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Burlington, Vermont

“on Church Street is the coolest place to be. There’s varieties of people including hippies, mostly new hippies. There’s also a restaurant type place off Church Street called Necters, which is where all the bands eat when they come to play down the street at Club Toast. Necters serves the most addicting gravy fries you will ever eat. Bands such as Phish, Belizbeha, and tons of others eat there. There’s also really cool places to shop, and there’s a green which is the hippies grassy knoll.”

Update:”Just wanna let you folks know about Burlington. Nectars is spelled with an ‘a’ not an ‘e’ like on the site. Club Toast no longer exists, but there is the Higher Ground in Winooski (just five minutes drive from downtown), where bands like Smokin’ Grass, Toots and the Maytals and Max Creek play. For a small club, they get alot of big name bands. Phish heads will find some of the members of that band step in and jam sometimes. The waterfront has been expanded and is much more inviting than that “grassy knoll” you mentioned. Its been years since City Hall Park was a true gettaway destination. Plus, the Long Trail is nearby and you can hike right into town.”

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47 Responses to Burlington, Vermont

  • dude, i live in good ol’ VT and burlington is the closest thing to freedom i get. spending entire days down there, church street, the best way to meet people. go to The Rock. borders is a skanky corporate store, but they’ve got an asscomfy leather couch and an indoors payphone. you can eat down there on church Street for a dollar. i did it one day for 69 cents. go to Muddy Waters. Downtown Discs. My GOD store. 242 Main. Stone Soup is the place to eat. i live for downtown. gimme a heads up if y’all are coming out to chill sometime. i’m at alicechild@yippie.zzn.com.

  • burlington is a vary small town on the way to vancover from seattle and is boring!!

  • The review is outdated, however they were right about how awesome burlington is! It is a well hidden utopia full of beautiful and kind people. The harsh winters are what keep the masses of “straight” folks away.

  • Oct 22 2003: ekoostik hookah headlines a FREE show at Higher Ground in Winooski. The show benefits the Burlington Food Pantry, doors open at 8PM, show’s open to those 18 and over.

    Don’t know hookah? Check out ekoostik.com for music downloads and more info.

    See you there!

  • hey ppl- if u have never visited burlington u should definetely make a weekend of it. the place is real chill. it may get brick in the winter, but there’s plenty for any1 to keep occupied with.

  • i was born in vermont and lived there most of my life. unfortunatley a few years ago i had to move to massachusetts w/ my mom..my dad still lives in vermont so i spend all my summers up there with my friends, we drive up and just set up camp anywhere..burlington is an awesome place~definitley visit it sometime!

  • Alas, Higher Ground is no longer, at least for now. The Winooski club is being torn down.

    The good news is that there’s a good chance the club will move into the former Sha Na Na’s in downtown Burlington, which would mean a great venue for live music again in Burlington, and of course it would be smoke free 🙂

  • I’m leaving Burlington and heading back home. The scene is dead. It’s time for me to find a new place now that Phish is broken up. Don’t waste your time in Burlington. Necter’s was bought up by a Howard Johnson’s and I hear that they are putting a Friendly’s on the first floor. Can you believe it? They won’t even let me walk my dog down Church Street anymore as it’s illegal. City park has removed its benches and there are security guards 24/7 to make sure that no one sits on the grass. Most importantly, it’s getting harder and harder to score, if you know what I mean. If you are looking for a great place to go, reccommend Trenton. It’s really up and coming.

  • What? Since when is it illegal to walk your dog down shurch street? I just got back from walking my dog there, and saw about 100 others along with me. And I always sit on the grass in the park, no one does anything. You must have been quite misinformed. And if you think the only thing that made Burlington chill was Phish then there is something wrong with you. I’m so tired of this Phish crap, there are hordes of good bands going in and out of Burlington all the time, maybe if you stopped listening to what people tel you is “in” and listened to some other bands you’d know that Burlington isn’t just Phish. Good try though.

  • burlington rocks. especially 4 hippies like me

  • anyone to coventry???

  • Moving to Burlington, VT from Jacksonville, OR:
    How are the winters out there? We only get approximately 2-6 inches of snow out here in OR where we live. Am I going to freak or experience any kind of “culture shock” enduring the winter in VT?
    Although it will definitely not keep me (and my family – 3 wee ones, and a husband who lived there for 8 years) from moving there — I am wondering if non-locals, such as myself, will find the winters out there inviting …. Not wanting to stay in my home the entire winter!!!
    Any pen pals or chat friends would be highly appreciated to give me the ‘heads up’.
    Burlington is beautiful!!!

  • i grew up in sherwood, oregon, spent a few years in west africa and am now heading up to burlington to relocate… if i can do the winters, you can, too! 🙂 though i hear the lake freezes over–and it starts getting cold in october. i am also a little nervous about the winters but willing to try anything once, i guess. burlington will be worth it; it’s a rockin’ little city that i already love after just visiting once for a few days. be sure to get some firewood!

  • I’ve lived in New England most of my life. I currently live in connecticut. I’m thinking of going to school in vermont, but haven’t decided yet. You see, i’m concerned about something others have mentioned…THE WEATHER. however, i know what i’d be getting myself into, so i wrote this post for the benefit of people thinking of moving from areas with mild winters. 1. hassles: There are three big concerns about winter: the hassle, cabin fever, and survival. getting by in winter, more than anything else, can be a real pain. You can’t just throw on a shirt and run out the door. all winters are different of course, but they all have a few things in common. you have to bundle up to go out. you have to clear out your car/walk/driveway to go anywhere. you need to chop firewood or pay for oil heat. these things aren’t all bad, because they help to relieve… 2. cabin fever: winter is cold, and going outside can be a pain, so people (at least in connecticut) spend a lot of time indoors. an effort has to be made to get outside so that you don’t lose your mind. Shoveling, chopping wood, etc. are good exercise, and help you get out. skiing is popular in new england. cross country skiing is really cool. the region takes on a bleak yet magnificent beauty in the winter. The mix of dark trees, white snow, and fiery skies (we have great sunsets in the winter) help you get through the cold months. some people even go camping in the winter, and keep warm next to fire pits. However, during the winter don’t forget about… 3. survival: this isn’t really a huge issue. only a few people out of millions who live in new england die each winter. the ones who do are almost always those who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. don’t go deep into the woods without proper clothing, learn about hypothermia. again, virtually nobody dies (it’s not the freekin arctic). i would just feel bad if you moved up here from a warm climate and got frostbite or something.

  • Suggestion – don’t move to Burlington. It’s horribly boring. There’s just about nothing to do and the winter’s already begun… in September. It’s a miserable place to be.

  • Sure – the review is outdated and a little too dippy for me, but Burly-town is a sweet place to live. The Radio Bean on No. Winooski Ave. has free local music in a very chill atmosphere – Higher Ground is building a new place, but its in South Burlington… so thats a cab ride of a bike ride away. Nectar’s is alright…

    I’ve lived here for ten years and love it more every day.

    The winters do suck. So if you don’t like winter, move somewhere else. But for chrissakes – toughen up a little. It’s only weather. Don’t you all know that the sun starts shining from inside you?

  • For those complaining about the weather, buy some outdoor sporting equipment – snoeshows, skiis, snowboard, (gloves, hat, and jacket help, too)… and get out and enjoy the woods and fields of Vermont. It makes winter go by a whole lot quicker, and you’ll won’t miss one of the most beautiful times of the year in Vermont.

    – Hardy

  • OK… Nectar’s was NOT bought by a Howard Johnson’s, and there is NOT a Friendly’s going in. The people who bought Nectar’s remodeled the place, and it looks great, the stage is bigger and the sound system is awesome (I know from experience, I played there before and after the remodel, and the after show was much better). The only downside with the new owner is that I’ve heard the new management hasn’t been very accomodating for certain bands. But at least they have regular live music, something that the original Nectar’s hadn’t been doing so well with. And anyway, everyone should go to the Radio Bean, 8 N. Winooski Ave.

    Winters in Vermont aren’t so bad, it’s kind of nice when there’s a foot of snow on the ground and everyone just kind of slows down… people, cars, everything. There’s kind of this community accomplishment feeling when it’s -10 degrees out but everyone’s still alive. That might sound sick, but you might understand. The bad part is March and April, where you get nice spring weather one day and then the next day it snows all over again.

  • I have been to Burlington twice and am relocating there…

    “Strangers stopping strangers just to shake their hand” pretty much sums it up; friendly and warm people, culture (read: incredible music, arts, dance), academia and undeniable natural beauty that can only inspire…no matter what the weather.

    Can’t wait!

  • I am moving to Burlington in 2006 with my 9 year old son.
    Oblviously safety is a factor…what parts of the city are good and which are bad?
    And we live in Denver, how would the cost compare to Burlington VT?
    I can’t wait, Burlington is right by Motreal and pretty close to NYC…bonus!
    Any help/advice would be appreciated!

  • Higher Ground has moved to South Burlington which is good because it’s pretty much right down the street from Burlington. Burlington is a great town, or city to Vermont folk. It’s right on the waterfront of Lake Champlain and there are numerous parks and beaches, even nude beaches. You’ll have to ask me where, for the locations of these majestic skinny-dipping spots is best kept secret to only those who can respect them. I’ve lived in Burlington for about 2 years and it’s heaven to me. Great people, progessive thinkers, great environment, and plenty of green and Greens.

  • I just relocated to VT after being away for five years and in that time period all my friends and/or connections have disappeared, if you know what I mean. I know this town is full of lovely greens but I cannot find them anywhere and didnt know if anyone would be willing to help!
    Just a working hippy mom looking for some relaxation on saturday nights when my daughter is at her grandmothers!


  • DJ Tanner!!!!! This may be the innapropriate forum to offer a simple hey, what’s up, I miss you, contact me, in some ways it is the most appropriate. Vermont epitomizes the ideal of community development and aide. People make a conscious effort to know and have some sort of relationship beyond owning adjacent pieces of land. Neighbors in Vermont know each other, socialize, aide in times of crisis, celebrate in times of joy. The need for establishing and holding tightly upon circles of friendship and community is fundemental to understanding the culture here. I also grew up in an area whos society was very similar. This is one reason for example in college, how i related better to the “townies” than the other students. These were the people I grew up with, real, straightforward, loyal, no nonsense hard working people. No firlls no fuss, but doing what was necessary and protecting fiercely its own, especially the most vulnerable , Now I can refelect after living for several years in the general viscinity of Boston, how I yearn and long for this sense of security, safety, and stability , the honesty and dependability. i still struggle with trying to understand why peop[le go to great lengths to decieve, manipulate, lie. So much added and baseless, unnecessary and wasted time and effort where true progress in other areas could have been made. I also still question, “if someone is using deceitful methods to attan a certain goal, once it is brought into light the flase and lying methods used, will the victory then be baseless and felt cheap and cheated. I miss being ablr to go on peoples word, sound as gospel, for no one wanted to dsparage their honor or their familiys. Honor, respect, action without reward, helping for the sole purpose of desiring to help society, without recognition, award, or other selfish and prode drivien reasonings. Such actions, nevertheless are welcome certainly if they were not to exist that no socially rewarding and community building efforts would occur, then regardless of motive, any help is welcomed, let the desires and motives be dealt with each ind. and his concious. Let us not have neighborhoods and a sense of community dissapear from our social landsca[pe. Let us praise vermont as an idyllic example. I ruly miss the sense of community I felt while living there, and hope to come back and visit soon. In the meantime, if anyone who knew me would like to contact me, or anyone interested in discussing this topic or others further may contact me @ kristenpaiva@hotmail.com

  • well, my girlfriend and i moved here about a week ago and haveing the hardest time to relax, i was wondering if anyone could help us out.

  • smoke some ganj bro

  • My boyfriend and i are looking to move to burlington next fall w/ his bro and his lady.. it was just a thought, but it looks like a wonderful place, im looking forward to it…
    peace 2all

  • thought i would drop a hi to all in vermont.one thing i can say aout vermont is this, i spent a good chunk of my life in vermont now live in british columbia, canada when people ask about my birth country i respond i’am a vermonter not american(i did this before bushism).I love vermont but i will never live there again because bc has the ocean and wildlife(everything from bears to whale) big trees.so protect vermont so the trees can grow and the eagles and bears will come back and rich people will move back to new york.and of course the marijuana thing.friend just got busted with 300 plants no charges because jail should be for crimials not hippies.so turn up the heat on your government.thats why canada is not in iraq people power.fuck bush long live the american people but fuck bush and greed.vermont has the power stop getting so high that there is power(that is vermonts downfall
    ).burlington was great until e got to high.fuck starbucks go to muddy waters.get out of b-town and go to vermont(huntington gorge,long trail,conn. river valley,ect.)grow tons of pot and sell it cheap to your friends(stay away from powers)have kids eat peachs grow a garden support vermont business fuck corporations this is vermont keep it that ay and vermont will be a special place.i smile when the word vermont enters my brain.hi to all the friends i haven’t seen in a while

  • I lived in Burlington Verrrrmont for 2 years , and just wondered why no one bathed even with a big bath tub called LAKE CHAMPLAIN at the end of Church Street, look ,free water, jump in, you might kill Champ but save the rest of the world. Keep the sticks, bags, and any wannabe crap off the street, you know what your life isn’t that bad, you goto UVM your parents are worth a lot of money so get over it, there is more out there to worry about if a tree screams when a branch breaks off you dirt surfin, patchouli smelly, Phish lovin, tree hugging, trust-a-farian.

  • Burlington,VT. Burlington is one of the best places to live in the United States. If you like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, swimming, health food, fitness, mountains, beautiful scenery, lake champlain & the water, mountain biking, running, kayaking, boating, good restraunts, great food, good coffee & bagels & bookstores, nice movie theaters, pubs, great downtown & atmosphere on church street. Excellent Job market & Burlington has numerous festivals & events throughout the year! I personally reccomend the Vermont Beer Festival In July. It is great for entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, etc. Also Burlington is loaded with colleges UVM is here as well as 5 other colleges! Very low crime rate! Very safe city! The people in Vermont are super cool, very friendly. Another Amazing Bonus is that Montreal Canada is less than an hour away, you truly have a place that is like no other. You can truly live happily ever after in this town for the rest of your days. Peace & love to all. May all your dreams come true. Enjoy Burlington, VT & all it has to offer (continue to make/create a beautiful city add your dreams to this beautiful city!). Vermont & Burlington is a very spiritual place. It is truly Heaven on Earth!!! Warmest Wishes & Blessings on your journey.

  • Hello Everybody..Thank you all for reading my post..I am thinking about moving to Burlington myself..I use to live on the East Coast…I love the East Coast very much..I have a question…I had this guy as my freind right, we not freinds anymore.Too make a long story short…He ia gay,He gotten into a fight with a guy who gay with no leggs…He wanted to kick his but over nothing…He want to move to burlington.We not talking , I am scare of him….I dont know If I am moving tehre or not..Do anybody have any idea for me at all? I pick the place before him..If he willing to kick his but,I know what he will do to me…All my freinds here told me not to move there…This guy is homeless and have been for a long time

    thank you very much

  • How cold is Burlingon Vt? Is is as cold ad Anchorage or Maine?

  • Hello..Thank you for reading my ad…I am planning on moving to Burlington Vt also….I use to live on the East Coast,I do miss It very much…..I had this gay freind for a freind..We not freinds now..Him and another gay guy was not freinds…This gay had no leggs at all.My ex gay freind was going to beat him with no leggs….Now he planning on moving there..I dont know If I will or not move there…Do anybody have any anwers for me at all? This guy is homeless, I dont have a address for him to call the cops.

    thank you very much

  • How is life in VT?

  • How is life in good old Vt?

  • My recent visit was my first time in Burlington. Burlington is one of the most scenic towns I’ve ever visited. It sits on a hillside overlooking Lake Champlain. Most people I encounted seemed real nice and went out of their way to help me. Panhandling is legal,
    on the condition you stay 9 feet away from any businesses and don’t agressively solicit other people. If you stay within those guidelines, the cops won’t fuck with you. With the exception of one cop, Burlington has the fewest assholes I’ve ever seen of any police force…anywhere. However, the panhandling is not good here
    and don’t expect to make a lot of money downtown. One evening while I was panhandling on Church St., two really nice young ladies brought me a pizza, even though I’m a vegan and couldn’t eat it, I thought that was really sweet of them to think of me. Thanks Alana & Hannah. Oh, for all you vegans, there’s not a vegan restaurant per se, but there are a lot of vegan options. There’s City Market, a health food co-op on Winooski Ave., And Shalimar’s Indian Restaurant also on Winooski, Additionally, there’s Stone Soup and Ali Baba’s on Main St. Go to Ali Baba’s on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and tell my buddy Elijah, Gemini sent you. Another thing thing travelers,
    you can sleep on the benchs on Church St. At 8:00 am, the cops will nicely ask you to move on . Finally, there is a substantial hippie community in Burlington.
    Gemini Osiris Dream

    PS: Thanks George for turning me on the other night and thanks for the bud. I think I’ll smoke it after I finish this review !

  • Further Update:Higher Ground… that was located in Winooski is now in South Burlington on Williston Road. Dark Star Orchestra played last week and kicked a$$!!

  • hey what ever happened with the gay homeless guy with no legs? ANY UPDATES?

  • “Higher Ground in Winooski (just five minutes drive from downtown)”

    Higher Ground is located in South Burlington, not Winooski!

  • I live in Burlington right now and it’s a really great place to live.There are tons of parties to go to, many people to meet and lots of shows to go to. If you are only visiting one day though go to the Flynn, Downtown discs, Purepop, Higher grounds and Old Gold
    or just email me when your coming down and I could give you some ideas of stuff to do,,,

  • Hi, I’m coming to Burlington this weekend and I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with my green situation?!

  • Last year ( 2006 ) was my first time in Burlington. Since I visited
    only a short time, I really hadn’t seen much of the town. But
    this year ( 2007 ) I was here for 4 months. While there are nice
    people in Burlington, Burlington has the highest concentration of
    assholes of any town I ever been in ( and THAT includes Key
    West ). The pigs WILL fuck you for virtually anything. I don’t
    think I’ve ever encountered a place with so much hate and
    bigotry. I know those words conjures up a mental image of
    klansmen holding nooses, but in Burlington, the bigotry is toward
    the poor and homeless. Burlington is liberal politically, but these
    ” liberals ” are upper-middle class and rich hypocrites who hate
    despise poor and homeless hippies.

    Some restaurants to avoid :
    1. Shalimar’s Indian restarant-the owners are assholes.
    2. Esox- the bald-headed bartender is an asshole.

    However, one of the nicest people I’ve met is the Rev. Gary
    Kowalski of the Unitarian Universalist Church in town.

  • My boyfriend and I recently moved to St. Albans and have been kind of bored. I was wondering if someone could give me a few ideas that are cheap. What are some good seneries to visit or things to do? Also is there any camping festivals around?

  • I just wanna take this time to announce that phish isn’t a great band at all. Their lyrics make no sense:) Fluffhead, bathtub gin give me a f- in break. To the hippies, its over the real hippies lived in the 1960’s it was a great movement back then but nowadays I feel like the younger hippies are just posers, its a trend to be a hippie nowadays. Peace from the west coast:)


  • I’m still here. Cruisin’….

  • You know what talk about hipocrites. You sound like an asshole!

  • I was a hippy in Burlington in the early 70s – although we called ourselves "freaks". It was great place to do hard drugs.

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