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Helsinki, Finland

“There is a small hippie-community here too… Not a big one, but a GREAT one… As said here before, there’s a lot going on in Kaisaniemi Park, but also in Koff Park, where at night you can hear the congas and really get (high) into the spirit of Helsinki. Just in the neighbourhood where I live, Kallio, there are loads of hippie parties, smoky living rooms and little peaceful parks. Of course, because of the cold winters, there’s really no life after summer… but I highly recommend Finland from May to September…”

“If you want to have really psychedelic vibrations in Finland, please visit in Kaisaniemi´s Park in Helsinki. Lots of nice people, well, only in summertime, sadly. Bring your own shaman drum and enjoy… But be careful, the cops are not very friendly here.”

“There is a huge hippy movement here started about 2 years ago. There are only 5 million people in Finland and 18% of the youth are on drugs, mostly ganja. I am very proud of the hippy movement here. You can spot the hippies here. If you dress like them they more than likely will offer you a joint!!”

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