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Kauai, Hawaii

This beautiful island is a real tropical paradise. From the white sandy beaches to the cliffs of Kalalau it’s exotic as anywhere! Lots of hippies live around the Hanalei area, and the trail to Kalalau is the major hippie thing to do. There are some really nice campgrounds on the island, so backpacking & camping out for a week is possible, but make your reservations ahead of time.

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32 Responses to Kauai, Hawaii

  • Kauai can be very kind..But give the local’s respect. Single females should not be alone. There has been a couple of recent murders, one
    lady was killed down by barking sands, and the other murder was back in Kalau trail…Bummer, don’t let this deter you though. Just be safe.Enjoy, and do not bum from the locals..

  • Kauai is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. This island attracts real lovers of the earth, among musicians and artists. And yes, the hike to Kalalau is absolutely amazing. I wish everyone would be able to see it, Kalalau is a beautiful, sacred, ancient valley with lots of trees with goods on it, such as: lilikoi, guava, bananas(i’ve never tasted better), the best avacadoes around, oranges, rose apples and of course, guavas…the plants are tropical..and awesome, the entire journey about kalalau and kauai in itself are amazing…kokee is just as cool…the entire island is very mellow and a lot of aloha spirit…lots of very beautiful people there. Lots to see and yes, lots of great places to grow.

  • Kauai is one of the truly beautiful places on earth. It’s also one of the most expensive. In 1991 a gallon of milk at the BIG SAVE market in Hanalei was nearly $5. I don’t dare to guess the price now. Gasoline was $2 a gallon then. What is it now? (anyone?). It’s a great place, but the locals can be a bit touchy about certain things. Don’t panhandle! Don’t drink at the beach. Mind your manners when surfing. Hitchhiking is legal, but dangerous for women. Kauai has always had a problem with rapists. A lot of them have been thrown off cliffs, but seem to get replaced. Use your brain (and carry some mace) and you’ll be OK. Don’t ever buy weed on the beach or street. Lots of fake buds! And they look REAL! It’s not as loose as the Big Island so be cool and don’t be lighting up at the beach in front of people. This is a SMALL TOWN compared to the other Islands and everyone will know your trip eventually. See my tips for the Hawaiian hippy traveller under ‘Big Island’ in HIP HAVENS. They all apply here too.

  • If you go to Lihue and look at the large mountains to the south, and you are brave enough, you can climb over them and down onto a private beach. sometimes there are people there and sometimes not, its owned by cattle ranchers but when I was there I didnt see another person for two days.

  • You fucking hippies stay away from Kauai! Don’t go over the mountains in Lihue like that dumb fuck said to do! That’s trespassing asshole! And don’t grow your weed here, con’t panhandle, don’t come here. GET A FUCKING JOB YOU WORTHLESS BASTARDS! YEAH SOME HIPPIE TYPES GOT MURDERED HERE. AND I BET MORE WILL BECAUSE YOU JUST DON’T GET IT. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE YOU FREAKS. YOU’RE A BURDEN TO SOCIETY.

  • dear workforanassfuck… you probably spend your days working at the new lihue home depot or taking orders from some construction jock haole buliding huge weatherproof houses that would be just right for the climate of montana or north dakota but a little bit out of place at 21 degrees north of the equator. you probably have a really short dick because you are always “working” , wearing pants, not getting any sunlight on your cock which is exactly what it needs to grow. do you go to borders and read books at night or sit at home and watch surf videos? My advice to you is quit your fucking job and hang loose. you are just mad at the hippies because you spend all of your time working so that you can drive a car around the island and pollute it while they are enjoying the kauai sunshine. Now tell me , WHO is ruining the island??

  • dear home depot: tresspassing? no one owns that land, its just there. God owns that land you stupid haole.

  • take the word “tres” and add “passing”– the literal translation is “a third person walking through”— ONE MAN ONE WOMAN. Yup, you guessed it. The christians. Fucking up hawaii. So how can “one man and one woman” own all those mountains and kipu beach as well? Something tells me that the future is going to bring with it more and more noble trespassers.

  • workforaliving, you are the epitome of evil.

  • i used to live in Kauai. it is very beatiful and a great place to surf. i reccomend going there if enjoy the beach and/or surfing

  • Beware of the coruption within the judicial system and the Cops.Hardcore….Just beware!

  • Hey I gotta check out Kauai. I lived in Lahaina Maui when it was a hippie haven in 1976. It was great, everybody lived on macadamia nuts and magic mushrooms and hippies were everywhere. But the real serious hippies said Kauai was the place to go, and I hear Lahaina is changed now, it’s all fat mainland tourists and the hippies moved up Haleakala. That’s what I head. Havent been to Hawaii in 35 years. I hear Makena Beach is still ok though, one time Mike Tyson showed up there but couldn’t find any hippie that wanted to fight him.

  • lived in maui 2004-2006….side note…lahaina is the anti-hippie now….all tourism.
    if you want more real/hippie vibe try the jungle wilds of Haiku or Huelo. Paia is hippie/meets rich mainlander but has lots of promise, and Wailuki is more locals-meet-some hippie but has more stuff to do. Lots of promise on north shore of maui, and yes, some good stuff up in kula/haleakala, AND expensive/tough job market.

    do it for a year to feed your SPIRIT.

  • Anyone know where I can get some Pakalolo (sorry for the spelling) on Kauai? I’ll be there from March 1 to 9th. Feel free to email me at Rickman9@aol.com. It wouldn’t be a vacation without some local grown bud to enjoy it with! Thanks fellow stoners!

  • i have never been to Hawaii i would love to go!!!

    and some people on this site are racist about christians???and hippie???and hawaiian???thats stupid!!! and most modern day hippies dont do drug!!!

  • I have been to all d hawaiian islands except for Lanai….even went to Molokai, which I loved. But, honestly as a hippy, city, granola, getto girl…I lived on Kauai. I went to Big Island first…..Not tropical Hawaiian in my mind’s eye. So, I went to Kauai, to detox and relax from some major trauma on the main land. I immediately felt at home on Kauai. Right off d plane I was, ahhhhh I am here in paradise. I talk to a lot of people and Kauai is their favorite. A local told me Kauai is quiet…except for the waves, the birds, the chickens and natural environment. The food is wonderful…the farmer’s markets, the shops, and the scenery, hiking, beaches, ahhhhhh. Hippy girl…check out Secrets Beach for the hike and Larson’s but wander down the beach….and Lumahai was my favorite. Where ever you go in Kauai…the beaches are beautiful ….the forests magical….especially Hanalei. and the people are peaceful…

  • Aloha I live on Kauai It is a very nice place to Visit for a week or two but don’t plan on staying .The law dogs will run you off the Island if you think your just going to bum around your wrong people here are willing to give but not to a bum .The Island spirit of giving a fish is a good one . Get your self a fishing pole and enjoy the food that God gives ya .Also there is alot of fruit you can get for free or very low cost . but if you plan on staying on the Island the cost of living on this Island is very high .Homes start at about $400,000 to average house is $850,000 on up you might find a cheap rent in a room for $600.00 a month .Getting a job ??? locals are very helpful to locals if they get wind your not well good luck ….Aloha if you visit make sure you budget $2000.00 a month that you bring min.with you ….if not your a Bum over here and guess what you will be treated like one … Sorry to say oh if your looking for car to rent do it online .ental Deals
    Same car, same agency but much
    lower rates. Cars from $13.95/day. https://www.hotwire.com save your self alot of money booking on line .. just a tip…….I don’t work for hotwire it is the only place i know you can get a deal on a car to rent on Kauai lol well aloha enjoy your trip stay safe rent a car for a few day find out where you want to hang out camp, fish ,swim ,surf,smoke are gonga …..& when you run out of money go home you will be happy you did … Aloha

  • I lived on the island of Kauai for seven years and wish now I were back there. Should never have left. Anyway, it is a true haven for Hippies of all sorts. There is a lot of opened minded people here and it is a very safe place to live. People hitch hike there and you can walk around at night without fear. One thing that is so cool is that you can walk into most stores there barefoot and not a word is said. People just understand that this is just they way it is there and people except it with no problem.
    Like one of your writers said, it is true that you must have respect for the locals, that is a must. But everyone gets along very well there and you feel so free in spirit and mind.
    In Haenna there are even some hippies with tree houses and they are great.
    Another thing is there wonderful farmers markets. All fresh fruits, flowers, vegetables,etc.
    All is gorgeous and very spirtual there. So, if you have a desire to live there I recommend it , you won’t regret it!

  • Ed, just offer to blow the guy and he might tune u up to some bud.

  • Kauai is a terrible place for hippies. I throw rocks at them, police arrest them, locals will try to set you all on fire. Stay away you smelly people.

  • all of the haters can hate and hate… nobody and i mean nobody “owns land”

    that is a white man thing.

    and just because you look white dose not mean you have to act like it.

    so anyone who says dont come to kauai better be hawaiian or they are full of s#*t.

    and you will never ever fight a hippie. that is what makes them soo great!

    aloha to all

    especially to those who think they “own land ” they need the most love

  • Aloha,
    Going down to Kaua’i in Feb2010, hoping to sample some local herb. If anyone has any suggestions for places to hang, do email me, parksvillain@gmail.com.

  • I’m going to Kauai either tomorrow or the next day….not sure if its a permanent move yet, just takin it day by day. Anyway, i have a “Medical Card” for Cali but i doubt thats transferable to another state so if anyone knows some good spots on the North Shore to feed my need let me know. Thanks

  • hippies make everyone else look good. Why? cause you guys are actually beach bums living on people land and stealing fruit from my trees …take a shower grow up a become responsible for once!!!!

  • I have (up to now) loved Kauai.

    However, since my best friend Amber was murdered there about 2 weeks ago, I will never set foot on that island ever again!

    All looks so beautiful and calm – be careful! You may end up dead!

  • hey all yah fuckin hippies get the fuck out kauai smellin up the island go to laguna beach were u came from kooks.

  • YO!!! Brothers and Sistas…why fight about who going where on Kauai??? Jah made this universe for everyone…why is Kauai only for those who think they deserve it for themselves??? Ive lived here all my life…and when I finish school…im moving my rasta butt over to Kalalau and hanging with those cool Kats’n’Gals…just enjoying what Mother Earth has to offer…JAH BLESS YOU ALL

  • Hey Kauai is the prettiest place in the world!! People are Bad everywere, Hippies, Locals, and Tourists. its not the people you come to see here its the Island! I must admit, there is sure alot of hate and love for violence here. Hopefullly that will change. But please come to our island it is amazing beautiful and tourism is how we locals survive. Dont let all the hate scare you from paradise! Aloha

  • Alright, well… I was thinking about visiting family on Kauai so I I’ve decided to do a little research. There’s some serious hostility going on here and that means a lot, considering I’m from Boston! Is there any place in Hawaii where there aren’t so many "hippies"? (By-the-way, ‘hippie’, simply means hip, or rad, or cool)
    Just looking for a place to cruise on a scooter, pick up a cute girl, fish, read, have a part time job, kill sometime before going back to school. Ya know? I’m sure this will pick up some responses from the peanut gallery.

  • Aloha to all Hippies , Kauai is a awesome place to visit if you come to the Island with some money . Or if you have friends here .I made Kauai my home years ago it was hard to get to know the locals .But after much travel and being part of the local business providing of grid supply’s i was received well it took me about 3 years to make local friends . The key to coming to Kauai is work if you work hard you will be happy if you just want to come here and Bum around that’s cool but you will not be happy . Kauai is not a place to pick up women they don’t call it monk island for no reason . Yea there are many attractive women on the island in less your a great looking surfer Dude with lots of money you should bring your own girl friend when you come here lol. I would say you need a min of $2000 a month to survive in less you are a bum you can get food stamps and let the government pay for your vacation many do that here . They are making it harder in order to get a state id you have to prove you have lived here 6 months now . but you can still bum from the food banks church of the pacific is a great place for bums they just want to bless you with food so you can pray with them by humming back and forth its funny what people will do for food. Bring your own money you will feel better about your self .  The tribe is always at all the local music evens and some how come up with the $40 to go to that so i guess there plenty of money out there. warning to guys and girls many people who have moved here from mainland bring there mental illness here they don’t get help because we have very little help for these needs  because we only have  67,000 last i counted . So we have on this island many sick people living in vans and cars that need help but never get it .the real bad ones end up in jail the cops out here don’t put up with the crap too long. Ice is real trouble on this island if you come in contact with ice heads do not try to fix them just don’t hang with them and be peaceful get away from them and steer  clear of them unless you want everything you own ripped off or you end up in a fight!!!  the parks in the towns are trouble Anni is cool most of the time North shore is cool and Polahola is awesome if you have a good car 4×4 is best always take 3 big bags ice and a weeks food and beer when you go.  you will love it in the winter no rangers to bug ya if you live in peace .   I f your going to stay for longer than a few weeks here is a great web site thinkgreenondemand.com he sell of grid supply’s tank less portable water heaters and many more things you will need to live camping in the jungle or parks . respect is the key to living in Kauai . locals will respect you if you respect the land and the locals . Have a great trip then go back home and talk about your adventurer.Houses start at $300,000 up to average $1,000,000 on up very hard to make a real living on island .good luck. Aloha         

  • Gonna be learning about the land on Kauai for a while come March and just wondering if anyone can help a musician out with finding some pakalolo on the island. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and BLESS. BradProulx@shaw.ca

  • Can anyone tell me where the best place on Kauai is to get weed.

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