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Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Very cool riverfront nights, locals are kind, small communes everywhere very green year round, local music scene is huge.

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26 Responses to Cape Girardeau, Missouri

  • Hey Cape is awesome….metal bands are the scene there….like Polyduster and Tribaldust….come see them at the metalfest in May

  • how do i get to the hippy comune near the cape

  • I need directions to the communes near the cape. I would love to live in a commune with fellow hippies.

  • I had an idea.. to embark on a solitary journey of the mind and spirit.. the idea was to find a shelter where no one would be able to contact me.. no phone, no computer, nothing but my music, books, art supplies, and food. I would stay in this space for no less than two months, during which time I would experiment, and hopefully master, various spiritual and mental practices.. however, this is no longer merely an idea.. this has become imperative for my growth, I can feel it.. so I was wondering if any of you have done this before.. and if so, if anyone could offer some suggestions as to where to look to find such a place to hide away for awhile.. OR, if anyone has a guest house perhaps.. or some place that I could rent out for a couple months, I would be more than happy to discuss some sort of payment for your help and cooperation. If anyone can help, please email me at Etherealiss@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from someone. Peace and Love.

  • This post is a lie, and only stupid hippies would believe it. The music scene is almost nonexistant (1 bar has original music a couple nights a week and is a gay bar the rest of the week). The only decent bands in the area are Squadcar (rock/punk) and Steerjockey (punk/rock). There was once a good music and nightlife scene here but is now long gone. Oh and BTW, if you get caught with ANY amount of weed or any other illegal drugs you WILL go to jail, directly to jail and unless you tell on about 6-7 other people you will be there for some time.

  • Cape sucks!! It used to be a cool place but not anymore. I have been here since 90 and have a small business here. The poster is sure right about getting caught with any amount of drugs. Recently, a customer of mine was busted for drugs and apparently he told them I was a customer of his and a dealer, so the pigs raided my shop the next day, handcuffed me and searched my store. THEY FOUND NOTHING!! (there was nothing) The main cop told me if they were wrong he would be the first to apologize, but guess what, that MF uncuffed me and practically vanished while the others were leaving. The bar scene is packed with undercover cops and snitches too, so be careful!

    A friend of mine was busted awhile back and all they found was some stems and seeds but that was enough to get him a $700 fine and two years supervised probation. (first conviction) What a great town, if it wasn’t for my friends and family I would blow out of here!

  • Hi I am trying to locate LAURA SPIES.
    I have tried sending something to her address in Cape Girardeau, MO 63701, USA, but the letter was returned to my address here in Australia.
    If anyone possibly knows her, could you please ask her to contact me:

  • Fuckin Cape is awesome. I love this place, anyone who says different is a stupid-head!!! I love pot!!

  • I grew up in cape and am in the process of moving completely out of Missouri. Cape is full of Babylons and there isn’t much there but a headshop called hempies and the trail of tears. The country hicks would hang you rather than understand you, don’t get me wrong my whole family lives there but most of them don’t even understand me. I refuse to let my son be brought up in this state, let alone Cape. If you are an older hippy though Jackson is quiet nice and only about thirty miles away. The older population is a sweet as can be and even if you are a little out of the box they will smile and wave. Cost of living in Jackson is realitively cheat and the parks are beautiful. So my final opinion is stay away from Cape as much as possible and enjoy Jackson. Love’n you.

  • We are looking for Schwag like get aways.

  • up at the top it says “Very cool riverfront nights, locals are kind, small communes everywhere very green year round, local music scene is huge”

    HOLY CRAP Since when did this all happen?!?!?

  • Never been to this town in Missouri, but what about hippies in Iowa? Maybe Ames or Iowa City….both college towns with some tie-dye shops, vegetarian restaurants. Am I right?

  • Ive lived in Cape for 4 years and the one thing about it, is its love to drink, party, and dance. Yet i have only seen a 1/4 be very spirtual, And it is not green all year round (Some tmes it snows):< True love comes within not from a poser

  • i’m reply to the person who said if your an older hippie you should live in jackson.you damn near got to be million to live there the house are so damn high.and they said she wants to move out of cape fuck that cape is fucking awsum.i was born there and live there.i lived in alot of places in this country and i was come back.I GOT CAPE PRIDE RATHER I’M HERE ARE RATHER I’M NOT.CAPE IS THE BEST TOWN IN THIS COUNTRY

  • Oh yes! Cape definately SUCKS. It is full of Christian Conservative Bigots! There are nothing but Rich, Selfish, and Small-minded Yuppies! Do yourself and friends and favor! Stay away from Cape Girardeau, Missouri!

  • To: Flame and Flicker

    I find it hard to beleive that you have ever lived in Cape Girardeau because frankly, yo don’t know what the hell your talking about. Cape is a wonderful town and should be recognized as such. The people are pleasant and the town is beautiful. The river really does turn one thousand tales at Cape Girardeau.

    P.S. You need to go back to geography because Jackson is only a Whopping 8 mies from Cape.

  • Thies review is a perfect example of peoples wanting to keep the most hush-hush for themselves…I’d like to check it out-something smells me like a flock too come??

  • Dude where in Cape did you say you were from? Jackson 30 miles from Cape I don’t think so in fact I know so .It is 6 miles from Cape and it takes all of 6 min to get there. I think there are a lot of faggott posers on here acting like they are from Cape because no one here knows squat about it except the drug laws are off the chain!! You will go to jail withoout passing go for the smallest amount of pot! Pot should be legal it doestn’t hurt anybody!! I love it I tell you!! Oh yeah and if there is a hippy commune in Cape where is it? Oh and if theres any fags on here and I hurt your feelings…..shouldn’t be a faggott!! HE hE HE or she she she lmao

  • umm… wherever the “green” and “hippie communies” and “huge music scene” are, they’ve avoided my glance. I live in Cape and go to school here, and as for anyone who says Cape (or Jackson? for that matter) is awesome… you’ve never been to a real town. Cape SUCKS! Southeast Missouri State is pretty cool, and the head shop Hempies is alrigt, but other than that it’s a bunch of Christian Right hicks and old-ass falling apart buildings. The locals are weird, and there is literally no music scene at all. I guess you could come here and get wasted, but that’s about all there is to do.
    As for the poster who said good things about Jackson (5 miles away, not 30)… are you blind? Jackson is without a doubt, literally, the crappiest excuse for a town I’ve ever had the misfortune of accidentally going to. There is nothing in Jackson… nothing at all.

  • All i gotta say couldnt have made my 420 any better! For sure first time i’v been and it’s sweet as fuck! I will definitly be coming back fo some more purchases!! Everything i got was amazing and quite satisfying…

  • Honestly I like Cape. I go to SEMO and the downtown area at night is awesome. If you don’t have a place or car to smoke, you can just walk down the streets downtown and light up a bowl as long as you’re just careful around cars. I just like the town in general let alone it’s easy to smoke here.

  • I just moved to Cape recently. Originally from Mississippi, I have lived in Las Vegas, Nevada…Worcester, Massachusetts, and Dallas, Texas. I have also visited many other states. Of all the places I have been, I find the people here in Cape Girardeau the friendliest. The town is small but Historic. No, there is not alot to do (depending on what you are into). However, I suggest if its alot of music you want to experience, go to Memphis, New Orleans, or just a big ass city. If its a town that never sleeps, drugs, parties, and rock and roll…Go to Vegas!! I hate to hear anyone bitch about where they live..If ya dont like it here or where ever it may be that you are…MOVE! Otherwise quit your bitching.

  • Hey this is Tie~Dyed Flashbacks, we sell anything tie dye and hemp jewelry. You WONT find it cheaper anywhere! Check us out at https://www.myspace.com/tiedyedflashbacks

  • Theres gonna be a huge hemp fest in springfield mo! https://springfieldhempfest.com/  https://www.facebook.com/springfieldhempfest

  • I’ve been living in Cape, going to SEMO and I thought it sucked too until I met some of these hippies. The hippies hangout at the river and have bonfires almost every night, and the music scene is at that one bar right next to pacific with the leaf foot every wednesday night.

  • Hey ppl.. Like many of u I am a SEMO student who just moved about six months ago from the STL. I find the area to be alright, but I cannot seem to find many "hippy" types around these parts. I would love nothing more than to pass around a bowl with some ppl who share my interests… I need some smoking buddies lol. I know im gonna catch a shitload of flak for this post, but idc. Anyone in cape down, or know where the local hippies hang out… aside from hempies, PM me.

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