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Chicago, Illinois

The ground is so fertile here in Illinois that when you drop a nickel it turns into a quarter before you pick it up. You’d imagine there’d be plenty of hippys and longhairs crawling all over Illinois, right? Nope, not really. You’ll find some transplants downstate at the universities but mostly you’ll find ’em up in Chicago. With plenty of health food stores, hemp shops and tons of yoga centers, there’s a nice underground network of hippie folk. The best hangout for hippies I’ve seen is a place called Healing Earth Resources up on the north side (Ashland & Belmont) that deals in your usual clothes & music as well as being a great central hub for a lot of hippie-minded communities.

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  • I live around Chicago. There are more hippie “looking” people out in the burbs. Yea crazy. Must be the yuppy thing. But every once in awhile you find some that rock! You might want to check out the burbs more often.
    Peace Love & Happines,

  • You got the part of the burbs right. I’ve lived outside chicago all my life and they are handfulls of kids and old heads around the area. Ranging from school teachers to parents. As an added bonus to the chill folk, the northwest burbs have grate herb.
    Nothing left to do but smile smile smile!

  • I live in a suburb of Chicago……Where are the Hippies?

  • I live in the burbs and am trying to find out more about the hippie culture, is there anyplace were i can go with out being judged and instead be fed information about the hippie culture.

  • Chicago kicks ass along with the “burbs” . I am located out in the burbs and there is a handfull of hippies out here that love chillin…

  • i am looking for chelsea ferleger can anyone help??? she lives in chicago.. this is all i know.

  • I see the hippies in chicago pop up when there is a show in town, but where do they hang out otherwise is what I would like to know.
    Peace and Light

  • While waiting on a friend to get out of a concert at Metro in Wrigleyville, I went to Uncommon Ground, a local coffeehouse. Very cool place. Highly recommended for a great random dessert or enormous cup of fantastic hot chocolate.

  • yeah, i live in the northwest burbs, i have lived in skokie for over four years, and now i am moving to vernon hills (heard a lot of great things about that place). there certainly are not a lot of “hippie-looking” people out here, certainly not anyone older than 19 (i am 16 years of age, by the way), but there are plenty of true-to-themselves hippies, you just have to know how to start up a conversation right.

  • I grew up in the northwest burbs of Chicago, then moved away after high school. I’ve lived quite happily in the hippiedom of Berkeley, CA for several years, but I plan to move back to the Chicago area to be closer to my family. I know the Chicago burbs have changed a lot in the 10 years since I left–more diverse and more politically liberal–but does anyone have any suggestions of a specific town within 2 hours drive of Chicago that might be a good haven to raise open-minded, non-materialistic, loving kids?

  • I have no idea where Chicago hippies “hang out”, but you can find a lot of like-minded people at any of the million and one anti-war groups, vigils, and protests that are scheduled. Do a google for Chicago anti war consortium and you’ll find a bunch of websites and calendars.

    The Heartland Cafe in the far north Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago is heavy on the patchouli, and has a good selection of veggie fare, etc.

    Also–suburbs good for raising open-minded kids (first you need to get open-minded parents, ha ha) are Evanston or Oak Park. Evanston is on the north border of Chicago, Oak Park to the west. Both are the most diverse suburbs in the area, class and race-wise, and the city public transportation (the El line) runs out through both suburbs–easy to commute in for work if you need to. Evanston also is home to Northwestern University, if that’s important to you…

  • I live in Lincoln Park. There are plenty of places in the city that are cool, liberal, diverse, and safe. There may be more kids with hemp necklaces in the burbs but I have to say that the people who tend to vote for Bush are in the burbs not on the northside. There are a lot of great neighborhoods in the city too. Nice hangouts also, Griffins on Halsted, Martyrs on Lincoln, etc

  • Forgot to add…i saw a lot of people asking where to hang out other than shows. Griffins Pub, 2800 N. Halsted. Martyrs, 3800 N. Lincoln, Wise Fools Pub, 2300 N Lincoln, —- Blues bars—Kingston Mines 2600 N. Halsted, BLUES, 2500 N Halsted, etc…post if you have questions…i live right in the middle of this area.

  • I live about twenty minutes from the city and If your looking for places to buy fatass glass then heres a solid list. Just walk around Belmont and Clark for a while and your bound to find them all: Pipesandstuff, Noveltiesandstuff, Secrets, and Adams Apple. Personally, I recommend the first two cause theyre less expensive. All of them are within a mile of Wrigley field. Go inside the shops and your bound to find some peace-lovin hippies

  • are there any hippie stores in chicago /oak park? i cant seem to find any.

  • barrington probably has the biggest hippie population in illinois. its a northwest burb of chicago. we have a number of jam bands and blue grass bands, a trillion hippie kids. everywhere you look theres a hippie. we have our own overnight festivals, its the chillest place around. barrington high school ranked 3rd in the nation for the most marijuana use. its fabulous here, you should allll check it out.

  • Theres a pretty cool little hippie shop in the burbs called sunshine daydream. they have a website https://www.sunshinedaydream.biz and a store in mt. prospect which is by des plaines near the airport. they have all kinds of cool clothes and they have a much better selection of cd’s than best buy or fye. the only drawback is that they don’t sell pipes. they call themselves a hippie headshop but no pipes. even stranger is that they sell all kinds of rolling papers and blunts but no pipes. oh well, its still a cool store.

  • I live in the northern burbs and the herb is absolutly fantastic but although nearly everyone smokes there’s aren’t that many cool down-to-earth people. You just have to keep looking.

  • Please help me find a Hippie store in Highland Park or Waukegan…Please.

  • A Live One is a bar on Halstead and is actually across the street from Griffins. The name is taken from Phish’s first live release. They have a great jukebox with mostly live concerts.

  • Cool shop on Chicago ave called Guess Hookah cool hippy stuff, they have a hookah lounge and their flavors are delicious!

  • Lots of people are looking for hippies in the suburbs- can’t tell you where to go, but I recommend staying away from Northbrook, Highland Park, Deerfield area. The people there are too materialistic and the teens are rich hippie wannabes.

  • Yo wasabi peeps! I uesed to live next to the Heartland Cafe in far north Chicago, Rogers park on Lunt. two blocks from the lake. Total hippy haven, get a crib around there and hit some coffee shops and before you know it you’ll find the Rainbow house and more groviness.

    Also check out the Bucktown/Wicker park area. A lot of young crazy people, including hippys.

    The burbs are thinner, more spread out. Generally the richer areas have more of a hippy scene. I heard string cheese has been playing a lot of shows in Illinois lately, that would be a good place to meet some like minded, kind folks.
    peace and puppy dogs.

  • I live in a suburb of Chicago, Plainfield, there are alot of wannabe hippies around here, and the shops that are supposed to be “hippie” are way expensive which is I think, completely opposite of what hippies are all about, and many people around here are about the hippie “fashion” and not the lifestyle, and I’ve even met a few so-called hippies around here that make fun of me for being a vegetarian, and talking about how the pollution around here sickens me, but there are a few totally far-out people around here, so it isn’t completely wannabe territory!

  • Chicago is a great place, I think. I mean, as of late, it’s been brewing with Republicans, but that’s most of America, right? I live in the south suburbs (boring as the get-go) but I hang out mostly around Belmont and Clark and go to the Heartland. Belmont and Clark is mainly for the punk-goth set, but Ragstock is great, not to mention the awesome headshop there as well. I love it!

  • I agree with hippyhead and the comment they made about the wannabe hippies. Some of these people, and there is a lot of them here in the Chicago area, throw on a Grateful Dead t-shirt and consider themselves hippies. These kids just like the hippy lifestyle because of the pot. Also they make fun of vegetarians like you said too. I too am a vegetarian and hate Chicago’s pollution, so I know exactly what you mean. What kind of hippies are they?

  • Another thing I forgot to mention is that besides Chicago which still is predominately Liberal, most of Illinois is VERY Conservative, because everything else is very rural. As a matter of fact during elections Chicago and Cook County the county that includes Chicago is the only county in Illinois that wins democratic. There are a lot of country music listenting rednecks here in Illinois.

  • i am a dirty hippy bastard myself.

    things i like:
    String Cheese Incident

    by the way,
    don’t eat fish too
    they have sools and feelings too
    don’t eat plants either!
    i wish i didn’t eat so much azid,
    my stupid hipie brain is fried

  • I will throw my deformed hippy feces at you MIKA you filthy hippy fuck!!!

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  • Hippies = examples of the wasted

  • I’m surprised and a little sadenned that no one has mentioned Beverly, a little neighborhood on the southern tip of the city. There aren’t very many good places to hang out but the hippy types are abundant. Unfortunately, you see alot of kids wearing the tie-dye eating acid and mushrooms like candy and calling themselves hippies. Despite these kind, it’s a place full of great people.

  • if you are looking for a good hippie store in crest hill area there is one on plainfield road called rocky mudds. You should totaly check it out.

  • I agree– Belmont in general is quite possibly the coolest street ever. Belmont has an army navy store on it as well that is EXCELLENT, and some other fun stores including (but not limited to) a fetish shop, a poser hippie shop, a poster shop… lots of places that sell things I’m not supposed to know of yet…

    and ANN SATHER’S FANTASTIC RESTAURANT! Seriously, it is a fun place to hang out with friends and have pancakes. Not exactly the trippiest place ever (there are hookah bars elsewhere in the north, though– you can try looking on Sheffield for some) but it’s got good swedish pancakes, darnit!

    And, about the rest of IL:

    Yes. It is a complete hickville. Corn, corn, soybeans, corn… and some more corn. The “Midwestern Farmer’s Daughter” stereotype didn’t evolve itself. Though I really do think Ohio is more of that than IL… IL is still pretty hickish.


  • As a 36-year-old, lifelong Chicagoan (born on the South Side, raised in the Devon/Western neighborhood), I have to say most of the neighborhoods people identified as “hippie-friendly” are really yuppie-friendly. Lakeview (Belmont) was gentrified more than 20 years ago, Wicker Park over the past 10, and Rogers Park is going through the process right now. In fact, the entire city is quickly being transformed from a vibrant, authentic, dynamic urban environment into a yuppie facsimile of one–there is barely a block left between Foster Avenue and 35th Street that has not been converted into part of a yuppie urban theme park. Sadly, Chicago hippiedom is on the wan.

  • hmmm, im a guy. . im 22. . . i live in northcenter. . . a yuppie neighborhood nestled between lincoln park and lincoln square. .born and raised in the city . seems like im the only hippie in the ‘hood. . although i have seen a couple cars parked around my house with phish and grateful dead stickers…… as for hippie hangouts—– like a few have said martyrs.it is a nice little bar with a pretty good stage that has pretty good sound and a good selection of “hippie beers” (i.e. sierra nevada, blue moon, newcastle, etc..) (and i live about 2 blocks from it—extra bonus)…….clark/belmont area—def. hit up noveltiesandstuff and pipesandstuff (same owner)….. secrets is overpriced for low quality glass—– adam’s apple is a good headshop but also overpriced (mostly show pieces but they do have nag champa soap for $5!)—– The Vic, Aragon, Subterranean, Park West, Riviera are all good places to catch a groovin’ show (jam/bluegrass/funk/whatever etc…) umm, sunshine daydream is a pretty cool shop (pretty good selection of plush grateful dead bears and stickers of bands)….well.. i cant think of anything else, so i guess thats it for now.. peace, love and wisdom

  • I live in a southside area most may be familliar with MIDWAY, the hippiedom in this area is scarce, alot of kids are hard rockin fighting kids, alot smoke up but not an abundance we have 1 little hippie shop, it happens to be a candleshop and is really cool the owner is an extreme hippie to the max used to be in naturalism incorporated if anyone is familliar with the street name”LSD help” an old hippie crew from the 60’s he’s a real cool guy and is always happy its on 63rd and meade 6300 south you can always find me their chilin’ my bro lives in rogers park and the place actually has a good amount of hippies wonderful area not many may dress like hippies all that much but definetly are if you get off the train stop loyola from the red line you’ll happen to find many good loyola college kids around the blocks of that area, avoid the frats, and hit up sherdian and north shore 3rd apt witha cuba flag in the window 1st apartment real down place to hang lots of kid between 19-22 havin fun smokin up……………Umphrey’s McGee lives in Chicago!

  • Most of u here are stoners not hippies.but, thats cool too. we love pot, were chill not angry, but were in life more for our selves.

  • Living in suburban Chicago, I visit the city a lot. I would not call it a hippie haven. I mean, you see a lot of hippies at Ozzfest and Lollapallooza. And there’s some great shops in boystown (Clark and Belmont). Check out The Alley at Clark and Belmont. There’s also some bead and smoke shops. There’s a kickass record store in Hoffman Estates called Record Breakers, and an awesome clothing store in Algonuin called Funky Munky. But, it’s not like you see a ton of hippies all over the place. Only at festivals.

    Peace and Love,
    Nikki Lou

  • I love Chicago merely for it’s uniqueness, but the city’s hippie folk and stores are declining. THere are still a few stores left, but mainstream has taken over many independent one of a kind stores.

  • There are some hippies in Chicago,but not that many. In Illinois, there are few hippie havens. Just past DeKalb is a bit of a hippie area, 4 locals own vw buses. Also stay away from the Aurora-Oswego area, hippie total there is only about 15 (14 if you don’t count me.) If anyone knows of more hippie havens, please comment.

  • Hey, ne body ever heard of Winfield, IL? Doubt it b/c it sucks. but I’m lookin 4 other like minds to hang with b/c I am fuckin alone out here. ya know?

  • here in Crystal Lake there are alot of the “fashion hippies”. It seems like all of the burb hippies are only for fashion, none who really want to make something of the world and learn more about things… Its nice now to know that I’m not the only one in the Chicago area!

  • I live in Winfield too bluegreen and I agree, sucks. The parks are cool but thats about it.

  • there isnt even a definition of the word “hippie” these days.
    around here, its a bunch of stupid kids that claim to be hippies because they smoke weed for their whole life and do nothing else with i. and think because they shop at Tradewinds, theyre hippies. sounds stupid as hell right?

    i hate the generation of teenagers these days.
    any real live “hippies” that have a good poin of view of life, contact me:)

    thank you.

  • Everyone who says that all the hipies are just kids who like it for the pot are right, mostly. I, for example am 15 yrs old, have never done drugs, and consider (I guess) myself a hippie, at least others do. I’m still in high school and I try to live peacefully. i also try to make others realize that violence is pointless and to live in harmony with others. Although I don’t do drugs I know pleanty that do and they don’t try to act like hippies. Most of them try to be “gangster” and fight each other and go see others fight each other. It really is a sad thing.

  • fun

  • Generalization isn’t fair. It’s not betting on anybody’s best. Clean your own backyard before you clean somebody else’s. The world is run by love and nothing more.

  • I totally agree with hippyhead. I live in the Western suburbs and there are some good shops, but as said, they are so expensive. Wild Rose is the perfect example. If had tons of money I would buy everything, but a hippy store isn’t supposed to make you pay $90 dollars for hippy clothes! It’s insane. Rocky Mudd is definately awesome. They have glass, clothes, beads, stickers, etc and when they have sales, they’re good. Another one downtown in Wrigleyville is Amigos & Us. They have some good shirts, skirts, stickers, and pins, among other things.

    Have a good ones 🙂

  • i was wondering if anyone knows where to score some bud or acid in northbrook!and im not just a druggie, kuz i do totally believe in peace love and rock n roll, not just sex drugs and rock n roll!

  • alex. your a douche. chances are. your probably a nark. plus, honestly, how many people are going to offer themselves up to TNT. your a fucking faggot man.

  • I’m trying to find cool hippie/smoke shops in the Chicagoland area. I make peace necklaces out of clay & trade out for incense & goodies. Besides Amigos R Us & that area. Can anyone suggest other shops names & locations?

  • Can i please say i live in the northwest suburbs cook county (20 mins.) from chicago… It so not hippie friendly here and it’s changed in to such a money hungry state there might be some nice hippie chops and yes sunshine day dream is the best if you want nice clothing bags blnkets hats and tapstrys mark the owner is a real cool hippie him and my husband went to over 370 GD show but that was awhile ag nw you have kids who smoke pot and think there hippies because of that and on all these thing about getting acid in chicago i say good luck if you do it’s stomped on or fake or it’s like anywhere from 15 to 30 a hit you people are all crazy thats why were moving to oragon this place is getting to money hungry and exspensive so bye to all our true illinois hippies and to the ones who think they are cause they smoke pot to upset there parents read a book research what a hippie is cause there are many different kinds and most likely you don’t do %90 of them….
    love peace

  • east roger’s park is definitely the most hippie-friendly area of chi. very diverse – black, hispanic, white (and we all get along because we’re all mixed in together), relatively cheap rent, the heartland cafe, the beach. crime is very low until you get up near howard st where there is a lot of crack dealers and thieves. I’d recommend living between clark st and the lake if you want to stay in a good area.

    the rest of chicago is ghetto, hipster, rich, or college areas.

    btw, back in the day (1960’s) Wells street in Old Town was hippie heaven. it’s now one of the most expensive places in chicago to live. =/

  • i live in the northern suburbs and there is a great shop called sunshine daydream in mount prospect. big dead store if you have’t noticed (sunshine daydream)

  • can anyone here define “hippy”?

  • anybody looking for a cool hippie shop, one just opened in mchenry on main street. its called peace offerings and has handmade tie dyes and jewelry. lots of fun stuff you wouldnt find anywhere else. you name it and it has been dyed!! they have some cool gifts and other things as well!! if you are in the area you should check it out!

  • What happend to the happening at Shiller woods near Irving and Cumberland on the NW side.

  • Peace Offerings in Mchenry, IL
    Is my kind of store, such a cool place mann.
    All you hippies in the lake county region should go check it out.

  • there are no hippies in chicago really, possibly a few, but chicago is really too conformist and yuppie and corporate for that, probably more so than any major city in the united states sadly. I am not talking about smoke shops and thrift stores, who cares?! That kind of stuff is really pointless, I am talking about how people live and their views.  I shall be going back to the West Coast soon and ending my relationship with Chicago. If you want to find hippies now you kind of have to get out of most big cities, but there exists still some in nyc, sf, la, seattle, portland, parts of new england, that is about it, the hippy movement never hit the midwest that hard to begin with.

  • Shouldn’t we be posting hippie areas in Chicago (if any exist), not bashing who’s a hippie and who’s not? Being a hippie means loving our earth, our universe, and everyone in it. We are supposed to spread positivity and harmony not hate and judgements. Loving pot doesn’t make you a hippie but it makes you open minded. It’s a plant growing on our land that relieves you from sickness, depression, anxiety etc. It even opens portals in your mind so that you’re able to view things from more than one perspective. Yeah it’s illegal in most states including Chicago, but if you’re educated on the plant itself you’d see that it’s restricted for money reasons. People would no longer rely on harsh medicines prescribed by doctors and hemp goes a long way with everyday uses. Being a hippie means that you’re aware of the evilness of the gov’t and of those who are in charge, but you are trying to make a difference by putting that aside and trying to make others aware that you can live a peaceful life. IT IS YOUR LIFE, DO AS YOU PLEASE as long as you are respecting mother earth and yourself as well. It is true that the hippie population in Chicago is not apparent.. but it’s a city. I hope to leave this place one day and move somewhere rural. If anyone here knows of any events or gatherings where hippies unite, let me know. Peace Fest is fun.. but it’s more of a chill-listen-to-music kind of event.

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