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Ashland, Wisconsin

It’s in a small town of about 8,000 people. There’s an Environmental Liberal Arts college there called Northland College. There’s also a vegan coffeehouse called The BlackCat that is totally vegan and it’s like the best environment for poetry and reading, or homework even-plus great organic food. Right next door there’s a natural food co-op. All the college students are way nice and there are no cliques. It’s like one huge family there. They also had a quasi/bluegrass/comedic/folk/rock/funk band there called the Sheeptones (but they broke up). They sung about environmental issues and I’m sure that they left a lasting impression. They even got a cd out. They have this community program with “Sunshine Bikes.” It’s to stop pollution and all and give people a better taste of community and sharing. It’s a great place that has changed my life and it could for others!

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