit more original, and could use local support.
    And we are GOOD. Check us out


  • This place is a complete joke. My husband and I are in our early 20’s and moved to Asheville with plans to finish school, buy a home and start a family. We had visited Asheville before and thought it was beautiful and had a nice vibe…. WRONG!!! What we didn’t know is that we moved to the land o’ bumper stickers where wanna-be hippies and gutter punks roam freely. Seriously… real, true hippies are a thing of the past. Let it go. What in the hell are you trying to prove by not bathing, asking me for my leftovers when I leave a restaurant, or following me into the gas station in your dirty t-shirt and nappy hair asking me to buy you a gallon milk??? A gallon of milk?! The funny thing is… when I politely declined the guy’s request he said, “C’mon! It’s only $2.00!?” Well, you know what??? If it’s only $2.00 then get off of your lazy ass, wash yourself, get a job and buy your own damn milk! I’ve never seen so many able-bodied people who act like they are “owed” something. One day while visiting an art store downtown I was approached by a guy my age… He struck up a conversation and since I’m a naturally friendly person, I stopped to chat with this complete stranger. We spoke a bit about music and I told him that I had to get going… and before I walked away he asked, “Hey… can I sleep on your couch?” Seriously… WTF?! Can you sleep on my couch?! Do other people really let complete strangers just move on in with them? I was totally shocked that this guy felt that because we’d had a 5 minute conversation we were “friends” enough to shack up together. Please. As for jobs… good luck. I eventually landed a fabulous teaching job at a child care center that I adored and truly miss. The pay wasn’t bad either. However, when we first moved to Asheville I called the local Greenlife to see if they were hiring. I was told by the manager that they were definitley hiring and to come in for an interview a few days later. So I show up for my scheduled interview and wait for 45 minutes by the cash register while someone “goes to find” the manager. Finally the manager approaches me… looks me up and down… and quickly tells me that he has no positions available!!! Maybe it was because I took a shower that morning and actually brushed my hair… maybe it was because I didn’t “look the part” or didn’t have that certain something about me that would allow me to “fit in” with the Greenlife crowd. I had never experienced discrimination until that occasion… and it sucked. As for education… good luck with that too. I’m an early childhood education major and had about a semester of classes left before receiving my degree (at the school I was attending in Maryland). I spoke with several advisors at AB Tech who assured me that all of my credits would transfer into their program upon my arrival in Asheville. Lies… lies… lies. After registering for fall semester, I was informed that I needed another 22 classes before receiving my degree. The classes that I did take at AB Tech were absolutely sorry. The instructors were horrible and the overall quality of education was pitiful. I hated AB Tech… it was eventually what drove us out of Asheville. Another lovely thing about Asheville is that NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE!!! Driving down Merrimon Ave. during any part of the day is literally like trying to dodge missiles with your car. I’ve lived and drove to work in the DC metro area for over 5 years and never feared for my life the way I did just driving to Ingles on Merrimon Ave. Seriously people… where did you learn to drive?!?! I could not wait to get the hell out of Ass-ville. I do not miss the gutter punks that walked down my street at 3 am playing musical instruments. I do not miss the friendly protests at Starbucks. I do not miss $625/month apartment with no air conditioner, no washer/dryer, no hot water, and windows that you had to beat with a shoe to force them to close. Thank God I made it out of that place… and if anything~ nasty Asheville taught me to truly appreciate what I have.

  • what up. I just graduated community college and got a job in asheville making great income. I am in healthcare and there are healthcare jobs everywhere in world. I know some really great people in asheville and you can’t beat the mountain vibe. So, there are definately fun and kind people there. Hoping to meet more since I’m new here. Hit me up to hang out. spacekid44@yahoo.com

  • Hippies are always Welcome in Asheville. The more Hippies the better. I guess I just had my first Hippie relationship. It was okay. He seemed a little bit irresponsible for me. That Free love stuff kind of got on my nerves too. Seems like an excuse not commit yourself to a person that really cares.
    I guess there is alot of pot around here. God knows there is enough Crack.
    We have rivers you can swim in with clothes or without. You can use soap too if you want.
    Lots of open places to explore. There really seems to be an entire hippie subculture here. We have everything from the Maharaji to Namaste Yoga….Tons of Pizza and Home Brew Beer.
    Hippies usually do not need big jobs. There are a ton of service jobs and Homesteading is getting more and more popular. lots of Granola Grocery stores. Great Big ones. Two of them even.
    Lots of Music and Drumming. Well. Next to Colorado or Mount Shasta we are right up there.
    Great place to start a family.
    lots of Rosta’s and Dred-locks.
    Just don’t pick up the local girls if they are not hippies. The bloodlines to the natives run deep.
    Drum Circles too.
    Let’s see did I forget anything.
    Oh well. Come See us.
    PEACE OUT!!!!

  • Im from Eureka California Humboldt county Northern Ca. and its hippie town. I came to asheville last month and I was very Impresses, the hippyness was very much alike, I saw the university there in asheville and the potanitcal garden trail , Humbold state universitys Arcata Humboldt is like Asheville NC in hippy wise , I couldent belive it was a Ontrapanoower capital, weird Little metro kinda ,130 grand people, they keep the corporate in south asheville on the south tunnel side, the rest dosent have one corporation not one, drive for 20 miles and u dont see no starucks, the people have strange belifes and that not bad , Its good to give your money to the private bussiness because its neet to see people make money and help there familys make it, california isent far off from asheville NC, eny ways My grand parents lived in asheville grandma died so I wanted to see it, and thot it was neet town, carolinas are very nice AND VERY VERY GREEN and almost tropical and green all the time, We drove to greer & Greenville SC. about hour half away from asheville, I love the southern feeling,,,,,, we went myrtle beach and I was Impresses, The carolina are very beautifull and good quality, we ate at the Waffle house and loves it but it got to greasy after a while, Well I recomend to u Hippies come to Eureka or Arcata Northern California Humboldt Most Far north to the tip of california, there a Humboldt state University, and a College of the Redwood in south Eureka, Most dont come that far north but there beauifull Oregon looking beaches, but its in california, most of u probly did live in california in the past or maybee not, But I recomend Humboldt cunty to u guys. Green and foggy coast, Seeya Asheville ,Imight come back well wait and see, it takes lots Money MOney Money Money awwwwww,money is there for your needs only

  • Im from Eureka California Humboldt county Northern Ca. and its hippie town. I came to asheville last month and was very Impresses, the hippyness was very much alike, I saw the university, Humboldt state universitys is like arcata Humboldt, I couldent belive it was a Ontrapanoower capital, weird metro little metro kinda 130 grand people, they keep the cororate in south asheville on the south tunnel side, the rest dosent have one corporation not one, drive for 20 miles and u dont see no staruck, the people have strange belife and that not bad but differnt, people do buissness with private owners and man Humboldt california isent far off from asheville NC, eny ways My grand parents lived in asheville grandm died so I wanted to see it, and thot it was neet town, carolinas are very nice AND VERY VERY GREEN and almost tropical and green all the time, We drove to greer & Greenville about hour half away from asheville, I love the southern feeling,,,,,, we went myrtle beach and WOW hippies


  • hello, i have lived in asheville for about 10 years, and its a great place, lots of hippies and weirdos that for sure, and thats what makes it so good, thats why people from California should stop moving here, because its getting less and less like its suppost to be every year, so don’t move if you’re one of those people, plenty of people from cali are cool so just, not all of them

  • asheville is what you make it.

  • By far, moving to Asheville has been one of the worst decisions ive made. Unless your life’s aspiration for employment is working at the local grocery store the job offerings for people fresh out of college are dismal. As far as “diverse music scene” goes- its diverse if you consider 20 different bluegrass/rockabilly bands diverse. The price of living like others have said is inflated for what you’re getting, the job options are slim, the music blows. And you’ll have some dreadheads and hippies who dont know what the fuck is going on to complain to about it. Just my 2cts =p

  • Asheville is a great place. As for the negatives comments by so many, no matter what town you go to, there are going to be awesome people and lame people. I have met many wonderful people here. Yes there are a few pretentious hippies but that is bound to happen in a hippy town! Just ignore them and move on. As for jobs, my husband and I moved here without any and are both working good jobs. We just bought a house!

  • goddamn, i just got back from up there, plastic funny people, i’m seeing robots. If you visit, just say what ever you think the retard your talking to wants to hear and sit back and watch them make an idiot out of themselves.

  • Im selling my home in western NC…only an hour at most away from Charlotte and Asheville…Small town living near big city life.And without the high price tag you’d have to pay at those 2 cities.
    Anyone interested? email me at lintru63@yahoo.com

  • To all my Asheville friends..do you remember “You must speak straight so that your words may go as sunlight to our hearts.” by Cochise. This is straight – may these words go as sunlight to your hearts and protect you…A 51 year old man has moved to your town of Asheville. I urge you to look out for him. He prays on single women especially those just newly divorced. He passes himself off as newly divorced as well though he is married. He is a predator. Some people are just pathological and cruel, gaining power in their minds with deception and getting over on others. He speaks of the the Tao de Ching and is well read biblically, he offers great spiritual sayings and knowledge, but he follows Napoleon, in his heart – “to succeed promise the world, deliver nothing”. I don’t know if I can legally speak his name on your site – but I have no fear of libel charges – my words can be proven as true.

  • Did u know they filmed Dawsons Creek in Wilmington, I really do injoy that Tv show & it reminds me of a Organic type city, Natral looking city, Asheville looks very Organic natral city too. The earth tone is so beautifull, & the people are really nice. I live In Eureka n. Ca. Last city North & there not many people 28,808 population thats very small with Hippys collage people, & redwood trees. eureka is growing very slow, because it so far north. I was in asheville the people are kinda a lot alike, California is very bad, all the good citys up north are changing ,city people moving to the country town north, no feature things are staying the same, asheville is where my Grand parents lived, came there injoyed it, il keep it in mind as a place to move, not too many people from one place but people from all over coming to asheville should keep it neet

  • crime is is not tolerated. keep it crime free, people show there, cool,express your self, beeds, music, cooking, thats one way to solve the that. is to be happy

  • don’t move here there are enough people ruining it for the rest of us find a small town and build it into what you want

  • I moved to Brevard, North Carolina not long ago, hoping that I could build a life there. I have to say, there is something very strange about this place. I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily evil, but it’s a very closed community. From what I’ve gathered from a number of people, folks move here to die, essentially. There are no real jobs, beyond low paying restaurant positions. The social circles are small. There is this hard core conservative community, filled with Christians who are very unfriendly. More open minded people tend to move here, struggle and move to asheville or elsewhere. The center of “alternative life” is a coffee shop called the Essence of Thyme. It is filled with nuts. The owner seems to be some kind of self styled spiritual leader, but upon closer look he’s a bit of con man. I am moving. Don’t move here. Go to Asheville. There is something very wrong in Brevard. Very wrong.

  • Hi Fellow Hippians:
    I am considering moving to asheville from the degredation town of Hollywood florida or also called Hollyweird. I am in the medical feild, and need to find my space in Asheville. I need some assistance with what area to look at for rentals. I want to rent a Old Home, that may need to be fixed up, since my friends are mostly in the construction biz. We would like to rent it around Nov or December. Any Comments? Thanks, and many blessings. Mel

  • Hi Fellow Hippians:
    I am considering moving to asheville from the degredation town of Hollywood florida or also called Hollyweird. I am in the medical feild, and need to find my space in Asheville. I need some assistance with what area to look at for rentals. I want to rent a Old Home, that may need to be fixed up, since my friends are mostly in the construction biz. We would like to rent it around Nov or December. Any Comments? Thanks, and many blessings. Mel

  • *sigh*. I went with a friend to the local Sabbath festival downtown. As we left, we encountered a 6-foot tall, black man talking to himself in the parking lot. How nice.
    My job is costing me too much money to work there. (I am a volunteer.) I’m about to say “fuck it.” The building where I work has so many building code violations, it isn’t even funny. They paid off the fire department. I’m not kidding. It’s fucking scary.
    I want to get out of this town.

  • I have a question
    i live pretty close to ashville
    i want some hippy friendss i live in mooresville and everyone here is just sort of ghetto
    so if i were to go roam the streets of ashville how do you suppose would be a good way to meet people?
    i was thinking about singing some of my songs on a street with a hat or somethingg
    ive never been there before but i hear its neat
    so :] yea when i go if you see someone with burgandy/dark brown dreads that looks homeless playing louis louis
    come say hi to me please

  • Asheville is pretty cool, but like a lot of cool, hippy type places, once people with lots of money start moving in, the place starts to change. Thats whats happening here. Housing has become way to expensive and the vibe is changing. Even in my neighborhood the scene has changed. I had some cool neighbors when I moved here, now I have two houses across the street from me that are empty most of the time because they’re second homes for retired people. And now someone’s building a half million dollar home on the empty lot next door! WTF? What happened to the hippies? So now my wife and I are going to move again. Everytime we find a cool place to live thats affordable it seems like the damn yuppies and retirees soon follow, and then its too expensive and no fun to live there anymore. It was nice while it lasted, I guess.

  • asheville, is the best….i’m moving back…and will love myself.

  • If you are looking for people to hang out with try west asheville. Go to westville pub on haywood rd. ( not street) When you ride down haywood you will think you are home but when you go to Westville Pub you will know you are home. Wonderful people and if you get here soon fri. nights 6:30-10 drum circle downtown in prichard park is a wonderful mix of old young and middleaged hippies. Some tourists mix in for danceing but wonderful time just the same.

  • I have lived here all my life and cannot afford my own place, even with a degree! The old people have too much money and no gradchildren. The women are all gold diggers. The hippies are really rich, they just dress funny. They have to be, have you seen the price on organic food? I am not technically from asheville, but live in a nearby town. Thanks for raising the taxes.

  • My advice-avoid Asheville-there are no real hippies there, only
    a-camp types and drainbows, Trustafarians-rich faux hippies
    who live off their daddy’s trust fund.

  • So glad to hear that you all pretty much hate Asheville. I’m in my early 30’s and was born and raised here. I love that people want to visit our town, but the people moving in are ruining the place by over building and tearing up our mountains. STAY AWAY!!!!!!! It’s the most beautiful place in the world (I’ve traveled all over, so this is first hand experience) but all of you outsiders are ruining my lovely hometown. Don’t care if you’re a hippy or a metro…KEEP OUT!

  • I live in Asheville and LOVE it.

  • Asheville and surrounding areas truly sucks. It has all these “locals” who expelled the native inhabitants, the Tsalagi, turning the rest into alcoholics and gamblers, and (the “locals” suck up on their (Cherokee) land calling themselves the natives (the “native” whites). They hate all the newcomers including their own race and you won’t get any business from those “local natives”. I had to move out, cause it became unbearable, couldn’t have anything done on my house, nor get any business in the shops. I had business refused right in my face and there was one company who agreed to do work on my home, but for an impossibly rip-off cost. The “local” would refuse business to me, apparently since I have an accent and am a foreigner and a newcomer. I only made friends with some friendlier “yankees”. What a depressing and weird area that is. Lots of thieves too. Full of preaching liars and evil ewlectricians who will put your house on fire. Don’t move to Asheville, or Hendersonville, it’s full of junkies and is really depressing most of the year. Dating does not exist either, except a few horse who sleep around spreading syphilis and AIDS and a huge bunch of angry lesbians as well. High crime area and large percentage of homeless. The rude unfriendly fake realtors are preying on you like hawks and it’s full of scammers – beware, where is shortage of decent service, the place is full of fraudsters and swindlers. They are everywhere and the police is corrupted. Sorry to see such beautiful mountains so infested by scum. Let’s give them back to the Tsalagi people and get the scum out of there.

  • Asheville NC. Gay community. is very closeted. Asheville NC gay . com chat room always has 0 zero people in there. people are so Ashamed. people are scared. gay parade only had 500 people in 5 hours. people need to speak up. do more to change this phobia shyness. I wonder why this is. ? people say its ok to be happy but dont be to happy to be gay. did the KKK take over the city. Asheville is metro & is very libral town .Why is it this way???????????????

  • Face it you all smell too much, your farts are killing the environment. Al Gores leading scientist from his book fabricated numbers for his charts according to members of the I.P.C.C. Your leader is going to kill your movement faster than any conservatives will…lol When so called well meaning people no longer care about honesty or integrity in those that run their cause, they are finished, get ready for the worst swing in the political pendulum called mass inflation and social chaos, but then hey you have earned it voters, corruption like what runs the U.S. now is on an unparalleled scale! Remember you are responsible for this!

  • My boyfriend told me he drove through madison county on his way back tp new york and thought it was absolutely wonderful. We’re a young professional gay couple, and have decided to build a large house on land we bought just outside of mars hill. How is the gay bar scene in asheville? is there anywhere we could go skinny dipping nearby?

  • up yors, you dum ass hippy rich slut-etin hores.

  • Don’t come to my town you fake hippies, there are enough people here.A hippie web site? what a joke

  • I moved to Asheville from Dallas, TX in August of 2008 – I have a degree in Journalism and have had editor, marketing, technical writing, creative writing, PR etc jobs and have NEVER had any issues of finding a job.

    Well jobs in this area are non-existent! I looked non-stop for 6 months and had two interviews. One interview was cancelled because the company decided to stop all hiring and the other was for a non-profit company that had me there to ask for my opinoni on how they should market and said they were willing to pay $29,000 a year. Believe me I’m flexible in pay and the job I take – anything to support my family and the only jobs I found were SERVICE JOBS and low wage jobs (Burger Kind, Best Buy, Taco Bell….)

    Seriously, I’ve had it here. If not for my connections in Dallas – my ex boss hired me to write for them at my home here in Asheville – I would have lost everything. The houses here are EXPENSIVE and the cost of living is high. The wages here are even lower and the job prospects here are dismal. I have found the locals here are extremely poor and low paid – most struggle to survive and MANY live off the government even though they work fulltime jobs.

    I’m looking to move back to Texas in the next two months after my kids get out of school and I can’t leave here fast enough. The outlook on life here is ‘dismal’ most of the locals (not tourist or retirees) is hopeless because there are few and limited opportunities to advance here unless you work in healthcare or the non-profit sector for minimal pay.

    Sure it’s beautiful here but beware – there are tons of educated people here that work several jobs to make ends-meet – the pay is ridiculously low compared to the cost of living. I’d advise you to have a job before you move here – it may take years. Also BEWARE of the NC state tax – it takes out $200 per paycheck – which kills me. I’m used to Texas that has no state tax.

    Good riddance to NC – it is a great place to visit but NOT TO LIVE.

  • Hi, I’m from here. Who are all of you strange people, and why did you decide to come here?

    I hear a lot of sentiments that you meet lots of great people in Asheville, but all you transitory types are just hanging out with everyone else just like you from the same areas. It takes me about forty five seconds of conversation to peg you as being from NY/NJ, CT/NH/VT, FL (by way of NY/NJ, you usually spend 5+ years there before you DUH! figure out it’s too hot), or CO. You’ve all ready the same books, have all been to the same places, dress the same, have the same recycled ideas. It’s like high school played out all over again. None of you have any respect for mountain culture, and if you hear a drawling accent all of a sudden you people shut down because you don’t want to meet people like that. The double standards of tourists – you want to experience something new, as long as you don’t have to be too open minded about it.

    I am educated, and speak clearly and intelligently. I am often mistaken for being one of you tourists. Some of you tourists are real people and delight in my uniqueness, or when I speak with a native like a native – direct eye contact, to the point with no wasted words, a subtle level of honesty/respect/manners that tourists can’t grasp whilst labelling us simpletons. Some of you do get it, but you are very very rare individuals and always leave Asheville in search of what you couldn’t find here. It’s the ultimate Catch-22 that the few of you worthy to move here do not stay.

    What made Asheville so wildly successful is that it was a warm, openminded community… something that is dissappearing in a sea of strangers who have no sense of community, or neighborhood. There are a few young families that have moved into a very small portion of West Asheville that seem to get it… but the whole town used to be like that, twenty years ago. Almost all gone, now.

    The last two years have seen an influx of southern Californians; predators from the land of competition. Ugh. YOU brought them here. Thanks.

  • I lived in Buffalo, NY and moved to Charlotte NC. I’ve lived here for 2 years and cannot stand it. I’ve visited Asheville many many times, and I absolutely love it! I see how people can make comments about “rich hippies” and all that, but seriously, i’ve been to alot of shows, met alot of people, and really, i’ve never felt “at home” as i do when i visit there. I SOOO want to relocate there but everytime we go and visit, and talk to the locals, they always say the same thing “do not move here unless you have a job”. I’ve been looking for a job, along with my bf, and i find it extremely difficult. Maybe i should just go serve yummy pizzas at Mellow Mushroom!

  • asheveille is actually pretty cool…..drum circles every friday….some cool travellers….yes some drainbows and fake people but you just gotta have fun with it and when u keep an open mind u run into the right ppl…..

  • Asheville is a chill town. It is getting wealthier as a city and as a citizenry, largely due to publicity given to it as a “quaint little community” worth visiting which brings visitors and tourists seasonally to the Asheville downtown and surrounding areas. But with that wealth Asheville remains dedicated to being a town and not a city. Those residents unhappy with the growing economy of Asheville cannot and will not ever be satisfied no matter where they live, so do not take their dislike of their own residence to heart. Those that see Asheville as awful, commercialized, and “rich” as many recent posts about the town portray it be have the complete freedom to move away, or stay and voice their opinion as loudly as desired because that is the way it is in Asheville. Asheville is complete freedom.

  • i love asheville its so mellow, and chill.
    i love allt he interesting people the artwork and the stores.
    also a great variety of food.

  • O’siyo! I lived in Asheville for a few years and moved out. The only welcoming people are the Tsalagi (y’all call ’em Cherokee). It’s full of weird folks, unwelcoming “natives” and white trash thieves. I made friends only with tsalagi and the foreigners. Now I’m in Midlands SC and I love it. Very friendly and welcoming people here, and a better climate. 1+ hour drive to the mountains and 1 hour to the beaches. Also you can try Bluffton and Hilton Head Island (SC), Charleston or Myrtle Beach. Florida sucks, so does Georgia. South Carolina is the best, has best cities and has the brightest future, better than Atlanta. Columbia, SC is a very very nice city. Byes.

  • Asheville is a nice place to visit; nice place to retire, play golf, or have a second home in the mountains. Good place to ride a motorcycle, attend church, or listen to bluegrass music. Live here full-time? Not if you want a career, enjoy culture, the arts, or want some sort of cultural diversity in your community.

  • so im up in wilkes county i come from sarasota florida iv got long dreads and a beard a few trades whatsup with jobs around this area?

  • I lived in Asheville and played music there back in the day with warren hanes and others it was a great place. the town is a friggin joke now, faggots and wanna be hippies that are not even the real deal. Give me a break asheville is crap now// check my site sometime, and if you are anywhere but asheville you may see my performing.. https://www.jerryharmon.com hope to see ya on the road

  • my boyfriend and myself were thinking of moving to Asheville, North Carolina for Oregon, is it a good idea and will be be happy there?

  • Just went to Asheville for the first time not knowing anything about it and I love it!! I cant wait to go back and Im thinking of moving there. It has such a laid back, happy vibe!
    I see a lot of people complaining about the cost of things, I guess compared to what it used to be its allot, but compared to most of the country it’s way cheap!! Houses to rent or buy, taxes, restaurants etc all had great prices, less then where I am now, and this place is cheap compared to everywhere else I have lived. Even the farmers market the food was awesome and I got double what I would around here for the same price! We came home with the car packed with food.
    Also has the best smoke I have in a long time (I live in a horrible place rite now)
    All the people I met were very chill, seemed like the type that would help you out even though they don’t know you. I love all the coffee shops, every cup of coffee I got was great, again impossible where I live now.
    We only got to spend 2 days there, but we’re going back in 2 weeks to explore more, Im stoked!

  • this place is bomb for ganga and ganga goodies i love the xmas jam and the real jam gonna be there soon hopin to party like a pornstar and grab some hippy bush while burna a fat stoker and maybe eat a roll or 2 see ya soo assville

  • Asheville is considered the best place in the country to live? What’s the criteria? The most Super Walmart stores per capita? Man, it’s beautiful here, the weather is pretty decent, you can get anywhere here in 20 minutes or less. Never wait in line for anything, it’s exceptionally clean, and the people are fairly nice though there is a phoniness about them. Hey, it’s just what I see. This is by far a weird throwback town with very high expenses. Gas is outrageous, groceries are ridiculously high, the wages, if you’re lucky enough to have a job, are far below market value in other cities the same size as Asheville. There are more than I can handle, Christians/witnessing/reborn, whatever with standards of convenience at any given time. In fact, Rush Limbaugh comes across as an amateur compared to some of the “masters” here. Ask 3 people who are the top 10 companies here and what are a few of the top industries. Nobody knows. Hell, retail/Walmart should be a gimme. And the discrimination here is just as alive as it was in the 60’s. Just isn’t as loud anymore but you can feel and even see it if you keep your eyes open. Money is power. There are a lot of wealthy people here. As long as the wealthy make certain that the number of open jobs remain at a very low number then they continue to maintain a very high level of control. Some folks have to have that control, they have a deep need to be in control and it’s all based on fear. When I first moved here I asked 4 – 5 people who the Mayor of Asheville was, not one knew but one person said; “some black chick” When President Obama was recently here I did not read or hear pf pne thing that the city of Asheville did that was unique and something that had to be planned, set-up, designed, in honor of… and maybe I just missed it and I am wrong. If so, I apologize. However, in a town this size it would have been huge news and I would have heard. It was embarrassing. The most powerful man in the country, maybe even the world, broke a major league political color barrier, personally picked Asheville as a spot he wanted to vacation so one would think/hope that at least one grand event would have taken place just out of respect for the President. I hope he at least got a free round of golf while he was here. If someone were to ask me today they are considering on moving to Asheville and what do I think I would first ask then still say don’t do it. It’s unquestionably exaggerated as far as being a great place to live. I can see it sold as a great place to vacation but definitely not to live. Sorry if I offended anyone as that was not my intent at all. But when a city pumps itself up like Asheville does, go out and poach some great companies for people to have gainful employment. The wealthy could form foundations, companies, get a few cronies to build a facility here that would employ a few hundred people. All of the fortune 100 companies should have to farm out a minimum of 5% of their off-site work to vendors in Asheville or to states with an unemployment rate over 10%/ This would help stimulate the economy as well. But all I have seen/heard is what a great place to live with lots of diversity. Those are great words to say but show me.

  • I will be honest with alot of you who think Asheville is a bad place. You are not very smart you look at an junior college education and criticize it because it is not on the level of a four year- which is why its a junior college- and then you proceed to insult us. Well quite frankly I can leave my door unlocked at night without having to worry about someone breaking in and killing me for a crack rock. I can walk down the street without having to worry about who is in the alley’s waiting to get me. So before you criticize our town look at your own and compare it to Asheville.

  • I’m a native here and I’ve lived other places.  I come back here b/c so far nowhere better to live. I’ve lived in Hawaii and California.  I really don’t care after all these years that people are finding Asheville less than desirable to move here.  Not b/c I’m mean, but b/c I’m so tired of people moving here and then trying to change everything to make it like where they just moved from.  I’m tired of people blasting the mountains here just to make a buck and to only support the wealthy.  I’m tired of people moving here and saying to me ( no one knows I’m a native)  " I can’t stand the native people, but I love Asheville"  Ok the native people are what Asheville is about, what has made it what it is and the culture of this area.  This is the very reason locals in Hawaii don’t like transplants b/c they have taken over their island and made it into a NYC..  I can understand that!  They have every right to be upset when they can’t even make a living there anymore and can’t support their families.  It is happening here too!  I get that and it is sad.  If you don’t like Asheville then maybe you need to find another better, more suited place to move. I’m one native that isn’t going anywhere.  Though I welcome and support diversity, I’m certainly not going to stand for people bashing my heritage and I’m fighting those who blast there mountains. If you think this area is dirty you haven’t traveled much. I see rats on the streets of Atlanta and NYC. Don’t get me started on LA.  London had its dirty parts too.  Get real people.  Live and let live!

  • A lot of comments here.  A mixture between psycho babble and others who seem wasted.  Get a grip!  Asheville and the surrounding areas are beautiful.  As a visiter and possible resident, I can definitely say my experiences in Asheville were enjoyable.  

  • I`m a white 38 yr old male. I`m married with two children. We live in Myrtle Beach, SC and are wanting to move to Asheville. I`m experinced in screen printing and embriodery with 16 yrs. I also have worked with our local Symphony for the past 8 years. 
    I just read a lot of negative things about Asheville. I`m originally from Winston-Salem and have been coming to the NC mountains all my life. Is the job market here that bad? Would I be able to support my family in this area? Is this town really this bad?

    I`m a conservative,peaceful,kind male and would like to raise my family in a  good community. Any feedback would be nice.

  • For those that bash other groups:
    Looking back at this forum I can see a ton of bashing of people from all backgrounds.  I have lived in the Asheville area my whole life and love it here.  The local Appalachian culture makes the area unique just as much as the hippies, the rich, and the retired.  Not all locals are "rednecks", just as not all "hippies" are deadbeats.  The mix of culture makes the area unique; don’t spoil it with hateful comments against certain groups.  People are people, learn to live with them wherever you are.

  • I do have a question here.  Why is most of the shelters in Ashville and other parts of NC only helping the drug users, alcoholics, mantally ill, but not having a place for a person who lost everything and is non of the things above?  Why not helping all people?  A friend of mine is having a very bad experreince, I feel something should be done about this, it is not just NC, it’s all over the states.  Just wanted to know is all why this is so happening.

  • i have just spent 2 hrs reading all your comments about asheville.now I have to move on in :}

  • I agree with most! I loved Asheville 🙂 I left last week killing time till the Lake Eden Arts Festival(LEAF) in Black Mountain, NC. This Weekend!!! Yea!!!! 5/10-13 2012 I was impressed with the kindness granted to me as a traveler and Nomad. When I left I headed south to a community I heard of Brevard/ Rosman, NC area. I fell in love with the town of Brevard and the community didn’t let me down. It is a very industry depressed area with the Hippies taking over. it is coming back to life because of us!!!! The area is filled with Music, Art, and Alternative lifestyles.there are alot of Richie Riches but were very welcoming and did not flaunt anything. I felt very welcome walking down main street with my backpack. Almost everyone stopped me and asked "Where you Going? Where have ya been?" OMG if you make it to so and so town you gotta look up so and so with addresses and contact info??? Very nice community 🙂 I stayed a week and am on my way to the festival. I might just have to return???

    BTW the next town over Rosman??? not very welcoming a lot of Good Ol boys that look down on us. Hmmmm… I wonder why Brevard is starting there re-birth and Rosman is declining even deeper??? Peace and Love to all 🙂
  • I am a current resident, born and raised in Waynesville NC which is a neighboring town of Asheville.  Personally, with all my travel I have found no city that compares to Asheville in respect to their hospitility, Crafts, Art, Music, and all around beauty.  If you have never been, i highly recommend visiting and checking out not only the city of Asheville, but also the beautiful scenary of the Great Smoky Mountains 🙂

  • man, I really loved this place my whole life. I had been visiting since I was, like, 15. so, 20 years of consistant visits. The mountains are amazing. But, thats where it ends. There are no jobs worth your time, unless you really are into the "live by the seat of your pants" type. The people have changed into a psuedo-hippie mix, lots of homelessness. I literally watched several people dig through one trash can in front of the unemployment office. I am getting to old to wait tables. seriously, I cannot find anything here beyond volunteering to do. which I have done. its sad. I will move ASAP, but I will be back to do some trails, camp and stay the hell away from downtown and its druggie-depressing scene. Nice nugs, thought. no doubt. dont move here unless you are young, like working for low wages in the service industry. no room for growth. and I am not talking personal. its hard to hold your head up when you have to worry about the bills. just. frigging. sad.

  • Don’t fool yourself, for anything hip this town is just about over. Asheville is slowly becoming a resort town. Almost no diversity, hardly any good jobs, lousy grocery prices, high cost of living, some people aren’t as friendly as it seems on the surface, gets pretty boring after a few years of being there, very dated roadways/interstates, the list goes on… Asheville is a "bubble" of semi-progressive thinking surrounded by a very conservative area.

    10-15 years ago Asheville was a very different place. But as it is now, I might consider coming back when I retire.

    Maybe I’m not a hippy but I happen to agree with many liberal/progressive/spiritual viewpoints of true hippies. Just think twice about Asheville guys.

  • i just got back from asheville and it was as alwayse an eye opening trip.. the herb is SUPER DANK.. just like cali… the cid is everywhere asheville is far from rich though.. it all depends on where the wind takes you.. DO NOT WALK DOWN TUNNEL ROAD!!! IT IS NOT FRIENDLY WE ALMOST GOT ROBBED BECAUSE ON THAT SIDE OF TOWN THERE ARE ALOTT OF BAD PEOPLE.

  • Oh my goodness… to think one’s life is original and learn that one is a demographic! My daughter just finished 7 years of college with honors and moved to Ashville to look for one of those famous $8/hr jobs. (so how many jobs does Ashville have for experimental animation film makers?) I would move to Antarctica to be near her. Though I find in the earlier posts that we are the much maligned metro NY oldsters (original hippies from the 60’s who grew up. had kids, and have held responsible jobs for 40  years, but are still very liberal).Why do olsters from NY flock there? because facing retirement on low income, we look at the real estate taxes and think that the site’s calculaters malfunctionend and dropped a zero.. we pay 10,000yr for our house.and it can cost up to $12-14 to cross a bridge into NYC.It is very disheartening to learn that we would be unwelcome in Ashville, and that my daughter may continue indefinately to toil a low wage jobs that will not utilize her considerable talents, skills and creativity. I’m hoping that the few positive posts here are not as much in the minority as they appear.Thanks for the rays of hope.

  • I absolutely loved Asheville. I only visited there once and for a week..but it was great. Great food, cool people and a great alternative lifestyle fused with culture and art. I loved the drum circle that they do Friday nights. It was cool. Plus, tons of bud supplies in a lot of stores. 😀

  • What is bad is the homeless rate and I feel bad for some but many are healthy and could get a job instead I ask a few why not get a job answer because we can make more and pay no taxes and people are suckers I have seen people that had a house go out park there car and pull out old clothing and a sign. People fall for that I was told 85%do.  Because there dum a’s es.quote.

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