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Corvallis, Oregon

Corvallis has a lot of hippies. There are so many coffee shops and bookstores to see them at. The waterfront is a wonderful place to sit and enjoy if you are a hippy.

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23 Responses to Corvallis, Oregon

  • I loved this dirty hippie town. Me and Mrs. Sauce always found time for some frisbee golf and drum circles. Long live petuli and long live Cormac!

  • Corvallis is great. Watch out for the cops though.

    cause there sure are a lot of them.

  • I live in Corvallis, and this is Mayberry R.F.D… Not a hippie friendly city in my book…The cops are nazis, and the locals are snobs….I lived on Maui for most of my 20’s and there is a truly hippie friendly place at least for me it was…After Jerry died at lot of kids from the shows came over changed the vibe, and the locals got pissed…

    Corvallis is EXPENSIVE, and we are going to move in the next few months…Not many jobs, and not cheap..


  • What happened to the beautiful little town of Corvallis? 20 or so years ago Oregon state University had the nickname of “Oregon straight”. Corvallis was considered conservative, especially compared to Eugene. Did ya’ll hippie types move up from Eugene into town?

  • I lived in Eugene in 1999-2000 and it was mostly a drag because I couldn’t find a job and the the Eugene house hippies seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of snobby conformists. The only kind people that I seemed to meet where the kids traveling through town. Since then I have been on the road and living in Hawaii. Is Corvallis truly a good place for a young couple of dready freaks to settle down? Will I be respected or dissed when I walk through downtown? Is land affordable near there? Is there a Saturday market scene like Eugene. Are there any street musicians or is Corvallis too small for that. Can you hang out with the fam without being harrased by the police? I need a better place to call home. Taos, New Mexico is depressing me. Can I find a hip community that is not tied together by the shallowness of the drug scene. My journey on the golden road was not fueled by a desire to be artificially high. Please respond. Peace and Respect.

  • Corvallis is very much a university town in a lot of ways, but really laid back and nice. There’s a resteraunt there called “Nearly Normals” that serves vegetarrian food and it’s the best place in the world. There are a lot of really pretty parks, and the feeling on the streets is just friendly. The Saturday market isn’t quite as awesome and Eugene, but there’s a sweet farmers market with people set up playing their music and just a lot of neat people. If you want the cool saturday market, Eugene’s only like 40 minutes South anyways.

  • Actually the town council and many of the people are Hippy cool. I lived there for a long time and I did encounter some snobs like you would in any town. However, give it credit for being the ONLY place in the Pacific Northwest that has an antidiscrimination against gay written into the town laws! Lovely downtown and many places to explore nature.

  • I would say that Corvallis has elements of snobs, cops, hippies, freaks, families and all.
    When I am downtown, I seem to notice lots of homeless folk, and when I am nice to any of them, they just want my money or a free smoke-out. I understand how hard it can be not having a home or job, but jeez…I’m being drained.
    I came from the midwest and you must understand… Corvallis, Eugene and Portland are heaven to a person like me, who came to escape the stupidity of the Republican, sit-back-and-take-it Midwest.
    Be thankful that you are in a community of people who are aware…

  • I am not exactly sure about the town, but I am from a really painfully small town in Kansas (Eudora anyone?) and I am looking for a bit of relaxation for college. A friend recommended Oregon, but I am not having a good time searching for “hip colleges” does anybody know which colleges are relaxed, tolerant of different lifestyles, and have hippies in abundance? Thanks- SkipperMcJoJo@aol.com, i don’t check this much.

  • All you hippies, get rid that nasty smell of petuli and weed incense. You all need to bathe more often. And then you’ll get more respect. Everythings not free,you dumb ass moochers. Give and you shall recieve. UNDERSTAND? AND GET A JOB!!!!!!!

  • Corvallis is great. All of Oregon is. Eugene, Portland, Ashland. Why speak bad of hippies? We dont really cause any trouble, as long as you dont see it as trouble. I love drum circles and the works. Everybody I know is clean, showers regularly, and has a job. If you dont like hippies, ignore us. If you’re a hippie, go to Bend. The Pea Pod Glass and Espresso shop, to be exact. It’s great. Drum circles every wednesday, AWESOME Mate, organic coffee and tea, and everything else. Art Hops, open Mics, ect. 541-617-5330.

  • I am moving to Corvallis in a week. I have lived in Ashland for a year, and although I found it a very charming town, it is mostly a retirement community. I had lived in Arcata, California for eight years prior, and was seeking a change in my life, so I moved to Ashland.

    I have found Corvallis to be a very nice community with a beautiful college campus. The town reminds me of a New England town with all of its brick buildings and beautiful trees. I felt a good energy in the town with many friendly people and a strong sense of community. Corvallis seems like a forward-thinking place that is down-to-earth, safe, and an all-around comfortable place to be.

    I had looked into Eugene, but it felt a little too large for me, so Corvalis seems just right with about 50,000 people.

    I am looking forward to living there and being a part of the town. I am glad there are places like Corvallis that have a strong community of open-minded folks who care about one another, their town,and the planet they live on.

  • I just don’t get it- I am reading comments speaking of people as if one represents all. It is like saying one black person is representative of them all. How rude, insensitive, uncaring, and unjust! I belive that you would want to be seen as an individual- right? Also, I have met many kinds of people- it is not what you look like or smell like but rather how you treat other people. I would rather spend my time with a smelly hippy rather than be with someone like you!

    Corvallis is beautiful!

  • Corvallis has always been a college town – OSU used to be called a Cow college because of the agricultural program.. and generally was conservative in its approach with its concentration on science, forestry, engineering etc. compared to Eugene with its concentration on arts, music, humanities etc. I’ve heard UofO called the University of California in Eugene because of all the long hair, bare feet etc. Its odd living in a college town because so many of the students leave for the summer and its quiet and peaceful and then in the fall 10,000 teenagers and people in their early twenties all show up for school and parties. Because of the school there are musicians and theater and such that wouldn’t go to such a small town otherwise. There has been a community formed around a very good and long lived food co-op. There have been hip type businesses like the Grass Roots bookstore and the Old World Coffee house that have suvived a while. Corvallis is generally not hip but can be very pleasant, beautiful and comfortable – at least that was my experience for six years.

  • “give and you shall recieve” is right.
    What you give is what you’ll recieve.
    because it’s what’s already in you,
    that’s why you’re giving it.
    Be well,

    Dirty Mac in Eugene
    is really called Craig by his family.

  • How’d you know Craig’s real name?!
    Did you pimp yourself out as a ‘1/2 Whit.’
    work-trade, white-slave
    Hostel worker as well?

    But back to Corvallis….

  • You people are being a little too nice. I’ve lived here for years and have seen this town sink into wooly-headed liberaldom. OOhhhh we’re so green here! We voted for Obama! We believe in alternative energy, organic gardening, recycling, and homeschooling! And we can accomplish this because we’re white and rich. This is rocky soil. The people are smug. Houses and rent are way too expensive. So many spiritually poor people with their noses in the air and their heads in the cloud. We’re bailing out. Such a shame too, because it is so beautiful here. I just don’t like being a social outcast because I actually need real reasons for why I vote for someone. Oh, and the allergies are the worst!

  • i have lived in phoenix az all my life most of my family moved to corvallis 18 plus years ago love love love it!! i am seriously thinking about moving next year to corvallis is it hard to found employment housing etc. i know its going to be different nite and day different however im talking from phoenix az where people will run over you so they dont have to stop where education is at the bottom of the list and where the state deficit is so in the hole there is no getting out and its so hot you get a third degree burn by touching your car i wanna go where people are glad you came and everyone knows your name wait thats cheers song any who if some one or some ones could could give me some feedback that would be great thank you future corvallis res

  • Hey Buddies,
    Im a guy from India, and im planning of settling down in Corvallis OR. But i found that property prices are way too high… around $300k…
    so does anyone know the cheapest way to settle down in Or, and what type of house to buy? Should I go for a flat or a house??
    I came accross Corvallis whiles googling, and found it to be a beautiful place…
    One day, I read the book "Run Baby Run" by Nicky Cruz…
    I got a shock on reading the book that New York is full of gangs…
    So i was hoping that Corvallis is not full of gangs…
    Just to let you know, I speak British English which is little different than American English

  • Oregon in general is a very green state but Corvallis is definitely a small green town. I currently live in Corvallis and apart from all the parties (the usual college activity that you’d expect) it is great! One of the biggest reasons i decided to attend college here from anywhere else is that people are very friendly! I hope that helps those you looking to moving here, just remember that everywhere you go you will come across all types of people but everyone is beautiful!!!

  • Corvallis is has very expensive yet shabby rental units because OSU is greatly expanding their efforts to boost enrollment (& succeeding) & there are not enough areas to build new units, which is a wildly expensive endeavor because the land is some of the most expensive in the USA (excluding huge city real estate).

    1. Hi, I’m an international student hitting 30, and I just been offered a pretty sweet deal by OSU. I have a few other offers to choose from, but Corvallis is by far the most advantageous from a professional (at least on the surface) and financial point of view. My one reservation seems to be the dimension of the town – which is, I guess, why I’m posting this. Being more of a big town person – despite having grown up in a pretty, pretty small town in Portugal – I am slightly concerned about cultural diversity and the amount of activities going on, etc, etc. Also, considering corvallis is a college town, I am tad skeptical of the teenagers/more my age ratio; how easy it is to find international food, eat good fish – that sort of banal quotidian thing, if you get my point. Anyway, I would love to get some feedback from people that know the place
  • Having lived here 20 years ago, and returned last year, we have seen many change and not for the good, all we can say is for shame, this once nice to place to visit and live has been turned into a cesspool, not talking about dirt here, more like noise pollution, everywhere you go there are idiots with so much heavy bass in the vehicles it’s like an earthquake, thumping day and night, ruining quality of life, personal vehicles with exhausts that sound like commercial vehicles and shouldn’t, crime has gone up, used to be the worse crime was bicycle theft, now it’s burglaries and there are so many domestic disputes it’s sad, the skate park is often frequented by dererlicts as is downtown itself. People are living on top of each other and there is really little regard for the next person’s right to peace and quiet, you can’t even go to a park anymore and be able to hear just the birds or the wind blowing. It’ very sad what’s happened to this home of OSU, we are leaving here at the end of the month and will not be looking, back, if you value your sanity think twice about even visiting here! Sorry to say this, but Corvallis is no longer the jewel it once was now it just plain sucks, the life out of you!

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