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Boulder, Colorado

“As one who has lived in and visited Boulder, CO over the years, I must warn everybody not to judge a book by it’s cover. Sure, Boulder is a very hip & fun town, but times are changing. Due to an ever-increasing influx of “hippies”, Deadheads, Phishheads, etc., the local law enforcement has been cracking down on the free-spirited mentality of our lifestyle. I have personally witnessed numerous human rights violations & unnecessary arrests all stemming from pressure by the local government & Boulder residents to “clean up the town”. I mean, how many places can you go where both you AND YOUR DOG get arrested in the same day?!!! Don’t laugh, because it has happened!”

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  • I concur. My biggest disappointment was moving to CO only to find that it’s the most oppressive ultra-right wing state there is. They’ve pretty much dropped their environmental programs (unless you live in an upper class neighborhood). Off roaders sued and won the right to tear up public lands. Developers rule.

  • I agree. Boulder is overpriced; the rent is expensive and it’s hard to get a job. It is full of rich people who drive SUV’s and pretend to be outdoorsy. There are a few down to earth people, but mostly tourists and yuppies.

  • I recently lived in Boulder for about three months and that’s really all it took to realize it wasn’t at all what I was looking for. It’s a beautiful town but unless you want to pay loads to live there among the yuppies and excessive amounts of SUV’s then you probably won’t dig it either. The attitude in Boulder is a little sketchy too, there isn’t much of a community feel, just everyone out for themselves! I can think of many places that are much more worth the time than Boulder.

  • I agree with you all on your comments about Boulder. I lived in Boulder for about two months and couldn’t afford it anymore. Boulder is filled with uptight rich kids pretending to be hippies.

  • Doesn’t sound like I’ll be wasting my time in Boulder either. If any yuppie town pretends it’s hippie, I just avoid it like the plague. And no, from what I’ve learned, Boulder isn’t as liberal as it pretends to be. I’ve heard online that Boulder has been taken over by a pro-big business, pro-development conservative Republican mayor (you can thank the yuppies for voting him in). So, as not to sound like I’m making this up (as I’ve never been to Boulder, or Colorado in general), I found the article regarding the conservatives taking over Boulder:


    Anyway, in my opinion, if it’s a supposed hippie town, and it’s too expensive to live there, I can’t imagine the vibe or the scene being all that real.

  • My older Sister and Mom remember when Boulder was a free-loving open hippie town. Boulder was a really amazing place in it’s time. I’ve heard really cool stories. Boulder is built on a very powerful energy point, right in a valley, where both the mountains and the plains end and begin for miles and miles and miles. An energy point draws really old people and really bad people. The hippies that are still here are older and sucessful. (herb experts, body workers.) You have to be successful to afford to live here! Hopefully, with a few people out of office, something will change. Asheville NC is a great place for hippies! VERY beautiful.

  • it angers me to hear boulder talked about in such negative ways. i alos think it is rediculusthat people who have never been to boulder/ colorado put up a post degrading a great town. And basing most of his negative comments off of something he has read . Hey you read alot of things in youre life its just a shame you have to believe all of it. I say come see boulder meet some of its great people and enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the west. As far as the police are concerned i drive a car plastered in Grateful dead and phish among other stickers with no back window and have yet to be pulled over by the police. they will hassel you if they have a reason to like in anyother town

  • It’s sad to see the comments that Boulder has rolled downhill.
    I remember it as a great hippie haven.
    Our band used to tour there and we’d always play a set or two at a little place called the Blue Note.
    Everyone jumped around like the Swahili and we rocked well into the night.
    We’d stay in the Boulderado, which was expensive at the time, I’m sure ~ but since it was all paid for ~ hey, we enjoyed it.
    Great town.
    If it’s gotten stuffy and expensive that’s not unusual.
    Alot of havens have gone that way.
    Instead of trashing Boulder I’m going to look down the road for some new havens to hang out in.
    And I’ll hang on to my happy memories 🙂

  • I lived in Boulder in the late 90’s and up to last year, when I went traveling to China. Like anyplace, Boulder is what you make it. I wonder why some of these posters have chosen to put their energy into being with, and being bothered by yuppies? Actually, when you give up the labels and judgements, there is much to learn from all people, even yuppies. You get what you give and, in Boulder, if you make an effort to meet awesome people you will. I went to Naropa University and met lotsa beautiful, kind people. Not to mention I was there with the spirit of the great poets! Ginsberg, Kerouac, Waldman… How inspiring. Look for the subcommunities in Boulder and you will have so many friends! I also found spiritual, wonderful people in the “outdoor aventure” communities–rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, skiing/boarding. And there is a large buddhist community and good veggie places to eat.
    No one can expect to move to any town and have it be utopia unless they are willing to help create utopia. Boulder is the one of the very most beautiful places in the world, and I’ve been all over! Beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring… There are social and cultural opportunities, as well as opportunities to get involved in activism and volunteering.
    As for the government, there is a lot of room for improvement, that’s true. There is a lot of conservativism and money-making going on. And the police, as posters have mentioned, do some really messed-up stuff, in general, they’re on a bad control-trip. However, I don’t think there’s a lot of strength and honor in just going to a place where everyone agrees with you. That’s what surprises me most about the Boulder bashers: There’s no room to teach and grow in a place where everyone thinks the same way you do. Much better to go to a place where you can make a difference and get involved to promote the values you are committed to, thereby enlightening others! Remember, BE the change you wish to see in the world!

  • P.S. My daddy lived in Boulder in the 60’s, and he remembers there being yuppies there in those days, too. Only they called ’em squares.

  • I lived in Boulder in 80’s and the yuppies were already taking it over then: Coors pumped tons of cash into CU and right-wing bizness ventures, and from what I have heard it is worse now. It was getting expensive back in the 80’s and lots of the dead heads, buddhists, leftists were rich kids living on Daddy and Mommy’s monthly check…though I had some great times and love the place: attended CU and went to some Naropa poetry readings, visited Cubensisland, rambled through Front Range, got in fights at the Pioneer Inn with Nederland locals, met a few beautiful hippy gals: all I can say is Long Live Boulder Freaks….

  • What a bunch of come-latelys!

    It’s quite true there are a lot of affluent people in Boulder. That’s what PAYS for all the open space, historic preservation and other amenities that wouldn’t exist if the town were full of nothing spare-changers and roaming dogs.

    The town also has a lot of folks who were hip long before the people posting here were born, and who continue to quietly go their own way.

  • Earth Temple is the party to end all wars

  • I ran away from home in 1968 and lived in the streets of Boulder.
    All I wanted was my Freedom and I was. Outdoor concerts, Hari Krishna, STP family. Those were the day when life and the world was simpler.

  • Carol
    STP Family, you remember them? Have you heard about Butler?

  • I too moved to Boulder in 1968 Carol!..I lived at 11th and Euclid and have memories of a lifetime…as Pete Seeger says “wasnt that a time”…I am very nostalgic and go back every other year or so for a day and yes things have changed but so has the world and so have I..its still one of the most beautiful college towns in the world and I imagine the kids there today,although with no Vietnam and so many other things that are different, are still making memories for a lifetime just being in that magical settingCarol get in touch to reminisce if you like.

  • i have a few questions hope somone can help..

    I have one more year of highschool left and im looking for a college to go to. I live in Mississippi now which is not the best place and im interested in moving on to better, more suitable for me things. So my questions are where in Colorado is a good place for a young open minded girl to live? Are there any reccomendable and affordable schools there? Any response would be very much appreciated!!
    thanks 🙂

  • wake up to reality my stinky friends: the yuppies are the productive members of society that keep the economy running. We can’t live on love and pot alone! Long Live Big Oil!

  • Where else can someone find an outdoor mall, ampitheatre, Dushanbe Teahouse, a dog exclusive bakery, and three parks in a one mile radius.

  • I’ve lived in Boulder for 15 years including HS and College and just love it. Sure the town has gotten bigger and the community wealthier, but if you look below that and discover what makes the community up you will be amazed. Once you find a small community below the surface life is phenomenal. Summer days tubing down boulder creek, long hikes in misty mountains, watching local bands at Penny Lane. If you’re considering moving here or just want to visit I highly recommend it. Living in parts of the city are expensive; I agree. Boulder is worth it all though, the good, bad, the hype and disappointment it triumphs over all to make a truly enjoyable community and time to spend our few short years here.

  • sadly, as the first poster here noted, colorado is quite right wing. ‘focus on the family’ has its headquarters here, in colorado springs.
    speaking of family, the governor is a Republican who is separated from his wife & children, but still spouts off on family values. oh well…
    the point is- for a city in a right wing state, boulder does okay.

  • Hey Folks,
    sorry to be a bummer, but it’s not the 60’s anymore. Boulder is not like it was in the 60’s….. ’cause it’s not the 60’s. We gotta move on here. I too, moved here because of the sense of laid-back, liberal thinking that i saw on the surface. It only took me a little while to realize that, like almost anywhere else, there are two sides to the story. Yeah, it ain’t all flowers and bong hits here, but i’m cool with that. If you wanna get high, do it, but if you blow the smoke in a cops face, you’re probobly going to get busted.
    Yeah, there’s a lot of bullshit politics in this town, so vote, or protest, do whatever you want. But if you live here and hate it and aren’t doing anything about it, move to Seattle or something.
    Anyway, thanks for reading, just another opinion,

    Happy in “Not So Perfect” Boulder.

  • Hi,
    Me again… I thought this quote from one of the posts was interesting… “Due to an ever-increasing influx of “hippies”, Deadheads, Phishheads, etc., the local law enforcement has been cracking down on the free-spirited mentality of our lifestyle.”
    Uuhhh, huh? So if i’m driving down Broadway smoking a joint and get pulled over by a cop, it’s some “hippies” fault?
    Hey face it, right or wrong, cops are going to mess with the “freaks”. The dreadlocked kids on the hill swinging sheets of acid should know what they’re getting into. Just because you don’t agree with the law doesn’t mean you’re right. I think there are a lot of stupid laws and regulations in Boulder too. Leash laws, couches on porches, parking fees, etc. But i have a couch on my porch, a dog that runs free, and a shit-heap of parking tickets, i just don’t point it out to the cops.
    Whatever… hope the point has been made,
    Boulder… love it, or do something about it.

  • Boulder is gone, the separation of the front range communities that allowed Boulder to remain what it had become in memories of old, has now been developed into one long suburban strip mall that destroyed what was referred to as the “million dollar view” of the Flat Irons, along 36 hwy.
    It`s spirit gone, killed as the spirit of the Indians who once
    lived hunted and cherished it`s magic and it can never be replaced.


  • I now live in Colorado Springs. I moved here to be close to my family. I moved here about 2 1/2 years ago from Seattle. I’m looking at Boulder as my next place to live since I’ve heard it’s more liberal. I love hiking, biking, kayaking, and hiking so I love living in Colorado since the mountains are so close. I don’t like living in Colorado Springs because no one cares about the environment and there are so many fundamentalists. Does anyone recommend Boulder as a good place for a person like me to live? I’ve only visited once but I thought it was very beautiful and the people seemed nice.

  • Yuppie Huh, LOL if that is what you call us. Open your eyes it’s 2005. I’m sorry to those who think driving a nice car, wearing a suit, and making decent money puts you into the yuppie class. I am a college graduate with an engineering degree, have a nice job, nice car and live in one of the most beutifull places on earth. I have hippie friends. I have had hippie girl friends and i’m not going to stop because of my job. It is a sad day when people get mad because of other people (yuppies) comming into “their” town. LOL and it is such a horrible thing for companys to dump money into education……., whatever. I love boulder, boulder loves me, love it, or leave it. It’s that simple

  • I moved to Boulder 3 months ago from Hawaii. I am here because I heard there was a lot of rich people. Up to now all I’ve encountered are cheapskates, perverts wanting sex instead of healing work and a lot of unfriendly racist and prejudiced people who give me a stink eye. The only thing I can think of is that they don’t like people who look like natives. I probably will be leaving here soon. With high taxes, high rent and no money to be made what else can I do. Where are all the rich people with SUV’s, beautiful homes, and money to burn?

  • i was in boulder for a tournament once … spent most of my freetime with friends tryin to climb the mountains.. lot of cool people… and alot of people riding bicycles…i loved it .. it seemed the cops were more nforcing against alcohol rather than weed…idk i was only there for 5 days

  • I lived in the Boulder area years ago and loved it. I am now trying to locate any of the old STP Family. Any help out there?

  • I live in Hawaii with my small family, and we need to leave here because of the economy and school system. We have heard many things about Colorado being the ideal place for young nice cool democratic people like us. We are thinking about boulder because that is what we have heard, but I would like the opinion of any of you who live there now.

    unknownbodyworker, you moved there from hawaii. Can you email me and tell me what you think?



  • Boulder is a distant memory now..but I lived near there when it was pretty wild and 70 something ; and was STP… Bishop told me so … 🙂
    Beyond that .. no one is moving the energy in those mountains anytime soon …
    Love and HUGS

    contact me at https://www.cygnusradio.com

  • I’ve lived in Boulder for a couple of years….and what have I learned?

    1. Most of the rental houses are owned by douche bags who transplanted from other areas.

    2. The people here are weird – but in a stuck up, assholish, rich kid sort of weird (not in a good kinda weird)

    3. The co-op is going bust, but Whole Foods is thriving – Why? Because god forbid you have to park your Porche Cayenne in front of the co-op. Everyone here loves the overpriced “health food” at whole foods. Boulderits love to say ..”Oh yes, I got this at Whole Foods…”

    4. The outdoor Pearl Street mall is boring – and all the locals with small shops are slowly leaving.

    5. Have you been to a city coucil meeting in Boulder? Biggest bunch of out of touch people I have ever seen.

    6. Huge dichotomy of rich and poor here.

    7. There are WAY TOO MANY alternative health care providers in this town.

    8. I just drove by a tear down house – it sold in a week for 1.2 million dollars. The devoloper that bought it is going to put in 2 more houses and sell each one for 2 mill each. (Very hippy like)

    9. Most of the people I have met here are VERY snobby and very chiquish. Either you are just like them (rich, athletic, etc….) or they don’t want anything to do with you.

    10. Unless you have a Masters degree or above (and are NOT a health care professional – there are too many of those here) – and you can land a good job here – don’t bother with Boulder. Its overpriced and has been taken over by the rich.

    11. Boulder is perfect for those that have high paying jobs, trust fund kids, and for those who don’t mind paying 1 million for a nice house. However, if I’m going to pay that much for a house – I might as well move to a small beach town in California.

  • Wow! I read all the comments about Boulder and felt a lot of apathy and judgment. I just moved to Boulder from California where people actually are rich and the houses are all 1 million dollars (at the least). But there are good people there just like in Boulder. There are snobs, good, bad rich and poor etc. everywhere. It is up to us change the places we live in, if we don’t like them. Yes I have been to a city counsel meeting, (we went as a direct result of police harrassment). I have never been to a city counsel meeting anywhere where the politicians weren’t all about money and “the vote”. But because you vote if you get enough people to agree there is still the possibility of change in these lower branches of our local goverments. They haven’t developed the extent of lying and cheating that our federal goverment has. They will listen when upset tax payers threaten to pull their votes. Boulder is a beautiful city and there are many great things about it. We have a Buddist temple in the mountians here (the mountiands are extraordinary!) and the only nationally recognized Buddist college. The local food Co-Op here is great and they have a nice farmers market, most of the stores are locally owned,and I also noticed that there are lots of people willing to volunteer for stuff. I was also fortunate enough to meet some very nice hippies who opened their home to me when I first got here. I now have a great house with an awesome landloard (who lhas lived in Boulder for 10 years) and I met the love of my life here. But then again, I came here seeing “good” and focusing on it, with good intent in my heart. I found peace and happiness in Boulder Colorado. Yes, the State is very conservitive, but that can change, and if all the enviromental projects are gone maybe we should start them up again. Maybe that’s why I’m here. We (my family and I) just organized the November 2nd National walkout for worldcantwait.org here in Boulder. We had great turn out and raised awareness. There are people who care, from all walks of life here in Boulder, people who are willing to act instead of complaining. Hail to the them! And to those who wish to see a difference everywhere. Thanks for listining to my opinion, and by the way I shop at Albertson’s because the co-op doesn’t accept food stamps. I also have a job and live in nice area of Boulder. My son works too, he’s 17 and goes to community college on Boulder’s great public transportation system. I have a car but prefer to walk or ride my bike on the beautiful river trails all through this town. I volunteer at a local food bank here that I also qualify to use for my family, so as you can assess I am not rich in financial terms but I am wealthy in happiness and since I have been in Boulder I have gained an immense amount of spiritual wealth too. I love it here!

  • I have lived in Boulder almost my whole life. If i can say anything, it is that this place is one of the most free spireted and strangest places in the world. Yea, it costs to much, but if you are willing to live a less is more lifestyle its amazing. Pearl street is unbelievable and there are maney amazing hiking trails in the rockies for any age group. One thing to remember is that the drug scene is nice, but its very easy to get sucked into. As long as you remember that you are using for fun and not as an excape, and you remember to hiking and camping commonly, this place can be one of the greatest experiances of your life. 🙂

  • I lived in Boulder for a year last year. It was okay. The parts I loved best was the hiking, and, of course, the bicycling. I ran into a few fruit loops but I suppose there are some of those in every city across the nation. Pearl Street rocks!

  • Moved to Boulder about 6 months ago and it is a huge disappointment to us. We are living in a neighborhood where everyone sprays herbicides and pesticides and drives a Toyota ForeRunner. Actually, I saw a man spraying his weed killer all over his yard wearing an “earth day” shirt. No joke. I wished I’d had my camera– it was unbelieveable. I am appauled and amazed and feel pretty duped. Somehow, I guess, I naively thought this was a earthy, real and progressive town. What I am finding are image-conscious, shallow and not very forward thinking people. To those of you who live here that I haven’t met, my apologies, as I likely am just not running into the geniune folks I thought lived here. Before moving to Boulder, scratch beneath the surface and pay *great* attention to what you find and what you feel. I wish I hadn’t been so gullible! Best to all.

  • I lived in Boulder in the 70’s and again in the 90’s, it was a great place to be, tripin out in sunshine canyon, hangin by the mall,stayin at the Hostel. I went to visit in 2004, the thing that really struck me was the traffic! I don’t ever remember so much traffic it was areal turn off.

  • I stayed in Boulder for about a week in the late 80s The vibe was awesome (especially considering it was Reagan’s America then) The massive block party blew me away! The whole town partied. the mountains were right across the street and the whole scene was beautiful.

  • THIS IS NOT BOULDER the town i am talking about is Gold Hill. Nestled 9 miles North West of Boulder lies Gold Hill. Boulder was the supply town for Gold Hill in the 1800s. Gold Hill has the best scenery of the divide. One of the best views is from the couch where everyone hangs out. After the couch we go to the general store/internet cafe to pick up some munchies. On certain holidays the Gold Hill Inn hosts concerts of Bluegrass and folk music. On days like this the whole town is a festival.All in all Gold Hill is the best hippy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Moutain Love Child

  • People on the streets begging as their parents pay $32,000 a year for tuition. You look east and you may as well be living in Nebrasksa. Volvo or saab??? Rasta—try trust-a-farians. The foothills is not the mountains. Boulder is all image, if you want to live in a mountain town, move to the mountains, don’t stop at the bottom. And why do all kids who go to boulder think they are so cool?

  • I’ve lived in Boulder for 14 years now and (aside from the cold winters) I love it! Like anywhere else Boulder has it’s share of assholes but they’re a minority here. I see a lot of Prius’s on the roads and a lot of progressive bumper-stickers.

    I’m a Californian from the 60’s and I’m happy with the “live and let live” attitude here. That’s why some people call it Boulder-California.

    If you want to get away from it all, there is lots of room. Rocky Mountain National Park is only an hour away.

    Politically, Boulder (and Denver) is somewhere to the left of most of the country. We just elected a Democratic Governor and the state legislature is Democratic. I think Colorado is turning blue.

  • i am an old stp family member named candyman, after reading your comments on boulder today, i just would like to say, that thomas wolf was right, “you can’t go home anymore.” those were the good old days and the bad old days too. a lot of the family are dead, some are straight now and raising families. and a few are still in the streets. from ’76 til now i worked a good job, now i’m retired and getting back to just hangin’ out. you may e-mail me CANDYMAN@ISPEY.COM

  • Alma Colorado – small town in South Park. Great Hippytown, not commercial, laidback – if you blink you would pass thru it! The best things about south park are the “Festival in the Clouds” and the “Southpark Music Festival” – Free cool and tons of great people. It is also clost to skiing (about 15 miles from breck), hiking, biking and great recreational activities. My husband and I bought some property up near there – mostly because of how beautiful it is and the fact that it does not seem to hold any interest for a Walmart or Home Depot to be built. I have lived in Colorado for 15 years. The thing that gets me are places that started out laid back and hippy and end up totally yuppie-sanitized-tourist. Boulder is there, parts of Denver that were cool are getting there (NW Highlands area of Denver, Montclair, NE Curtis Park).

  • Far-out Bill Maybe we know each other. (gypsidreamer@aol.com)

  • Having moved to Boulder three years ago I know know what “keep Boulder weird” means. Boulder is weird, but in a really bad way. Virtually all of my neighbors don’t recycle and I have never met a bunch of people that are so unfriendly and stuck up. Probably because they have some money. More than you anyway.

    I would describe Boulder as a town where long haired, tie-dyed folks driving BWMs, drive like they are the only people on the road, practically running you over while you are walking into Whole Foods.

    There are of course some nice people here, but it is NOT the Boulder that you have heard so much of. That Boulder was 40 years ago. Now it’s simply a crowed town that is thriving on a reputation built decades ago. Keep looking.

  • I spent many years off and on hanging out with STP Family in Boulder throughout the 1970s. I was back there in 2001 for the first time since a drive through in 1988 and it sure has changed! I do miss the mountains, it was always such an incredible experience waking up to those every morning. I live in Austin, Texas now, which is also full of some rich history.

    Hey Candyman! How the hell are you? Good I hope. Sounds like you’re enjoying retirement. I’m at work now, but my home email address is clearist@austin.rr.com–not sure if you have that or not. Lots of folks around town, and we see Val fairly often.

    Carol, I think I’ve seen photos of you that Josh had, you were abit before my time. I don’t know if you ever found out about Butler or not, but there are a few family around still. Candyman would be a better source than me, but I do have a few emails.

  • My husband and I moved from NY in 1990 have lived in Colorado for 17 years now. I steer clear of boulder – my nickname for it is “sanitized city” it is very clean, upper middle class and white. It is a great place to go for a day trip if you want to do some hiking, biking or running. I did the Bolder boulder last weekend which is in my opinion the best 10k on the planet earth. If you want diversity, tons of stuff to do, cheaper rent, thrift stores and down to earth people – move to capital hill, downtown denver, NE denver. The snobs in boulder annoy the crap out of me.

  • First off….IT’S NOT THE FRIGGN 60’S. Put down the joint and stop trying to recreate the past. I moved to Boulder with my boyfriend two years ago. I have a love/hate relationship with this town. One minute I have some dirty hippy on Pearl Street, begging for my leftover food (he has a new puppy…so he wants me to give him my hard earned money/change) who tosses the food back to me when he finds out it’s not VEGAN!!!!! Then I have some stuck up yuppie, who can’t even say thank you when I hold the door open for him (I’m a female from the South, we say thank you and hold open doors for strangers…it’s called southern hospitality!!!!)There’s always the poor homeless kid with his ATM card in his pocket (that Mom and Dad always refill with money) and his North Face pack, begging for my change, calling out names when you do not donate to his drug fund. When I moved here, I moved from a big city. We were looking for…hoping for a good environment for ourselves and maybe a future family. I WOULD NEVER RAISE A CHILD HERE. This could be such a great town, BUT ALL OF YOU, Hippies and Yuppies, etc. have ruined it. Too bad, so sad. Now I just pretend you don’t exist!! Isn’t that the Boulder way?

  • I fled from Boulder into the mountains – and didn’t look back – to avoid being killed by people speeding to Yoga.

    Boulder is the L.A. of the hippy/crunchy/outdoorzy scene. The image factor greatly exceeds any other hippy-dippy places (i have lived in San Francisco, Ashland, Portland,OR and ME, Asheville, NC, Santa Cruz, Ithaca ny; Woodstock, Ny; Madison, Wis, Duluth; to name a few).The people are generally a very pushy lot who drive very expensive cars at high speeds. But the people are generally better looking than the rest of the country and they have smaller skin pores. And the beautiful women riding their beach cruisers have the straightest postures on the planet (from all the yoga and pilates).

    Most of the people will knock you over in Whole Foods or at the Co-op in a second, and not even flinch.

    It seems as if the triathlon never stops for many of the people in Boulder, and it seems as if all the people are always heading somewhere else very fast (the adult community building happens at appropriate luncheons or soires; the college kids trustafarrians are also oozing with high-speed attitude ). I think the affluent transplants from the larger cities have brought their social inattention norms with them, too, which have become the dominant social norms in Boulder. For instance, say “hi” to people on the trails, and most likely (tested hundreds of times), the people will give you a refined, dirty look.

    I think the problem nowadays is the larger city transplants really are clueless about community, and they will flatten you in a second, on their way to yoga, pilates, DNA restructuring, or their community building class.

    However, the culture, the restaurants, the music, the natural beauty, and access to outdoorzy fun is amazing. And of course, there are still some wonderfully open minded people, but good luck finding them, as they blur by you.

  • Boulder is a good place to catch a show, or go for a hike, but the rich kids acting out thier idea of everything a hippy should be can really get annoying. There are a lot of good people up there, but they are not easy to find.

  • Little John. NO Way!!!I’d like to see these. 🙂

  • I had no idea hippies complained so much.
    I love my Boulder.

  • All you people need to QUIT moving to Boulder, thats why its getting the way it is. The majority of people living in Boulder moved from out of state and are ruining it. Go move to California leave us Colorado alone.

  • Sounds like an elitist society where you’re only judged by your pay roll.

    I was reading a post and some one said they held a door open for some one and they didn’t even say thank you. I’m not even from the south and it’s just a nice gesture that everyone should do for each other. It’s just the right thing to do. But I guess that simple gesture of you showing respect to a stranger and they don’t even acknowledge it reveals a great deal about a persons character.

    I bet the majority of the people here are racist, intolerant, bigots.

  • hey guys, I’m looking into moving to Boulder sometime this year. It would be in the middle of my senior year in high school and I’d be moving by myself. Im just curious if it’s the kind of place worth moving to. any feedback would be awesome

  • As a Waspafarian native of Boulder who had to shave their dreads because of lice a long time ago, one of the things that embarrasses me most about Boulder is the common attitude that unless you are a native of Boulder, CO, you suck. In Colorado, especially Boulder, the scale of how cool you are depends on how long you’ve lived in wherever, CO, instead of how kind you are.

    I thought hippies liked to roam, dance, poke around, meet new people, share their herb, see shows in other states, fly in planes, learn CPR, etc….

    The whole Colorado Native, Not Native, semi-native, who-gives-a- hoot native is silly; and is not, in my opinion, the crux of the biscuit. Some of the snottiest people I have ever come across in my life are Boulder natives who actually believe that being born in a particular spot means you are cool. What a load of poo poo.

    In my travels, I have come across many places that I would consider cool, relaxed, friendly, open, and hippy-friendly. Boulder is not one of them, not anymore. Image is very big in Boulder, which does knock it down a few notches as a real hippy haven. Boulder has so many cool things about if for a mid-size town, but if you like to talk to strangers, this may not be your place.

    But if you spent a lot of time worrying about what you were going to wear to the PHISH show, you enjoyed PHISH parking lots; you horde your herb; you drive an Audi really fast; you don’t say hi on the trails; you talk a lot about your Yoga practice; you leave your climbing gear out for everyone to see; you judge people by the appearance; then, you’ll fit right in.

    Doesn’t matter where the fuck you are from, just be nice. One of my personal standards of determining true hippy havens with real warmth is how bad is the “I arrived here first attitude” illustrated in these comments. With the exception of maybe Hippies from Santa Cruz, I don’t think I know of a snottier, native population.

  • BOULDER IS A JOKE…it’s pretty but its so expensive, Boulder depresses me because it’s such a beautiful place just over run by yuppies…also, most of the homeless people I saw were homeless hippies (they had dreads and guitars and were definitly riding the hippie image)
    Boulder is a nice place for tourists to come and play pretend in, but at least in Denver we keep it real (or at least try)

  • Hippies these days are all talk when it comes to ideals. The truth is they routinely gather for concerts and other reasons, get high and drunk and proceed to trash the hotels they are staying in and the areas they are sleeping in. There are people who are often paid minimum wage who are trying to make an honest living that have to clean up all the hippie mess. I work in a downtown denver hotel that has routinely been the sight of hundreds of hippies coming to stay while they get high, do all types of drugs, get drunk and then they proceed to trash the hotel causing extensive damage. yeah, ideals and human rights blah, blah. How about the rights of those other people staying in the hotels and the rights of those who have to make a living for low wages who always have to go beyond any normal limitations to come behind you ‘hippies’ and clean up the trash, shit(literally), blood, broken glass and too many other types of nasty messes to name here? Why don’t you people pull your heads out of your asses and begin to actually practice some basic human relations toward your fellow human beings instead of living like the world was put here to let you treat everyone like shit and to clean up your shit. This hotel is ‘cracking down’ because we are sick and tired of cleaning up after your pathetic lives during concerts like YMSB, string cheese and STS9. We will bust you, with the denver cops when needed and we will make it cost for whomever rented the room. You people are a pathetic waste of human beings. Grow up and do something with your lives. All I see out of you are an entire group of alcoholics, drugged out dumb asses and gutter puppies. I will happily kick your ass. Peace.

  • I love Boulder.

  • Boy, you “hippies” sure do complain and whine a lot for such a “free spirited” bunch. Basically, you hippies display exactly the same intolerant attitude that you hate the “fourrunner drivers” for. You all need to get a fucking job and a shower and put a smile on your face.

  • How many of you voted in the recent city elections?

    I did.

    If you CARE about a place, you make it the place you want to be–get off your asses and take an ACTIVE role in the community.

    Act like adults and quit your whining.

  • Unlike a lot of posters here, I grew up in Boulder – from age 2 in 1965 – and still live in the area. Devil’s Thumb was the view from my bedroom window. My father was a career prof at CU. I love many things about my hometown, and have hundreds of precious memories. As an adult I have also lived other places, stateside and abroad.

    My perspective on the city is different than many, and not what some care to believe. The ‘Boulder of the past’ was, of course, different in some ways from today’s slick, highly commercialized ‘People’s Republic’, but at the same time I know a common thread: pretentiousness. The hippies of yore, like their contemporary ‘progressive-minded’ counterparts, were (sorry for the plain words) full of hypocrisy and selfishness, and 70’s Boulder was hardly Eden revisited. Sometimes nostalgia can create a perception as artificial as the acid dropped in great quantities back then! I know, I was there.

    Alas, like everywhere else, Boulder has always been a decidedly mixed bag, w/the really good (perhaps mainly its natural attributes), and the same old phoney baloney. Like everyone, I miss aspects of yesterday, while trying not to revise it.

  • Wow, that engineering degree holding yuppie guy cant even spell. His spelling is as bad as my grammer. Its ” beautiful ” not “beutiful “. Boulder still has some originality left, but the yuppies are taking it over. I tend to be more proactive in my approach. if i see a lone SUV i send a rock into the window, a BMW, key it with my keys. plenty of other ways to unhinge ” Bobo’s “.The other poster stated that Yuppies keep the world going. They certainly keep global warming, affluenza, resource depletion and other negative things going. Probably more Libertarians here then liberals. Libertarians dont mind pot or doing your own thing ,but if you work for them dont expect much above poverty wages. They dont believe in minimum wages. If you want to visit hippie towns go to Gold Hill,Nederland and even Ward. Another thing about Boulder is that to be a buddhist here all you have to do is buy a giant gold Buddha sold at the many stores that sell expensive ” eastern ” wares.

  • I too was in Boulder during the STP days..Only website I have found about the STP family is Loretta’s Collage

  • Boulder is a haven for homosexuals and pederasts. In Boulder I get more action in public restrooms than anywhere else, including San Francisco. Boulder has incredible natural beauty but the aggressive gays are out of control, you’ll find one on every corner.

  • I have lived in Boulder most of my life from the 80’s on to now.. this town changes so fast and so often. What may be Boulder now may not be the same town 5 years from now.

  • Boulder Hippies are nothing but Trustafarians.

    its like this, your at a show in winterpark, you spend 3 hours talking to this hippie about the environment, global warming, fuel shortages homelessness.. what can we do to help these problems only to see this hippie 20 minutes later almost hitting you with his SUV while on his cell phone with his rich corporate father.

  • As a matter of fact . I was arrested with my dog … we both got arrested for no dog tags on my dog ok that was in 1972 but still me and Fetchers were highly indignant ,,, lucky for us we werent convicted because we weren’t officially Boulder residents…. my “OLDE MAN ” came into the station and told the police ” I never saw her befire but that is my dog ” whatta guy

  • I have lived in the Denver area for the past 3 years and love it. When I first moved here eveyone said go check out boulder some weekend. So me and some friends went up there and to be honest that is all boulder is good for, a weekend trip. The people are crazy rude drivers, I felt like I was in some huge east coast city. If you want a cool layed back neighborhood try the capital hill area in denver. Really denver and any of the burbs close to downtown in general are great, none of the yuppy people that you have to deal with in boulder. The only people that like boulder only like it because they dont live there and dont have to deal with it everyday.

  • Boulder gets a lot of hate from the neighboring towns but most of it is unreasonable, and I think if you look at the posts here from an outsider’s perspective, you will see that I am right.

    For one, we have a large university here, and because of it some spoiled rich kids show up with trust funds. Go to College Park MD, State College PA, Iowa City IA, College Station TX…. that’s part of university culture. It’s not Boulder. It’s College. If you don’t want to live in a town with a large University, then Boulder is not for you. However, because of it (like many other college towns) we have an excellent and affordable bus system, it’s pedestrian and bike friendly, tons of great musicians show up here, and you can buy pizza until about 4am most nights.

    Supply and demand dictate that since the town can’t expand outward (open space laws) or upward (building height restrictions) something has to give, and that is price. It’s expensive to own here and probably has an above average cost of living. This happens in any place that is desirable. New York City. LA. Orlando. People want to move there, demand is high, and costs go up. That said, I know someone living in Boulder who makes just over 11,000 a year, and she gets by just fine, has an active social life, buys organic, and enjoys herself very much. Things are tight for her, but she’s living and she’s living well.

    Boulder has some reputations and because of those reputations, the bad seems worse than it really it. On this forum I read about someone who couldn’t believe that her neighbor was wearing an earth day T-shirt and spraying chemicals on his lawn. First of all, maybe it was some all natural organic grass tea fetilizer. But even it was chemicals, so what? Not everyone in Boulder buys organic, recycles gray water, and avoids chemicals on their lawn. But on average, FAR MORE people DO those things here than in most towns in America. So yes, this girl was angry at someone for not fitting her idea of the mold, which may very well be a true generality. But what she failed to realize is that if she moved almost anywhere else, there would be FAR MORE people not fitting said mold.

    Boulder is not a hippie commune. You don’t see Hummers often, but Land Rovers and those ugly Toyota’s are everywhere. But so are bikes. The bike path network is huge and ever expanding and its wonderful to use. We have a reputation for that and it’s partially historical, and it’s partially generated by naysayers. There are some yuppies here, but that’s not everyone. Why does no one complain about the yuppies that come along with ANY CITY, including Denver. It’s because we have a reputation for being a hippie city with lots of peace and love and our only hate is for CFCs and gasoline. But it’s an incorrect stereotype and it’s causing even more false stereotypes to pop up.

    If you want to move to Boulder, do it. But don’t think that it is some hippie paradise. Traffic sucks here during the rush hours. Not everyone rides a bike everywhere. There are more organic grocery stores than not, but they are expensive and trendy. A lot of people here are always on the go. Must do yoga. Must do coffee shop with the cycling friends. But there are also a lot of people who are not like that. They are relaxed and they enjoy their surroundings. Much of Boulder is no more than two miles from the Rocky Mtns and you can ride you bike to a trail head and start hiking. The culture encourages arguably healthy lifestyles and even if you don’t want to be a part of that it’s going to seep into your life in by some means or another.

    If you are a complainer, you will find things to complain about. And because of that, I say STAY AWAY. But really, ask yourself, are those complaints going to be any different in any other town of this size in America? Likely not.

    Some stereotypes that while they hold some truth, are not the MAJORITY:
    Boulderites don’t own TVs. I have never met so many people who don’t own TVs in one place. This is true. But I know FAR, FAR MORE people who DO own TVs.

    Boulderites are crazy about Whole Foods. This is true of some of them. But go to any Safeway or King Sooper’s and you will see that those stores are far larger, have far more people in them, and are far cheaper. A LARGE majority of Boulderites do not shop at Whole Foods religiously. Perhaps more than average, but still not a majority.

    Boulderites love their weed. It’s true the atmosphere here is very friendly to the use of marijuana., but its not everyone. Polling the people I know, it’s lower than 40%, which some more agressive looking statistics suggest is the national average.

    Boulderites are all white. By the 2000 census, 84.2% of us are white and 8.2% are hispanic. Everyone else fits into the last 7.6%. While this is unfortunate, it does not represent the open and non-racist views of our progressive town. People here are not racist. That stereotype is grossly false and has no basis in reality.
    Don’t hate on Boulder. If it’s not for you, fine, don’t live here, or move away. But don’t hate.

  • just a bunch of people talking about their problems. you go where you are supposed to be and if you can’t handle that and all you can stereotypewrite is about yuppies and hippies than I think you are the one with the issues…so move.

  • So this describes Boulder, you’ll be sitting there at a park, or on Pearl Street, or by the creek.. talking to a bunch of hippies chilln and relaxing.. talking about this or that, and then all of a sudden it turns into a conversation about the environment, how we are polluting the earth, How we need to find other ways of energy…. only to see this same hippie that was so informed 10 minutes ago almost hitting you with his SUV while talking on a cell phone.

    this describes Boulder Hippies..

  • Boulder is not a bad place, I’ve been reading alot of the posts and I do have to say one thing. During the summer time.. this town turns into something else then when the students are here. Its more of a local feel, probably like it was 40 years ago…. the students come in and turn this town into a big huge drinkn fest and cause crimes, rapes and other things… its not the locals that ruin this town its the college kids.. however.. not all of them are like that ..its just the rich spoiled, “i can do anything I want cuz daddy will bail me out” attitude that completely clashes with what us 365 day a year locals are and what Boulder acutally is.

  • i love naropa. and the mountains, even though they block out the sun at 3 pm and cast a giant shadow on the city. boulder has a bunch of locally owned businesses, but none that cater to anyone but the overwhelming WHITE caucasian upper-middle class population. the city pretty much shuts down at 5 pm, because it is controlled by old rich people. so all the kids have no where else to go except to raging house parties, guaranteed to be plagued with drunk elitists and conflict. spirituality has been bought and sold. everyone dresses the same, acts the same. old, white, rich, structured, sterile. other than that, the air is so clean, the rocky mountains, still some high hopes for students just passing through..

  • D grady: Denver is better. You have East Colfax. *THAT* beats anything in all of Boulder County for sure … if you like crack whores.

    If anyone doesn’t like Boulder, feel free to stay the fuq out of here!

  • Boulderites will preach environmentalism whilst driving tremendous SUVs to their lavish homes, situated where groves of trees used to stand, then proceed to cover their lawn in pesticide. They will complain about capitalist right wing systems then will rent out a shack to college students for a 300 percent profit whilst conducting cutthroat business tactics at their place of work. Boulderites preach tolerance, yet frown upon the poor and maintain a homogenous population of upper class whites. It is a city in which if a Koran is burnt, it is hate crime, but if a Bible is burnt, it is art. They are very outdoorsy and treasure nature so much that they can be found taking in the beauty of nature while surfing the internet on their iphone and listening to their ipod. They will eat organic, nature friendly granola bars and disgard the wrappers on the trails. There are many friendly people in Boulder, and lots of fun to be had, but it should less so be considered a haven of liberalism than a haven of hypocrisy.

  • Boulder sucks. It is a yuppie utopia / Silicon Valleey wannabe that barely has a shadow of its hippie past left in it. I have only lived here for 2.5 years and I have seen massive gentrification in that short time frame. The co-op and Penny Lane Coffee shop closed shop. There used to be ‘hippie shops’ and craft stores just north of the mall on Pearl, but they have all been replaced by swanky shops and gourmet restaurants. I have lived in some ‘real hippie’ places before and this place is the most image conscious, shallow place I have ever lived. I am not ranting against upper class people, some rich people are really kind, but Boulder attracts the WORST of the upper crust element. A significant percentage of the people here have NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) – not a majority, but enough that is is a defining part of the Boulder experience. The women are cold, fake Trustafarian. Occasionally I’ll see or meet a real hippie.. someone gathering flowers or making jewelery.. and it will blow my mind.

    The only time you’ll see many actual hippies you’ll meet in Boulder are in July-August when there’s a West Coast Rainbow Gathering, and a lot of kids show up in town for a few weeks. otherwise, the homeless on the mall are professisional-career beggars and the local high-school kids are punks and Insane Clown Possee fans with eye shadow and spiked bracelets, smoking Marlboro Lights.

    Yes there are some good, kind, real people here. They’re a minority. But most of them whom I’ve met have left town for greener pastures. If you want to meet some hippies go up to Nederland.. or if you wanna meet nice real Colorado people, go to Fort Collins.

  • 4th gen Boulder-.. Get out of our pretty town stupid smelly hippies. The east coast is calling you back! GO AWAY! thanks

  • LOL this is so funny! i visited boulder last year and was shocked and amused at how expensive, pretentious, fake and hypocritical the whole town struck me…..i wasnt aware other people had noticed it too….yes lots of trustafarians for sure

  • Maybe not exactly on the topic of Boulder, but what is the STP family? I’ve heard about it and I can’t seem to find any information on it. Not trying to cause any harm, I’m just curious.

  • a tragedy of over population and propoganda, run to the hills!

  • For real Little john! I’d love to see!

  • would love to see ole friends from the 69 to 70s this is aprille please contact at frazeeaprille @comcast.net pease and love  you.

  • Anonymous 2010 (Boulder, Colorado
    Posted by anonymous on 2010-03-05 03:00:00 Maybe not exactly on the topic of Boulder, but what is the STP family? I’ve heard about it and I can’t seem to find any information on it. Not trying to cause any harm, I’m just curious.)  Did you ever learn more about my family?  I think there might be more on a Nederaland thread.  Good people.

  • Damn!!  Everyone sounds so judgmental, the "original" hippies VS. the "wannabe" hippies. I remember back when you had to be a "real" deadhead to listen to Jerry.  I couldn’t stand that…you can like the music and not the tie dyes.

  • I am trying to find the name of the store that was on Arapahoe between 9th and Bway, where the senior center is now. It had bins of bulk food. I think it was the first of its kind in Boulder. Maybe around 1968.

    Thanks. mj

  • I live in Boulder and I got court ordered to do 8 eye alcohol pee testes a month because my daughter was caught with a bowl sized amount of weed at school. When I went to court with her Judge Roxanne Bailin ordered me to do alcohol tests and I didn’t even commit a crime! My daughter also has to do drug tests, but less than me she only does 3-4 tests a month. This town is a joke! I want to move to Denver! Boulder sucks. Swarming with rich overpriveledged a holes who break the law and never get in trouble. This town stinks, if you are thinking of moving here you should think again.

  • To MJ:  The market is called Alfalfa’s. On the SW corner of B’way and Arapaho (across the street and a block E of the Library/Senior center. They have website if you do a search. Once sold out to Whole Foods but then repossessed. Sign of the times. Great place to hang out though groceries a tad high priced. The cafe is excellent!

  • I was in Boulder in 69,70,71 living in the Mountains with STP and an offshoot tribe called th "Asshole Family’. I’m Looking for a friend. Hey,Richard"Redman"Eustace,if you see this write me at randyz760@frontier.com.

  • Boulder is not a hippy friendly town, no matter it’s past. If you like beautiful over-priced homes in a town with an overzealous LE, boulder is your kinda place. If it ever was a cool place, the only remnants are kept alive by college kids going to school there and a few odd hippies that never left. Most things are overpriced and touristy. The people are a mixed bag, some are snooty as hell, while others are nicer and more inviting. At this point Co Springs is a more friendly town for hippies, and it’s based around military bases. Not hating, just stating the facts. Manitou is much nicer, if a tad of a tourist trap itself.

  • Ifirst came to boulder in 68.I lived in the Mountains with "the Family" 69 thru 71 In winter of 71 most of us moved on to Tucson and to New Orleans from there..Most of what you see on the net is all negative shit but the folks I knew were friendly,inviting and generous.It dose’nt mention all the homeless people we helped with a place to stay and food to eat. Tucson and New Orleans was a great time too.

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