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Burlington, Vermont

“on Church Street is the coolest place to be. There’s varieties of people including hippies, mostly new hippies. There’s also a restaurant type place off Church Street called Necters, which is where all the bands eat when they come to play down the street at Club Toast. Necters serves the most addicting gravy fries you will ever eat. Bands such as Phish, Belizbeha, and tons of others eat there. There’s also really cool places to shop, and there’s a green which is the hippies grassy knoll.”

Update:”Just wanna let you folks know about Burlington. Nectars is spelled with an ‘a’ not an ‘e’ like on the site. Club Toast no longer exists, but there is the Higher Ground in Winooski (just five minutes drive from downtown), where bands like Smokin’ Grass, Toots and the Maytals and Max Creek play. For a small club, they get alot of big name bands. Phish heads will find some of the members of that band step in and jam sometimes. The waterfront has been expanded and is much more inviting than that “grassy knoll” you mentioned. Its been years since City Hall Park was a true gettaway destination. Plus, the Long Trail is nearby and you can hike right into town.”

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