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“Many hippies live here in the Holy Land. The only westernized country where communes are part of the system.”

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9 Responses to Israel

  • Israel is a beutiful country, too bad there’s such a silly conflict there.

    If only both sides would realise that both of there religions are simply two interpretations of the same message: love, undisputable love, Israel would truly become the “Holy Land” for all mankind.

  • guess what, our stupid silly conflict isnt about religion. it’s about the local arabs hating our guts for coming and taking over their land for the past 100 years & not understanding that we have no where to go while they have 50 arab countries. so its quite simple, either we keep blowing each – other up until in 50 years they will be 50 times larger then us (their pop. growth is MUCH faster), or god help us, we manage to seperate to too countries who have as little to do with each other. this land has been cursed through out history – who could expect peace at a major center for 3 religion?

  • One would EXPECT peace in a place of three religions, I’d like to say!
    Cutting the bullshit, religion clamse to stand for acceptance, love and peace– but only produce hatridge and judgments.

  • well!

    actually Jews and Arabs have lived in peace for hundreds of years..
    Jews and Muslims shared a Golden Era in Spain
    Jews, Christians, and Muslims have lived and live in peace.. believe it or not.. peace in the middle east!

    Israel is an open society, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims share reality.. tune in.. dont be sarcastic, its not worth the lose of energy in these terrible, strange and beautiful times!

  • We should all live in harmony in israel.
    the arabs have no where to go, and so does the israelis.
    we should live together without hate or fear of eachother, but with love.

  • Sababa!!! Israel is where the world can pierce a first hole through the rotting fence… I will go someday, but I spent some time with Israelis in New York and they have wonderful hearts, I’ll live there someday, in a communa in the Sinai….

  • Talk about paranoid.Israel is the worst place to get high, the place is tense with cops an armed soldiers running around. I will not suggest getting close to that area. Beside that how can you enjoy a place when people around you are getting oppressed on a daily basis. Israel is against what a hippie stands for. It’s like calling a Darfur hippie haven. Please take off from your list.

  • people israel is a beautiful place with beautiful people and for people who say that israelis and arabs are having a "silly argument" are bunch of idiots, because you need to know whats it like to live in israel especially next to arabs(like me) to know what its like  when people are murdering your familly and friends one by one it is truly heartbreaking so i love all people but these "arabs"(not all arabs but most) are not people they are creatures that have escaped hell and it is hard for a person who tryes to love all to do that in israel so if u think your a real hippy come to israel and see if u can withstand the test of trying to love everyone 

  • mayo, you couldn’t be more wrong!  so many places in israel are
    chill, and what outsiders see on tv news is not the only reality. 
    In israel, we have so many peace groups- groups of jews and arabs
    working together to build a better homeland, not the least of which is
    Shalom Achshav (peace now).  Besides, there’s so much more in life
    than getting high.  How about trying to make the world a better

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